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Who Really Lies Behind The Great Strategy Against A Tragic Humanity?

In the following video clips, there are enough claims made by Israeli politicians and others, to suggest that should there be so much as a smidgen of truth in these claims, which have been made since as far back as the 1950’s, including the period during which Joe McCarthy was warning the people of the USA, that there was a huge infiltration of covert Communists into the ranks of the Democratic Party. The proof that McCarthy was getting too close to the truth lies in the fact that he was very quickly taken out of the picture and his claims were said to be nothing more than the ramblings of a mad-man.

The Government of Israel does not appear to have too much fear about interference from the United States, they have in fact made many statements ridiculing the impotence of the United States and its limp obedience to the commands of Israel, which has been behaving in a monstrous manner, which we are expected to accept as behaviour which was completely out of keeping with the “normal” behaviour of the Jew people and that they would never have behaved in such a manner had it not been for the terrible crime of that awful fellow called Hitler, who it is often claimed, that he was himself a Rothschild bastard.

Baron Rothschild once claimed that should he be allowed to control the money supply in any country, that he would not care about whomsoever was elected into the government, because he who held the purse-strings of that country, had total control of that country. Rothschild made this claim, having managed to take control of the Bank of England after the execution of King Charles and the implanting of a Dutch stooge in his place. This being so, it becomes clear that the unelected, permanent portion of any administration, the controlled Civil Service, holds the keys to power.

Another Baron Rothschild, contrived, in 1913, a method of taking control of the Bank of America, which is called the Federal Reserve. This act was the first step in the announced intention of the Zionists, to install a New World Order, a fact which appears to have gone over the heads of our Political masters. The next step was to provoke a totally unnecessary war in Europe, and an excuse was then manufactured to “encourage” the United States to enter that war, which demanded the deliberate sacrifice of the Lusitania in order to provoke the ire of the American People and provoke calls for vengeance.

Behind this excuse, those “foreigners” whom were waiting in the wings, to carry out a coup d’etat in Russia, for the arrival of the promised 85,000, fully armed Jew Mercenaries, whom arrived in Europe with the American Troop convoys, which were arriving to fight against the Germans; whom alone, would later be held to have been responsible for the Great War; these Mercenaries went straight into Russia, to join the Bolsheviks, this was well-known, as British agents jokingly reported that everybody spoke English during the “revolution”. The British were fully aware of events in Russia.

The Russian Jews had been in exile for many years, however as they gained more power across the Christian World, in England, France and America, the time was right to unleash the Zionists program to take control of the World, an aim which included the total destruction of Germany and the German people. This claim was made quite openly and it was carried out with gusto, of course we are expected to believe that it was all to prevent Hitler from doing the same thing to the Jews.

The evidence of all this nonsense is plain to see, so why are those whom write about these events, being hunted down and jeered at as if they are in some way responsible for the events of which they write? Only this morning I heard on the News, that Facebook, is going to protect its members, from stuff like the above, which the “real” covert owners of Facebook would prefer to be kept secret. That alone should provoke the laughable “free press”, to demand questions about why exactly, they would like this ‘choice of opinion’ to be firmly under their control?

This would be the same “free press” which reports any sign of resistance to the vicious attacks, against Whites, which are presented daily by the controlled press, as justifiable resistance against  those “White Supremacists”, “Fascists” ” Extreme Right” “Nazi” “Klan Members” and other such denigrating terms, every time there is a protest of any sort, by normal White People, against the clear racist treatment which they are obliged to accept, in their own countries, in order to allow immigrants, to be given precedence in all and everything, an aim which is itself part of the taking down of Europe and the United States but which is apparently invisible to the Police, whom are now trained in Israel, and our elected politicians many of whom swear allegiance to Israel.

There are millions of people all across the World, whom publish their stuff on Facebook, a platform which was never intended to be used by the “Truth Tellers” so that must now be denied to those Citizen Journalists, whom have been looking beyond the Reuter Headlines, which are provided daily by Baron Rothschild. I hear he has sold Reuters but I doubt if he has lost control of it.

It would not be too great a step to now believe that all of the Western Christian Governments, are mere tools of the man who claimed that whomsoever controls the “money supply” controls the government, now that he has set up a Private Central Bank for Europe along with his Federal Reserve in America. That man has recently placed two of his ex-employees, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May into the top positions in France and England.

The same Rothschild, who also controls the Bank Ambrosia of the Vatican, has decided to send the Pope, who is his representative on earth, to Catholic Ireland, where the half-Jew Sodomite Taoiseach Varadkar, has publicly attacked the Pope and the Catholic Church about the sodomites in their midst, a situation which exists in all organisations and not uniquely in the Catholic Church, and yet while this is ignored in the ranks of the Jew Rabbi and even the English Royal Family, not to mention the blatant paedophilia, amongst the ‘elite’ in the United States, it is the Catholic Church alone, which has suffered the full blast of the bile of the controlled media, even as Ireland is being lined up for the same form of destruction as was South Africa, through the medium of the mass immigration of millions of Blacks, by the sodomite Varadkar, which begs the question for who or whom does he work and why is an unelected Taoiseach allowed to propose such a thing without regard to the desires of the Irish people?

The first attempt to destroy the Irish was made by the Jew John Dee in the court of the first Elizabeth, an administration which included a certain Lord Cecil, a member of whose Family, Lord Balfour, wrote the letter to Baron Rothschild, a simple letter, which was pompously described as a Declaration, simply ‘giving’ Palestine to Rothschild. Ireland never stood a chance against the English and Hitler and Germany played no part in the contrived War which was a necessity for the Jews whom were in need of an excuse to invade Palestine, which had been the aim of Zion since the first Zionist Congress in 1897, having failed to take over Ireland after the starvation of five-million Irish people and the deportation of six-hundred-thousand others into slavery, jokingly called Indentured Servitude.

So to conclude, I would suggest that skulking behind all of these “governments” there is a controlling hand and the front men in Israel simply mouth the desires of this controlling group of extremely rich men, whom have stolen trillions of Dollars in the name of taxes, from all of us, which bestows onto them, unlimited power and any man, who threatens this power will be severely dealt with.

Other than that, even the Bankers themselves could well be mere Pawns in a Game in which we are all involved and nobody understands what the hell is going on, least of all, apparently, John Bolton. HERE

What Exactly Does Nigel Farage Stand For?

Nigel Farage is in full support of various members of the three current Political Parties in the House of Commons forming a third Party, to break the stranglehold of the three main Parties in British Politics. Such a move would quite obviously lead to a continuation of exactly the same Iron Grip, in which the British have been held forever. It will take more than a few members shuffling around in the House of Commons, to improve the current parlous state of “British Democracy”.

I was thoroughly shocked to hear Farage laying out his position on anti-semitism, on his radio show on LBC. He gave no quarter to Jeremy Corbyn, who he perceived to be unfit to lead a British Political Party, simply because he was in support of the subjugated people of Palestine, whom have been massacred by the Israeli’s for the past seventy years, as a result of the illegal British act of stealing their land, which was then given to Lord Rothschild as a present for manipulating the Americans into the Great War.

The British have been arming ‘The Free Syrian Army’ for years, a group of paid terrorists, pretending to be the Government in Waiting, preferred by the Syrian people. They were in fact nothing more than one of the various groups, which were fighting for this same State of Israel, during which they carried out atrocities which were beyond belief. Their wounded were treated by Israeli Doctors and then sent back into Syria.

These are the Israelis whom are complaining about a few of their own dead, while they have never, never, never mentioned a word about the ten million or so Muslims whom have been blow apart all around Israel by British, American and French paid military murderers.

Corbyn was praised for standing up to Apartheid in South Africa, which was OK even though all of Mandela’s terrorist activities were funded by the Bolshevik Communists, under the leadership of a Jew, Joe Slovo. He was wrong about that and he has since failed to denounce the current Apartheid against the Whites in South Africa, which is also being covered up by the Jew controlled Media. His open door policy for immigrants, does not appear to apply to the White Christian People of South Africa, whom have been warned of a coming ‘holocaust’.

It should always be remembered that Corbyn, was himself a closet Stalinist Communist, along with his great chum Ralph Miliband.

Farage, having listened to nothing but talk about Israel for half of his program, suddenly decided that he was not talking about Israel, when faced with an unanswerable set of responses from a caller, who was in fact the only opposing voice on the entire program.

I find myself at a loss, trying to understand Nigel’s position in the current round of affairs, which do not only include Brexit but also several major changes, which could well be brought about under the cover of Brexit. The rabid Israeli supporter Liam Fox is already suggesting joining the Corporations Union called TPP. Farage has not mentioned this possibility, which could be far more serious than remaining in the European Union, should the Tories pull it off. They do, after all,  work for the City of London, from where all the Corporations are controlled, including the Parliamentary Corporations, a reality which should never be forgotten.

 Nigel Farage never once mentioned the fact that the European Union was a construct of the City of London and the American Bankers. He knows full well that The Fabian Society helped Churchill and others, set-up the EU, so why not say so? 



Back in the day, when SenatorJoe McCarthy, was outing the element in the American Government, which was manipulating world events, he forgot to mention that his ‘Communists’ were in fact, what is now called ‘The Deep State’ a group which had originally formed the League of Nations and later the United Nations and in more recent times the North American Union, the Soviet Union and the European Union, all of which must surely be understood by Nigel Farage.

This tragic situation is an illustration of how the world has been taken down by an International group of Bankers, a group which through the use of cynical, greedy, self interested Kings and Presidents, has been allowed to rob us all and to use this enormous wealth called ‘Income Tax’, to buy and control all of the most important players in World Politics. Farage would appear to be in favour of banning all discussion of the behaviour of these criminals, which begs the question, “For Who or Whom does he speak?”



Ladies And Gentlemen, The Chips Are Down, They Are Truly Down. Joe McCarthy.




Ladies And Gentlemen, The Chips Are Down, They Are Truly Down. Joe McCarthy.


It has never been more evident, than now, that the average man in the street, in whatever country he may be found, is so easily propagandised that all across the USA, people are repeating the same mantra against Donald Trump. Claims that he is a misogynist a racist a bigot and a Nazi or Fascist and a persistent liar, are amongst many other claims.

His critics experience a slight problem explaining in what manner is his bigotry displayed or indeed why they believe him to be a misogynist, while examples of his lies revolve mainly around the question of the number of people at his inauguration. A false tale from CNN which I exposed the morning after Trumps inauguration, a fact which folk have yet to be informed of by the lying media.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, Nigel Farage is also allegedly a Racist and a bigot and apparently a fish-faced liar.  His followers, as are Trump’s, considered to be of low intelligence, the more ‘intelligent’ people are stupid enough to believe there to be Democracy in the Uk and USA, even as they themselves are attempting to destroy the remaining scraps of it by refusing to accept the result of a democratic vote.

In the United Kingdom, in the recent past, the electorate was offered a more equitable electoral system,  which they of course refused, a referendum result which was accepted with alacrity and in no way disputed. They would now, as usual after the event, dearly like that ‘new’ system, having failed to get what they wanted from the old one in the Brexit referendum. Such is life.

There is also much talk of a Constitution in the UK, a document which, should ensure that the minority are not at the mercy of the bullying majority. The idea being that should a decision unfairly go against the interests of the minority, the Constitution would prevent it from becoming Law.

Unfortunately in the UK, the ‘Constitution’ whatever it is supposed to be, does not contain any rules which safeguard the minority, it is used, mainly as a means of forcing the people to accept the rigid rule of the elite, so it has always been in the UK,which is a Monarchy and not a Republic.

In the USA, which is a Republic, where they do indeed have a Constitution, which quite clearly denotes the Rights of the citizens of the USA, there are constant attacks on those rights. Free Speech has been destroyed by this rubbish called Political Correctness, which allows a Nigger to call me Whitey, while I can be arrested for calling him the ‘N’ word. Waroooh! Waroooh!

In France, which is also a Republic, with a Constitution which forbids the ceding of control of French affairs into the hands of unelected institutions,  like the Bolshevik Jew controlled European Union, l’Assemblée Nationale got together and changed the Constitution, after the French people had voted against the Treaty of Lisbon, and signed it anyway.

That makes it perfectly clear, whichever way you vote, the mock democracy boys will always get what they have been ordered to get, come what may.

Now that the majority of the ‘real people,’ the wealth producing poor, are awake and on their toes, things have gone ever so slightly off the rails for the paid up politicians, whom are the front-men doing the dirty work for the back-room boys.

They are currently floundering around, desperately seeking a means of forcing the British electorate to have another go at voting the ‘right way,’ which will be against the first tenet of Direct Democracy, which forbids the pointless idea of voting repeatedly on the same subject, until the preferred result is gained. Sadly, even those supporters of Direct Democracy, find it difficult to accept the decision of the people, should that decision be the ‘wrong’ one.

The response in the States, to the election of the ‘outsider’ Donald Trump, has created absolute turmoil. The behaviour of the established bureaucracy is pitiful. There are grown men running around, complaining there to be a Russian behind every tree in the park, while even the minimally gifted idiots from Hollywood and the Music Industry, have been wheeled out to attack a decent man trying to drag the States back from the brink.

The ‘look at us aren’t we smart’ brigade are finding themselves in deep trouble. They are now unable to buy their middle-class property and are desperately seeking gainful employment, dithering around, unable to accept or indeed comprehend, that the middle-class Goy were top of the Bolshevik hit list.

The once ‘comfortably off’ must now, having dropped to a lower level in the pecking order, set about making a victory out of paying rent, while struggling to pay off their education debt, even as they kick Trump and Farage in the balls, as if they are responsible, for the dire straits of the vanishing middle classes all over the Western World, while grimly clinging onto the crackpots idea that the European Union is a force for good.

The once respected Middle Classes, while not even knowing the identities or the aims of the ‘dark forces’ behind the EU, refusing to accept them to be the provokers of two World Wars, which they organised, in order to construct their current international slaughter-house, with the meat cleaver, as usual in the hands of Christian Soldiers, while those whom will gain from the slaughter, watch quietly, sniggering up their sleeves even as they continue to promote naked hatred against White people.

The same Political Correctness, which obliges me to allow Black men to call me Whitey, allows Jews to call for my eradication, quite openly, without fear of prosecution, without criticism or exposure by the “Free” Jew controlled media, when should a Goy suggest the same remedy for the Jew problem, he would be automatically hauled into Court.

What could be more clear than the following statement made by a Jew spokesman?

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions.

By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party.

In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros.

We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment.

With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

Israel Cohen,

A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

The above quotation should give the perceptive reader, an idea as to what Senator Joseph McCarthy was discovering during his ‘Witch-Hunt,’ the truth of which has been side-tracked into being no more than an attack on Hollywood, when in fact he was finally murdered to shut him up. Below is the truth of what he was really onto.

“The State Department is infested with communists. I have here in my hand a list of 205—a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department.’

Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity. The modern champions of communism have selected this as the time, and ladies and gentlemen, the chips are down — they are truly down. Joseph McCarthy.