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The Hidden Family Which Controls The British.


Foreign Office

November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you. on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet

His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.


Arthur James Balfour

One might be forgiven for asking the question as to what the handing over control of Palestine to the Zionists had to do with the Great War? The Cambon letter appears to suggest that it was in response to some sort of attack.




The Secretary General of Foreign Affairs

to Mr Sokolof

Paris 4th June 1917

You were good enough to present the project to which you are devoting your efforts, which has for its object the development of Jewish colonization in Palestine. You consider that, circumstances permitting, and the independence of the Holy Places being safeguarded on the other hand, it would be a deed of justice and of reparation to assist, by the protection of the Allied Powers, in the renaissance of the Jewish nationality in that Land from which the people of Israel were exiled so many centuries ago.

The French Government, which entered this present war to defend a people wrongfully attacked, and which continues the struggle to assure the victory of right over might, can but feel sympathy for your cause, the triumph of which is bound up with that of the Allies.

I am happy to give you herewith such assurance.

Why Cambon should be addressing his letter to Nahum Sokolof, a Zionist, Jew journalist is not too clear, it gives one the impression however that all of the events leading up to the Great War and indeed the events following that war, were all directed towards the promotion of Zionism.

The Great War ended at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918,suggesting that the Balfour Declaration had already been discussed long before that and written and posted before the war’s end and Cambon’s letter long before that, on the 4th of June 1917 this smells strongly of “conspiracy”, so what could that conspiracy possibly have been?

One of the most important ingredients in the agreement between Lord Balfour and Baron Rothschild, hinged on the participation in the Great War, of the Americans. That participation was brought about by the deliberate sacrifice of the Lusitania and more than a thousand of the passengers onboard that doomed vessel, when it was deliberately presented as a sitting duck for German submarines.

By the time that the”Yanks” arrived in Europe, Germany was on top of the war. There had already been calls made for a truce, calls which were being delayed by the British, quite obviously while they awaited the arrival of the Americans. That was the preferred outcome of the Zionists, whom having assured Baron Rothschild, the controller of the British, that they could deliver the American Military machine, through the medium of the control they now had over the American money supply, through their recently installed Federal Reserve Bank, along with whatever power they held over Woodrow Wilson, the President of the United States, Baron Rothschild, we have been told, then demanded Palestine in return for the American Military to which no mention  is made in the records of the Minutes of the Cabinet.

All these things went on under the radar, as they say, because the real aim of the Great War had nothing whatsoever to do with a squabble between the “Royal Families” of Europe, it was to kick off the Zionist Century. The first step being the taking of Russia, which was achieved with “International” assistance and the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, to place the Middle East firmly under the control of the Rothschild Family in the United Kingdom and France. These matters were under discussion even as the War raged on.

Minutes of War Cabinet Meeting No. 227, Minute No. 2, 3 September 1917

The War Cabinet had under consideration correspondence which had passed between the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Lord Rothschild on the question of the policy to be adopted towards the Zionist movement. In addition to the draft declaration of policy included in the above correspondence, they had before them an alternative draft prepared by Lord Milner. They had also before them a Memorandum by Mr. Montagu entitled “The Anti-Semitism of the present Government.”

It was suggested that a question raising such important issues as to the future of Palestine ought, in the first instance, to be discussed with our Allies, and more particularly with the United States.

There was even discussion about the sustainability of a large population in Israel, as if anyone believed even back then that the Jews would be satisfied with what they were given.

“With regard to the first, he understood that there were considerable differences of opinion among experts regarding the possibility of the settlement of any large population in Palestine, but he was informed that, if Palestine were scientifically developed, a very much larger population could be sustained than had existed during the period of Turkish misrule. As to the meaning of the words ‘national home,’ to which the Zionists attach so much importance, he understood it to mean some form of British, American, or other protectorate, under which full facilities would be given to the Jews to work out their own salvation and to build up, by means of education, agriculture, and industry, a real centre of national culture and focus of national life. It did not necessarily involve the early establishment of an independent Jewish State, which was a matter for gradual development in accordance with the ordinary laws of political evolution.”

In furtherance of these aims, Germany had to have lost the War, in order to justify the massive destruction of Europe, which was completely re-designed and the Ottoman Empire, which would have been impossible had the “Armistice”* been allowed, which would have meant that everything reverted to as it had been before the War. It was therefore decided that Germany had lost and the Jews called for the first blockade of Germany, which murdered a massive nine-hundred-thousand Germans, forcing them to accept full responsibility for the Zionist war and to sign the Treaty of Versailles, while the “Yanks” participation in the war amounted to zilch, they were finally used to pressurise the Germans and little more.

*(Armistice: a formal agreement between warring parties to stop fighting while discussions take place)

There is a very familiar thread running down through the ages, a thread going all the way back to the Tudors and the first Elizabeth. Being young and without solid family support, She was apparently surrounded by a whole gaggle of Jews. She

was dominated by a couple of Jews in particular, Lord Cecil and John Dee. There are all sorts of tales flying around about her giving birth to a child, who was taken from her, but with who she met years later and with who she became pregnant, but that is a tale for another day.

She was however encouraged by Lord Cecil and John Dee to make the first English incursion into Ireland. The very same family Cecil, was still hanging around, when the Dutch Jews were brought into England, after the Civil War, and the Cecil Family promptly sent Cromwell into Ireland to slaughter a few more Irish Catholics. The same Cecil Family was sat in the Houses of Commons and the Lords, when the Irish Genocide kicked off in the 1840s and yes, they were still there when Cecil Family member Lord Balfour, wrote his famous Declaration.

There is a sinister thread of similarity and barbaric cruelty , running through events from medieval days to the present day and the number of connections to groups which are still with us and still holding a firm grip on power during those long centuries is incredible.

Digging Out The Moles #3 Galloway Again!



Tracing the Fall of Empires teaches us that they ultimately reach a point where they are too huge to control etc,  with an indolent group of ‘philosophers’ poets and architects, all ruled over by the rich, wine swilling, oversexed, effeminate morons whom marry their horse and poison their mother and whatever.  This is the official version but is it the correct one or is it all simply fake news?

After the fall of Rome, we supposedly entered the Dark Ages, a period of misery andchaos,or was it?There are dozens of prints and paintings, of teeming masses of people, many of them lying around in city streets  dying of plagues and starvation or being stretched on the rack and burnt at the stake, while Monks in Monasteries carefully recorded events, stored on ancient documents, onto illuminated parchment, which are in many cases, now the only records available. While others suggest that they changed the information on the original documents, to suit a new agenda, the originals were then either destroyed, or stashed away in the vaults of,the Vatican, take your pick. Whatever the truth, the time-line of history, was quite definitely confused by the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar.



We are coming to an end of one such period of Empire, and we are close enough to previous fallen Empires, to find connections between the fall of one and the beginning of the next, in order to discern the similarities and to dig out those elusive connections, the connections which have not been provided by those whom write our history books.

A good example of these long term links, is to be found in the British or Brytish Empire, which we were never told at school, was an invention of a certain John Dee, who was, a Jew and an adviser to the puppet Queen Elizabeth the First. The connection passes through the Black Nobility of Venice and the Maranos’ in Spain, through the Marano Christopher Columbus, the courageous sailor who slaughtered the indigenous people of Hispaniola and replaced them with Black Slaves from Africa. Columbus was funded, many claim by the Black Nobility, that would be the banking families, whom had salted away the riches of the fallen Roman Empire.

This was quickly followed by the rape and slaughter of the Gold Rich lands of the Incas and Aztecs and other Empires, all of which appear to have followed similar routes to their own demise, through the barbarity of their ruling class, which had a fascination with human sacrifice and the drinking blood. That said a frenzied search for gold kicked off in South America, where all the ancient ruins were vandalised in search of El Dorado, the golden man and all of it shipped off towards Spain, where pirates were lurking behind every wave, to steal the booty.

There is no evidence of the fate of the builders of the gargantuan ruins all over America, they appear to have simply disappeared, as happened to the same Great Architects in Europe, whom constructed their wonders as far north as the isolated islands beyond Scotland.

Egypt is another of these great mysteries, recent discoveries present an image of a People with a technology which refuses to conform to the image of history, with which we have been presented. It becomes more evident, by the day, that the Egyptians were actually living in the midst of the remains of a previous civilisation, which built all of the wonders of Egypt, apart from the few smaller pyramids. Evidence on the ground suggests that the oldest of the Egyptian remains, dated by the number of silt levels, left by the annual floods of the Nile, to be thousands of years older than the three or four thousand years, which it has been claimed.

So in point of fact, there is no positive proof of this famous claim of the Fall of Empires, many simply disappeared, some were over-run while others, like the British and French simply masked their activities, a ploy, which continue to this day. That leaves us with China and the Moors or Saracens or whatever and that Empire of Empires, Rome which is the preferred model, which demonstrates what we are supposed to be experiencing at this moment, in the Western World’s great Empire, which should be referred to as the British French American Jew Empire, the overstretched extent of the Empire and the cost of running it. This nonsense is no more than an excuse to keep the real loot under lock and key and to bring us, to our knees in a ball of confusion, but they can be thwarted.



Instead of electing politicians with balls big enough to sort these things out, we are cursed with a bunch of scum, whom are dancing to the tune of the thieves. We know that a few people, have, through the use of the money,  which has been stolen from us the workers of this world, been allowed to corner for themselves,  95 percent of the wealth of this world, which is exactly what destroyed the Roman Empire. So if we know this, why are we allowing it to continue?



On the News today, I heard Boris Johnson, concur with a Labour Party politician, that the choice of Russia, being given the right to stage the Football World Cup, which he claimed, was an obvious fix, and that for Russia to be given this sporting prize was as bad as Hitler staging the 1936 Olympics.

This followed a remark made by George Galloway, who in his disgustingly biased documentary, about resistance to the swamping of Britain with Muslims, tried to smear every group in the UK, which dares to present a Nationalistic view, as murderous, Nazi, Fascist, extreme Right and their leaders to be like Hitler. He used every conceivable excuse to introduce the image of Hitler into his rubbish, to the point where he even included mention of the ‘six million’ whatever that has to do with British youth choosing to fight for their right to their homeland, England.


His victim, when asked what he thought about the holocaust, pointed out to George, that he was unconvinced by the evidence, and would prefer to discuss the findings of experts whom had disputed, so much as even the possibility of the claims which had been made, but sadly that is not allowed in the UK. George made no response

All through the writing of this post, one way or another I have been drawn back to the same place, the Banks and the owners of the Banks. They are common thieves and they should be arrested, on the spot. To allow this nonsense, of debt and now the Russia business to continue, what started off as a British lie about nerve gas, which has now started to shift towards a World War, a war which will not go too well for Europe, most probably leaving it in the same state as the Empire has left the Middle East,  all of which is to the benefit of the Bankers whom seek chaos, needs to be shut down. The British should take to the streets and demand the evidence of the claims made by Theresa May,before things go too far, the clowns in the EU are already ‘convinced’ by her rubbish, how and why could this be so?

All of the anti immigrant antics in the United Kingdom, which Galloway, who admitted to being happy about the fact that the British were becoming a minority in their own land, opposed out of hand, failed to explain how his alleged support for the Muslims in Palestine, whom had themselves, been in the same position, when the invading incomers were Jews, but when the same kind of invasion, is taking place in the United Kingdom he failed to support his own people against the invasion of Blacks and others? This is seriously suspect behaviour.

Worse still, in South Africa, while the Boers were being swamped out of house and home, he was fighting against them in the company of Jews, under the control of the Bolshevik Communist, Joe Slovo and St Nelson Mandela the 33 degree, Freemason and Bolshevik Communist ANC brutal murdering terrorist leader.

While now, that a genuine Genocide is being carried by those lovable Blacks in South Africa, whom like the cold-blooded savages which they are, have openly announced that they intend to rid themselves of the remaining Boer Farmers and steal their land, without compensation, under the excuse of some sort of rubbish about Africa being for Blacks, Gorgeous George is strangely silent.

As the Muslims champion, Galloway is also one of the few remaining people on earth, who believes that theJews had nothing to do with 911, that it was all done by Muslims with box-cutters.

I’ll have to stop I seem to have lost the thread of what I set out to say. It come from trying to listen to the radio and write at the same time.