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There Are Attempts To Promote No Matter Who Or Whom Above White People

The claims of the alleged superiority of women, over men, in all fields of endeavour, has reached such a nadir, that when tennis-man John McEnroe, dared to contradict the claim, that Serena Williams, was the greatest tennis player of all time, by suggesting that he would place her no higher on the list than seven-hundredth and something, he generated an absolute storm of protest.

In this transgender world, I have yet to be convinced of the actual sex of some of those whom claim to be women. Back in the day, the Western Press, was not at all afraid to declare some of the East German women in the Olympic Games to be men, so why not test the gender of the Williams sisters, around whom there have been dozens of claims that they are men. Some say Serena is bobbing around with a cushion under her clothes, pretending to be pregnant, in preparation for the adoption of a baby.


When Maria Sharapova plays against Serena Williams, it is quite obviously a mis-match, more akin to Princess Zelda against the Terminator, than a fair tennis match, so why not test Williams out against a man with a similar physique?

To have written the above, declares me to be a sort of misogynist, which adds weight to the possibility, that any sexual gender, can now legally lurk behind a claim of being whatever gender anyone may choose or claim to be, to suit any contingency.

What I find to be so confusing, is the sight of bearded men in the street, walking around wearing mini-skirts, in high heels, which suggests there to be an obligation for a ‘gender confused’ person, to adopt certain dress styles, which would appear to signify a distinct, ‘biological’ connection, between modern people and the clothes they wear. To put it simply what do clothes have to do with it, and more importantly who exactly is hidden under a Burqa?

Many female friends of mine, went to University or a College of Fine Arts, or some such establishment, from which they gained some sort of Degree. Only a few of them chose to use their qualification, as a ‘career,’  which controlled their freedom, as a means of earning their living. Many of them, used their talent to earn a bit on the side, by painting or from  pottery, which was beneficial for their family.

They are all more interested in the well-being of their children, than they are in any ‘career’. None of them make use of Crêches or child-minders, mainly to avoid the conditioning of their children, by the government edicts – which appear to be written by some sort of International body, as the same rules are everywhere at the same time, these days – which are imposed on organisations, which nowadays, take care of children.

They find the recent disclosure that children as young as five-years old, being taught about transgenderism, to be appalling. The next battle will be to demand parental approval, before the administration of the soon to be, obligatory, dose of eleven vaccines.

I admit to living a life, in which I am surrounded by those with certain ideas, which correspond, more or less with my own, so my life experience does not correspond with those of the people whom are trapped into a cycle of worry about paying for the basic necessities, with little time left over to reflect on the higher things in life.

Women have been encouraged to believe that the role, which has been traditionally reserved for men, is the best possible option for them. They of course do not expect to be forced into certain types of work, there are after all, jobs in which only men are prepared to engage. This propaganda has lead to a position, where very soon robots will be capable of doing ‘mens’ work. At which point it will be possible to provide any necessary human being, in a test-tube, or through the use of inseminated surrogates. At which point it will become clear that modern-day women, have already been duped into adopting the role of the ‘enemy within,’ an aim which the instinctive parasitic nature of women has facilitated, which will signal the demise of the White and most probably, the Black Races. Are you happy about this state of affairs, ladies?

Personally I would recommend that all White Christian people, congregate in Europe, those whom choose to remain in countries in which they will soon be in a minority, must look after themselves, bearing in mind that the Internationally controlled media has been carrying out a relentless campaign of hate propaganda against White people, even as the proprietors of this Media, are blaming Whites for their own crimes against humanity, while our politicians allow these lies to continue. There is an attempt being made to swamp Europe with Black and Brown people, which will soon make it impossible for those of European origin to return, should they so choose.

We, as Christians, are obliged to accept the above dose of blasphemy, without response, simply because we choose to elect politicians whom are either Jews, or bought and paid for traitors.

Jews can only get away with this brutal use of Christians, because our ‘leaders’ continue to pay, our taxes, to the Central Bankers, all of whom are Jews, whom receive hundreds of billions of Pounds, Dollars, Euros and other denomination of money, every year, in payment for the use of our own money.

Through the use of this money, the Bankers have been allowed to buy the Earth and all of its resources. Their schemes could be curtailed in an instant, should any leading politician have the courage to speak out in favour of closing the Central Banks and each country issuing its own money debt free, which is the way it should be done. The Bankers made deals, in past times with Rulers whom agreed to share the loot with the money-lenders, which is why in the UK for example, Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue collects the loot and shares it with the other share-holder of the Bank of England.

These gluttons already own everything, yet they are not content to allow us to live off of the dregs, they are now coming after us for the very water we need to drink and the air we breath, while politicians appear not to have noticed.