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Sadistic, Ritual Killing Of Twelve Year Old White Boy By ***** Savage.

Jonathan Foster

The brutal killing of this twelve-year-old child, by this Black woman,  is so shocking that it beggars belief. Yet the media response was difficult to locate. The Daily Mail in the UK, was the only reference which I have found, despite being aware of the incident. At the time of the event itself, the horrific story was completely blacked out.


This is yet another indication of the campaign to create a false version of Racism and the continuing attempts to create a Race War, against White People.

Make no mistake about it, had this child been Black and the savage whom killed him White, we would have been deluged with cries of White Racism.

The Media, which played down this tale, is the Jewish controlled Media, which not only ignores the massive scale of the Black on White crime, which is becoming an everyday feature of life, it is the same Jewish controlled Media, which has in some way made all White people, by inference and association, feel guilty of an event in past times, which they claim happened to them.

For what it’s worth, the first slaves on the American Plantations, were Irish, while the bulk of the Slave Traders were Jews. There is still a vestige of the Irish Slaves in Jamaica, where they inter-married with the Black slaves.

The Irish never mention their servitude to the Jews.  Any more than they demand reparations from the English, for the horrors of the Irish Holocaust, which left five million dead.  The Jews, whom have never paid one penny in recompense for the untold millions whom they have slaughtered, while the Blacks,  say nothing of the Black Slave Traders, whom rounded them up and sold them,  are,  in the same manner as the Jews,  attempting, with the wholesale assistance of the Jewish Media, to hang it all on  Whitey.  None of my friends ever bought or used Black slaves.

This horrific crime against a little twelve-year-old white child, took place over two and a half years ago.  The Black woman, tortured the child to death, with an oxyacetylene welding torch, while he was bound with cord. She then dumped his body in a ditch, this was filmed by CCTV cameras.

This outrageous crime against the White community, is not at all unusual, it is in fact becoming common place. It is in keeping with the brutal gang rape of an eighty-five-year-old woman, which took place in front of her ninety-one-year-old husband, by a gang of Black savages. Both of the senior citizens died as a result of the attack.

In another incident, a white couple were kidnapped, the woman was gang raped, by Black “gangsta” and her body dismembered, while her husband was murdered and dismembered. Neither of these two incidents, which are only two of thousands of others, were reported in the News.


While everyone on the planet, is aware of Trayvon Martin, who has ever heard of Jonathan Foster?  The crimes happened at more or less  the same time, why the difference in the amount of coverage?  Has Trayvon Martin’s mother extended her sympathies to Jonathan’s mother?  Maybe offered her a part of the cash she made from donations after the death of her son, whom was considered guilty, in absentia, of an attack on George Zimmerman.

The actual evidence against Trayvon Martin and that in support of George Zimmerman was given little coverage, leaving room for the real Racists, to continue to suggest that Zimmerman was guilty of defending himself against a six-foot American Football player.

People like Mona Nelson, a probable Black serial killer, should never leave prison. The evidence against her appears to be pretty solid. She does not deny throwing the dead boy into the ditch, on Christmas Eve, no less. She cannot explain the traces of evidence which were found in her apartment.  The burns on the child, correspond with burns which could have been made with her welding torch and yet she show no sign of remorse.   Uncle Joe Stalin, the Jewish serial murderer, was equally unmoved by his enormous crimes, while the Jewish controlled Media makes sure that his and their crimes are never properly exposed.

Be warned, this is all part of the continuing White Genocide.