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Waste Of Time Journalists.



As Julian Assange is being hauled through the British Courts, having committed nothing whatsoever, which justified his being held in a maximum security prison, along with terrorists and murderers, there are reports of “worries” from the “journalists” whom are employed by the British “Free Press” about how they might be affected in the far distant future, by any decision which is made against Assange, for daringly publishing information about the serious War Crimes, which were committed by the United States and Britain during the illegal war against Iraq, all of which was ignored by those “now worried” Hacks..

Those crimes included such disgusting behaviour as the cold-blooded shooting of Journalists, from a helicopter or drone, as if the perpetrators were doing nothing more than playing a video game, laughing hysterically as they murdered people in cold blood. Assange, on the other hand, was prepared to take the risk and broke all of the rules, by exposing their actions for what they were.

Presumably these Journalists, like the liars from the Guardian and the Sun, are attempting to suggest, that at some distant point in the future they might just write and try to publish, a controversial tale, which if by some freak, managed to get past the editor and was actually published, in one of these organs of propaganda, that they would only be sacked for telling the truth and not treated like traitors of some sort, as has been Assange.

In the evening, on Sky News, they have people whom are invited to review the news papers. They presents all the front pages, on a large screen, which graphically illustrate the fact that the British people are more interested in tittle-tattle, than by serious news, which is best left to the Politicians.

Flooded homes and Non-Prince Harry captivate the bulk of the British at the moment, despite the international struggle against the continuing aim of the elected puppets in government, whom are still desperately seeking a means of finishing off Syria and Venezuela, while claiming to have avoided war for the past seventy-five years, despite the fact that they are still doing the dirty work of those whom declared World War Two and have been so doing for most of that past seventy-five-years.

The inevitable “outing” of the Black cheat Mo Farrah, has been a disaster for the British sporting public, which had welcomed him into their midst and endowed him with British Citizenship, just so that he could run and cheat for Britain in return for their kindness.. In a paradoxical manner this claim of Mo’s cheating was presented by the BBC, which had been his greatest supporter, even as the tale of his “jabs” were leaking out, claims which have turned out to be perfectly true, because Mo had simply forgotten all about taking all those jabs.

The Sky News Bicycle Racing Team were found to be an extraordinary bunch of Asthmatics, obliging them to use a specific type of inhaled substance, which was flown out to them by jet-plane, despite it being available in all French Pharmacies, prompting many other competitors to claim that this “medicine” gave them an illegal advantage over the non-asthmatics.

The beloved Tour de France competitor, the Britisher Tom Simpson, took his last dose of whatever, on a steep hill near where I live and he dropped dead at the side of the road as a result. In a more recent Tour, that great South African/Britisher, the asthmatic Chris Froome, did, on the very same hill, accelerate with such power and speed as he passed the monument marking Simson”s death spot, that half a dozen television commentators did, in unison cry out “Drogué”. Never mind it’s all good fun unless you happen to be Russian.

Donald Trump, a man who has never himself started a war but who is trapped into handling the remains of the wars declared by all the good guys whom preceded him in the WhiteHouse, has many critics, whom are sure that Trump is the devil incarnate.

There is an annoying fellow on the Alex Jones show, who makes an irritating use of the word Bombshell, who would have us believe that he has a means of contact with the Donald, he assures us that he must contact Trump, who he must warn, that he is being ambushed by Pelosi and Schiff, because he has not closed the borders against immigrants, during the Coronavirus crisis and that he will be blamed, when according to this fellow, in a few days a “Bombshell” number of new cases of the Virus will be revealed and everybody will blame Trump and then promptly vote for Bernie or Biden because of Trumps Bombshell gaff. I just don’t know what to make of it all.

Another guy, Max Keiser, has been promoting the introduction of virtual money for years. To my way of thinking this is the most stupid idea imaginable. How long does it take, for a determined man with a social conscience, to pour a couple of litres of petrol on to a speed radar at the side of the road and throw a lighted match onto it? Not long, about the same time as it would take to do the same thing to a few 5G transmitters, cutting off the link to the site which accepted payments sent from, presumably, “Smart-Phones which we would all be obliged to have on our person to simply buy a cup of coffee.

I did today receive notice that the Corona Virus is so contagious that nobody will accept “dirty money” which had been touched by contaminated people, during the outbreak so whether we like it or not we will be obliged to use an electronique payment system,  just so long as we have accepted the vaccine. Eh! Oh well time for bed.

The Sunlight Of Knowledge Is Destroying The Vampires.



The short clip, which provides the background action to this post on BitChute,    https://www.bitchute.com/video/TYzMwLxYXheS/      took place in London in 1936.  The man, Oswald Mosley, who organised the event, was and is to this day, demonised for his act, such was the animosity against the avowed, mortal enemy of the Communist World Order, National Socialism, against which this bastardised and totally deluded, version of so-called true Democracy, was unleashed, denying and blaming those whom were legitimately holding a rally, their “rights” in the process.

This event illustrates the moment when the entire delusion of the masses was laid bare. This also marked out the true “crossroads” of the 20th Century and the following decades, leading up to our present perilous situation, in which any sign of resistance to the new “norm” is violently attacked, as in Charlottesville. 

The City of London, carried out a massive slaughter in Ireland, which in many ways was supported by the British people, whom had been taught to detest the Irish people, and the patently deliberate attempt to exterminate the Irish, is now cynically referred to as the Potato Famine or simply the “Famine”, all of it lies, it was a cold blooded slaughter, which unlike the Jew event, which was recently “remembered” once more, by dignitaries from across the world, the Irish Holocaust, can be denied, even by Jews, whom will never face a term in prison as a result of their denial about the Irish..

With the full knowledge of the City of London, which had already funded the team of murderers, who would carry out the Coup d’Etat in Russia, the King of The City, did then pretend to magically “bring” the United States into the Great War. Along with the “Troops” they  transported an Army of Mercenaries, whom would form the Cheka killing machine in Russia. Even before the end of theGreatWar, this group of conspirators,  gave themselves the land of Palestine as a gift, just as after the Second World war they gifted to their own team in Bolshevik, Communist Russia, the entirety of Eastern Europe, without a word of criticism, from the rest of the World for any of it.

So you see these demonstrators, whom back in 1936 were taking to the streets against the “threat” of Fascism, with the support of British Communists, were doing to the Germans and Mosley,  exactly what they are now doing against Donald Trump and everything he stands for, even as things are improving in the States because of his policies.

In 1936 the Bolshevik Communists were already attempting to take control of Spain. They failed in this attempt, which had it succeeded would have given the Red Army a “pincer” to take down Europe from the East and the West.

So in response to the idea that “everything is under control” why would the Bolsheviks have introduced Hitler into a Germany, where they already had full control of all and everything,  and now, why bring Trump to the fore in the States, where they apparently hold tightly on to the reins of power?

I prefer to construe all of the nonsense, claiming Hitler to be a Jew or a Rothschild bastard or of dreaming up connections between Trump and the Black Pope, because he was educated by the Jesuits, I would prefer to suggest that instead that all of that nonsense, it is in fact a sign of their lack of ideas and that they currently have so little going right for them that they are now at their weakest, and ready to fall flat on their faces.

Having watched the gang of Jews, whom failed to drum up enough support for the impeachment of Donald Trump, who, in all honesty, can still cling on to the belief that these people are all powerful? Was the Trump impeachment all for show? On the contrary we can be sure that things are not going at all to plan for the Bankers.

Jews were already attempting to take control of Britain back in the 1920s, as coalitions were being constructed between the British Labour Party and Lenin’s Communists in Russia, and it never went anywhere

On 10th October 1924, MI5 received a copy of a letter, dated 15th September, sent by Grigory Zinoviev, chairman of the Comintern in the Soviet Union, to Arthur McManus, the British representative on the committee. In the letter British communists were asked to take all possible action to ensure the ratification of the Anglo-Soviet Treaties. It then went on to advocate preparation for military insurrection in working-class areas of Britain and for subverting the allegiance in the army and navy. 

This was all going on during the turmoil following the Great War, as the push to impose the same brand of Communism was being rejected by the Germans. The above letter was of course a fraud,  designed to spoil the chances of the Labour Party in approaching elections. The controlled “fake” press duly reported the letter as fact and the Labour Party lost the Election. However both the Labour Party and the British Communists were in regular contact with the Murdering Stalinists inRussia.

The more one researches history the more evident it becomes that little has changed and indeed “we the people” have not changed in any way at all. The majority, is as gullible as ever, despite all the “smart-phones” which are in fact yet another trap, designed for future use,when they become the only means of trade apart from swapping. 

Nobody, not even the those whom are claimed to have controlled the whole of our history, foresaw the disaster for themselves, which the disclosures of the crimes of the Bankers and their controlled Politicians, whom they have so carefully bought and controlled, which would result from allowing all of those, blessed with at least half a brain, access to the Internet and all of those “banned documents” which have now laid bare the fraud of Politics and the GrandeTheft of the Bankers,  with the undivided complicity of those “elected” frontmen in “Government”, all of which has made clear the total illusion of our”freedom” and the fact that we have been living in chains, while calling it Democracy. Our so-called “God’s Chosen Ones” are now desperately trying to stuff the genie back into the bottle as time is running out for them.

The brave British fighting men have now been outed as mere murdering thugs, ready to open fire to order, killing whoever happens to be unlucky enough to be in front of them. Any soldier who is prepared to dress up as an Arab and plant bombs in a country which has already been illegally destroyed, to drum up even more excuses to grind such places as Iraq to dust, is nothing more than the scum of the earth and they are bathed in glory for their murders,  by an old woman with a crown on her head pinning medals for bravery, onto their chests.

Anybody who has the courage to stand up to these “superior” people, whom call themselves “The Destroyers” for whom we are obliged to pay, in order for them to have a better standard of life than our own, while squatting in a land which they were given by The City of London, in return for sending reinforcements to ensure the slaughter of sixty-five-million White Christian souls in Russia and the enslavement of the people of Germany, into a life of depravity in the Weimar Republic, an act of barbarism which they are even now attempting to install all across the Christian World. All of which is apparently OK with our Politicians, should be opposed to and prepared to resist the aims of these people.


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The above quotes have been read by millions of people, it is hard to believe that not one politician who has been so disgusted by this unashamed bragging, that he has made public his response to it and asked in any Christian Parliament, the simple question are we going to allow this sort of threat to continue without making some sort of response? The answer to that question is simple, our Politicians have been doing the bidding of these people for the past one hundred years, why would they change their habits now?

In London, Julian Assange is on trial. This trial has nothing whatever to do with the British “Justice” system. The only crime of which Assange is guilty in the UK, is one of jumping bail, which in other circumstances is of no importance whatsoever. He has already served a longer sentence than that to which he was served by a previous Court and yet the British continue to try him for what exactly?

He has not been charged with any crime in the UK, so he should be released, and should the United States feel it to be necessary to take further action against him, that should be treated in exactly the same manner as is that of the American “killer on the run”, who having claimed diplomatic immunity which she did not have, and having killed a boy on a motor-bike, is quite free to continue her life, without any intervention from the “Justice” system in America to arrest her, stick her in a high security prison along with terrorists and murderers etc, keeping her in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, denying her access to her lawyer, while getting her ready for extradition to the UK, where she could be gaoled for the rest of her life.

Despite the fact that many people distrust Assange, it is of little importance as far as the fairness of the Law is concerned. Many suggest that it is all a sham. I am not quite sure what that sham could be. He was extremely selective with the documents which he exposed, leaving most of the “guilty” unmentioned. Like Edward Snowdon most of what he released came as no surprise to anyone. Perhaps the film of the murder of the journalists in Iraq touched a raw nerve in the Pentagon, who knows? Or perhaps there is something of which we have as yet no knowledge, which is actually a load of rubbish, but which will be taken more seriously, coming from an “aggrieved” Assange after all of this nonsense. We must wait and see.

The Biased Trial Of Julian Assange

Who Or Whom Have Most To Fear From The Truth?



There is one huge subject which has never been properly aired. It’s out there but never discussed. It was claimed by many people whom were in Russia, during and after the coup d’etat, which has since been referred to as a Revolution, that many of those in charge of things, spoke English amongst each other, very few of them were in fact Russian while many like Trotsky were American.

A television series, which was screened during the 1970s presented evidence that there was indeed much collusion between the Bolsheviks and the City of London. Sidney Reilly, a British agent even postulated that he could well have been installed as leader and not Lenin.




Reilly, was of course his nom de plume as it were, his real name being Sigmund Rosenblum and he was a Russian or maybe a Polish Jew, who quite obviously knew the leaders of the Russian coup d’etat, very well indeed and it would be surprising if the British were not fully aware of the murderous turn of events, as the Bolshevik coup took hold.

There is much talk, amongst those, including myself, whom suggest that in view of the fact that the Leadership of the Communists and the Politburo which was later set up, was all funded by Jew interests, there can be no dispute about that claim, and indeed Russia’s gold reserve was immediately seized and despatched to the United States and lodged in the bank vaults of the Jew banker Jacob Schiff, who had helped and funded the coup d’etat. On top of all that, at least eighty-four percent of the Politburo were Jews, according to Vladimir Putin, so there can be little doubt that the whole sorry business was indeed a Jew operation, controlled from the City of London.

It follows from that, to suggest that the British, whom a few decades previously had “failed to notice” five million of their Irish subjects starving to death, could possibly have failed to notice the barbarism which was taking place in Russia, which would lead to the slaughter of at least sixty-five-million Christian Souls. It is also stated that Lenin and his chums, whom as are the current bunch of puppets, whom pretend run the world, was himself no more than a frontman for the City of London Jew bankers, and he would not have dared to execute the Russian Royal Family without the go-ahead from Baron Rothschild. Therefore it can claimed with some degree of accuracy, that the Russian Coup d’Etat was indeed a production of the Jew British Empire.

However a more salient point must surely be, was the cream of British, French and German Youth, quite cynically sent to the killing fields of Flanders, during the Great War, for no better reason than to create a smoke screen allowing for the possibility, for the Jews to carry out the coup d’etat in Russia? The only things which came out of the Great War and the Second World War – which the Jews actually declared against Germany – delivered the means of donating Palestine to Baron Rothschild after the Great War, and after the Second World War, European Jews were quickly evacuated to Palestine for their “own safety”, into a State which Hitler explained was nothing more than a hide-out from where the Jews could continue their international criminal activities, without fear of interference from international law.

The idea that a British government was not only prepared to force their young men to go and fight a war, which was not only unnecessary but simply to further the aims a group calling themselves Zionists, a group of which Winston Churchill declared himself to be a member, a war during which the Officer Class, quite deliberately forced men to walk into a wall of machine gun fire, which was in fact a form of genocide, while Churchill inflicted the same barbaric slaughter against the Anzacs at Gallipoli, to where they were sent in an attempt to distract the Turks, ensuring that the Ottoman Empire was defeated and the Ottoman controlled Middle East was made available for the Jews.

Later in the century, when the Russians caved in and evacuated Afghanistan, having been beaten by covert British and American funded Al Qaeda, the first act of the Western funded forces, was to hang the leadership out of hand and install a puppet regime, which was itself replaced by the Taliban, creating the need of another full frontal Western attack, out of a fear of losing control of the high quality Opium, of which the Jew controlled monopolistic drug companies had need of, to stupefy the entire world with their legal “highs” referred to as antidepressants, A member of my own family was a victim of this silent genocide.

I have written thousands of words around these events and the horror story which has gradually unfolded in my mind, exposes more and more of the complicity of “our elected governments” in all of this slaughter, which has in fact been non-stop since. the start of the twentieth century. They are even now preparing to destroy us all in the manner in which the Irish, Russians, Chinese and Germans have been culled in the past, most probably down the starvation route, which can be manipulated into action overnight.

The enormous amount of disinformation which has to be ploughed through in search of truth is staggering. In the United States there has been an absolute barrage of lies about Donald Trump, including the quite deliberate lie about the number of spectators at his inauguration, which has now become part of the mainstream medias folk-lore. The News of the World was closed down because of its behaviour and CNN should be faced with the same sanction for its quite disturbing distortion of reality.

The Sky News team, fronted by Stuart Ramsay, having given its distorted version of events in Venezuela, where the CIA man Guaido, has “declared” himself as President, with the full support of the Sky News man. Ramsay and his team have now been sent to Sudan, where he is mouthing virtually the same phrases in support of yet another carefully selected politician who wants to grab power in another land full of oil.

The lies of these monopolised sources of disinformation are legion, to the point where a couple of children were this morning interviewed on Sky News, huddled together in tears, demonstrating against the production of Carbon Dioxide, which they have been educated to believe will kill them all in twelve years, which is such a load of crap that it is astonishing to find that there has been no evidence produced, explaining how a “trace gas” which makes up about one per cent of the air, could possibly be single-handedly the cause of the weather. This tosh is being pushed to bring about the total destruction of European Industry and our kids are now being confused in into supporting this monstrous lie.

These organs of lies, most of which are owned by the same group, which has already used these tools to deceive the worlds children into believing that to reduce Carbon Dioxide will solve all their problems, even as serious meteorologists are warning the world to store food and warm clothes because of a risk of a mini Ice Age.

They are now continuing their campaign against Trump by presenting non-proven claims made by Mueller in his report, which was supposedly about Russian Collusion, suggesting it was really all a huge effort to prove anything that would stick against him. If there was no crime, what would Trump have been blocking? Those sort of questions are ignored by all of the mainstream which is desperately digging themselves even deeper into their hole.

Nothing can be trusted, when the total lie of World War Two, is rammed down our throats on a daily basis, as the ultimate warning, that to allow certain thoughts to be presented to the average Joe in the street, could lead to a repeat of the calamity of Hitler and National Socialism, a warning which keeps the mouths of every commentator firmly closed, the truth must never be allowed to be fairly presented, not even by Julian Assange or any of the other “whistle-blowers”. Every word which dribbled out of the mouth of this Black loud-mouth is wrong, apart from anything else he is trying to deny the Democracy which he claims to support. That is before we even ask the question, what in God’s name has Hitler got to do with Brexit?



The continuation of the aims of the so-called New World Order and their allies, whom are installed in every elected Government across the World and even in the Chinese Politburo, is constructed on a foundation of sand, which is running out like the sand in an egg timer. Hitler is staring them in the face every waking minute of their lives, that is the correct answer to my question.

I know longer believe that Julian Assange was still in the Ecuadorian Embassy, which is why some time ago we were told that he was forbidden to go on-line, then he was forbidden to have visitors at which point he could have been anywhere. The man who was carried out by Special Branch a few day ago could have been anyone. Assange has been built up as a “Peoples Hero” without ever producing anything which could contribute to the real exposure of the crimes against Humanity, which are ongoing, without a sign of Hitler but with plenty of evidence of Communism, Diversity, Communitarianism and Socialism which are all the same thing. 

Nothing that was disclosed through Wikileaks came as any surprise, we already knew about the atrocities in Iraq and the British and American atrocities in Korea and Vietnam and the starvation of a couple of million German prisoners of war by the man who became President of America, in the Rhine Meadows death camps, and the massacres behind the Iron Curtain and many other things.

Edward Snowden also gave us what we already knew, that we were the scourge of the Earth and that we were being watched. So why have we never had a word about the conspiracy to destroy Germany, which has been available for the past one hundred years and the atrocities, which were carried out in Palestine by the Jews, most of whom, if not all – choose your own figures – had been killed by the Germans during World War Two?

It is perfectly clear, that those whom have most to fear from the truth, are in the process of making it illegal to so much as ask a question about their activities since the days of the Russian coup d’etat, never mind the French Revolution and the British Civil War – calamities in which they were also involved – in fact we have never been allowed one word of truth about any of their activities including the Irish Holocaust.

They are instead stuffing our children’s heads full of rubbish about all and everything, including conditioning them to believe  that White people were responsible for slavery, which was ninety-nine percent controlled by Blacks, Arabs and Jews. Because they are unwilling to admit that they know nothing about anything, apart from how to steal, they teach subjects like Evolution, Gravity, the Rotation of the Earth as fact, leaving no room for inquiry. It has already been decided that to take a look behind the scenes of the recent fire at Notre Dame Cathedral is stupid, when in fact there images available of men in yellow helmets walking around the burning building as if there is nothing going on and there is a remarkable shortage of firemen at the scene. I am joking of course.

How could an event like the destruction of a Cathedral be risked by the French/Jew government, making sure that only part of it was damaged, so that it could be re-constructed, within five years, to suit the needs of diversity? 




Julian Assange: John Pilger Interview.

The House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down.


The House Of Cards Is Tumbling Down.

The wholly controlled International Media, in all of its forms, is ignoring the truth concerning Hillary Clinton. A truth, which Donald Trump is daily pumping out, to the joy of those with ears to hear but to the chagrin of the criminal cabal, which has, for generations, been allowed to literally get away with murder, in the wholly rigged system, which passes for Democracy, in the United States of America, where even the Supreme Court itself has been contaminated.

The “Alternative Media” has also been forced to join the tirade against Trump, suggesting him to be a wholly controlled Mafia asset, having been telling us for years that all of the Presidents and all of the President’s men, have been under the same control. Begging the question, ‘ Should that be so, what difference will Trumps election, make this time around, SNAFU wot?’

Amusingly, a well-known site on-line, Veterans Today, which is being run by a bunch of patriots, fully funded from their own pockets, has been spinning all sorts yarns about Trump, during the past twelve months, to the annoyance of myself and many others, whom have all posted comments, questioning their attitude to Trump, whom apart from anything else, has been wonderful to watch.

Despite all of the uproar, Clinton is guilty. Not simply for putting secret documents at risk, but for Grand Larceny and criminal fraud in the affairs of the Clinton Foundation and on top of that, her decision not to send aid to assist the besieged US Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi, simply because he was about to speak out about his belief in Clinton’s arms deals with terrorists.

The Brow-Ha-Ha at the moment is about Comey, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision to take another look at the Clinton eMail saga. Clinton’s election team is whimpering that this is out-of-order. He had no right to do something like this, so close to an election as it might hurt Clintons’ chances. To wheel out a dozen women, to make allegations against Trump, just before the same election, was out of a call of duty I suppose.

There is evidence that the FBI staff were baffled by Comey’s decision not to indict Clinton for her original negligence, which itself justifies a term of years in prison. The fact that her eMails were indeed hacked and copies are available to one and all, is evidence enough of the seriousness of her offence, even before the real reason behind her deviousness has been exposed. She and Slick Willy do have ‘previous’ having ‘sold’ American secret Super Computers to China.

There are direct connections, on Clinton’s private eMail account, to Barack Obama, whom did, hiding behind a ‘funny name’ which demonstrates that he was aware of the existence of Clinton’s private server, which he has denied. The computer itself was the property of a paedophile, whom did, along with a Royal Prince and Slick Willy Clinton, spend time on ‘Treasure Island’ a paradise for paedophiles, where the same Slick Willy was allegedly filmed having sex with a thirteen year old child.

Hillary Clinton has suggested that she will be putting Slick Willy in control of the US economy, should she be elected. That would be the same Slick Willy, for whom she hounded those women whom had been raped by Willy, when she had managed to win a short sentence for a child rapist, whom she had defended in Court.

Is this what the American voters are seeking? Perhaps they are voting for Hillary’s membership of a secret Witches Coven in California. Maybe they adore her for her belief in late-term abortion, Obama believes that as long as the umbilical cord has not been cut, the baby has yet to be born and thus, may still be treated as prey.

Or perhaps they admire the facility with which the Clinton Foundation laundered the fund for Haiti. Or maybe the smart way Clinton managed to trick hundreds of thousands of dollars out of those banking chappies in return for a five minute speech. Never mind, despite all of that nonsense, the boys from Veteran’s Today, are determined to get her elected.

I opened up their site yesterday, to checkout, whether the Editor in Chief, whom had suggested I read a post, which would explain why the ‘boys’ were against Trump, which I had dutifully done and which had left me unimpressed and I did then leave another comment. To my surprise, I did this morning, on opening Veterans Today, discover that the comments were closed, on all of the offending contributors postings.

The stench of fear is hanging over the Establishment and when even the pillars of the alternative media are lining up to bad mouth Trump, when they should in fact, simply sit back bored, as yet another puppet is put in place, as everything would appear to be under control. So what is the problem.

Trump, despite his alleged lack of ability, has, in his charming manner, starkly exposed the weakness of the Establishment and the facility with which it can be taken down. Thanks to Trump they are already on the run. Clinton has already off-shored her cash to Qatar, where there is no extradition arrangement with the USA.