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Anything You Can Say, I Want To Say Better.




Happily I live a long way from the United States, where Bizzaro has finally overcome Superman, allowing a strange and warped regime to take control. Only the President, can now visualise reality. The bemused President is himself,  currently under great pressure, to sign a document, which will declare the innocent to be guilty, while the ‘Terror’ swarming everywhere, in the streets of America, is to be referred to as the victim, presumably of their own violence.

The President did his best to shield the innocent White people, from the onslaught, coming from  the dark-side, however, despite a mountain of evidence that the Mayor of Charlottesville, a Jew and his Black assistant, were deeply involved in the charade which took place, leading to the alleged death of a woman and included the manipulation, by the police, of the innocent White protestors, into direct confrontation with those whom had been bussed into town, with the intention of smearing, a perfectly reasonable, peaceful demonstration, mounted in opposition to the calls of the mass murdering Black people, for the destruction of Confederate statues, the ‘House’ is determined to smear the White people as being responsible. Why?

While White people are being attacked on all sides, everywhere on earth, the real killers and rapists are being ignored. The German people have been pilloried for decades, for an alleged crime, which has never been investigated and of which there is little evidence, however to simply express, what I have just written, would land you in gaol in Germany and yet should I list the number of genocides and other atrocities, carried out by the Jews, who have cynically pointed the finger at the Germans, nobody would bat an eyelid, despite the fact that their crimes have been continuous for the past seventy years.



Worse still, most of the current bloodshed on planet earth can be traced back to the same Jews, however unlike what can be ‘alleged’ with impunity, against the Japanese, the Germans and all White Christians, these Jews are above criticism. The ‘comedian’ in the following clip is of course a Jew.

The Jews in the City of London, have held Eire in its sights for three hundred years or more and are even now trying to finish it off with their new weapon, Jew inspired immigration. In the above clip, it is noted that when gun control is put in place it will not apply to Jews. In London there are already armed Jew Police. The Jew City of London, has its own fake police force. This is undeniable proof of Jew influence.

Is it any surprise that the Jews are coming under pressure in London and Paris and other places, more and more people are fully aware of Jew involvement in current and past atrocities. They are also aware of the lies which are part of the Jew way of life. Were it not for the fact that the internet is choking with clips of Jew hate speech against White people, I could be more lenient in my language about them.


Major-General JFC Fuller. “Above all, propaganda here (in America) is entirely in Jewish hands, when bearing  public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe. It is interesting to observe that in this carefully thought-out campaign, no reference at all is made to Soviet Russia. If that country is mentioned, it is referred to in a friendly manner and people are given the impression that Soviet Russia is part of the democratic group of countries. Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity,(against Germany) but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps. President Roosevelt has been given the power, to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.” (Fuller, JFC: The Decisive Battles of the Western World vol 3 pp 372-374.)


What sort of freedom, allows Jews and Muslims to talk about you and me, in this manner, while idiots like Emmanuel Macron is making it a crime to criticise Jews.






Ken O’Keefe Explains How NATO Is Doing The Fighting For Israel


Sadly the clip which I originally posted has already been censored by YouTube, so I offer this one in its place.

What’s Going On?

The White Race is being deliberately smeared, unjustly, by the heinous acts of The Lords of War and their minions in “Democratically?” elected Western governments. Europe is now accepting refugees from across the Middle East and North Africa, who are being presented with an open door in every country in the European Union, which was set-up and is controlled by those whom created this refugee problem in the first place. Can we expect a show of mercy from these folk?

There have been no mistakes made in the Middle East and North Africa, the continuing slaughter has been long in the planning. Every death or mutilation has been to order.The results of these butcheries is now coming home to roost.

The UK and its murderous allies in NATO, have no compunction whatsoever about continuing the blood-letting. As during the First Great War, the “Allies” quite deliberately allowed the genocide to continue until they had achieved all of their aims.

Having allowed the “cannon fodder” barely enough time to catch their breath, they continued their agenda, with World War Two,  which included the theft of Palestine and the destruction of the German people and thus was laid the foundation of the desire of the Zionists, to claim the entire Middle East as their domain, from which to rule us all, we are about to allow this desire to come to fruition.

The Peoples of Europe have never experienced this much vaunted “White Privilege,” as is claimed by those of other Races, we have in fact hardly known a moment’s peace, when our children were not being despatched over-seas to fight for their lives against people with whom they had no quarrel.

Millions of Whites are still living in squalor, forced, as are those in Third World countries, to rely on the charity of the State, unable to grow as much as a bunch of carrots to eat, to sustain the health of their children, having had all of the available land, “privatised” into the claws of the Elite, whom have no better use for it than to hunt and destroy Nature.

The British, as is usual when there is dirty work to be done, have a group of Jews in control of things.  Listening to George Osborne calling Bashar al Assad  “brutal” and “demonic,” is nothing short of  disgusting and way short of reality and the truth.  Assad has far less blood on his hands than have both of the main political parties in the UK, whom, not to mention, Korea,Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and now Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen, also formed a coalition with the great beast Joe Stalin during World War Two.

A General from Portsmouth, I believe he is called Russell Parry, has just claimed Assad’s regime to be like that of  Hitler and I am quite sure he was not suggesting that Assad was a nice character, however this is hyperbole gone wild.  Assad did nothing to justify what is now taking place in his country.

During limited demonstrations, during the contrived “Arab Spring” which were built up out of all proportion by the Western media, paid mercenaries opened fire on the police from behind the crowds, provoking a response, during which a few people “may” have been killed by either side.

This is exactly for what corrupt journalists, like those from Sky News, were waiting. That is about all they can claim against Assad. The claims that he used gas was debunked by the UN and the rest is just unsupported crap. No mention is ever made of Mossad interference in Syria, in order to produce this excuse for war.

Even as the destruction of Syria is ongoing, the plans are being laid to deliver the same barbarous onslaught on to Lebanon, as if they have not already suffered enough.  We must remember that parts of Lebanon have been book-marked for Greater Israel.  Are we all going to stand by and watch this happen. Is it not time to put a stop to the desires of the Zionists?

Is it not time to allow the Syrian people to take care of their own affairs?  Who are the British to continually interfere in the political systems of others.  Why is Cameron still continuing his calls for war, even as Europe is being deluged with the results of his wars. Make no mistake about it ISIS is working for the Zionists.  In Libya the so-called “Free Libya Army” spoke English amongst themselves.

The “stooges” are now telling us that the British people are calling for more immigrants, well who are these British people, are they perhaps the same British people who took to the streets against the war in Iraq, or are they no more than those “ghostly” British people in whose name unacceptable decisions can be justified?

Whatever the truth of all this, the UK is in a strangle-hold of a group of people, which is working towards an eventuality, which will not benefit the British people. The government, the Bank of England, the City of London, Greater London are all controlled by this group.

It may have escaped the notice of the British, that while they have a man, Jeremy Corbyn, a member of the Fabian Society, which is under the control of the Bankers, whom is being spoken of as being “too different” you can be sure that he is a plant.  He has been given too much publicity simply for being Jeremy Corbyn.  While across the Atlantic, we have exactly the same situation with Donald Trump, who is in fact an Oligarch well drenched in connections to the Zionists. He too is being “too different.”  What I wonder, is going on here?

One thing is certain, when the bombs start to go off in the West, to excuse more blood sacrifices and IS/Daech is presented as the culprits, as was the other controlled group Al Qaeda, be warned they will be most probably, False Flags,  as have been most of the other “terrorist” attacks.