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Predatory Gays And Other Types Of Perverted Politicians.

We are all aware now, that if a woman does not agree to have sex, before she is penetrated, that is rape. Ask Julian Assange. We can only hope for the sake of Nigel Evans, that the same rules do not apply to buggery.

Currently, a couple of Stars of the small screen are being shown no mercy, by the Media,  yet Vaguely Gay, War Criminal, Little Willy Hague, while condoning Israel’s use of what is said to be a small nuclear device against Syria, feels that because the The Speaker of the House of Commons, twice removed, is such a nice chap, whom is loved by everyone, he deserves to be exonerated. Well he probably will be if he is a Freemason.

Hague, insists on claiming that Assad, whom was attacked by armed men, should have just surrendered to them without a fight, as he would, should a group of disenchanted Englishmen force their way in to Downing Street saying “We are the Free English Army, lay down your arms.” Who the hell does this ditherer, whom is too timid to come out of the closet, think he is? He has no right to demand such a thing of any Government. His talk of Dictators, sound just a bit hollow, in view of the antics of his friends in the Jewish Gulf States.

Watching his behaviour, which is against International Law, behaviour  which is supported by all three Parties in the British Parliament, which in the typical fashion of the bully, is directed against those whom do not have the support of the Proud Banking Families, who are responsible for every war during the last hundred years, but whom unlike his good self and the Eton boys whom stand alongside him, still has the support of the Syrian people. As did Gadaffi, whom was destroyed in another of Hague’s adventures, by overwhelming force.

The British are ruled by a gang of scum, whom are not only working for Bankers and the false State of Israel, but also for a hidden group of fanatics, which is determined to destroy a huge portion of the Peoples of the planet, to install themselves as the Kings of the World.

This group suffers from an affliction, which when it expresses itself, obliges them to bugger and rape small children, in some cases to death. Most of these deaths never come to light, as the orphans, whom are the victims are alone in the world and are sadly, not missed. There is mounting evidence that in Northern Ireland, the perverts whom were known as the Shankill Butchers, were used in the ritual killing of children from the Kincora Children’s Home.

There are so many Members, in the British Parliament, whom suffer from this affliction, that a Member of the Government was given the task of passing a law, which would legalise, Intergenerational Sex, in order to protect the multitude of perverts in the House, whom were being protected by what are called ‘D Notices’ which are designed to protect the Paedophiles whom were in danger of being exposed, excuse the pun.

This law will be passed, make no mistake about it. Europe is ruled by the same perverted group. It was an English Lord, whom was given the job of procuring young children for the pleasure of the Politburo. If the People’s of Europe opened their eyes to what is being done to them, by those whom control the media, there would be a rapid return to hangings in the street. These scum have already changed the law concerning Treason and Sedition, which still carry the death sentence, because they know that they are on a knifes edge.

When Hitler came to power in Germany, his first act, was to put an end to all of the perversions, which had been introduced into German society by the Jews, whom had taken control of Germany after the Great War. They have now done the same to all of the Western style countries, which are suffering from all of the hedonistic rituals which once existed in Berlin.

It was not by chance that across the Western World, the law was changed to allow same sex marriage. How could it be that all countries forced this law through, despite enormous resistance from the people, at exactly the same time,  if we are not being ruled by a group of hidden perverts.

When I was younger, along with most of my chums, I was pestered by predatory homosexuals. I was often ‘touched’ inappropriately, even by ‘Men of the Cloth’ and yet we are now being told that these predators, can become Scout Masters, whom will take charge of young boys.

I have seen dozens of ‘Tweets’ which claim that Syria has already declared war against Israel. Dozens more from Muslim countries offering support. Hague, Holland and Obama are alone in their support for the aggression of Israel. This is their Ritual of Blood, which is all part of the agenda in those countries, which allow themselves to be perverted by World Jewry.

We are now seeing the new alliance of those whom engineered the Second World War, France, the UK and the USA.  Russia is still playing the game of being in support of Syria, while doing nothing more than talking. What is going on at this moment is what they are supposed to be preventing through the use of their Veto at the UN. Why not give a hand to the people of Syria.

All of this slaughter is based on the attack in New York which is called 911, which we were told was carried out by a gang of Muslims, when in fact all of the evidence suggests that it was carried out by Israel and Mossad. Not a shred of evidence has ever been produced linking Muslims to the attack. Osama Bin Laden denied any part in the caper.

To hear Hague talking about Dictatorships, while ignoring the Gulf States where the British made Kings and Sultans have kept total despotic power in their own hands for a century or more and back home in the UK, where the people are trapped in an elected dictatorship, which in common with the USA is rapidly becoming a Police State, demonstrates, sadly, the complete blindness of the British to the true nature of their rulers.

There is a window of opportunity approaching for the British. Due to the unexpected success of the United Kingdom Independent Party, UKip, they have tasted the forbidden fruit of voting for someone other than those for whom they have voted, all of their voting lives.  There is no guarantee that the new parties will be any better than the old, whom have never improved the day to day lives of the people, but to continue doing the same thing over and over again, expecting something to change, has always been considered as a sign of madness.

The Intelligent Response.

Hello there hearald. I’ve chosen a piece of music, to amuse you, while you struggle with the English language. Hope you enjoy it.

This is the reply to one of my recent posts, which asked the question: Why, when all the available evidence suggested that 911 had been carried out by Israel, did the US administration point the finger at the Muslim World?

tsh , tsh, tsh…… there you go getting all hot and sweaty again and using words a man of your fantastic educational background should never use………. now just to show you im on your side we decided to start a blog to help you in your humanitarian endeavours… we named our literary masterpiece enoc-he-he. Now as you know,,,, we dont have the fabulous sources of information at our command as you have. Soooooo we have come up with aplan that will meet your approval…… oh I can hardly wait to tell you this……… we are going to to have a blog that contains only what appears on enochered. yes you heard right…… we must make sure the world is gifted with your genuis……. and this is our way to insure this to take place….. yes.. yes word for word exactly as you have written your masterpieces………… with the only exception being when you right the word JEW….. we will substitute ARAB…..when you write the world ROTHCHILD….we substitute the word….. O.P.E.C………. when you write the word ENGLAND…….we substitute the word LEBONON………. when you write the word AMERICA………. we substitute the word……. PALASTINE .Now please dont disappoint us. all we want in return is your continous flow of your magic words…….. I remain your admirer Hearald P.S… now dont dissappoint us keep that key board humming. so we can get started

This is just one of many comments from the same source. Some bear other names but the same address. I believe, judging by the age of my admirer Hearald, whom I believe to have been a bomber pilot, during World War 2, that the writers must be grouped together in an Old Peoples Home, in some warm spot in the US.

Another of my tales was posted on a major site, I believe to deliberately provoke controversy. It did just that. I am being presented as some sort of Jew hater, for daring to suggest that it is just possible, to find fault in the behaviour of a group of people whom choose to refer to themselves by their adopted religion.

Back in the day, it was regarded as the only truly humanitarian stance, to abhor the behaviour of the white South African government and its Apartheid policy. Now however, to accuse Jewish Israel, of the same thing, is greeted with a sustained, illogical attack, designed to present all criticism as a hatred of Jews.

Well it presents no problem for me to admit that if this is the case, I plead guilty as accused, because I abhor the savage behaviour of Israeli Jews, I do not believe them to be any sort of Gods chosen people.  I believe Mrs Rothschild, when she claimed that if her boys did not want war, there would be no war.

There is a site where the controversy is still going on, some time after my post was published. In this post, I suggested that with no evidence whatsoever at their disposal, the State of Israel, in retaliation for an attack against a group of military men, launched an attack against Gaza, killing women and children, plus an attack against Egypt, killing several policemen. Both could not have been responsible, that, however was no problem to Israel, they can apparently do as they like.

So there you have it. I have been attacked on both fronts. Israel has used its control of the media to present a case, which makes it a crime, to look into claims which they have made of events during the WW2, while at the same time, they carry out the very policies of which they complain, calling opposition to these policies, as anti-Jew.

I am eagerly awaiting the appearance Hearald’s Blog. I have not been fooled by his apparent illiteracy and I am sure he will make a wonderful contribution to the better understanding of the minds of psychotic would be Kings of the World. Just to give you a hint Hearald, when you subject your ramblings to spell-check, you find long passages, where what do you know, your spelling is perfect and your aims lucid.

Hope you enjoyed the music.

Well, well……. my shakspearian poet of the suffering multitude of humanity, let us clarify some of the mysteries of these dasterly deeds those bad isrealis seem to be doing all the time…….. first let us begin with a comparison that even you might grasp as a possibility. A little boy comes home with skinned knuckles,,, when his father sees this he is mad as hell…. the son tells his father he was in a fight with another boy. the father with rage rushes over to the other boys house and with rage demands that the boy who did this to his son be harshly punished and demands to see the bully who is responsible……….. the father of the boy who did this is asked to produce his son to be severly punished………. i cant do this the father answers ,be cause your son broke my sons nose, his arm, and is in the hospital ……………….. welll little man even you should be able to grasp the significance of telling only one side of the story ..as you continue to do….. like never mention the fact there have been thousands of rockets fired into isreal people acting as humane bombs and blown up buses and public places …; ect ect Then you go on and on with half truths…….. make believe truths ect… with the idea that if repeated over a period of time people will come to believe this crap.. you forget we are in a very electronc age where the news of the world is transmitted as it happens with the vidio of the event apparent…case in point 9…11……. the world saw the planes crash into the towers, pictures of the bastards that flew them and you want us to believe the isrealis are responsible?” I could go on and on but you are not worth the time of day you in fact are a disgrace to the average intellience ..and I and my buddys of this veterans association are going to go after your ass in many ways at our disposal……….. hAVE A NICE DAY TRY NOT TO GET TO SWEATY……by the way if you get too emotional and get a pain in your left arm itis the first sign of a stroke or heart attack…… besure to go see a doctor a jewish one there the best ……. your true friend and us veterans hearald.

Well of course you are quite right hearald, the little Jewish boy came home with skinned knuckles and when his father went to sort out the little chap who did the deed, he found the Israeli Air-force had already used the schoolboy squabble as an excuse to bomb the home of the little chap probably killing half the family in the process. Happens every day. Shame that people like you don’t spend a little more time explaining the other side of the story. There is no evidence against Muslims in the 911 attacks. If there is let’s have it. So you veterans are going to go after my ass are you? So you have ways of giving a young chap like me a heart attack or stroke do you? I deal in facts hearald. The two biggest claims in recent history, The Holocaust and 911 have no real evidence to back them up, which is why I was excited when you told me that you were given a tour of the forced labour camps at the end of the war. I thought you might be the only man on the planet whom had actually seen a gas chamber. Of course you ignored my question. As for being a “disgrace to the average intelligence” very few people believe the story that was presented about 911, you are in a very small group of bigots, whom are now finding themselves obliged to lie about 911, out of worry that the blame may end up where the guilt lies. You don’t appear to believe in the system of law and justice, just get the rope and hang ‘em high. You are so bigoted you probably don’t want to be told that the Grand- Daddy of the cretin that you proudly called the President, at the time of 911, was Hitler’s Banker. Not to mention the number of Jews who left New York to help the Jewish families, who carried out the Russian Revolution, slaughter 65 million Christians. But then that’s just another little detail to avoid discussing. I will be posting your recent comment on the front page hearald just to demonstrate the remarkable improvement in your ability to write in English