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When A Buck Was Still Silver And All That Crap.

The majority of the American people, are lying in a Hollywood invoked stupor, with a can of beer in their hand and a hamburger in their mouth, watching John Wayne, killing Indians.

The romantic, noble red-man, was once supreme in this land of dreams, to live in Wigwams, hunt the Buffalo and smoke the Peace Pipe, allegedly filled with Marijuana.

He did however, have a few others tasks to take care of now and then.

The Greeting of the Morning Star, for example, quite a simple procedure. Take a young girl, the prettiest available. Strip her and attach her hands to an overhead beam. At the appearance of the Morning Star, using flaming torches, set fire to her bodily hair. A Bowman then shoots an arrow through her heart, killing her. At the same instant her head is crushed with a club.

The Medicine Man then cuts out her heart and soaks his face with her blood. Every “Brave” then shoots an arrow into the lifeless body. She is then flayed and the blood from her flesh squeezed into the soil.

This could almost have come from the Old Testament or the Talmud,  but no, this was still going on as recently as 1850.

This type of behaviour is rarely referred to in Modern America. However we are all only too well aware of the white savages, who came ashore from Europe and stole everything they could lay their hands on.

That may well be true, however, throughout the Americas, it appears to have been the same type of cruel civilisation in power in every region. We all thought the North American Indian was of a different ilk but sadly we were mistaken.

It has been said that Cortez, managed to defeat the Incas, Aztec’s, Mayans or whoever, with such a small army, because he had the assistance of a vast number of Amerindian, who were quite rightly fed up with having all their young women tortured and sacrificed by the thousand, to placate some bloodthirsty God.

I have  no doubt that the Indians, of the day  were claiming that it was not their fault, it’s the Chiefs who do it, not us. The real Aztecs are not like that. That’s as maybe but it appears that all these cruel aborigines met their master when the true Hounds of Hell made it across the water from Europe.

Well time passes and those same Hounds of Hell have now degenerated into obese, floundering hulks, who are blaming McDonald’s for the state they’re in, it has nothing to do with Super-sizing or an idle life-style.

Life has ebbed out them, they are now ready for culling, just like the Indians before them, each in his turn, as they say. They have been led to the slaughter by a bunch of scum, who deserve to have no place in what is euphemistically called a civilised society. To expect these fat palookas to have the intelligence to understand how they have been kept in slavery by the villains who control the banks, is like expecting the monkey to  knuckle down with the typewriter and actually write Hamlet.

At least in the UK the people still find times to argue amongst themselves about things that actually matter. I understand that some bimbo refused to vote on X Factor, creating a furore in the media. How dare she! Calls to mind comparisons with the band playing as the Titanic sank.

Back in the USSA there is very little demonstrating against the wars that are going on in most Muslim countries. One could get the idea that the Yanks are actually proud of their role as the so-called Last of the Superpowers.

Back in the day, the marches against the war in Vietnam were enormous gatherings. Of course back then they had conscription.  That was putting middle class kids at risk. So like Bush, they found ways around it. Clearing off to Canada for example and sitting it out.

Now in Iraq and Afghanistan it’s poor kids doing the killing. So no matter. It was not even a feature in the recent elections. That centred on how to take our country back and make sure we all get our pensions.

All in all, the US and the UK have become flaccid and weak and will soon be beyond redemption. They are allowing creepy little characters to grope them all over, squeezing their genitals and breasts. The same thing happening to old people in wheelchairs and little children in their mothers arms, in  order to board an air liner.

Apart from the odd one or two who actually enjoy the experience, the others, whatever they are, only have to stand together and say no but even that limited act of refusal is beyond them.

They are disgusting. They deserve to be treated this way, if they lack the small amount of courage necessary to stand up to it.

So when was the Buck still silver and when was the country still strong. That would be in the halcyon days after 5% of the population carried out the revolution. Of course the Founding Fathers kept slaves. No Matter.

This was leading on to the War of 1812. The Indian Wars. The Civil War. The Great War. Second World War. Korean War. Vietnam. Sorry I rushed past the Golden Years, almost didn’t spot them. That would be somewhere in between the Korean War and Vietnam.

Since then, it has been a downward spiral into the invisible police state that exists now. We have been expecting the awakening of the giant for some time, to start taking the country back. So how is this to be achieved? Well by voting Republican of course, they’ll save us.