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Is Politics A Mere Sham While Godfathers Hold The Real Power?


The problematic question, which needs answering, is whether the Rothschild family, which recently funded the election of attack dog Emmanuel Macron in France, while supporting the machinations in the United Kingdom, which lead up to the Brexit referendum, which saw to the exit from power of Rothschild Man,  David Cameron, who was replaced by another ‘friend’ of Rothschild Theresa May, is in favour of Brexit or not.

Most of those to whom I have posed the question as to whether they approve of the election of Emmanuel Macron, tell me in no uncertain terms, that the election result was totally rigged, through the manipulations of the controlled media and the carefully released documents, which presented the most serious candidate in the recent election, François Fillon, as a thief, for doing exactly what every other politician has been doing forever, leaving the preferred candidate of the People, Marine Le Pen, as the opposing candidate, whom could be cheated out of the race, claiming it to have been because of her ‘fascist’ approach to immigration, without a murmur from those whom have been trained to accept that whatever claim may be made against Le Pen is the honest truth.

The Rothschild family has provided many of the well-known, top politicians in France for decades, much in the manner of Goldman Sachs, which is also a part of the Rothschild’s stable , which has given us the majority of top Economic Ministers and the Governors of the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and of course the Federal Reserve. Not to mention previous Presidents of France, including Georges Pompidou and now Macron and Prime Ministers, the likes of Edouard Balladur. So to suggest that he holds some degree of control over European affairs, is not stretching the imagination to breaking point.

In view of the enigma, of David Cameron having been allowed to call a referendum on whether the UK should remain in or leave the European Union, the result of which was allowed to stand, without any apparent rigging – unless that is the ‘real’ majority voted to ‘remain’ – while the combined forces of Parliament and the Media, are attempting to dilute the result, to the point where should they get their way, the United Kingdom, will find the ‘Brexit’ vote to have been a waste of time as nothing will change, so what is being kept from us?

I was told by British News outlets, that British tourists were being offered as little as 80 centimes of an euro, for a pound, on arrival in Europe. I questioned some British holiday makers and asked them what the exchange rate had been, they claimed it to have varied between 110 centimes and 115 centimes, which is lower than it was a while back, but 115 centimes is a lot better than the reported 80 centimes and they seemed quite happy about the rate, presumably, because like me, they were prepared for the worst.

So what is the purpose of all of this chicanery? Will ‘Brexit’ finally be thwarted through the usual means of a second referendum, or will it be carried out, giving the impression that the British voter has won a victory, when in fact it was the desired result all along, which will simply clear the way for the British to lead the remains of its Empire in yet another Union, who knows?

When one compares the alleged influence on International affaires, of the Rothschild banking family, one can only wonder if the Rothschild’s are themselves mere front-men for the real rulers of this planet. Like the Italians, it could well be that they are being blamed for the crimes of others.

Adolf Hitler, the alleged most brutal human being of all time, often referred to Jews in a truly objective manner,

The struggle for world domination will be fought entirely between us, between Germans and Jews.  All else is facade and illusion.  Behind England stands Israel, and behind France, and behind the United States.  Even when we have driven the Jew out of Germany, he remains our world enemy.

– Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 234

Hitler was also opposed to the construction of a Jew State in Palestine, claiming that the Jews did not want Israel as a homeland in which they could live, but simply as a base from where they could set up and run their International criminal organisations, without fear of interference from International justice. Events have shown that he was right on the button.

The people of the world find it difficult to believe the actual truth about Hitler, even as they daily watch the true War Criminals, continue their slaughters, long after the death of Hitler, the man who almost single-handed gave us Workers Rights, which having been copied in past years, have long been thrown back into the dustbin of history and the working man is once more in chains without a hope, while the Communism, from which Hitler and Germany fought so hard to save us, encroaches into every aspect of our lives, threatening to consume and destroy us.

Abandon Hope All Those Whom Long For Change.




Abandon Hope All Those Whom Long For Change.

The gormless puppet Emmanuel Macron, is a man who stood alongside, François Hollande, during French, “Fascist” crimes, in Libya, Mali, Iraq and Syria. (I use the term ‘Fascist’ in the modern sense of the word, which is continually employed as a smear word, against those like Le Pen, when in fact she has never proposed anything which could accurately be described as Fascist.)

What we are witnessing in this ‘modern ‘socialist’ paradise, is the corralling of people into homogenous groups, with the aim of introducing, across Europe, all of the worst elements, with which Fascism has been endowed, in order to conceal the real meaning of the term, while at the same time introducing the malign elements, which they now refer to as Communitarianism.

Fascism was used as a means of sharing the profits of Corporations with the working people who generated those profits. Fascism, unlike Communism, allowed private business to prosper, while retaining Public control of necessary Utilities.

The modern Socialism, with which all major Political Parties have signed on to, allows for the Privatisation of all and everything into private hands, which when necessary will be bailed out using the workers money, when things go wrong, while robbing the people of the profits while things are going well. This is the exact opposite of the original intention of Fascism.

We are now heading, headlong, into a world which is totally ‘owned’ and controlled by a small number of Rich Robber Barons. It has always been understood, that to allow the unchecked use of Usury and debt, would inevitably lead to the destruction of society, by transferring the riches of the world into the pockets of Bankers. We are currently, wallowing, in the ‘endgame’ of this inevitable process.

A necessary component of this control is the universal use of a currency, which will have no competitor, allowing for the complete destruction of Sovereign States and the enslavement of the Peoples, whom will either be exterminated or forced to breed in a manner which will provide an indiscriminate form of brown humanity, without any real culture or individual past history.

It has been ordained that the only ‘true’ race which will be allowed to persist, is the ‘false’ race of Jews, who have openly declared this aim and are now engaged in the clearances of the Middle East, to make space for their future Empire. They have already bought their way into all of the major First World governments.

The American Zionist Movement (AZM) announced that 149,400 American Jews, registered to vote in the 1997 Zionist election, are receiving ballots mailed out recently. Voters will choose among ten slates of candidates to the 33rd World Zionist Congress, to be held this December in Jerusalem.

The American Zionist Movement’s delegation of 145 will be the largest one representing a Diaspora community and will be democratically elected by all U.S. Zionists who are registered to vote. Delegations from other areas of the world are being chosen by agreement of Zionist organizations or by election. In Israel, the Knesset elections serve as the basis for their allocation of delegates.

Israel has recently warned Syria, which it has been covertly bombing throughout the “British War,” which is ongoing in Syria, that should the Assad regime attempt to shoot down the Israeli fighter bombers, by which they are being attacked, there will be a response designed to completely destroy the Syrian Air-force. There was no response from any representative of any European Government to this threat, such is the power which is held by the controllers of the Mob base in Israel.

Emmanuel Macron, who was educated by an elite French University, with a list of past students which includes Nicolas Sarkozy, a man whom spent his childhood with a top Jew CIA man and who is himself a Jew and François Hollande, another Jew, who had Laurent Fabius, a Catholic Jew at his side during his term in office, is now being financed by the Rothschild family, whose connections with the French Political system goes all the way through, Georges Pompidou and Giscard d’Estaing;

“In 1973, when Pompidou, former Managing Director of Banque Rothschild, was President of the Republic, and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, France’s Minister of Economy and Finance, chose,  instead of taking a loan from the Publicly owned Bank of France without interest attached, having passed a law allowing the government,  to borrow from private banks (obviously at positive rates)  the first ‘private’ bank from which the state borrowed after the implementation of this law, which had ‘privatised’ the Bank of France, into the hands of his previous employer Rothschild,  was of course … the Rothschild’s new bank, this has lead to an enormous debt of interest for the French people.” Macron could be the new traitor, working as did Pompidou, for Rothschild.





Macron was an employee of the Rothschild Bank and is currently being funded by these financial thieves, who have robbed the same French people, whom Macron will now ‘pretend’ to serve, should he be elected.

This makes a mockery of Democracy, the same media which is presenting Macron as a modern JFK, is controlled by the Rothschild family. These are the people whom presented the dossier, which served to destroy Fillon’s chances in the election, leaving Marine Le Pen as the opposition to Macron.

Le Pen is an opposition which can be ‘cheated’ out of victory, without creating too much doubt in the minds of the French people, whom have been bombarded with bad publicity by the combined forces of the War Criminals, suggesting that such a defeat as having been predictable.’ 

When the Bankers puppet Macron is put in place, the French people will find that they have voted for their own ‘destruction.’ Macron has promised an open border to refugees and immigrants, which is a necessary step for the Rothschild’s,  in their attempts to clear the countries surrounding Israel in the Middle East. He is also a devout believer in the Jew controlled European Union and the acceptance of the Schengen Zone open borders. He does in fact stand for more or less everything which the French people oppose. He has also denied the existence of any ‘real’ French culture and art.

It has been suggested that Macron who is surrounded by and funded by Jews, may be a Jew himself. A simple question of curiosity you might say but no, it is permissible to smear Marine Le Pen, with her fathers faults, refer to her as a Fascist, a Nazi, a Racist and an anti-Semitic but to suggest that Macron is a Jew, is now anti-Semitic. Yes indeed those Jews can be oh so vulnerable. It’s so sad.


Israel has already started to construct a high-speed rail connection towards their Sabaean Jew comrades in Turkey, which demands a passage through parts of Syria. While the Jews compatriots in the Gulf States, have need of a pipeline which will allow them, to pump oil and gas through Syria towards Europe, all of which will be detrimental to Russia. So much for British, French and American claims of a humanitarian campaign in the Middle East, to ‘save the people’ from those brutal dictators.

The attacks on Fallujah, Mosul, Raqqa, Aleppo and other towns and cities, are campaigns of demolition. No Daech fighters are being driven out-of-town, this is an attempt to make the entire region unlivable. This is slaughter pure and simple. The hypocrisy of the ‘West’ is vile and disgusting. They show no sign of pity for anyone and they will show none for Europe, when they turn their firepower against us.

The United Nations Crime Syndicate.

The United Nations does not represent justice and fair play. It works, uniquely for the benefit of a secret group of rich bankers and industrialists and the remnants of Royalty from another age.

The current aim of this band of criminals is the destruction of the Muslim World. This is proving to be a little more difficult than they had imagined.

While the rest of us solemnly declare that “People will never stand for that” whatever “that” may be,  Muslims are in the streets, fighting for their rights.

The objective of this cynical group of UN controlled killers at the moment, is to take down Assad in Syria.

Syria has attacked nobody. They have been attacked by paid killers from the UK, France, US and certain Arab States.  These people have declared quite openly that they intend to supply arms to their Mercenary groups in Syria to continue this aggression.

The liars on the Security Council of the UN, have made no mention of the paid terrorists and are pretending that Assad is attacking women and children whom are going about their daily business, for no reason, he would have to be stupid to do this.

False News is being propagated on a daily basis to generate an excuse for an attack against Syria, which represents a hindrance to the aims of that other group of International Terrorists, in Tel Aviv, whom refer to themselves as Democratic, while forcing their own people to live in a never-ending state of war, in a one party Police State.

We now have the ludicrous situation of a “Peace Envoy” from the UN, Kofi Annan, suggesting that the Syrian Army must stand down, while the paid terrorists are being re-armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and are given free rein to do as they will.

Kofi Annan, as Director General of the UN, oversaw the sanctions against Iraq, which starved a million people to death. He and his family made money from the skulduggery surrounding the “Food for Oil” programme. He it was whom allowed the attacks against Iraq, when it was quite clearly illegal. As was the attack on Afghanistan. To now present this mealy-mouthed rapscallion as a “Peace Envoy” is laughable. His six principles are wholly designed to suit the aggressors, Israel, the UK, the US and apparently Erdogan the Jewish Prime Minister of Turkey, whom has received no criticism for attacking those whom would stand against him.

Israel is quite openly slaughtering thousands of Palestinians, whom are receiving no arms or other forms of assistance, nor indeed paid Mercenaries to aid them in their struggle with the megalomaniacs whom would steal whatever plots of land Palestinians are managing to cling on to.

Annan cannot be unaware of the real agenda of the Elite. He need look no farther than the countries which surround Syria, for evidence of the barbarity of the Western Alliance. In recent times they have attacked Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and are desperate to attack Iran. These are the actions of uncontrolled psychopaths. Mass slaughter means nothing to these people.

The same liars and hypocrites at the UN, whom have condoned this world-wide blood-fest, have also given us the “Swine Flu Pandemic” which never was, making millions of dollars in profits for Big Pharma, selling vaccines which did not work for a problem that did not exist.

That is not to mention the scandal of “Global Warming,” which like the Swine Flu did not exist. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has been exposed as having quite clearly invented figures to suit the agenda, which was conceived by The Club of Rome, as a means of levying more taxes and more controls on to us all.

The United Nations is run as a Dictatorship. Limited consensus is allowed on matters of little importance, however the veto is retained for those matters which are representative of the desires of the hidden controllers.

NATO is at the moment engaged in activities which are designed to circumnavigate the Vetoes of China and Russia, should they interfere with the desired attack on Syria, which would be illegal, not only in terms of the UN Charter but under International Law. Syria is being accused of killing its own people, should that be an excuse to invade, why is nothing being done in Bahrain, Yemen or Saudi Arabia? Or for that matter against the US, which annually kills thousands of its own citizens.

The United Nations is a tool of the Elite, which is being used as a smokes-screen, behind which a One World Government is being quietly put in place. Since its inception it has achieved nothing. People are starving in ever greater numbers, there has been a constant state of war for seventy years, there are more refugees than ever.

The general health, not only of people of the Third World but across the board has deteriorated, with a huge increase in cancer, autism,diabetes and obesity, all brought to us by The World Health Organisation.

This group of thieving magpies is now bringing us Agenda 21. The aim of this Treaty is to strip us of all that we own. Everything must be passed under the control of our betters. Our homes, our land, even the rain which falls from the sky and the rivers which irrigate the land, all must be given to the ruling classes.

Very few people have studied Agenda 21 and yet they refuse to believe what it proposes. Even our politicians have not studied it. As with the Treaty of Lisbon it was signed under orders from above. All whom have signed these two Treaties, which are part and parcel of the same Agenda, are traitors.

The US equivalent of the Treaty of Lisbon is the Treaty of Montreal, I believe, it makes no difference where it was signed, it has been signed, handing the US, Canada and Mexico under the control of the NAU, The North American Union. Which like its partner in Europe is selected not elected.

All of our freedoms and Democratic Rights, would appear to have been handed over to two Dictatorial bodies, without us having any say in the matter. We have no idea by whom we are being ruled. We have no idea by whom laws are being written, changes are never voted on they are simply imposed from above.

But what the heck! Who cares? Not too many people want to be annoyed by being questioned about these matters. That is the state of Democracy. We are being controlled by the “Don’t Cares,” whom appear to be the majority in any group of people.

France is being prepared for the upcoming Presidential Election. There are several candidates. The vast majority of people have no idea what these people stand for. There are, as usual, only three that matter, Sarkozy, the incumbent, Hollande, the Socialist, whom has already assisted Sarkozy in the passage of the Lisbon Treaty and Marine Le Pen, whom has the job of making sure that either Sarkozy or Hollande, and not one of the others is elected. Her father was used to ensure the election of Chirac in a past election. Chirac was responsible for signing on to Agenda 21.

The United Nations, in terms of putting an end to war and malnutrition and improving World’s health, has been a miserable failure. Just as has the European Union. The Trading Zone which was promised to members has been thrown out the window by Free Trade agreements and the Euro has failed to live up to the propaganda.

While every country in the Eurozone would appear to be in the same mess, (except Germany, which is of course under the control Zionists, ) we are being told that this has nothing to do with a huge banking fraud, which has been used to steal trillions of Euros out of our pockets.

Neither is it in any way as a result of the criminal usury which is being sanctioned by our governments and paid to the Central Bankers, as interest on loans which were needed  in order to pay that interest to these same bankers. No it is all our fault and the only way to solve the problem is to hand over everything of value which you possess. Stand and Deliver. Then, of course, we must agree to be ruled from Brussels by a bunch of unelected Dictators.

So there we are. Everything has failed. We are in the pit of excrement. So how are the voters going to sort it all out? Simple. By voting back into power the very people whom have plunged us into this pit. That is the joke of Democracy. What these people are voting for is no different from our elected leaders signing Treaties which they have not read.

I wish I could report that all is well. That we will be saved at the last moment by Twitter and Facebook, those stalwart friends of the” Free.” I must keep a close eye on my Twitter account, wouldn’t want to miss the call to arms.