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Take Another Look. All The Links Add Up And Point Towards Tomorrow’s Destruction.

Europe is at the moment reliving the events which were, in the years leading up to WW2, manufactured by the Zionist hierarchy, to justify the complete destruction of Germany and the German people, in a pitiless campaign of evil, in which they hoped to murder every single German, down to the last child.

“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” – Jewish professor A. Kulischer (October, 1937).

Adolf Hitler and the German people knew exactly what was coming, they had been aware, as had been the British, of the horrorific bloodbath, which had been inflicted in Russia, on Christians, by a psychopathic gang of thugs, whom had carried out a coup d’Etat in Russia under the cover of the Great War, in which Hitler had fought and for which he had been awarded two Iron Crosses, for outstanding bravery.

The people who carried out the slaughter of the Germans, now find the Voodoo bone pointed in their direction by the same group, which imposed  sanctions against Germany in 1919 and again in 1933 and are now using the same tactic against yesterdays cannon fodder, the Russian people in the ex USSR.

The Russian people, despite having suffered a culling, following the 1917 coup, which exceeded the total casualties of the rest of Europe during WW2, were forced to accept a continuation of this slaughter in WW2,  in order to further the aims of the Bolshevik Communists, which was to impose Communism across the entire Continent of Europe and after that the world.

It is claimed that the barrels of German machine guns melted, as they mowed down the massed ranks of Soviet soldiers, whom were driven ever onwards into a hail of gunfire by “friendly fire” from behind.

In 1947/8 a band of Polish killers, trained and armed by the Russian Bolsheviks, swarmed into Palestine and commenced with the culling of the Palestinian people. Nobody is sure as to how many hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Muslims suffered the same fate as had the Russian Christians and as were the remnants of the German Military and millions of German civilians, when Germany was over-run by the same Bolsheviks.

The  combined might of NATO, the modern-day “killing machine” of the Bolsheviks,  which itself appears to be controlled by out of control madmen, are already referring to Putin as a Dictator, coming from the same mould as did Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and now Assad in Syria and that he, Putin, deserves the same treatment, which was dished out to Hitler and Germany, without a care as to the possible consequences for their own people in Western Europe.

As if the current state of affairs was not bad enough, the unelected Dictator of Europe, Jean-Claude Junker, is calling for a European Army, what the hell does he want that for and who would control it?

Meanwhile the Russian/Ukraine problem festers on while we are still dealing with ISIl and the Case of Greater Israel,  however it cannot have escaped the notice of even then most casual observer that the cleansing of Eastern Ukraine is being carried out by Bolsheviks, who seek to regain control of Russia and most of Eastern Europe into the Bolshevik controlled European Union.

Having served its purpose in the demonisation of the Islamic World, Al Qaeda is now considered to be too soft to be allowed to continue whatever it was they were supposed to be doing.

This is the way with all of the Anglo/American Terrorist Creations, there can only be one Top Dog at any given time, so as Al Qaeda leaves the scene, ISIL is now taking centre stage and the old timers are abandoning Osama Bin Laden’s bunch and affiliating themselves to Baghdadi’s gang, Al Nusra and Boko Harom have already promised their allegiance

No doubt all of the other CIA men, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Gulf and Al Qaeda in the Australian Thunder Box et al, will very soon be renaming themselves to suit the new situation.

ISIL displays all of the characteristics of a Bolshevik trained and controlled group of murderers,  which in the style of Lenin’s belief,  that if you carry out a slaughter, so barbaric as to be beyond belief, you will frighten all of the people who hear of these atrocities into total obedience.

As if to order, the intrepid mouthpiece of the Sky News disinformation department, Stuart Ramsey,  has suddenly discovered a tearful character, who actually witnessed Jihadi John cutting  the head off a hostage.  He would appear to be the only living person who has actually witnessed such an event.

He also confirmed that the “patsy” with whom we have been presented, Mohammed Emwazi,  was indeed the man lurking behind the mask on numerous decapitation videos. It was also confirmed that he was of Kuwaiti origin, the land which fed us the lies about the behaviour of Iraqi troops, during the invasion of Kuwait, an event which was encouraged by the Bush regime and which paved the way for the destruction of Iraq and the seizure of Iraqi oil.

We are now trying to cope with the conundrum of who exactly is controlling events in Ukraine?  Is it the aforementioned Vladimir Putin or is it perhaps Israel, a State which according to Henry Kissinger will not exist within the next ten years?  Which if true, begs the question, where will the people of Israel find a new “Land Of Milk and Honey” in the wilderness? There are already rumours of the discovery of a Lost Tribe in Ukraine.

So here we are, back in the historical position of ignorance as to whom  is responsible for the current state of   warfare which, at the moment is affecting not only Europe but also Africa and the Middle East.

More importantly, what exactly do our elected representatives know about these events and are they withholding evidence, of which,  should we be made aware, might lead to riots in the streets of Europe?

There are those whom believe that the “front men” in Democratic Governments across the world are living in a state of abject fear of being exposed, as a result of their “Dark Desires” for young children. The UK, in particular, is a cess-pit of filth and of middle-aged men quivering and slavering at the prospect of illicit sex with vulnerable youngsters, even on Government premises, it would appear.

It has been suggested that the UK, despite massive demonstrations by the populace, was taken into an illegal war against Iraq,  by a group of men whom were skulking behind a one hundred year secrecy order, which had been slapped on to the report into the Dunblane Massacre, which involved the NATO Chief, Lord George Robertson and a large number of members of the Blair Government.

No adequate explanation has ever been offered as to how the exposure of the  antics of a few high level perverted members of the Police,  Judiciary and the Government could justify the claim of it being a threat to National Security, as a reason for the imposition of a century of silence being clamped on the truth,

Since the days of Dunblane, it has become common knowledge that the Democratically elected politicians in the UK,  were dredged from a cess-pit and from the top of their dung-heap to the bottom they are  living in fear of the exposure of their abuse of defenceless children, many of whom have simply disappeared.

It is a sad day indeed when “We the People” are forced to accept that we have been taken to war, on many occasions, for no better reason than to cover-up the lewd behaviour of men whom are unable to keep their hands off the kids.

The member of a past Prime Ministers Cabinet, who has just died, was well-known as a sex predator to the Police and they chose to do nothing about it.  As did Margaret Thatcher whom despatched him to the safety of the European Commission to keep him out of harms way. She also recommended another fat man for a Knighthood despite knowing of his penchant for hurting and abusing children.

Thatcher of course spent many a happy Christmas with the creepy little disc jockey Jimmy Savile and she must surely have guessed that he was not quite like a real human being.

Savile’s circle of friends included the heir to the throne and his wife Princess Diana, and no doubt the other Prince, who keeps company with a convicted sex offender, a man who enjoys a good “plate job.”

Savile reputedly “fixed it” not only for a member of a past Prime Ministers Cabinet but for the Prime Minister himself a certain Grocer, who allegedly treated youngsters from an orphanage to  one way boat trips, from a port in that strange little private island, Jersey.

It would be amazing should the Intelligence Agencies and Police not have been aware of what was going on in the private lives of all of these perverts, should it be so, one can only guess at what they are actually being paid to do.

So while the British are preparing for a General Election, their elected leaders are pushing the world ever closer to a disastrous confrontation with Russia, through the medium of a deliberately provoked, violent overthrow of the Democratically elected Government of Ukraine, which was designed,  for no better reason than to force the Russians to respond in a manner which would serve to create a Civil War.

So all in all, perhaps before the missiles start to destroy Europe, the British and other members of the European Union, which is controlled by “hidden hands,” it might be a good idea to sort out the paedophiles from positions of power, before their need to avoid disgrace, takes us all into the war that will end all wars, forever.

Oh and by the way, guess who had just carried out repair work at Fukushima shortly before it blew up?

May God Save You From British Humanitarianism!

Feared: Col Robin 'Tin Eye' Stephens was prepared to seek his own rough justiceOut in the open: Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Scotland revealed some secrets in his controversial book about interrogating German officers, 'The London Cage'


Take a  good look at the kindly pair pictured above.  These are the men whom were tasked with the “preparation” of German Prisoners of War, for their lynching at Nuremberg.

On the left we have Col Robin Stephens, aka “Tin Eye” for obvious reasons, while on the right, looking like a character from “Dads Army” we find Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Scotland, the man in charge of the infamous “London Cage.” Scotland is the man whom delivered unspeakable cruelty and pain on German Prisoners, not to extract information about German war plans; a lot of the torture occurred after the end of hostilities, but to extract false confessions, to justify their murder at Nuremberg.

“Tin Eye” Stephens took care of his victims at Camp 020 in Latchmere House in the heart of Kensington and later, after the war, at a camp at Bad Nenndorf in Germany, from where so many distressed and disoriented prisoners arrived for treatment, that a doctor at a local hospital complained about  their injuries, which were numerous and the fact that they were frostbitten and emaciated, having been starved, while lying naked on stone floors in temperatures of minus degrees,  many of them died.

Scotland, the benign looking ogre, at the “London Cage” did whatever was necessary to force prisoners to sign a “confession” which was in fact a death sentence at Nuremberg, where all claims of torture were systematically rejected. The British are of course renowned for “Fair Play.” I think anyone who has had the misfortune of falling into the hands of the British would tell another story.

I covered this tale some time back and I refer to it now as a means of ridiculing the statements which are coming from all sides during the current events in Ukraine.

The chosen villain is Putin, whom we are told has left the reservation and is engaged in the business of recovering lost territories. The chosen weapon against Putin, is the Right Sector. They are of course Nazis. One can accept that instantly because they behave like “Bother Boys” or “Skin-Heads” or simply thugs, that is, in the manner which we have been educated to believe was how the Wehrmacht behaved during the occupation of Ukraine.

There is a tale on-line, discussing the whole business of British torture and summary executions, which can be found in the Mailonline, should you wish to read it. It is of course pointed out, in this article, that of whatever the British may have been guilty, compared with what the Germans were doing in 1940, the date at which the British Inquisition began, was comparatively unimportant.  I would like to point out, that there is no evidence available, that the Germans were doing anything to anybody as early as 1940. So in those terms the Germans are entitled to use the same excuse are they not?

The Russians and those in the East of Ukraine, whom are resisting the NATO puppet regime in Kiev, who are crying Fascism and Nazism and the coming of a new brand of totalitarian Dictatorship, should Ukraine fall into the hands of those whom have grabbed control in Kiev.

Putin, an ex KGB operative, knows full well the real history of the Second World War and the origins of the true perpetrators of all of the mass slaughter, which took place in Europe during the 20th Century. The same can be said of the British, French and American Governments, all of whom are lying to us.

This emergency in Ukraine, has offered the whole of the media and in that I include a huge portion of the Alt-Media, to drag out the ghost of Adolf Hitler and to hold him up as an example of the sort of evil, we never want to see again. This, in the land of Stalin, who massacred, sixty-five million Christian souls, including twenty million in Ukraine.

We have recently been advised that China will very soon be the worlds biggest producer of all and everything. We are all working with China these days, the same China which is devoid of any concept of Human Rights, where Chairman Mao carried out the culling of one-hundred million Chinese and installed the one child per family law, which has destroyed the balance of the population  and where all of the trinkets which are desired by the West are being made by Slave Labour. Putin is working towards an alignment with China, which is no doubt a cog of some sort, in the events which are being played out in Ukraine.

Russia Today, the Russian News Channel, while crying foul about the unfair coverage of the coup d’etat in Ukraine, amidst claims that it is little more than a “Bull-Horn” for Putin’s lies, continues with its own lies and disinformation concerning the behaviour of the Germans in Ukraine. It was suggested on another “Programme” on Russia Today, “Cross-Talk” that we should all be grateful to Stalin without whom, the war would have been lost and he should be praised for saving, through this aid,  millions of lives across Europe. I kid you not.

Stalin’ s allies and co-conspirators, who generated the coalition of murderers,  to destroy Germany are the very same folk by whom Putin is supposedly, being attacked at this moment. In view of this why is Putin not speaking out? If he was under a genuine attack and not involved in a piece of cinema, which is leading us into a dark place, why does he not use his “Bull-Horn” to expose  the reality of Al Qaeda?  Why not explain why, having liberated Auschwitz, Stalin ordered an air-raid shelter, to be altered in order to make it look as if it could have been a Gas Chamber, instead of simply leaving thing as they were, with no Gas Chambers?  From where did the orders come, Stalin would not have undertaken such a task without being instructed to do so.

Why in view of the part played by Stalin and Khrushchev, in the Holodomor,  does Putin not suggest that the Right Sector, were neo-Red Terror, a part of the Red Army, which was the actual perpetrators of most if not all of the atrocities which were carried out in Ukraine?

What happened to the courage of Russian Muscle Man Putin when Libya was being destroyed? His abstention at the UN was a meaningless gesture.  Why does he now stand by watching Syria being butchered   in the same manner, using Greystone and other Mercenaries, despite the equally empty gesture of his UN veto?  Why has he not stood up and actually helped; when NATO has once again found a way around the lack a UN Mandate,  the poor souls in Syria who are asking for no more than the right to hold their own elections and to elect their own Government, instead of a pack of puppets, similar to the bunch in Kiev?

I have a very uneasy feeling that Putin is himself no more than a puppet who is a willing partner of the West, as were his predecessors.  It is also as clear as day that the British Establishment is no less brutal than was that of Stalin or of Lenin and that in the pantheon of savagery they are very close to the top.


Europe Is Heading Towards Year Zero.

Russia has already been butchered by the Jewish Bolsheviks. The rest of Europe was too busy exterminating its own young men, at the time, to even notice what was happening.  The tragedy of the Russian people, has never been faced up to by the people of the West.

Unlike the persistent tales of the alleged crimes of the German National Socialists, we hear very little about any of the truly brutal and grisly slaughters, which were carried out by the very group which has been whining about itself for decades, the Bolshevik Jews.

In China, where the coup d’etat was financed by the same bankers who paid for the Bolsheviks in Russia, the slaughter was to an even greater level, in Russia it was a mere sixty-five million Christians, in China it was anything up to and perhaps beyond one-hundred million souls.

During the Great War, while Europe was suffering its own genocide, a genocide which dare not speak its name,  Europeans can be excused for not being aware of what was going on in Russia. However, Europeans are now in a position where they can question the reality of events with which they were presented, as an excuse to enter the Second Great War.

It would be prudent to do so because current events would appear to be announcing the arrival of the Third Great War and this time around it is Western Europe’s turn to suffer.

In nineteen-thirty-six, men from Jarrow, in the North East of England marched,  to London, to protest against unemployment and the lack of other means for the ordinary people to feed themselves, during a collapse in the economy, which had been the result of banking fraud, which was engineered by exactly the same group of banking families as have brought us to the same position today.

Many of these men, would have taken part in the Great War, which had ended eighteen years previously. They had been promised  “A Land Fit For Heroes,” in return for having suffered in the trenches of Flanders and yet here they were, a few short years later, suffering the indignity of Hunger Marches.

Sadly, when they arrived in London, where the Streets are Paved with Gold, they would have found it then, to be much as now, poverty-stricken.

These marching men, did not realise that they had been used merely as camouflage, to distract attention away from the coup d’etat, which was seizing control of Russia, while they fought an unnecessary, brutal war, which was actually, yet another coup d’etat, against Germany, which was not only forced to pay reparations to the guilty warmongers, but had to accept the seizure of anything of any value in Germany, by the banking families and the installation of the Jewish controlled Weimar Republic.

Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, had very good reason for wanting to remove the overwhelming quantity of Jewish influence in German affairs, which had achieved the wholesale destruction of the German way of life.  This influence has now managed to reduce all of Europe into the same cess-pit, as that  which was installed in Berlin and other German cities, with their “give ’em what they want,” destructive, Weimar Jewish policies, during the inter-war years.

These policies, both in Russia and Germany, were the forerunner of mass murder.  Make no mistake about it, what Stalin, Lenin and the Jewish Bolsheviks, inflicted on to the Russian people and in particular against the Peoples of the Ukraine and Crimea, were some of the most brutal War Crimes in the History of the World. These are Jewish crimes which are never mentioned, let alone discussed in any open fashion.

I have said many times in my writings, that when Hitler and the Germans arrived in Ukraine, they were welcomed as an Army of Liberation. The German forces, unknown to Western people, were joined by hundreds of thousands of Russian people, who fought to the finish, in an attempt to break free of the choking Jewish Bolshevik regime, which had been financed by Western Bankers.  They were thwarted, by the intervention of the British and American governments, which while claiming to be anti-Communists, were giving their full support to the Jewish Bolsheviks.

Wake-up people, the West has never been anti-Communist and it is now Communist itself. When I say this, people laugh, they simply cannot accept, that just as in Russia in nineteen-seventeen, a Jewish Bolshevik Regime has been installed in Europe, by complicit, controlled politicians and what is happening in Europe now, is little different from what took place in Russia.

Hitler broke the mould, British and other “Industrialised” Nations could not compete with German technical skills, which is why it was destroyed. That is as plain as day.  Look around you, what has happened to our Industrial Base? Has it too not been destroyed?

We are on our knees and like it or lump it there is no way out of this without a fight. Just as in Russia in nineteen-seventeen a popular uprising, has been taken out of the hands of the people, by those Jewish Bolsheviks whom had been hiding in the shadows.   The revolution in Ukraine, which had been quietly supported by the West all along, was quickly passed into the control of these same Jewish Bolsheviks, which has taken the people of Ukraine, so recently released from the chains of the Russian Communist Regime, into the hands of the same people, who are now disguised as “Democrats” in Brussels, the hole in the hedge has actually led them straight back from where they started.

The Second World War, gave Stalin the opportunity to whip, millions of Russian Christians, headlong into German machine-gun fire, the Germans could not shoot them quickly enough, such were the size of the hordes sweeping towards them. In this manner,  Stalin brought about the deaths of some thirty million Christian Russians.  He would later take care of the Germans, whom lost twenty million Christian Souls in the massacres during and following the war.

It was Winston Churchill, who explained that the war was to destroy Germany, simply because it had become a threat to the Jewish/British Empire which could not duplicate German technical prowess. Now in a Jewish controlled State, it is only Germany which continues to proper.

“This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” – Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)



Perhaps our politicians might explain to those like me, who actually produce objects which are “Made in France,” why anybody else should bother to do the same thing. Even a minnow such as me, suffers from the plague of China and other Slave States.I have had my bits and pieces, photographed from all angles, photographs which are posted abroad, to where copies can be made of my creations in those States which have Free Trade agreements with Europe, that is those countries, where French Industries have been installed, in  order to avoid import tariffs, which insures that I cannot compete with the price charged by the slave-masters abroad.

So face up to it, why would anybody with a good idea, bother to set up a production line in Europe, which would involve paying the cost of the line, the salaries of the workers, paying National Insurance, Holiday Pay, sick leave and the cost of the bureaucracy necessary to run all of this, when he can simply send a Technical Drawing to China and order a million examples of his proposed product?  The Zero Hour contract, which is spreading like a plague across the industrialised world is the obvious result of Free Trade and Globalisation, which guarantees a free passage for slave labour and the descent into poverty for us all.

The owners of European Industry, have now taken an almost complete control of manufacturing, under the cover of their installations in China and India, where they are dominant, and they have the freedom to sell their products, unrestricted across the planet.

They have finally managed the Marxist Dream of World Domination and it has passed, unnoticed by the Person in Public. This can only be with the compliance of our “Democratically” elected politicians. The result of unchecked Capitalism, is that everything will eventually be owned by the same person. Unchecked Capitalism was always the aim of Communism.

These same criminals are leaving no way out of this prison, it is a whole life sentence, we are in the Gulags now.


Cameron’s weasel words, in his proposition, suggesting that he will change the set-up of EU policy to suit the UK is a lie, he will be allowed to claim that he has but having signed the Lisbon Treaty, there is no way of changing anything, let us not forget that the Treaty was once called a Constitution, which was then “re-written” and called a treaty, but nothing changed.

Not so very long ago, in those innocent days of Cops and Robbers, the Mafia was Italian and we all understood that they controlled the illegal trade in alcohol, during prohibition, gambling in illegal Casinos and on the horse racing circuit, prostitution and strip joints and most other forms of crookery.

These days, now that they have been outed as Jews, one could get the impression that the Mafia has vanished, well it has not vanished, it is still there in massive numbers. In recognition of the depths of depravity, to which we have sunk, all of the above crimes are now considered no more than business ventures and those whom control them are Business Men.

The man whom inherited, bought or stole the Las Vegas gambling empire of Meyer Lansky, is now funding the Likud Party in Israel, which is the head office of most of the worlds organised crime. He also recently called for an atomic bomb attack against Iran.

In US politics, it has been suggested that those whom pay the politicians control them, I wonder how much control the man whom has called for an atomic attack against Iran, has over the US Government, which he no doubt funds up to their eyeballs. The US has the most corrupt Government, which still retains the right to describe itself as free and democratic.

These same criminals are now in control of the purse strings of every country with a Central Bank. Those countries which are not yet in this club, soon will be or like Libya, Iraq and Syria, they will be destroyed.

Europe itself is now surplus to requirements? It has been decided that we are to be forced into Third World status.  We have no industry, with which to produce our way out of bankruptcy.  The time necessary to change the Political Colour of Europe is likely to be long and difficult. The reintroduction of Trade Tariffs and other necessary measures will be even more difficult. Europeans will soon be in a minority in their own homelands, which have been quite deliberately stuffed with incompatible immigrants, whom will now provide the Jewish Masters with their desired slave labour force.

The millionaire Finance Minister, the Jew, George Osborne has just announced the strategy  to steal whatever is left in the coffers of those whom were once described as “The Upper Middle Class.” He intends to gaol those whom he catches fiddling their taxes by depositing them abroad, in those mythical Tax Havens, which served the purposes of the father of the Jewish Prime Minister, David Cameron, in past times. Cameron has inherited this fortune and has currently made no offer to pay some of his ill-gotten gains into the Treasury.

One might ask Osborne why, when he talks of Taxing the “super rich” he does not include the seriously rich, whom are tax exempt?  Why should the “real” richest people on the planet, whom are very small in number, be allowed to place all of what is in effect, “our money” into Foundations, which pay no tax at all? Osborne is talking about tracking down a few billion pounds in hidden saving accounts, when the Rockefeller’s of this world are hoarding trillions and not paying a cent of tax on any of it.

Where in the middle of such carnage, is the spirit of the White Man? Not the white man whom has been whipped into submission, I speak of the mythical creature, he who is not to blame for all the crimes which have been laid at the door of the White Race.  That’s right! I’m looking for the heroes who will save us!




The Lie Of The Cold War.

Thirty years ago this month, the world came as close as it has ever been to nuclear Armageddon. In the first week of November 1983, British and American forces in Western Europe were engaged in a gigantic exercise codenamed Able Archer, designed to test their procedures during the early stages of a world war.
It was, of course, just a drill. But thousands of miles to the east, the men commanding the Soviet Union’s communist empire jumped to a very different conclusion.
As Nato’s forces ran through their exercises, the Kremlin assumed that this was a deadly ruse. The West, they feared, was poised to strike. These were the darkest days of the Cold War.

This piece was posted in the Mail-on-line under the hyperbolic headline,

Most of us assume the threat of war with Russia has vanished for ever. But can we really be quite so sure?

Don’t you just love succinct headlines?  Anyway, this is the type of tripe which has been spoon-fed to us on a daily basis for the last sixty-five years.  Get this straight, there was no such thing as a Cold War.  It was decided that in the coming world set-up, Russia would play the bad guy. The object of the operation was to install a world-wide Communist Dictatorship. That has now been achieved.

There is now a Politburo in Europe, with its unelected hidden leadership. The Commission which is occasionally present in the Parliament, are as much puppets as are the “Elected” Prime Ministers of Member States. We receive laws which are written in secret and passed without any proper scrutiny, to be rubber stamped by a Chamber of Members whom are powerless.

The Jewish son of a Marxist supporter of Stalin, is currently the leader of the Socialist Party in the UK.  He has promised the British people an “in-out” referendum, on membership of this Communist Union, should any more power be demanded by the EU.

He neglected to mention, that when his predecessor, the alleged paedophile Gordon Brown, signed the Treaty of Lisbon, despite the promise of a referendum, before he performed such an act of treason, the United Kingdom, had no remaining power which was ever likely to be demanded by Europe. The UK ceased to exist at the moment of Brown’s signature.

The Communist/Jewish Miliband brothers, along with the rest of the Blair/Brown Labour Party were also complicit in the deliberate flooding of the United Kingdom with refugees from all corners of the earth, in a deliberate ploy to destroy Englishness. David Miliband a Blairite War Criminal, has now taken up a highly lucrative position with a “Charity.”

Meanwhile, we should all take another look at past events, in an attempt to better understand current events, one leads on to the other in an inexorable manner.

The object of the Russian Revolution was to create a base from which to build a One World Communist Government.  That was always the intention. Communism had nothing whatsoever to do with helping the working man. There never was an attempt to put the means of production into the hands of the workers.  The real object then, was as it is now, to STEAL everything from the workers, into the hands of the Elite, reproducing a Mediaeval system of serfdom.

After the Russian Revolution, which took place during the Great War, when the world was looking the other way, Europe was carved to pieces, in a quite deliberate move to create future “hot-spots.”  Germany was selected as the guilty party, the creators of the war and therefore must be made to pay a high price in recompense.

Communism, in its sheep’s clothing was making massive strides across Europe and indeed in the US, even as Lenin and Stalin were carrying out their purges  against Christians in Russia.  The propaganda at the time, spoke of Pogroms against Jews. This was a lie, the targets were Christians.

When Germany and Hitler were cornered by the British and American Jews, into a suicidal war, the Russian Jews were ready and waiting with a massive army on the borders of Europe, with the intention of carrying out an overwhelming attack, which was intended to place the local Communist Parties into power.

Stalin showed his hand too soon, alerting Hitler to the threat.  Hitler, in his innocence, sent Rudolf Hess to the UK, to warn the British of the Communists intentions, not knowing that the British and US were in league with the Jewish Bolsheviks and were indeed a part of this dream of a world-wide Jewish/Communist Empire.

At the end of the war, the same allies, whom are now condemning Russia for allowing a referendum in Crimea, which justified the return of the region to Russia, of which it had long been a region, had simply handed Eastern Europe and half of Germany, into the hands of Stalin’s Russia.

This would suggest a position of complicity with Stalin, which would include knowledge of his attack on Poland two weeks after Hitler had arrived there, to protect ethnic Germans whom were being attacked by paid thugs, in order to generate an excuse to go to war.

Russia was saved from Hitler with the help of the US and UK, whom had been fully aware of all of the carnage which had been carried out by Stalin and Lenin against amongst others, the people of Ukraine, where an estimated ten million people were starved to death.

Having paid for the Russian Revolution and having fought alongside Stalin, the Allies at the end of the war, handed Eastern Europe into his hands, where the undesirables could be quietly slaughtered behind the Iron Curtain.

The Allies then decided that when they set-up NATO, Russia would not be included in the group because it was now an enemy.  The Communism which they had paid so much to defend and so many lives were lost in the process was now declared to be undesirable and once again a threat to us all.  

There is something not quite right in this tale.This deliberate act by the Allies, was necessary to justify the myth of a Cold War, which was the most lucrative period for the weapon shops, which did not involve any kind of war with Russia but gave an excuse for the savage attacks against “Communist” States like Korea and Vietnam, in the name of saving the world from the Communism, which they had saved from defeat by Germany.

There is something even more weird in the events which followed. Russia was kept in a state of total poverty for seventy or more years, we are led to believe that there was little left over for the people because of the cost of the Cold War and the Space Race. Then along comes Gorbachev and just like that, at the exact moment prophesied by Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet Union starts to blend with the rest of Europe.

Those industries which had apparently failed to deliver a reasonable standard of living for the Russian people, were suddenly white-hot properties, snapped up by the Oligarchs, with Rothschild money, and in a flash Russia became an International success story. I wonder who had been skimming off the profits in the meantime?

History shows us that what has been happening in Russia in recent times is a mirror image of events in Germany, during the years leading up to World War Two.  Whichever side of the tale you may choose to support, the similarities cannot be denied.

The British deny the reality of the attacks which were made by the Poles and Czechoslovak’s against ethnic Germans whom were cut off from their homeland, as a result of the dismembering of Germany after the Great War, just as they now claim that Putin is preparing to invade Ukraine, where attacks are taking place against ethnic Russians.  

Hitler resisted the urgings of Anthony Eden the Jewish Foreign Minister of the UK, to go to the rescue of the Germans, until the attacks were so severe he could do nothing else.

So will a new Cold War be the result of all of this nonsense, or are we witnessing the opening salvo in a Third World War? There are so many open wounds, which have been salted by recent events in Ukraine, that it is difficult to make much sense out of the mess.

The Russian people are fully aware that it was the Jews who carried out the genocide against Christians. They are now enjoying a standard of living, which they should have been enjoying for decades.

In true Communist fashion, displaying the reality of Marxism, during the years before the melding with Europe, it was only the ruling classes who had access to the better things of life, which were shipped in from across the world and stocked in warehouses, into which only the Jewish super-class were allowed entry.

The people of Ukraine are also aware that the Jews were responsible for the horror of their own genocide and that the Germans were shocked at what they found when they entered Ukraine.  So the Ukrainians, on the one hand have no allegiance to the Communists, while at the same time they have no real understanding of who has control of Europe.

The first step by the Jew who has taken control after the coup d’etat, was to invite the Jews at the IMF to make a huge loan to Ukraine, which it will prove impossible to repay. While believing themselves to be on the road to riches the poor dupes have signed away their patrimony, into the claws of the very Communist Jews whom they believed themselves to be escaping.

The actions of the people of the Ukraine, when they wake up to what has been foisted on to them, could well be used as an excuse by NATO to take some sort of offensive action, which could lead to disaster.




The Top Secret Plot Against Robert Mugabe.

By the time the controlled Western Media has finished with a selected victim, it is almost impossible to discuss the reality, of the behaviour of the victimised.  Such is the case with Robert Mugabe.

From  the day that Ian Smith, the Landowners preferred choice, was driven out of office and Robert Mugabe was installed, there has been  a continuous effort to conceal the true aims of Mugabe and to present him as a cruel dictator, in the same manner as was Idi Amin in Uganda before him. He is now a member of an illustrious group, of those whom have been attacked for attempting to change Colonial Law, or is it Bankers Law,  in an effort to improve the lot of his countrymen.

Mugabe’s efforts to build a strong economic, sustainable, financially fair system in Zimbabwe, has been thwarted, every step of the way, by those whom do not want, the inequalities of the debt based economies of the West exposed for what they are, which could lead to discontent; in the lands of the sleeping idiots, whom have been held in bondage forever and are well used to licking the boots of the aristocracy, while keeping mum about that extra quid, which they believe only they are receiving.

The day Robert Mugabe announced that he intended to take back control of the territory of Zimbabwe, from the clutches of the rich European Elite Bankers, whom had stolen those lands from the African Peoples in past years, evicting Africans from their Tribal Territories and condemning them to an existence in African Reservations, as was done in  the USA to American Natives, Mugabe has been presented as a “Hitler.”

This is a term, to which the readers of Western Publications, have been conditioned to view as referring to a monster. The truth is however, stranger than fiction, because Hitler was doing the same service for the German people, when he too was attacked. To be called a Hitler, is a private joke for the Elite, they were the criminals, not Adolf Hitler.

Unlike in the USA, where only White on Black crime is ever reported, in Zimbabwe, it is  the opposite, giving a totally unbalanced impression of the country and its people. In the good old days of British Colonialism, Bwana, could shoot a Black dead and he was not even obliged to report the death.

Zimbabwe, it has been decided, may well be Democratic but it is the wrong sort of Democracy, it is the sort that does not please the money men.

Zimbabwe was once known as Rhodesia, after Cecil Rhodes, an Agent of the Rothschild banking family. His job was to asset strip Africa to the bone and to take control of all of the resources, which would be passed into the control of the Milner Group, yet another branch of the Rothschild Empire.

Robert Mugabe’s attempts to wrest control of the territory of Zimbabwe, out of the hands of Western Landlords, was tantamount to the tolling of bells for the funeral of the very basis of the Elite’s control of the  world , which is based on their holdings of  land and their refusal to make it available to the masses.

The British people have become so stupid, that they believe that the Queen, whom is not even the true Monarch of Britain but simply another Agent of Rothschild, has the right to own half of the land mass of the World, for which she pays no tax.

In the US, small farmers are being driven out of their homes, and their land passed to greedy rich bankers, whom are so consumed with desire for more and more wealth, that we will all, through the use of a document, Agenda 21, which was drawn up by the rich, be driven out of the countryside altogether, into urban concrete blocks, leaving the countryside for the voracious sick people, whom believe that theft and murder makes them Elite. These people generate nothing of benefit for the Earth, they are simply parasites, whom have greater need of us, than we of them.

Untold millions of Africans were put to the sword and machine-gun, by British and French thieves and their lands stolen, a crime of which we hear nothing. The West still claim the right to destroy at will, any African State, such as Libya or Somalia, or indeed to finance Civil Wars as in The Congo, while under-cover of the carnage, steal whatever they can lay their hands on.

It will be a good day for humanity, when a murderous act, perpetrated by the West in Africa,  receives the attention which only this morning was devoted to the very folk whom finance the African Massacres, the same Banking Families, whom ordered and financed  WW2, when it was revealed that E Bay had been selling  memorabilia from the Concentration Camps in Germany and Poland, which of course means Jewish items.

Strangely, these items included a pair of pyjamas and various prison uniforms. How this could be so, was not explained, It has already been calculated that it would have taken at least one hundred-and-fifty years to gas, burn and dispose of the four million victims which it is alleged, because there is no proof, died at Auschwitz. So there would be little time available to get undressed, put on your pyjamas, sleep, wake up, get dressed and head for the showers etc.

Sky News of course, did not miss the opportunity to litter a discussion of this “aberration” by E Bay, with claims of non-existent “Death Camps” in Germany and adjectives like slaughter and the inhuman behaviour of the Germans.

However, there was still no mention of the West’s allies, during WW2, the Jewish controlled Soviet Union, where those Friends of the West, the Jews, Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky, carried out the torture and murder of sixty-five million Christians and held millions more in Gulags, which were far more cruel and deadly  than were German Concentration Camps, from which millions of Jews survived. In fact most of the deaths,  in German Camps, were due to a catastrophic outbreak of Typhus.

I would suggest that Robert Mugabe is loved by the majority of people in Zimbabwe, because despite the Black Propaganda, which is levelled at Mugabe, his people know that he is on their side. Which is of course why they continue, to the chagrin of the West, to vote for him in huge numbers. They will also be well aware, that should Jewish interests demand that Zimbabwe be “saved,” it will involve another African Holocaust and the Country of Zimbabwe being razed to the ground. Such is the humanitarianism of the Elite and the Christian scum whom fight their wars.

Humanity Is In Crisis. We Are On Our Way To Oblivion.

While the people of the Western World are huddled down, in the cold, suffering from the burden of austerity measures, their way of life is being systematically destroyed.

Everything which we have been led to believe would lead to prosperity, has in fact been used to conceal an enormous elephant trap, into which greed has driven us.  Promises of a rich future have never been realised, this is mainly because things can never improve enough to satisfy greed.

The richest amongst us, are so greedy that they will lay the world to waste in the pursuit of even more wealth, while the poorest, whom are in fact better off than were the middle classes,  fifty-years ago, are not content with their lot.

The destitute, whom sadly have always been with us, are now fighting for their bench in the park at night, with the new homeless, whom have had their houses foreclosed and stolen from them, by the law, which works for the rich.

While we are distracted by the fear of losing our jobs, our homes, our way of life and for the elderly, fear of “The Pathway to Death” which is awaiting them in  hospital wards, through the lack of funds available for health care. We have the added distraction of wars, which are totally unnecessary, which soak up all of the funds which should be invested in more worthwhile projects and which are being fought to steal the resources of defenceless people.

Mercantile Law is still in operation across Africa, where huge companies, many of which are owned by cynical moneylenders in the City of London, strip out the resources, which once came to Western countries, to be transformed into the desired products of the consumer and which are now going to China, without giving any real benefit to the Peoples of Africa. The thieves in the Board-rooms have very carefully avoided constructing factories in Africa, deliberately keeping the people in poverty. They are now starting the Round-Up in Europe.

While it is evident that the European Union has not delivered prosperity, it has in fact destroyed Europe, our politicians are still calling for even more integration into this mess. In the face of total opposition from the people, whom were promised job protection and a closed market for their products, they are still signing more “Free Trade” agreements, which benefit only the rich, whom now manufacture their wares, with slave labour in China, which will destroy whatever remains of European Industry.

To continue along this path is leading to disaster. The Media which informs the people, are telling them that their politicians are “out of touch,” that they cannot see the reality of life on the street, when they should be telling them that their politicians know exactly what they are up to, they are destroying  economies across Europe, in order to introduce a new form of regime, which will be controlled by a hidden hand and which will dictate every aspect of their lives.

While all of this nonsense is occupying the attention of those whom can tear their eyes away from the television for a few moments, behind the scenes, quietly chugging away, we have the advance of the real menace, Communitarianism,  Sustainable Development, call it what you like, it is Agenda 21. The final nail in the coffin of humanity.

In France, Agenda 21, is everywhere. A quick glance on-line will produce hundreds of references to it. Every Town Hall has signed on to it. Locally elected Mayors are handing the control of their Town Hall into the hands of larger Town Councils, which have already installed their local department of Développement Durable and yet, I can assure you, that having asked hundreds of people for their opinion of Agenda 21, I have yet to find anyone whom has even heard about it.

Our politicians once again, as with the lies and deceptions which were employed to force an unwilling people into the European Union, are deceiving us with fancy words and promises which will never be realised, surrounding the aims of Agenda 21.

Allow me to remind my readers, should they too be wondering why our politicians are so prepared to take part in these deceptions, that the Prime Minister, whom lied through his teeth to the British people, before taking them into the European Union, was Edward Heath, pianist, conductor, sailor and paedophile.The present Parliament is quaking in its boots, through fear of exposure for the same thing. No one is innocent apparently.

At the moment, the politicians whom are so gung-ho to destroy the Muslim World are virtually all Jews, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, Fabius, Milliband and Clegg. All of whom have sworn allegiance to Israel. Iraqi oil is now being pumped directly into Israel, while the Jewish, Kurdish Prime Minister is attempting to annexe the Oil Fields in the North of Iraq, through terrorism. He is also, as was done in Palestine, ethnically cleansing the area at the point of a gun, while the Jewish Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan is arming and assisting the murdering thugs in Syria.

Now while perusing that catalogue of information, it is hard to arrive at any other decision other than that we are not operating in an open system. It would be pointless to list the number of visible Jews, whom are ordering us about in the European Union, whom are only the tip of the iceberg,  just as there would be no point in listing the number of Jews whom operate behind the scenes in  the United Nations,   suffice it to say they are there.

I watched Ed Milliband, the Jew whom is the leader of the Socialist Party in the UK, make a speech on television. He was part of the Blair government which lied the UK into the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was chosen over his elder brother David, whom was Foreign Secretary during the Socialist administration, as leader of the Party, mainly because he could remove himself, slightly, from the stain of the war, while his brother was a central part of the attacks against the innocent Muslims.

Milliband, looking into the camera, claimed that he and the rest of the Socialists had learned a lot from the mistakes of the previous Socialist Government, which they would rectify when they are elected to government at the next election.

These shifty little twerps are bare-faced liars. Milliband and most of his colleagues are Fabians, intent on putting Agenda 21 in place. He is a liar. He did not make mistakes during the last administration, everything went extraordinarily well. They destroyed the UK to order. The last act of the alleged paedophile Gordon Brown was to close down a steel-works in  the North of England and pay the owner to set up in India.

The Millibands are Communists, as are a large number of Socialist politicians in the UK. They conceal their Communism behind the mask of the Fabian Society, which has the symbol of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing on their banner. The aim of Communism, which was written by Marx and paid for by Rothschild, is to impose the system across the whole world.

One of the main instruments of Communism, in Russia and in China was the culling of the population. The Jews in the City of London, carried out the same routine in Ireland, where they starved five million Irish people to death, at gunpoint, telling the world it was a famine. They neglect to say that they stopped aid, which was coming from the US, from reaching the starving people. Stalin did the same in the Ukraine.  Churchill starved unknown millions to death in Bengal. Pol Pot in Cambodia, Africa, though a verdant Continent, appears to be continuously  suffering from starvation.

So what do we find in the new Communist Manifesto, Agenda 21? Why population reduction of course.  This reduction is to be carried out using whatever means come to hand, in the words of Bertrand Russell, “Even the needle.”


One of the main objectives of Agenda 21 is to empty the country-side, which is to be reserved for butterflies and flowers and of course the very rich. The people are to be housed in Human Habitation Zones. To venture outside of one of these zones will necessitate a form of visa, after of course you have been able to justify the need of exit.

Under Communitarianism, the individual will cease to exist, we will all be part of a community and communal rights will be imposed on to the individual, we will all be forced to conform. As with Marxism, the property of the individual will be considered theft, therefore there will be no ownership of transport,  housing or land.  We will all be forced to live in communal blocks, where we will be obliged to leave our children, should we be granted the right to parent a child, in a crèche, where they can be more easily educated to conform.

Now to recap the steady progression of these events, we could start with the British Empire, which was envisioned as long ago as the sixteenth century. The East and West India Trading Companies were all Jewish controlled, the British Army was the NATO force of its day, carrying out the task of defending the International Thieves whom were raping the Far East and Africa. The Dutch and the British were always close allies. The Jews also took control of the Slave Trade, under the protection of the English.

The Dutch, unknown to the people of the UK, took control of England in the seventeenth century, when William of Orange came aboard with a battalion of Dutch Military.

When the Russian Revolution was unleashed in nineteen-seventeen, it was controlled by Jews. Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky were all Jews. Gorbachev is a Jew, Medvedev is a Jew.  There is no point in pretending otherwise. From the start, the USSR was subsidised by the West, covertly, of course. Stalin continued the slaughter of his own people even during the struggle against Hitler. The people of the Ukraine were overjoyed when the German soldiers arrived. The West ignored what Stalin was up to.

Jews themselves claim, however to repeat it seems to annoy them, that any Jew, in government, in whatever country, gives his allegiance to Israel.

This is a well-known claim and yet should it be so, those politicians can not be trusted to do what is in the best interest of their own electorate, by whom they were elected to serve, and not Israel.

So with all of these Jews in positions of power, while we are under the threat of a neo-Communism, with all of the problems which are laid out in Agenda 21, which like the Manifesto which promised a paradise for the workers, with shared ownership and reasonable working hours, health services and free education, which delivered mass slaughter, relocation, Gulags, torture and death.  Are we all going to lie down and let the tanks roll over us or are we going take a stand?

People fondly imagine, as did the Egyptians, during their recent defeat by the Muslim Brotherhood, that the Army would never attack them. What a hope. Our Boys are cold-blooded killers. I can find no example of an Army which refused the order to open fire.

The Police and Military have all been carefully screened and selected, by those whom are trained to detect psychopaths. NATO Forces are no different from the Red Army, which was prepared to execute thousands of Polish Military prisoners, whom had themselves taken part in the racist attacks against Ethnic Germans, in an attempt to provoke a retaliatory attack from Hitler, to kick off the Jewish war against Germany. Be warned, listen to those whom insist that a gun ban must not be imposed in the US. The Gulags have already been built.

Europe and the US are being destroyed from within. We are being over-run with immigrants, soon most of the major cities in Europe will have a minority white population.  The immigrants are here because of what the white race has to offer.  They will be no more than slave labour in the country of their dreams if things continue as now.

I watched a short clip on the News, it was filmed in the Centre of London, they were filming the Boxing Day Sales. Shoppers were continuously passing-by behind the reporter, dozens of them, I think, though I am not sure, that I saw an English woman.  If I did, she was the only indigenous British person whom I saw. This is part of Agenda 21, this is how they plan to destroy British culture, this is White Genocide.

The immigrants are in as much danger as are the rest of us. Soon we will be told that in order to compete with Asian Slaves, we must accept lower pay. That will drive us towards State Aid. Soon we will all be working for the State, living in State accommodation, earning State credits, with no means of living, should we want to choose another form of life. We will end up with what Orwell called a hob-nailed boot in our face.

We are the Goyim. That is a term of abuse. The Goyim have only one purpose, we are here to serve Jews.  A Jewish doctor is not even obliged to treat a sick or injured Goyim, we are not worth saving. Only Jews could get away with this sort of language. We can be gaoled for simply questioning the truthfulness of Jews and their claims of past sufferings. Even the Jew Sarkozy, found it as difficult as did Muslim Obama, to cope with the lies of Netanyahu. Virtually every claim which Jews made at Nuremberg, turned out to be untrue.

What the Jews did to Germany during the Second World War was as much an obscenity as that done by Jews in Russia under Lenin and Stalin. Which along with the Jewish Atomic bombs on Japan and the City of London controlled Revolution in China, gives those with eyes to see and the means of clear thought, an idea of what lies in store for the rest of us, should we choose to sit idly by.

 Mao in a high-level meeting with several Jews [Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, and Solomon Adler]

Mao in a high-level meeting with several Jews [Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, and Solomon Adler]

The Jewish Bolshevik Dream Of World-Wide Domination Takes Another Giant Step Forward.

The countries which were passed into the cruel hands of Jew, Joseph Stalin, at the end of the Second World War, by the Jews whom controlled the war, Churchill and Roosevelt, enjoyed a short period of freedom, following the controlled disintegration of the Soviet Union, only to be taken back into the new European Soviet, by the establishment which was left in place by the departing Soviets.

Despite the evidence that the countries which are already members of this unelected organisation, want out but are refused the right to a referendum, despite the verdict by those whom experienced life under the Soviets, that the European Union is even more repressive, there is a rush, not only to join this Union but also to take up the Euro, which has been shown to be a disaster.

We now learn that on top of all this and in the middle of a purposely generated financial crisis, which has been generated from the City of London, the now “Free” Russian government is in the process setting up the Eurasian Union.

All of the so-called advantages, which were forwarded as reasons for joining the European Union, are being presented all over again, with the simple proviso that the problems which have afflicted the EU, will not be repeated. Whatever that means.

It has not yet been explained to the Peoples of the countries involved in these discussions, that this is yet another step, by the same Shadow Government, which has control of the EU and the soon to be announced North American Union, which has been set-up without a word to the Peoples of the US, Mexico or Canada, to take total control of the world, under Communism, a system which will bring nothing to the people apart from mass extermination.

The last step in this domination of the world by Zionist interests or whomever may be hidden behind the curtain, will be the setting up of the Pacific Union, which will be dominated by China and will include Australia, New Zealand and the Extreme Orient.

This is not mere conjecture, this is written down in plain language, Agenda 21 is all part of this scheme, as are the lies about Carbon being bad for the planet, Global Warming and Peak Oil.

One of the stumbling blocks to this desire of total control is Islam. Muslims have as yet, not been completely dumbed down, as have been the rest of the Hollywood educated, once Christian world. They have shown remarkable courage and determination in their desire to retain their own special life-style, while being put under enormous and continuous pressure and illegal attack, by the “Hell-hounds,” whom would, given the chance, treat us all in the same manner.

This morning, Thursday 18th Oct,  Sky News announced that yet another FBI produced,  “false terrorist” attack was “foiled” by those whom had set it up. The selected “Patsy” was of course a Muslim, from Bangladesh. This is simply the most recent example of the continuing attempts of the FBI, to generate hatred and fear of Muslims.

Not one single “real” Muslim attempt to carry out an attack in the US, since the 911 attack, which was in fact carried out by Mossad, has been uncovered, every one of the events have been found to have been paid for by the FBI and we have never heard from the accused Muslims.

Sky, rounded off their propaganda moment, by giving the UK Security Minister, a platform to rail against the Muslim threat. The warning would appear to be, that another attack may take place, along the lines of Mumbai or 7-7 or any of the other examples of “False Flag” attacks.

At a time, when there is a veritable genocide against Muslims, taking place, world-wide. When millions, have been murdered, had their countries destroyed, been exposed to “real terrorists” whom are controlled by the very people whom claim to be fighting terrorism, watched malformed children being born by the hundred because of the Atomic weapons which are being illegally used against civilians,  these courteous people have not resorted to any form of terrorism, which is why it is necessary for the FBI to invent it.

All of this slaughter is part of the push to install a World Government, which will be in the hands of those whom brought us the nightmares of China and Mao and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and the three abominations Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky. Both of these regimes operated to a philosophy which involved the culling of millions of people, an estimated one hundred and fifty million deaths.

This is what lies in wait for the Peoples of the four Unions, which are being installed right now. They will be shown no mercy. This is written down, quite clearly.  You have the choice, you can either laugh it off, or you can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim world, we all have the same enemy.

Very soon the “Great Culling” will begin, it may start with a war against Iran, which will provide the excuse for a wider conflict, which will destroy Europe, or simply an excuse to take down the rest of the Middle East, apart of course from those States which are already controlled by Jewish Royal Families. In any case, when we come out on the other side of the conflict, nothing will be the same or will ever be again.

We are in danger of being plunged into another Dark Age, by those whom are driven by a lust for power and an insatiable desire for wealth. These people are simply parasites. They will never do anything which might be in the interests of the people, they are psychopaths, whom do not even understand the concept of love or generosity.

Which Would You Choose, Hitler Or Stalin?

In the years following the end of the First World War, Russia was under the control of the Communists while Germany was ruled by the Weimar. Both of these entities had been installed by Zionist or Jewish, industrialists and bankers.

In nineteen-thirty-three, Hitler and his National Socialists managed to overthrow the puppet government, through the ballot box, using no more trickery than that which is used  quite openly in the modern-day US, to fix election results.

The destinies of these two countries present an interesting progression of events in the following years.

Hitler, whom had a deep love of his country and his people, set about undoing the mess, which had been deliberately created by the previous government, in order to destroy Germany as an industrial competitor and in the space of six years he had transformed Germany from a hyper-inflationary basket case, into the richest country in Europe and probably the World. This took place during the “austerity” years of the Great Depression.

In Communist Russia, on the other hand, under both Lenin and Stalin, both of whom were Jews, an unbelievable slaughter was taking place. Many millions of the Russian Peoples were either shot or starved to death in a concerted effort to wipe out the Christians.

Unlike in Germany, the population in general, was deliberately kept in abject poverty and in fear of their lives, by the fearful Secret Police, which was controlled by yet another Jew, Beria.  The ruling one-per-cent of course, lived in luxury while the people starved, much as they do in the West at the moment.

The controllers of Russia, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky et al, made no secret of their desire to take control of the whole world and its resources. Hitler on the other hand, displayed no desire whatsoever, in any of his utterances or in his writings, to take control of any other country. Every word of Hitler’s has been scrutinised, continuously, to find some evidence of his desire to dominate the World, to no avail.

The Central Banking System, which is under the control certain families, such as the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Goldman, Sachs, Morgan, Warburg and others, which form a group known as the Committee of Three Hundred, which is based on credit and debt, cannot function without the occasional collapse. This is both inevitable and deliberate. When the collapse is implemented, in return for the debt, the bankers take the sovereign riches of the debtor country, which is where we are now.

The world, is at the moment poised for a collapse. The Committee of Three Hundred, have everything in place to “Save us.” This will involve what has become known as Communitarianism, which is in fact just another word for Communism. We have come full circle, we are back in the days following the Russian Revolution and the end of the Great War.

We have a stark choice to make and we have a mountain of evidence on which to base this choice. Unfortunately, the same people whom have control of the monetary system, also have control of the media and the information which is made available.

This will explain why, after many decades, we are still being swamped with the alleged tales of Hitler’s atrocities, which are being used to condemn his methods of reversing the cynical control grid of the bankers and their debt enslavement.

In every country which has fallen under the control of these bankers, the result has been catastrophic for the indigenous population.

When the Cabal of Jews, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, agreed to hand Eastern Europe into the hands of the Communist Jews, the whole of the so-called Communist Block, went into sharp decline. They were covertly supported by the West, throughout the “Cold War,” in order to prevent a total collapse, until the time was right.

Western Europe is now under the control of a Politburo, which has elected itself, it is no more democratic than was the Soviet Union. The result has been the same. The European Union is bankrupt. Every country has a crippling debt which because of the imposition of compound interest can never be repaid. Read that again. There is never enough money available to repay a debt which bears compound interest.

Hitler fully understood the problem. He took control of Germany’s finances out of the control of the Central Bankers. He fully understood that the banking system was a gigantic fraud. The bankers claim that the system was based on a gold standard was also false. This system was a known fraud since the days of the Knights Templar.

Hitler based his system on the value of the work which was necessary to produce a product. His system worked miracles. Which is of course why it has been kept under wraps ever since. We are not allowed to know about or to discuss the merits of this system. If it has anything to do with Hitler,well it must of course involve killing and torturing and crazed speeches which are referred to as rants and deporting immigrants.

It would be fair to say that it did involve sending the Jews to Madagascar, where they could do as they pleased, making sure that they never again took control of the patrimony of Germany.  This solution has been used by every country in Europe in the past, for exactly the same reasons. One need look no further than Palestine to understand the meaning of Political Brutality.

So our choice is clear, we are either going to allow the installation of a One World Government, under the control of the Zionists and Bankers, or we are going to stand up to them and install a system which takes the well-being of the people into account.

China, under Mao Zedong, whom was put in place by the City of London, behaved in the same manner as did the Bolsheviks in Russia. Untold millions have been murdered. Now, though richer than before, the plight of the mass of the people, has not improved. Some observers believe that China is being pumped up by debt, into the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen.

Whatever is going on it seems clear that if there s one type of political system which it is worth avoiding, it would have to be Zionist controlled Communism. Hitler fully understood the results of allowing the Zionists to take control of Europe, which is why he set up “Operation Barbarossa” when he discovered that Stalin had a huge army ready to invade Western Europe. He sent his deputy Hess, to warn the English of the menace.

The English fully understood what was going on. The City of London was controlling events, which is why they arrested Hess and left Hitler on his own to save Europe. Hitler made a magnificent attempt, however alone against the rest of the World it proved to difficult.

US General Patton, like Hitler, saw the danger. He wanted to advance to prevent the Russian entry into Europe. The High Command had other ideas, Patton was murdered and the Russian forces allowed in, where they raped and robbed and murdered whatever they encountered.

What Jewish controlled Russia inflicted onto the German people as they advanced towards Berlin, defies description. It is enough to say that even after the end of hostilities, ten million German people were wiped out. This slaughter was controlled by Stalin a Jew and Eisenhower another Jew, whom had no problem expressing his hatred of the German people and his desire to kill as many as possible.

We will soon be under the control of the people whom conspired to create the two world wars and the revolutions in Russia and China. They also gave us the misery of the Great Depression, which is now being repeated. Speaking personally, I do not relish the idea of life under this sort of regime of butchers.

Not Too Many Things Change In The United States.

The Privatised Prisons are still full of Black men, Incarcerated  for the slightest of misdemeanour’s, still slaving after all these years. In truth, slavery never ended in the US.

Globalisation and Free Trade will soon have the whole world in chains. Asia is selling its people into bondage on a massive scale. In India, millions of very young children are working in appalling conditions. China has been forced to install safety nets around the walls of factories, where increasing numbers of people are jumping to their death, to escape the misery of factory life.

The Multi-Nationals are raping Africa mercilessly, behind the distraction of paid for Revolutions. This is an unforgivable crime. Robbing the poorest of countries of what little wealth they have, while the children are being sterilised through the use of poisoned vaccines.  It’s not a pleasant place, this world we live in.

The Ninety-Nine per cent are running around occupying Wall Street, which is of course dominated by Jews, while at the same time they are allowing their tiny share of the US honey pot, to be sent to the most racist, apartheid state on the planet, the Jewish State of Israel.

The Jewish Chancellor of Germany, is at the same time giving this rogue state two nuclear submarines, as reparation for something that supposedly happened in the past, for  which the people of Germany are still being forced to pay.

While the US is in a state of National grief, over the shooting of a black youth, by a security guard, with a Jewish family name, Zimmerman, whom claims that he is Latino and not white, as if that excuses his actions, Jewish settlers, on land stolen from Palestinians, are shooting to kill, with impunity, the old and young Palestinians, to further their greedy theft of more land.

Netanyahu, the man whom controls the US, has announced that for the UN to suggest that it is going to hold an investigation into the continued building of settlements in the West Bank, is unacceptable and that he will be taking some sort of retaliation against the Palestinians.

The Jewish State of Israel is so racist, only Jews are allowed to live there. Which is strange, because the Religion of Judaism is inherited through the female side of the family. It is impermissible to convert to Judaism. So one must ask how it can be that an estimated eighty-five per cent of the people in Israel, whom claim to be Jews, did in fact have Judaism thrust upon them by the King of Khazaristan, on a whim. They are in fact, neither true Jews nor are they Semitic, so this begs the question: What are they doing in Palestine?

These are the folk, whom are constantly reminding the world of the behaviour of Adolf Hitler, a man whom is at the moment being reappraised by thousands of people, whom are finding it odd that two of the most unmentionable things are the holocaust and Hitler.

The other unmentionables, include the millions of people whom were slaughtered by the Jewish Government in the USSR, by Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, all of whom were Jewish, not to mention the horrendous experiments, which were carried out, even on children, which involved removing the top of their skull and attaching  electrodes to their brains, which was part of the research of Pavlov, famous for his dog.

As with most things the evidence against Hitler, evaporates on inspection, who knows what may come to light as time changes our point of view. One day it may be discovered that he was indeed a man with courage, whom wanted to make the world a better place.

We would appear to have been controlled by lies for generations. The old adage comes to mind, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” we may be on a cusp right now, let us hope so.

The brother of the man whom we are told carried out several murders in France, has been charged with complicity in the murders. This is no doubt to shut him up, to make sure that he has no opportunity to deny, not only his own involvement but also that of his brother. He will sadly have to die in custody, if his brother was in fact a ‘”Patsy.”

Nicolas Sarkozy, the current Presidential puppet of France, has already been accused of setting-up Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whom was accused of attacking a Chamber-Maid in a New York Hotel, is now suspected of setting-up, yet another device to aid his re-election in the up-coming election in France.

Even the BBC was eager to lay the blame for the Toulouse killings on some nut-case from the extreme right-wing, in order to taint the campaign of Marine Le Pen, only to find themselves back-tracking when it was announced that a Muslim was laying claim to the attacks,  that he was trained by Al Qaeda, no longer a dangerous thing to claim, as France has just had one hundred and sixty Foreign Legionnaires, arrested in Syria, along with members of the now sanitized Al Qaeda.

This tale, which was basically ignored, until the four Jews were killed, then went viral, while of course the deaths of children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia Bahrain, were either not mentioned or only in a perfunctory manner.

So here we are, nearly seventy years after the end of the Second World War, while most of the truth has been buried, Germany is still paying for Lord knows what and politics are still being tainted by implication, that they are Nazi or Fascist, which is of course meant to insinuate that they are intent on killing Jews and sending foreigners back home, which is ludicrous as the most barbaric acts were carried out by the so-called allies, which includes the Russians.

It is never mentioned that more than Twenty Million Germans lost their lives during the war. It is not Hitler and the Nazi’s whom we have to fear, the Communists have already taken control. Both the EU and the UN are un-elected Communist controlled Dictatorships. You have been warned.

What is Going on at Press TV: part two

Press TV has been coming under attack from the UK Broadcasting Watchdog Ofcom. Recent criticism has revolved around the reporting of the Israeli attack, in International waters, on the “Peace Convoy” which was heading for Gaza and the 2008 Christmas-time bombing of Gaza and the slaughter of more than 1000 innocent people.

Ofcom considered that Press TV had not given adequate coverage of the opposing viewpoint.

This is the same Ofcom, which has apparently failed to notice the totally biased reporting of the attack on Libya and the actual misreporting of events, in order to present a case, which is in keeping with the claims made by the UK Government.

The same slanted coverage is being given to the disturbances in Syria, where paid killers have been crossing the border from surrounding countries and have killed and wounded many Syrian soldiers and civilians. There is footage of these events, as there was of the “Yellow Hats” indiscriminately shooting people on the streets of Benghazi in Libya, in an effort to generate an excuse, justifying Western intervention

There is however no coverage of the continuing oppression in Yemen and Bahrain. No explanation has been offered as to why Saudi Arabia can invade Bahrain and enforce a virtual Military Regime, in  support of the detested regime, which the people want rid of, with no criticism of BBC and Sky News for this lack of fair coverage.

Amongst the Press TV programmes, which were criticised, was the George Galloway fronted, “Comment.” Galloway had referred to some of Israeli actions, as war crimes of the worst kind.

He declared, in  defence of his position, that “The Holocaust” was the most horrendous crime of the 20th Century and that to suggest that the Nazis, who had allegedly, carried out the crime, should be granted the same amount of time to explain their side of the story to be incredible.

Having heard this assertion,  I was immediately offended. In whose opinion was this the worst crime of the 20th Century? The Jews figures were cut in half when they were forced to reduce the claimed  deaths at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million leaving a total of 3 million, even though they still “mistakenly” refer to the original total of 6 million.

How does that compare to the 65 million Christians put to death by the Jewish controlled Russian Government under Lenin and Stalin? Or the massacre of 85 million Chinese under Mao? Who was of course funded by Bankers, many of whom were not Christians.

Or for that matter the 3 million German soldiers, starved to death under the orders of Eisenhower, who was himself a Jew, in Concentration Camps at the end of World War 2. The rest of the German Army was handed over to the Russians, to suffer probably the same fate as the Cossacks.

We could talk of many other atrocities, Dresden, Hiroshima, Rwanda, The DRC, the list is endless. So why should George Galloway, the Muslims friend, pick the Jewish holocaust as his example of the worst crime? Why pick the event which has been used as justification for some of the most appalling governmental behaviour in our time?

In my opinion the “holocaust” should never be used an example of an atrocity until it becomes permissible to discuss the subject openly, without fear of prosecution. Israel has been allowed for long enough to present themselves as the eternal victim, by constantly referring to this event.

For Galloway to suggest that the people who were accused of the crime should not be given the opportunity to defend themselves is  outrageous, particularly in view of the doubling of the body count at Auschwitz. If this was wrong, what else was wrong? We must always keep in mind that the SS was set-up by a Jewish Nazi, working for Hitler, as were many other Jews. Yet no mention of Jewish participation is ever mentioned.

Galloway has recently asserted that a bad man, like Gadaffi can do no good for his people. Even when he appears to doing the decent thing he is not. This is placing the idea into the minds of Muslim people, that there is no crime being committed by the “Allies” in Libya, that it really is a humanitarian act to contaminate the entire country with Depleted Uranium, to destroy the countries water supply system and indiscriminately murder Libyan citizens.

Sadly, we have been presented with a one-sided version of events in Libya, by Press TV’s Johnny Miller, a man who seems prepared to accept any assertion from the rebels, whether it be backed-up by evidence or not.

Despite massive turn-outs in support of Gadaffi, we have been given no true picture of his actual support across Libya. The Western Press is presenting the opinion of the Rebels as evidence of growing support for the NATO installed so-called government, which is actually a tool to steal the Libyan funds in Western Banks.

The reality on the ground, whatever Galloway suggests is that the vast majority of the people were living a good life under Gadaffi. Should he go, they will never again experience the same level of support or freedom.