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The War Of The Words.

The misuse of words and the real meaning of words is fast becoming part of the disinformation attack, under which we are all being beaten down.

I was amused today to read a report in which Jews were associating the behaviour of Muslims as being “like that of the Nazi’s.” Which in view of all of the propaganda with which we have been deluged, by the Jewish Press, is intended to mean ruthless and cruel and all the other adjectives with which we have been educated to believe best describe the National Socialist Party in Hitler’s Germany.

The reality, is as usual, not quite what the propaganda suggests it to be. Hitler and Germany were destroyed not for cruelty or torture or for any of the sort of criminal activity, in which those whom had described Muslims thus, employ on a daily basis, Germany was destroyed because Hitler refused to tow the Jewish line. So on that basis it should be considered a compliment to be described as a Nazi.

We are also being misled by the term anti-Semitic, when we criticise Khazar Jews, whom do not possess one drop of Semitic blood in their entire body. It is in  fact they whom are anti-Semitic when they denigrate Arab Muslims, whom are indeed Semitic people.

Little Willy Hague, the slightly gay, UK Foreign Minister, while claiming to have “Humanitarianism” in his genes, went on to destroy Libya, painlessly, of course. In order to carry out this humanitarian slaughter, Willy employed a “No Fly Zone,” which in fact has come to mean bombing the daylights out of a civilian population.

Hague is a member of the British Establishment, which gave us the idea of a “Just War,” a conflict which they managed to turn into a world-wide bloodbath and in which they were allied with a verifiable Jewish monster called “Uncle Joe,” a man whom carried out a wholesale genocide against his own people, killing sixty-five million of them.

The “Just War,” was with Germany, against whom none of these claims could be made. Hitler had in fact done nothing to justify the declaration of war against Germany.

At the end of this disaster, we were given “Justice,” at Nuremberg, which in British terms means, making the victims pay, as they did at the end of the Great War. Once again that meant Germany.

The British are proud of this “Justice,” which like humanitarianism they claim to have in their genes. On the top of the High Court in London, which is called the Old Bailey, they have a statue of Justice, which is blindfolded, which the British claim to mean that their Justice is blind or “Impartial,” which would of course have rendered the Nuremberg Trial of the German Government as illegal, as they were controlled by a group which was in the process of using the trial to suit another agenda. That sadly is the history of British Justice. The Birmingham Six can vouch for that.

In order to make certain that no proper investigation is made into the claims, which were made against the German people at Nuremberg, we are liable to a term in gaol, should we choose to exercise our “Human Right,” of “Free Speech,” which speaks for itself. The truth, they say, has nothing to hide, while  lies cower in fear of exposure.

The “Free West,” believes that it is in the process of bringing “Democracy,” to the rest of the enslaved world, which is remarkably, in this sad state of slavery because of the British Empire, which was responsible for setting it up in the first place.

Those whom would offer this liberty of Democracy to the rest of the world, have never given the same liberty to their own people, whom despite massive evidence to the contrary, are so deluded, they believe themselves to be “Free.”

The “Free French,” have recently elected into power a Jewish “Socialist,” a term which they have been led to believe equates with justice for the working man, when in fact it actually means the exact opposite.  Which is why the tactic of pretending to place the means of production into the hands of the workers, thus guaranteeing access to the needs of life, was long ago thrown overboard. Socialism now “Privatises,” all basic needs, water, power, food, petrol and even prisons, where the inmates are no more than slave labour.

The British have also recently elected their own Jewish leader, democratically, of course. When this “Political Party” was in “Opposition” they were in  support of all of the illegal wars which the Blair government declared. They remained silent while the alleged paedophile Gordon Brown, was destroying the British economy and closing down British Industry on a massive scale and they ignored the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, which bound the UK to an “undemocratic” European Union.

The British people now find themselves in the strange situation where the Jewish led, “Blairite” vestiges of the Socialist Party, which exported the jobs of the working man to China, now “Regrets” the wholesale slaughter of the Iraqis and Afghans and are promising to create jobs, from somewhere, for the workers, while the Jewish led Tory Party is humanely continuing the slaughter of Muslims, in order to give them a Democracy, which still appears elusive and appears to necessitate the theft of British “Freedoms,” at home, in order to keep the people “Safe.”

Little Willy Hague is now selecting a group of people out of thin air, whom he is declaring to  be the real “Democratic” Government of Syria, from a group of people whom live abroad. There has been no uproar in Parliament over this blatant interference in the affairs of a sovereign state, probably because a huge number of Members of the House, are quaking in their posh boots, worried that they may be amongst those “outed” in the continuing paedophile scandal.

Democracy in the UK has meant that, in living memory, there has been no other government elected, apart from the Socialist or Conservative Parties. This is a well-known indication of madness. The French have recently experienced the same degree of stupidity, when the Socialist, quickly dropped all of his election promises and reverted to exactly the same policies as those of his predecessor.

Election promises are referred to as “rhetoric,” which in fact is a question which demands no answer, which is quite distinct from a blatant lie. All politicians make use of “rhetoric” and the people just shrug their shoulders and do nothing.

Finally we come to “Corruption”  which is endemic. There is hardly a politician whom has not been bought in some way. However it has now been “Legalised” and is nothing more than “Lobbying” which has been responsible for making every member of the House and Senate into millionaires and the rest of us into cattle heading for the slaughter. Blair and Brown are already hauling in the loot in appreciation of their efforts for The City of London.

Well It’s Lying Time Again You’re Gonna Deceive Me.

The shameful band of scum, from the MI6 Newsroom, whom euphemistically refer to themselves as Sky News journalists, are regurgitating the entire  Libyan script, changing only the name of the State to Syria,

Following on from an earlier claim, to have seen a regime fighter jet, frantically searching for a target, on which to drop its bombs, unseen by all of those camera crews whom were in attendance, she informed us that finally the bomber dropped its bombs near a school.  This expanded later in the report to explain how all of the children in a hospital had been injured by bombs dropped by Assad, whom would appear to aiding and abetting Sky, in its job to build up a case for a “No Fly Zone.”

The woman, yes it was the award-winning liar, Alex Crawford, found no trace whatsoever, of an injury which may have been caused by the highly paid killers from her own government. A French journalist, whom had been in the company of some of these hired murderers, told how they all spoke in English, with regional accents. They were not foreigners using English as a second language.

As the report advanced, as in Libya, we heard from doctors, all of whom spoke perfect English, whom were now being targeted for treating resistance fighters from the “Free Syrian Band of Thugs” under what had now become constant bombardment from squadrons of fighter bombers. In the space of a few hours all of these things happen, however there is still no photographic evidence  available.

Despite ample evidence of Rebel atrocities, every single child whom lay injured in the hospital had been proclaimed to be a victim of the regime. Crawford talked of bombing and strafing from the air, of neighbourhoods which contained no legitimate target. Where one may ask, does she think that all of the Mercenaries, whom all of the involved Zionist controlled governments have admitted to arming and sending into Syria, in order to take down the regime, are hiding out?

Has Crawford never heard of YouTube? Has she never compared a tale saying that Rebels are slaughtering civilians, against another saying that it is the regime, carrying out the killings and explaining in simple language, without her usual stuttering, which is an indication of lies, how she can be so firmly on the side of the Rebels when there are available clips, showing how they are falsifying reports?

This team is not reporting news, they are, as are the politicians back in the UK, merely puppets. Their orders are coming from the City of London through their runners from Thames House, on the ground in Syria.

Can there be any wonder why I have come to doubt, everything which this same government, in the past related about Adolf Hitler and his regime in Germany.

The Outright Lie Of Peak Oil.

A while back I watched, on French Television, the trailer for a detective series of some sort. I am not sure whether it was British or American. It featured Tim Roth an Englishman.

The thrust of the series was apparently based on Roth’s ability to spot liars and his own judicious use of lies, to provoke responses in others.

I have never watched an episode of the series, so my apologies, if I have a mistaken impression of the format.

That said, a couple of days ago I watched the repeat of an interview on Edge Media TV. The programme had originally been transmitted, back in the days when we were still in the grip of Man Made Global Warming and of course before the “leaking” of the Emails, from the Climate Research Unit, which of course exposed the lies which had been used to manipulate public opinion.

I was working while the programme was on the air, and I did not pay it too much attention, until the interviewed, began to use data which had been generated by the UN, an organisation which I believe to be criminal.

He quoted ideas about Carbon Dioxide being a “Greenhouse Gas” and how petrol engines were responsible for the huge increase in the quantity of CO2, which would of course lead to all those dreadful “overheating” problems. We are now being told that CO2 is in fact a miracle gas, which can produce more heat and more cold, more drought and more rain, in fact, it can produce whatever the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has need of to justify a Carbon Tax.

This character then started to deliver his sermon about the need to prepare for,”Life Without Oil.” At which point I began to pay more attention to what he was saying. I have spent quite a few hours of my life, researching the availability of oil and the location of secret resources which have been deliberately capped and hidden.

He suggested that the oil reserves in the Middle East were diminishing. He could not be certain, because Saudi Arabia, was still suggesting that it could increase supply to deal with shortfalls on the World Markets. He felt that this was not true, that in fact they had already started on a downwards production spiral.

He went on to suggest that output was declining in The North Sea, US, the Canadian Shale oil would amount to very little and was not cost-effective. We were in effect already beyond “Peak Oil Production.”

He made no mention of the huge reserves which have been tapped in Venezuela, which are said to exceed the quantity of all the oil, which has been pumped since the invention of the Internal Combustion Engine.

No mention either of the huge stocks in Alaska which are being concealed and of course no mention of the untapped African reserves or of the prospect of phenomenal stocks waiting to be discovered in Siberia.

He was then asked his opinion on Abiotic Oil.

I was staggered at his reaction. His eyes darted all over the room. He started to fidget. He touched his nose a dozen times. He stuttered as he spoke. It was at this point I remembered Tim Roth and the TV show. They were right on the button. This man was quite obviously a liar.

Abiotic oil, he assured us was rubbish. If it were true, why were wells not refilling? Why were production figures declining? He then insisted that the “Science Was Settled” that oil truly was generated by Dinosaur excrement and seaweed.

This is pure propaganda. There is no science behind this claim. Wells are in fact refilling. Even in the US, wells, which were thought to be dry, are back in production.

With little difficulty, the US could be completely self-sufficient in oil. A huge quantity of US oil is being sent to power the growing needs Chinese motorists, whom have none of the Carbon restrictions, which will soon be forced onto the US motorist.

The reality of the “Peak Oil” claims are to further restrict the freedoms of the Western motorist and to justify a crippling increase in the price at the pumps. It is in line with all of the aims of that other UN project Agenda 21.

We can watch similar levels of lying, from our politicians, when they explain how closing down Western Industry to cut down Carbon emissions and sending the “dirty” industries to China, where there are no Carbon emission restrictions, will stop Global Warming or as it is now called Climate Change.

There is no sensible answer to this question. This is quite patently rubbish and lies. So why are our politicians feeding us this garbage? Can anybody be so stupid as to believe it?

I heard a chilling prediction the other day. concerning the huge investment which has been made in China, by the Elite. The comparison was made with the Revolution in Russia, which was carried out by the same “Money Men” whom have invested so heavily in China.  The first step in Russia was to slaughter huge swathes of the population. It has been suggested that the Chinese Army will be used to carry out the same mission in the US. Be Prepared.

 Huge US Oil Reserves.

 Growing Scandal Of Secretly Capped US Oil 


Update:  I wrote this post late in the evening on 3rd April, as if by magic, this morning, 4th April I received an Email , giving me a link to documentary called “Collapse” which was by an Ex LAPD Cop. I opened the link and there he was, the “Fidgety nose stroker” his name, Michael Ruppert.

He apparently foretold the “Crash” well didn’t we all? There is nothing smart about that. The same thing in 1987, it was all so obvious, that even my dog foretold it.

What I found  particularly annoying about this character was his mixing of fact with fiction, which is the usual method of propagandizing. Having filled our heads    with the UN rubbish about climate change and global warming, and Peak Oil and the need to stop driving cars, which is all in Agenda 21, he then quickly slipped in, a brief mention of Central Banking and Compound Interest and an economy based on debt, just to show that his heart was in the right place.

I believe that this ex cop, is working for “The Man” his job is to further the aims of the murderers whom present themselves as our Chosen Leaders. The main pre-occupation of these folk, has always been to cull the herd, they prefer to leave most of the farmland fallow rather than allow the rest of us a little space to grow our food.

My Internet reception is not strong enough to watch the film, I must go to town and watch it in a Cyber Cafe. I must admit however, I am already biased against this character, I am not expecting this film to change my opinion. I am more interested in the coincidence. The sender had not read my post.