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Trump Spells Out The Myth Of The Professional Politician.


Anyone, blessed with a touch of perspicacity, will have long ago, fully understood that there is no such job as that of  the ‘professional politician.’

The names of your ‘leaders’ are pulled out of a hat, full of the names of idiots and as has just occurred in the UK, where the Billy Bunter of the House of Commons, Boris Johnson, through the use of the Peter Principle, has been elevated into a position of importance, in which he is, up the creek without a paddle,   lacking any previous experience, and expected to deal with other idiots, across the world, whom have been given their jobs, through the use of the same principle. It is a case of whoever amongst them has half a brain, will be King.

ThePeter Principle suggests that,  “Every ambitious person will rise to their own level of incompetence and having done so, they will be unable to cope.”

It is for that reason that, however many times you continue to vote for those,  whom have achieved nothing, they will in future, produce nothing of value. We are being run by incompetents?

What Trump is proposing, a limit of two terms, for elected representatves,  will frighten these idiot politicians;  many of whom have never held down a real job, in their life,  to death.

Take note Jeremy Corbyn the Leader of the Labour Party,  has just selected a bunch of Cabinet Members, from the dregs of the Socialist Party, which has just witnessed the mass resignation of all of the so-called “Senior Members,” which will not matter a jot, as whomsoever holds these designated positions, is of no importance, as they are all simply doing as instructed, by a hidden Politburo, whether the UK is in or out of the European Union.


Trump is exposing the worthless reality of the so-called Democratic system, which in its current form is no more than a sad joke.


A possible solution to the problem posed by the Peter Principle is for companies to provide adequate skill training for employees receiving a promotion, and to ensure the training is appropriate for the position to which they have been promoted. However, Dr. Peter pessimistically predicted that even good employee training is ultimately unable to overcome the general tendency of organisations to promote employees to positions of incompetence, which he refers to as positions of “final placement.” (investopedia)