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The Streets Have A Thousand Eyes.


The Streets Have A Thousand Eyes.

There are national groups which take care of surveillance. The likes of GCHQ in Cheltenham, United Kingdom, MI6 lodged in Thames House, London, France has its highly secret ‘Frenchelon’ DGSE, Direction générale des service extérieurs, all of them working together with the National Security Agency in the United States.

I doubt very much whether any ‘terrorist group’ is actually doing its planning on twitter or Facebook, or indeed anywhere else on-line, in view of all the actual surveillance, which we are lead to believe, was so sophisticated, that it actually tracked down Osama Bin Laden, by coordinating, his position in Pakistan, the only time he was sloppy enough, to use a portable telephone, having presumably taken out a contract, in the name of Osama Bin Laden, sounds feasible.

Since around 2007, the main European security agencies, have entered into, what was referred to, at the time, as a ‘new dimension of cooperation.’

This new approach involved a massive trawl of telephone and internet traffic, their aim being to ‘crack’ the encryption’s of all computer and smart phone manufacturers, allowing them access to all and everything, which was once called, your business.

At that time, the French were actively going after Hezbollah in Lebanon and AQMI a resistance group in the Sahel, where all the riches are to be found, while they were still picking the cherries from the Balkan incident.

At the same time, an agreement was reached allowing GCHQ, NSA and DGSE to spy on each others citizens’ communications and with the assistance of Google and Facebook, your every move can be tracked. Much of this information was released by ‘whistle-blower,’ Edward Snowden.

This is a gross deception of the people of Europe. Without so much as a whisper to me, the French government has allowed the British and Americans total access to my every move on-line or telephone.

GCHQ have been spying on the British for years, while successive governments, quietly ignored the rights of the people to personal privacy.

All of this snooping is justified by the stupid assertion, that ‘if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to worry about.’ That being the case, why were we not warned about this invasion of our privacy? Why did it take Edward Snowden to disclose these actions by our democratic leaders? This would suggest that they themselves, have something to hide, which begs the question as to what else they have concealed from us?

What they do have to conceal from us is their own pack of lies. By disclosing the technics of surveillance, and occasionally a report of a successful operation, for example, they have made claim to having sent a guided missile down the reception signal to a terrorist’s telephone and blown him to smithereens, yet when ISIL/Daech, recently made contact, with an unknown recipient, to claim responsibility, for the New Years Eve attack in Turkey, the caller was untraceable and not for the first time.

The obvious conclusion to a situation in which, there is no evidence that this gigantic spy operation, has ever justified its existence, by preventing a terrorist attack, is most surely because they do not want to prevent such attacks.

More recently, while informing us that the FBI, NSA and CIA all ‘believe’ Russia to have ‘hacked’ a portable telephone, on which secret documents were stored, a phone which could have been hacked by anyone, as it was protected by no more than the word ‘password’ as its password, or indeed that Russia, had managed to hack into voting machines which were not even on-line, yet despite an international array of equipment, and the sharing of all data, not only sharing but having allowed the likes of GCHQ to actually snoop on the USA, not a shred of evidence was produced in support of these ‘beliefs.’

The only possible conclusion, which can be drawn from this apparent uselessness of a multi-billion dollar computer network, but which, alongside ever traceable ‘smart-phones’ with the use of computers in all modern cars, which can be controlled from a distance and brought to a stop and finally ‘smart-meters’ in every home, allowing the State to control your use of power and then, with all the former in place, final link in the chain, the coup de grace, being the ‘chip,’ somewhere in your body, creating ‘smart-people,’ at which point, it will become clear that all of this electronic junk, is being aimed at us, and most importantly, the date of our death, seventy-five is often mentioned, for those of us whom earn, less than the sum required to pay for a few extra years in the old folks home. 

The authorities have no need of a tracking system to detect terrorists, they control the terrorists. There is no genuine International Muslim Terrorism it has been yet another example of Fake News.

That is not to say that Saudi Arabia and Israel are not funding Wahhabi Muslims in Syria or that the United States is not continuing to help fund and arm all of them. The sheer cost of arming these ‘terrorists’ who are everywhere, they are even turning up in China and Africa and are even preparing to take over in Macedonia. A uniformed military is a ruse used to turn decent men into paid killers.

Only extremely rich countries, with a private Central Bank, with the ability to print money – which it is daily becoming ever more apparent, that this money will never be paid back and it was never intended that it should be paid back – could pay the cost of running a private war with paid mercenaries, we are now into the final lap. It must have all cost trillions of Dollars. From where could a bunch of dedicated, religious Muslims have found such huge sums.

Out of nowhere has come the funding for two million or so immigrants to travel, from mainly Africa to Europe. Where on arrival in Europe, with ‘smart-phones’ which apparently never run out of credit, wearing baseball caps and trendy trainers, they claim to have paid one thousand dollars for the trip.






The final hurdle being the sea crossing from Africa, which was facilitated by a group called MOAS, an NGO, which waited patiently for the immigrants to arrive in rubber Zodiac boats, all of them wearing life-jackets, all of them Black, none of them refugees.

When they had packed the rescue boat with a thousand or so passengers, they waited for the recovery vessel to arrive from Libya to collect all the life-jackets and the Zodiacs for the next batch of migrants and then they set sail for Italy.

You may have noticed that in the above clips, Mark Stone tells us that the boats have no more than enough fuel to sail five or six kilometres off shore, then in the next breath he tells us the a boat has capsised, spilling a load of fuel into the water and people are being asphyxiated by breathing and swallowing it. There is no sign of a capsised Zodiac, which are incredibly difficult to capsise, there are a couple of people in the water, all of them secure in their life-jackets.

When the Italian Coastguards arrive they are not Italian, despite the chaos in Libya, they apparently have ‘coastguards’ with nothing better to do than to pay a visit to MOAS.

There was, noticeably no film shot of them sailing away, with the zodiacs in tow and decks packed with life-jackets.

Should the claim that the migrants were being charged one thousand dollars for the trip, by ‘People Smugglers,’ which was the sum mentioned by the mainstream media, from where did these Africans’ whom Stone assured us were fleeing poverty,  get hold of a thousand dollars. This is quite clearly yet another load of tosh, from the mainstream boys. They were all funded.

There are a group of ‘reporters’ on Sky News, whom habitually present slanted News stories. One of them in particular Lisa Holland, whom during the build up to the destruction of Libya was making rubbish reports about riots in the streets against Gadaffi, while never once speaking to a contented Gadaffi supporter.

Gadaffi’s son Saif, got hold of Holland, put her in a car, and drove her around, one afternoon, wherever she wanted to go. He asked her to take look around. The Libyans’ were fine, as usual for Holland the only spokespeople, whose word could be trusted were of those folk whom stood against Gadaffi. Any show of support was automatically false.

Where are all of these riots you talk about? he asked her. There were none. Shortly after that the British and French Terror bombing started. Both the British and French participants were controlled by Jews. They could drop bombs wherever they chose, while Holland put it to Saif Gadaffi, that even bombing a desert outpost affected someone or other, anyone apart from the Western terrorist who were trying to capture the oil pumps.

Within days of the collapse of the Gadaffi regime, the King of Jews, set up his Central Bank and plunged the once debt free Libya into the claws of the Jew controlled International Monetary Fund.

Most of this tale from start to finish, was misrepresented by the Mainstream media, whom are now completely devoid of any real journalists.

Good By Eamonn And Good Luck.


                       Good By Eamonn And Good Luck.

I was quite surprised to hear Eamonn Holmes on Sky News, during a report about the wild claims, which had been made by the Brexit camp, during the days leading up to the referendum, which he felt had misrepresented what had actually been said. He asked in despair, why are the newspapers always telling lies? Why are they such liars?

Eamonn Holmes was absent from his chair this morning and I discovered a report, claiming that he had resigned, after eleven years with Sky News, to follow a different path.

I have no idea which came first, his suggestion that the British media were a gang of liars, or maybe he felt free to make this remark, having no further obligation of continuing to wear the Sky gag, as he had already resigned.

A while back a newspaper reviewer,on the same Sky News, when confronted with a colleague whom suggested that we should all accept that the science of Climate Change had been settled, blurted out a cry of, leave it out will you, Climate Change is a load of cobblers, or something like that and then quickly apologised saying, I know I promised not to say that but I just couldn’t help it.

Today on Sky, Mark Stone had suddenly found more footage to add to his wobbly report from yesterday. He was till located in the area twelve miles from Libya, as he was yesterday and blow me down another rubber boat turned in daylight this time, but it was presented as the missing footage of the boat which had been previously filmed in the dark. During this venture the team was visited by the Libyan Coastguard, which Stone had forgotten to mention in his previous report.

We were not allowed to hear for ourselves the conversation which took place between ‘Stone’ who was suddenly in charge of the operation and the Captain of the Libyan vessel, so it was Stone whom told us what had passed between them. It was of no greatb importance but simply an explanation from the Libyan as to how hard it was to find these boats, even as he was in the company of a team who had between them found three in a matter of hours and saved a claimed one thousand people.

To me it appeared as if the ‘Rescue Boat’ had been hanging around, waiting for these rubber boats to float into view, which had been quite deliberately, given enough fuel to take them twelve miles from the coast, so for there to be claims of a large quantity of fuel, floating on the water, which the migrant’s were swallowing and all that nonsense, would seem to be overstated.

What Stone was filming was a flagrant use of so-called ‘Rescue Boats’ as a means of picking up the paying passengers in the rubber boats and taking them on to Italy, from where they will head for Germany.

When they arrive in Germany, many of them but not all, will justifiably, search some sort of retaliatory means of protesting the destruction of their homelands, by NATO, others are no more than thugs and should be rounded up deported back to Africa.

The reporter in the above clip, Lisa Holland, was stationed in Libya, during the build-up to the total destruction of that country, by the British and French, with the assistance of paid mercenaries. During her time there she reported constantly about a non-existent threat to the people of Libya from Muammar Gadaffi. Saif Gadaffi took her on a tour of the quiet streets of Libya and asked her to show him where these fearful people could be located. He pointed out to her that the people were all indoors enjoying the evening, there was no problem.

She later, sneeringly complained that the Gadaffi family did not even have the guts to commit suicide.

She is now in the process of presenting the opposition to the mass rape of women and young children in Germany, as Neo-Nazi racism, which is not only biased reporting it is also a pack of lies, as she well knows.

Perhaps Eamonn Holmes had just had enough of this propaganda and chose to wash his hands of it. Speaking for myself, the only program I ever listened to on Sky News was Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes, especially when he was accompanied, for a while by Charlotte Hawkins. He will be missed in my shack.

Obama; Still Howling For Blood

While our beloved leaders are collectively discussing the latest atrocity of the “Free West” in the heart of the Empire, which when under the control of a cabal of Jews, carried out one of the greatest slaughters in human history, which was designed to annihilate Russian Christians, the current leaders of Russia are the stumbling block to the slaughter, which is currently taking place against Muslims.

You may have noticed that the US Military, in the above clip, is described as the 21st Century Nazis, this is crap, the National Socialists were the victims of the last Great War and Germany is still an occupied country.

The agenda of the hidden hand, which through the use of their “funny money” and the greed of “elected” politicians, controls the world, is even today using the same technique to demonise, Bashar Assad as was used against the model for all of the modern obstacles to their aims, Adolf Hitler.  The real model was in fact one of their own, Joseph Stalin and the rest of the cabal in Russia, all of whom fought alongside the “Free West.”

Of whatever Hitler was accused, it is dwarfed by the cruelty and wholesale murders and genocides, which were perpetrated by the money of Wall Street, behind the Iron Curtain, by the Jewish Soviets. As were the Germans before them, the Muslim victims are being presented as the aggressor and the very same “Coalition of Scum” has been mounted against them, as was arraigned against, the too successful, National Socialist State of Germany.  To emphasise the reality this agenda, it cannot have been unnoticed by followers of events, that all of the Muslims, appear to be ruled by a “Hitler.”

Take a moment to study events leading up to the outbreak of WW2 and it will become apparent, that nothing much has changed in the intervening years. Those whom believe that Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and now Bashar Assad, are one and all as black as they have been painted, in order to justify the atrocities which have been carried out against their countries, must think again, we are the plague, which has been responsible for the death of millions of innocent people, for hundreds of years.

When the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, states that the refugees in Syria are in need of humanitarian help and that the UK will be at the forefront, making sure that they receive this aid, he is a monumental liar, he is in fact, along with his Foreign Secretary Wild Willy Hague, partly responsible for what is happening to Syria and he is desperate to gain permission to take Syria apart, in the manner of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the Balkans.

Cameron, in his defence of the UK, against an off the cuff remark, which was made by a Russian, admitted that the UK had taken part in a regime change in Germany, when he claimed that the UK had helped rid Europe of the democratically elected National Socialist government of Adolf Hitler. It was in fact, as we have long known, that the treaty with France to maintain Poland’s borders, was simply a pretext to launch an illegal war. In the words of Maj. Gen.JFC Fuller:

“Not the political doctrine of Hitler has hurled us into this war. The reason was the success of his increase in building a new economy. The roots of war were envy, greed and fear.” – Major General J.F.C. Fuller, historian, England

The same tactic is being used against Assad in Syria today. Along with Iran and Iraq, Syria has signed a contract to build a pipeline, which would enable the export of gas and oil to Europe. Israel, which has recently discovered its own gas deposits, along with Turkey and some of the Gulf States, cannot allow this pipeline to be installed, as it will interfere with their desire to retain the European business for themselves. This is the hidden reason behind the frantic call to destroy Syria.

The British, for some reason, as yet unclear, have been called off. This has obliged David Cameron to take a back seat at the G20 meeting in St Petersburg.  Vladimir Putin single-handedly wiped the floor with the rest of the Coalition of the Willing, all of whom continue to lie through their teeth in favour of the Israeli option, to destroy the military capability of Assad in Syria. Pretending to be simply making a point about chemical weapons.

They have not yet been asked by any member of the so-called “Free Press,” what action they would take, should it turn out to have been those whom had the most to gain from the “False Flag,” chemical attack, that is the murderers whom the West paid to carry out the attack. I believe it to have been a journalist whom coined the phrase, “The First Casualty of War etc.”

Stuart Ramsey, the journalist from Thames House is mooching around the Borderland, between Syria and Turkey, spreading his lies about the behaviour of the Syrian Military. According to Ramsey, Assad has a Squadron of Fighter Bombers, which are airborne all day long, eagerly seeking out villages, to callously  bomb the people to death.

Every other word, which the greasy little prat utters is, bombed. Could it be that he is spreading his disinformation, in order to call for a “No Fly Zone?”  That would be to save the people of course, all of whom have been killed by Assad and nary a one by the paid murderers in the employ of the “Coalition.”

Ramsey’s chum, the chubby, sweaty one, whom was alleged to have passed GPS positions to the NATO bombers in Libya, Lisa Holland, had the face to describe what the Assad regime was presenting on State Television as “propaganda,” This coming from  an organisation which has continued throughout the so-called War on Terror, to present an absolute barrage of lies and deception to the British viewer.

They were almost in tears over the fact that Cameron was not in a position to call for the blood of Assad, despite the lack of evidence to show that he was guilty of any act, which had contravened the law against the use of chemical weapons and full in the face of  the fact that the paid murderers had been caught red-handed, while trying to smuggle Sarin into Syria from Turkey.

Just Another Daily Dose Of Crap From Sky News.

The latest war zone for Sky News, is the ongoing war against the BBC. To the delight of the Sky team, the Beeb has been caught out, endangering the lives of a group of students, from the London School of Economics, by using them as cover to film life inside the Peoples Republic of North Korea.

Korea, according to Sky, much like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan et al, has a repressive, murderous regime, which will kill whomsoever they choose. Unlike the USA or the UK,  where the Rule of Law reigns supreme.

Sky, in their eagerness to condemn the BBC, forgot to mention tiny details of reality, such as the fact that the last time that the US and UK were unleashed in Korea, not too long after they had finished mopping up the blood of German civilians, whom were eagerly slaughtered both in Germany and behind the newly installed “Iron Curtain,”  “Our Boys,” and “GI Joe,” managed to create, in Korea, a Blood Bath, comparable to the twenty million or so Germans whom had died during WW2. One third of the population of North Korea were murdered, which qualifies as a genocide. So let us keep things in proportion.

During their report Sky, ran a film of the unveiling of statues, dedicated to the first two leaders of the Korean Republic, in their usual scathing way, taking a side swipe at the regime which presented itself as supreme. Without a trace of irony, they then went straight into a report about the museum and library, which was to be dedicated to the achievements of Margaret Thatcher.

Should a team of journalists, from Korea, choose to make a clandestine film of  daily life for a large number of the population of the UK, they could soon find those whom are condemned to live in card-board boxes and seek nourishment at Soup Kitchens.

A young British Journalist recently died, while sleeping rough in the UK, while attempting to see just how hard life could be, for  marginalised, homeless people in the UK, without any apparent need of sanctions, such as those imposed against Korea. A fifty-three year-old homeless man, was beaten to death, for fun, by two brothers, whose elder brother was already serving a life sentence for a senseless murder, in the homely United Kingdom.

Korean journalists,  could in fact make a pretty good case, should they continue the investigation into Greece and Spain, concluding that life in Europe is little better than is life in North Korea. They might add, that Israel is making threats against Iran, on a daily basis, without criticism from the same Sky News, which never stops complaining of the stress which is caused by North Korea making the same noises against South Korea.

Stuart Ramsay was once again under-cover, investigating the Cyber War in South Korea, where in his usual hushed, conspiratorial tones, he interviewed the White Hackers, whom are being trained to take on those devilish little chappies from the other side of the Demilitarised Zone, the Black Hackers.

His chum, the award-winning liar, Alex Crawford, is engaged in yet another war, in far away Africa, The War Against the Rhino Poachers. While back home, Sky is reporting the new refugee crisis in Mali, chubby Lisa Holland, the journalist whom it was alleged, passed GPS positions to the Royal Air Force, whom were engaged in enforcing a “No Fly Zone,” which does not appear to have the same meaning in  “Banter” as it does for the rest of us, of the whereabouts of particular targets on the ground in Libya.

Meanwhile, David Cameron, is firing the opening salvo in the War Against Europe. In the manner of “The Iron Lady,” he is attempting to rewrite the EU Treaties. As it was for Margaret Thatcher before him, whom claimed to have reduced the UK contribution to the EU Black Hole, Cameron will find that he will be allowed whatever it is deemed necessary to enable him to claim to the British voter, that he has made a remarkable renegotiation, in their name, which will render a “no vote,” in any referendum, a seriously misguided choice, making the result of the coming rigged election believable.

Sky, in their eagerness to frighten parents into accepting the MMR vaccine for their children, in the areas where there appears to be an outbreak of Measles, warned that “a child could die,” in an immoral form of blackmail, when all studies show, that there is a far greater chance of dying from the vaccine, than there is from Measles. They insisted several time that Andrew Wakefield, the doctor whom had claimed a link between MMR and Autism, had been discredited and struck off the Medical Register and his research shown to be a fraud, without giving an opportunity of a response.

The one doctor whom offered an opinion, that the Health Authorities should make the Measles  vaccine, available and not the triple MMR vaccine, which would allow those parents whom were fearful of the MMR vaccine, the opportunity to vaccinate their children simply against Measles, was shouted down by the Sky Reporter, as being in some way suggesting that there was something to fear in the MMR vaccine.

He replied that he would not speak against the MMR vaccine as to do so would put his livelihood at risk, as it had that of  others whom had spoken out. He finished by suggesting that most doctors had been of the opinion that Measles was a minor illness, which did not merit being vaccinated against. Such is the fear of State reprisals against whistle blowers.

Sky gave no indication as to the number of children, whom had been vaccinated, whom had in fact contracted Measles.

Sky in its relentless campaign to have the BBC privatised, which would cut off its life-blood of the annual Licence Fee, managed to regurgitate all of the recent embarrassments for the BBC, including the Jimmy Savile fiasco, which it has been deemed as permissible to mention but not however, Savile’s connections to Margaret Thatcher.

Very little was reported of the ongoing massacre of the innocents in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where they suffer daily attacks from the Free Killing, US Drones, nor indeed of the continuing demonstrations in Bahrain, from where Sky will soon be transmitting commentary on the Formula One Racing Circus and they made no mention of the latest land grab in Palestine, where “Sweep Head,” Benjamin Netanyahu has announced his intention of building yet more illegal Settlements.

Such is the focus of BBC investigative journalism on the one hand and the avoidance of focus of Sky News on the other hand, no wonder these folk would like to take Press TV off the air.

France Is Mounting Yet Another Coalition Of The Guilty.

A chain of events, which started with the killing of the American Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens and two Navy Seals in Benghazi, which led on to the sacking of Generals and the questioning of Hilary Clinton by a panel of inquiry and is said to have disqualified Susan Rice from taking over the reins from Hilary Clinton, whom is about to retire, because she is said to have been involved in deceit and lies, concerning the Benghazi incident.

Today, the British Foreign Office, issued a warning to British Citizens in Benghazi, to leave the country at once. This would apparently be in response to the attack in Algeria, where several British Nationals were killed.

The attack in Algeria, we were told, was in response to the French attack and recolonization of Mali and was carried out by elements from Libya, together with the Tuareg opposition to the Military Dictatorship in Mali.

Today the real reasons for all this activity is beginning to surface. Algeria, accidentally, let it slip out that they had found Canadian and French passports, on the bodies of these so-called terrorists from Mali or Libya, announcing to the World that in fact this was yet another “False Flag,” attack.

As if by magic, the award-winning team of liars on Sky News, are using terms such as, Jihadists, Islamists and most strangely of all, IAQM, which I believe is the latest acronym, with which to further demonise Muslims.

Islamic Al Qaeda in the Maghreb. I wonder who dreamt that one up?  The Sky team have never used the word Maghreb, nor Jihadist or indeed Islamists, in recent reports which I have recorded, and as for IAQM, well listening to the likes of Lisa Holland, mouthing the acronym, as if she had been using it forever, did at least bring a smile to my face, however it also made clear where all of this is heading.

The group of thugs, which was left in control of Libya, by the British and French, after the murder of Gadaffi, are now displaying their real purpose, which is to generate an excuse for NATO to send in the Coalition of the Guilty, to take control of the situation, which they themselves created, giving them a platform, from which to launch their seizure of Africa, which the French have already kicked off in Mali.

NATO, in fact, set-up their own private terrorist training camp in Libya, which is what Blair suggested that the Tuareg, in Mali would certainly be doing, in the future, should they not be destroyed, before they can drive out the Military Junta. This is pure evil.

The same thugs, whom in Libya have been murdering Black Libyans, are now supposedly helping the Tuareg to liberate the ancestral home of the Blacks whom they have been slaying.

What happened to the American Ambassador in Benghazi, is now being presented as a terrorist plot, not a response to a film which was most certainly Jewish inspired. At the time I was certain that Steven’s had been chosen as cheap victim, in order to generate what is referred to as an October Surprise, to help win votes in the re-election of Obama.

I still believe that was the case, however it went terribly wrong, because somebody threw a spanner in the works, killing the Ambassador, perhaps because he was gay, who knows? At that point, how would the event have been received by the American public, should they have discovered that the death was simply to dupe them into voting for Obama, or indeed to generate an excuse for American boots on the ground in Libya? A lot of heads had to appear to roll, to cover up for that disaster.

I would suggest that in reality it is these paid mercenaries, whom have been doing all of the fighting in Mali, generating an excuse for France, to intervene and for Hollande to assure us that he would be staying put, until the rebels were wiped out.

I also believe that the attack in Algeria, was carried out without the knowledge of the Algerian government, which is why is was such a disaster. The Anglo/French mercenaries, whom carried out the attack, were not expecting the explosive response of the Algerian government, whom have a long tradition of being prepared to kill,even their own citizens. Despite this set-back, the event will still serve to bolster up the myth of Islamic Al Qaeda in the Maghreb.

The Neo Colonialists, have to date, managed to illegally attack, in the last twelve years, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan,Yemen, Somalia and Libya. They have instigated the installation of controlled governments in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. They are in the process of destroying Syria and calling for an attack against Iran, not a bad score when you consider that not one of these countries has posed any threat to the West. What, one might ask, is the role of the United Nations?

Morsi, the British controlled President of Egypt, has carried out his first task for his masters in London, he has accepted a poisoned loan of four billion dollars, from the Rothschild controlled International Monetary Fund. This is the first step down the road towards an inability to repay the interest, which will involve the privatisation of the Suez Canal. Be sure this is the Zionist aim. After Suez who knows what might be on the list, the Pyramids, Dendera?

Far richer countries than Egypt have been taken down by the Central Bankers,  Egypt does not stand a chance, with a controlled President and an army under the control of the CIA?  They will be easy meat.

At this moment “Our Global Leaders,” are in conference with their Controllers in Davos. They are being given the opportunity to mouth off platitudes, as if they are there to tell the bankers how things are going to be, when in reality they are being briefed, no doubt being informed as to which assets must put up for auction.

Cameron, the British Prime Minister, I have been informed, finds himself personally involved in the elite form of thievery, which is concealed in the dark corners of the banks in the Tax Havens of the Bahamas and Jersey, that of tax evasion. This, as he is making veiled references to the likes of Starbucks whom are guilty of the same practice.

The same old rubbish is being wheeled out to justify this form of theft, that is, the excuse of Globalism. We must now understand that multi-nationals, can not only use Globalisation as a means of using the poorest people on the planet to manufacture their goods, at the lowest cost, they must also have the right to pay their taxes in that country, which offers the lowest rates. This will give  the likes of Starbucks, the right to syphon off millions of pounds, from countries around the world, leaving those countries poorer in the process.

Starbucks are not only refusing to pay their share of taxes, they are also employing most of their staff on a part-time basis, to avoid paying for little items such as  National Insurance and holiday pay. This applies to all of the other Fast Food outlets like, Burger King, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried, Quick and Haagen Dazs.

Every one of these companies is helping to destroy the health of the population which they serve. They offer nothing which cannot be made by other indigenous companies. Europe would be better off without them. Cameron would be doing the UK a favour if he taxed them all out of the country.

Anyway I digress.



War Correspondents Are Making Themselves Legitimate Targets.

The lives of News Reporters, whom place themselves in the line of fire, particularly in Civil War type situations, depends on their impartiality. Should their objectivity and unbiased treatment of both sides in a conflict be put in doubt, they will put at risk their own lives and those of their Press colleagues.

During the illegal attack on Libya, I watched, with interest, the reports which were posted by Sky News, Press TV and Russia Today. I cannot bear to watch the BBC.

Both Sky News and Press TV, presented a version of events which was so far removed from the actuality on the ground, that it was more like theatre than News reporting.

In the Double Standard programme above, there are allegations that Mark Stone and Lisa Holland, passed GPS co-ordinates to NATO forces. The allegations have not been denied by Sky News. The correspondents involved were approached but made no comment.

Throughout the NATO attacks, which were based on little firm evidence, and yet were certainly in contravention of the terms of the UN Resolution, neither Sky News or Press TV showed any concern about the welfare of the civilians on the ground, when the “rebels” attacked a town which supported Gadaffi, while on the other hand great prominence was given to every attack which Gadaffi forces made, in every instance making great claims about casualties, with no apparent evidence.

Lisa Holland, in particular, throughout her reporting from Libya, could barely keep the sneer off her face as she discussed the regime. Her job is not to present her perception of the Gadaffi Regime, it is to report events. She spent enough time in Libya to have discovered that Gadaffi had in fact treated the Libyan people very well, there is no need to repeat his achievements here, a simple click on a Gadaffi Tag, will supply many examples. Holland however, could find nothing to report.

The “men” were playing soldiers, they were one and all embedded with the “rebels.” This entailed blaming Gadaffi forces for every atrocity, when it was as plain as day that it was the Bel Hadj forces whom were beginning the Ethnic Cleansing. Sam Kiley spent most of his time with that branch of the “rebel” forces which did little more than shoot their guns in the air and make sure that their “New Romantic” outfits were in place.

Stuart Ramsey and Tim Marshall were called on to add a bit of gravitas and to show the youngsters how to present disinformation without a trace shame. While Alex Crawford was given an award for reporting an event which showed a few men running out of sight and then come running back, this we were told was a massacre.

Mark Stone, one of the Sky team implicated in the allegations of passing information to NATO, was less in evidence, at least during the reports which I watched.

Press TV chose to use two British teams to report the bulk of their transmissions. Johnnie Miller and Nick Jones. They too, were on the “rebel” side. Both of these men presented the blackest view possible of Gadaffi. Miller was particularly biased. Both of them reported events, in a manner which so closely followed the reporting of Sky News that one could find no obvious difference, nor indeed any criticism of the NATO bombing or of the quite blatant evidence of “rebel” atrocities.

Nick Jones now finds himself in the hands of one of the tribes which is resisting the NTC. He was apparently found filming at night and arrested. Press TV, which is calling for his release, has not been specific about his assignment or for what reason he may have found it necessary to film after dark.

Whatever his current mission may be, Jones most certainly failed to mention that a huge number of Libyans actually supported Gadaffi, to the bitter end and that they are in fact continuing the struggle, despite the lack of coverage which Press TV now gives to the state of Libya, after the NATO attack which they failed to condemn.

Jones must have witnessed many atrocities, during the time he spent with the Bel Hadj gang of thugs, let us hope his captors are less brutal with him, even though his reporting was a one hundred per cent justification for the criminal overthrow of a UN member State.

Nick Jones is not the only Journalist to come under attack in recent times. A group of Reporters came under attack in Homs, Syria. They were sheltering in a Safe House, during an attack. As with Libya, every report has been slanted in favour of the “rebels.”

The Mainstream Media has once again presented, what is quite obviously an aggressive, armed attack, by a group of men whom are prepared to kill anything that moves in the street, man, woman or child, as a bloodthirsty attack by the Assad regime. They quite blatantly report “rebel” snipers on the rooftops, as Assad killers.

When the safe house was hit by a shell or rocket-propelled grenade, killing two journalists and injuring others, one can only assume that it came from “rebel” fire as no instant claim was made that it was Assad forces. Taking the lives of Journalists in such a situation, would be of more benefit to the “rebels” than to the regime.

Stuart Ramsey and other members of the Sky team, were certainly in the locality of Homs at the time of the killings of the Journalists, which illustrates the need for total impartiality on their part. Should it prove correct that they had indeed been aiding the “rebels” in Libya and that they were in some way affiliated to the undercover MI6,Mossad, Al Qaeda and CIA operatives on the ground in Syria it makes a nonsense of claims of the Freedom of the Press.

Press TV have made a better job of reporting from Syria, giving a far more balanced view of events. They are also giving complete coverage to the ongoing struggles in Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, which are being ignored by Sky and the BBC. Neither of whom made any mention of the UN, US, UK and Arab League acceptance of a one man election in Yemen, which put Saleh’s deputy in power, I believe it was his wife whom cast the vote, while lining up the full force of Kofi Annan the UN Gen Sec whom made a fortune out of the food for oil scandal in Iraq, to force Assad, whom has made many sweeping changes in Syria, which have been overwhelmingly accepted in a referendum, to step down.

Adam Boulton, on his Sky News programme, during an interview with a taxi driver, illustrated that it is not only the exploits of NATO and the City of London which benefit from biased Sky reporting, when he asked the taxi man, whom was suggesting that the government should reduce the duty payable on a gallon of petrol, if he had no concern for Carbon Emissions, he almost asked the man if he was a Global Warming Denier.

Sky News completely ignored the Emails which were leaked from the CRU, which exposed the blatant lies and falsification of the data concerning Global Warming, which has since been referred to as “the weather,” which is of course, controlled by motor cars.

We were then presented with a real feast of hypocrisy. A discussion with a correspondent in Russia explaining how the Russian Press is controlled by Putin and not open and fair like what Sky News pretends to be. Which brings me nicely to Russia Today’s coverage of Libya and Syria.

While not wanting to appear to present Gadaffi and Assad as a pair of Angels, they did speak to both sides in the wars. They spoke in praise of Gadaffi for the many benefits which he made available for the Libyan people and they were the only channel which went back after the so-called end of hostilities, to speak to some of the survivors whom they had previously interviewed.

They found that Gadaffi supporters were frightened for their lives and would only speak with pixellated faces, while the men whom had joined the “rebels” were disappointed to find that the funds for their education in overseas Universities were no longer available and of course for the first time in living memory Libya had homeless people.

Sky News, on the other hand has not ventured back and is still presenting the NATO atrocity as a blessing for the people of Libya. Back in Syria, the people have overwhelmingly voted in favour of sorting out their own problems without this sort of NATO Benediction. Press TV has it appears now gone back into Libya and may regret it.

I think it fair to say that the folk whom take a salary from the Mainstream Media, ought to be ashamed of themselves and that they demonstrate quite clearly why so many past events, such as for example the “Holocaust” are once again coming under scrutiny and failing the test. Remember that old maxim, how does it go now, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time etc”

This video clip illustrates life in the new “Humanitarian” Libya.