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Democracy Or Mob Rule? Of Course You Can Have Both!


For the past seventeen years we, as in the “Free West” have been drenched by tales of the benefits of Democracy, particularly in terms of forcing it down the unwilling throats of those whom preferred to live under another system.

The renowned Democrat, Anthony Blair, the Prime Minister of the “Home of Democracy” the United Kingdom, did, when confronted by massive demonstrations, all across the United Kingdom, opposing his proposed attack against Iraq, while knowing full well that fabricated lies were being used to justify this attack and being aware that should three million people have gone to the trouble of making the effort to take part in the anti-war demonstrations, that many millions of others, though lazy, were no doubt in full support of the demonstrators, cynically chose to ignore the opposition of those, whom had democratically voted him into office and took the British people into an illegal war, which for the past fifteen years has completely rid Iraq of any form of civilised existence, while their country lies in ruins around them.

In the build-up to the attack against Iraq, the British propaganda machine had dug out the old instruction manual entitled “How To Create a Common All Garden Brutal Dictator”, a textbook which had served so well in the condemnation of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, a manual full of black propaganda which was used to trick the British People and the rest of the “civilised world”, into an illegal war, which was fought under the guise of “saving the world from Fascism”, when in reality it was the first step towards the death of Democracy and the installation of the Bolshevik Communist New World Order, which was opposed by Hitler, Mussolini and Franco in Spain, all of whom were accused of attempting to do exactly what the British people had been unknowingly tricked into doing, by International Jewry. to create the foundation of the Bolshevik Communist New World Order, in a “liberated” Europe.

“We won this war with atrocity propaganda…and now we will start even more than ever! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will accept one good word from the Germans ever again, until everything is destroyed which might have garnered them some sympathy in other countries, and until they will be so confused that they will not know what to do anymore.

When this state is reached, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and not reluctantly but with a hasty willingness to obey the winners, only then the victory is complete.

It will never be definite. The re-education demands thorough, steadfast nurture like an English lawn. Only one moment of inattention and the weeds will break through, this ineradicable weed of historic truth.” – Sefton Delmar, former British chief propagandist after the capitulation in 1945 to the German expert on international law Prof. Grimm.

“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German Peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” – Jewish professor A. Kulischer (October, 1937).

“We made a monster, a devil out of Hitler. Therefore we couldn’t disavow it after the war. After all, we mobilized the masses against the devil himself. So we were forced to play our part in this diabolic scenario after the war. In no way could we have pointed out to our people that the war was only an economic preventive measure.” – US foreign minister Baker (1992)

The British Fabian Society, of which Anthony Blair was a member, was already standing by, at the end of hostilities in Europe in 1945, to take the first step down the road to the serfdom of the British people, when having been placed into power, the Fabian Society controlled Socialists, they set about installing the Welfare State, which was quickly used to bring in shiploads of parasites from the West Indies, soon to be followed by the over-flow from the Sub-Continent, where the people whom are claimed to be the most intelligent people on earth, whom seem to lack the knowledge as to how babies are made, were brought into the Home of Democracy, where they have been allowed to rape and murder to their heart’s content or so it would appear. It would also appear that cannibalism is an innate feature of Black daily life, as recently in the United Kingdom, a couple of Somali children tried to eat a White child as if it was a daily snack. The mother of these hungry kids, told us outright, “not to worry that’s what children do”. Well not from where I come.

It has now become evident that the infiltration of Europe, by millions of Muslims and Blacks has not been done out of any sort of humanitarian gesture, it is all written in stone, in the words of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who proposed the mixing of coloured Races with White Christians to create a mix of coffee coloured people of low intelligence. The British hero Anthony Blair, was honoured with the Kalergi Prize for his efforts to fulfill the aim of destroying his own people.

The British people are never consulted about any of the changes which are put in place in their “democracy”. Gordon Brown, having changed his mind about the promise of a referendum, before signing the Lisbon Treaty, without any mention of the contents of this enormous document, slid off to Lisbon and signed away the freedom of the British people.

Brexit has put the cat amongst the pigeons, as they say, because Brown, by signing the LisbonTreaty, will have accepted, in the name of the British people, certain things which make it impossible for the UK to leave the EU. That is the problem with signing documents without first reading them. Not that it matters, Brown had no choice, like Blair he took his orders from the gang. in the ranks of the Fabian Society, whom will no doubt have the necessary proof that Brown was a paedophile or some such thing, tucked away somewhere, ensuring his obedience.

Right now the nay-sayers, in the United Kingdom are out in force, ready to use any excuse to undo the result of the “Brexit Referendum” this is the new, “government approved” form of democracy which will not actually result in a second referendum, for which many people are calling, it will instead be used to force the British to accept the “Bad Deal” which Theresa May has admitted, would be “worse” than “No Deal”. Three cheers for Democracy!

Creepy Corbyn Continues To Deceive.




Creepy Corbyn Continues To Deceive.

As War Criminal Tony Blair, the Fabian Societies most successful puppet in British politics, announces his intention to invest ten million pounds of his own ill-gotten gains, into an organisation aimed at subverting the Democratic decision of the British electorate, to get the hell out of the Bolshevik Communist, covertly controlled, non-democratic, Politburo in Brussels, Jeremy Corbyn, the Fabian Societies chosen Judas, to reduce the wholly controlled Labour Party, to that of ‘no hopers,’ stubbornly refuses to reveal the part played by the Fabian Society, in the construction of the aforementioned Bolshevik Communist European Union and its ultimate aim of destroying the British working classes.

When Blair’s sparring partner, Fabian Society member, Gordon Brown, crept off to Lisbon, to sign a ‘treaty,’ which was in fact a Constitution, denying the British a promised referendum on the subject, he did so knowing full well, that the strength of feeling in the UK, against Europe, would have resulted in a ‘no vote,’ as had been the result in France, Holland and Denmark. The British People, to this day, have no idea of the toxic contents of this document, which was designed to enslave Europe.

Part two of the Grand Plan, was to breed the White Christian population to extinction, initially by contaminating the drinking water and foodstuffs with hormones, which has created a generation of men whom are already virtually sterile, leaving the women as bait, for a generation of men, whom have been carefully indoctrinated to believe that all White females are whores, waiting to be raped. They then invite thousands of such men to live amongst us.

Alongside this betrayal, there is Agenda 21 and 2030 treaties, both of which have been signed by controlled politicians, without any discussion in National Parliaments, once again without allowing the electorate access to the contents of these traitorous documents and of course, a total silence in the media.

I spend a lot of time questioning people and I quite often, casually mention Agenda 21, and innocently ask people, what they think about the idea of losing their right to private transport. In all honesty, having mentioned the subject on dozens of occasions, I have yet to meet anyone, who has any idea what I am talking about.

During a previous election campaign, in a large town near where I live, the Socialist Mayor was wandering around, seeking support for François Hollande. I asked him, with a crowd of people around us, to explain the difference between the Socialists and the UMP, now called the Republican Party.

He gave the usual crap responses about looking after the working man etc. I then asked, why the Socialists had colluded with the UMP, in order to change the French Constitution, which enabled the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, which the French People had voted against.

He had no answer and when I put it to him, that by signing the Treaty of Lisbon, the Socialists had in fact destroyed the French Constitution, putting the French People under the control of an unelected European Union, his minder started to urge him to continue his tour of the town.

I managed one more question, I asked the Mayor to explain to a women who was listening to what was going on, why he had signed on to Agenda 21, without a word to the people of the town. The first question from the woman, was of course, “What is Agenda 21?” At which point the Mayor scurried off.

They are all in league. Across Europe a subversive group, in the UK they are called ‘Common Purpose’ in the rest of the EU, they have similar innocuous names. Their job has been to destroy local democracy.

In France, thousands of small town Councils have been amalgamated into the area of larger towns and cities, which have a Department of Durable Development, which has taken all control out of the hands of the elected Mayors.

The next step will be to reduce the number of Departments and after that the number of Regions. which will gather control of vast areas of France into the new Mayoral controlled, Super Regions.

The Mayors will be under the control of a United Nations grouping of Regional and City Mayors, demonstrating the concealed link between the Bolshevik European Union and the Bolshevik controlled, unelected United Nations.

The leaders of all European Political Parties, are fully aware of the hidden agenda and choose to say nothing. The politicians, particularly those in the Socialist Parties, ‘whom work for the good of people,’ are, in truth the most vicious enemies of the working man. They have been responsible for the wholesale destruction of Europe, while still maintaining the lie that ‘things will be better inside’ a grouping which is dead on its feet.

British Labour Party politicians, whom were regular visitors to Moscow, for chats with uncle Joe Stalin, the greatest mass murderer in history, were quick to condemn the National Socialists in Germany, ignoring the Peace Treaty which had been signed by the, soon to be murdered, Neville Chamberlain, which was quickly sneered at as being no more than ‘Appeasement,’ when in fact it fully explained the humanitarian nature of the German attempts to save thousands of ethnic Germans, whom were being slaughtered by Bolshevik thugs in the Sudetenland, in a direct effort to create a war. The British people are to this day, incapable of facing up their enormous crime against Germany.




The Fabian Society has many members far more capable of carrying out deep research than a mere blogger and yet they have never come across documents, which put the lie to British claims that Hitler was about to invade the Whole Wide World and kill everyone, why do you imagine that to be,?


Has it ever crossed the mind of the average Brit, as to why, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, calmly decided to hand over Eastern Europe to the Bolshevik Jews in Russia? Including Poland, the very country Britain had promised to support should it be in danger of invasion.

In the modern world, with the interweb, smartphones, Facebook and any number of other available tools, have the Brits finally understood that they have no choice and that all of Europe has now been successfully passed under the control of the very same Bolsheviks, whom are now installed in Brussels?

The Peoples of Europe have been lead, by the nose, into serfdom and they are, in the UK, at this moment, involved in a gigantic effort to remain in serfdom, with a War Criminal now offering his assistance to undermine a ‘accidental,’ Democratic result, which will enable them to retain their slave status.

I Am A Proud European Union Denier.

I was amazed this morning, listening to a remark from a member of the shoal which has grabbed control of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, who has accused David Cameron of pandering to the ‘Euro-Sceptics.’

She appears to be making it clear to the Scottish voter, that whether they decide to vote yes or no in any referendum on Europe, she will be unwilling to accept the decision of the voter, that is should they choose to vote against membership of the EU and immediately call for another in/out referendum, hoping to leave “the” Union, so that she can take Scotland back into the destructive, asset stripping, mob controlled European Union, while still talking about her “dream of freedom” for Scotland.

What sort of arrant nonsense is this?  Take a good look Ms Sturgeon, the EU is a destructive force, which has already, through the use of devious means, destroyed, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy and France, while at the same time allowing the rest of the world to dump their ‘slave-made’ products on to the shores of the European Union, while at the same time talking of the internal market of the Union, which is reserved for members. Does Sturgeon not smell the bullshit? Where does she stand on TTIP, or is she not included in the SECRET talks?

Being a “Denier” of just about all and everything, which involves imposing dozens of new restrictions on to how I choose to live my life and the beliefs I choose to hold, I am amazed at the arrogance of any politician, whom having been elected to run the affairs of the community, by which they were elected, immediately assume the right to all us what THEY think we should all be doing, while prepared to call for a referendum which will deliver more power to them, while denying a referendum which could deliver a result which they oppose.

Perhaps Nicola Sturgeon failed to notice that the Scottish people refused to leave the Union with England.  She has already announced that she will call for another Referendum, when she decides that the Scottish people are prepared to change their mind, by voting to leave the Union. Perhaps she might take the time to explain to cynics like me, who the hell she thinks she is?

Does she intend to allow a second referendum,  should the British choose to ‘stay’ in the European Union or only if they vote to leave it?  Does she have any interest in the opinion of the Scottish people or is she too self obsessed to realise that they actually have their own ideas?

There are those people, like me, whom are convinced that the victory of the Scottish Nationalists at the last Election, was a totally rigged affair.  It had nothing to do with the wishes of the people of Scotland and everything to do with the closure of the Westminster Parliament, which has already ceased to exist, after Sturgeon’s Scottish chum, the ‘alleged’ paedophile, Gordon Brown, slunk off to Lisbon to sign the Lisbon Treaty, in denial  of  a promised referendum.

Sturgeon, has already posted her colours to the mast, when the UK finally falls to pieces, Scotland will remain in the clutches of the unelected “Mob” which controls Europe, whether they like it or not.  You don’t really need the SNP in Scotland, you will soon fall under the control of a regional Mayor, if  Europe has its way. Just like all of the other “Power Houses,” announced by the “Friends of Israel.”

Finally Ms Sturgeon, Referenda are designed to allow the people to express their choice.  It is the only trace of Direct Democracy left available to the British. Should you disagree with the result of a Referendum, or indeed of an Election, you are obliged to accept the decision of the people, whether you like it or not.  A referendum is not a tool, with which to get your own way.

Nicola Sturgeon




The End Of Days For The Labour Party.

The Labour Party, having served its purpose, is now being blended with its friends the Conservatives, where in reality, it has always been.  In the “New” Europe, there is no need of a group which pretends to have the interests of the working  man at heart,  that sort of nonsense is now under the umbrella of the Bolshevik Politburo in Brussels.

Any compliant group of clerks in the UK, will be more than capable of installing a list of decrees from head office, into local law.

Scotland has now become a “one-party State.”   In the UK the Lib-Dems, have been destroyed. Ukip has been presented as being no more than racists and will probably lose support.

The Greens are already controlled, with a future job do, which will involve the imposition of the New Communist Manifesto, Agenda 21.   So all the British need is a couple of groups of compliant dummies, pretending to have some sort of power, which they have in fact never had, they have always been controlled from behind the scenes and every thing will carry on as usual.

The British have just struggled through the longest, most boring, election campaign in history. At the end of which, they were told that all of the Pollsters had got it wrong and only the exit polls were right, which means, I presume, that everybody told lies to the pollsters, except the unknown group, which religiously told the truth, having just voted, preparing the British for the “preferred” result, which just happened to be the result which matched the exit polls.

David Cameron, whom had a look of “We’ll never get away with this one,” plastered all over is face, can now claim to have a mandate to continue the bleeding of the British people, whom despite having been warned that he and his Eton Fag,  George Osborne, are going to take a further twelve billion pounds out of their pockets, have apparently re-elected him anyway.

Cameron has already prepared a place for a few more of his school chums, like the Johnson boys, there appears to be a huge shortage of Christians amongst the British at the moment.

Despite the clamour for a referendum on membership of the EU, all three of the main Parties, have maintained a religious observance  of the claims of the massive benefits which depend on membership, implying that to leave the Union would be catastrophic.

This is a nonsense. Remember that membership of the Soviet Union bestowed its members with nothing but misery. Eastern European Members, like us,  were also given no choice, they were quite simply given to the Bolsheviks, at the conference of Yalta, by a group of Bolsheviks, which included Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

Cameron, knowing full well that neither he, nor the other Prime Ministers of members States, have any control over the dictates of the European Commission, will go through a “pretence” of bargaining with the Commission, winning some inconsequential benefits for the UK, which will be presented as “earth-shattering” and as an amazing feat of diplomatic wrangling on his part, which will then be used as the “Game Changer,” when the result of he in-out referendum is rigged.

In Scotland, where they have recently voted for yet another leader with a fishy name, the people have already been informed, that should they participate in any future referendum, which by “accident” may result in an “out” vote, there will be an immediate call for independence, to prevent the Scottish people from making any choice other than the desired choice of their Dictator.

Back in the UKSR, Son of Kinnock, came out of the shadows, to tell us that as a “Democrat” he was in favour of passing the control of the UK into the hands of the unelected,  undemocratic and undesirable Union in Europe.

A Union which is the dream of the Communist Bolsheviks fulfilled.  They are a cabal,  whom through its control of the mainstream media,  have for years been feeding us rubbish about the remnants of the National Socialists being the real founders of the EU, which was paid for using all of the wealth which was seized by Hitler, which should it be true, would be a far more acceptable leadership than  the Communist  demons, whom currently have us by the throat.

During the recent election, George Galloway, a man whom is well-known for his support of the people of Gaza, lost his seat in Parliament, to a young woman, whom had claimed to have been forced into a marriage, when she was a child of fifteen.

During an interview with this person on Sky News, she turned out to be of Oriental origin and she was doing her campaigning surrounded by a posse of Muslims.  The men gave the impression of being solidly dedicated to Islam.

Does this dedication include the installation of Sharia Law into the UK?  If so is this an acceptable introduction of religion into UK politics?  Or is it merely the first step in the direction of The Muslim Independence Party in the UK?

Is it not time for the Christian People to respond to this gross misuse of the current system, which allows minorities to whinge and whine about their lack of representation, which will eventually lead to voting for your own race, whether it be good for the majority or not, while any preference for a White Christian will be condemned as racist.

The Christian Governor of Quebec in Canada, recently suggested to Muslims, who had sought a life in Canada, simply because it was a better life than they could expect in a Muslim country, to accept the way of life of the people whom had established this better way life in the first place and that should they prefer a Muslim lifestyle, they were free to find it in any one of the fifty or so Muslim States on the Planet.

I believe he also offered to pay for the trip. This offer was in response to Muslim pressure to stop offering pork chops in school canteens.

Either way, without a strong and alert government, unlike any one of the three bunches of Globalists, whom are currently on offer to the British, this includes The Scot Nats, the UK will soon be turned into a fractious and bitter racist state, which is exactly what is desired by Brussels. What else is the reason for suggesting that however many Muslim refugees cross the Mediterranean, a place must be found for them in Europe.

Ask yourselves the simple question, What is the difference between the Socialists and the Conservatives?  They both voted for War. They both want to steal, ever-increasing amounts of your taxes to pay the bankers. Both are advocates of Privatisation. Both are involved in secret talks about TTIP. As long ago as 1939 they both colluded in the aggressive war against Germany. They both want to stay in the EU, whatever the people want.  This is despite the fact that half of Europe has gone bankrupt thanks to the EU.

Britain was the hardest hit by the 2008 crash, despite not even being a member of the Euro-Zone. So who in their right minds would want to stay with this bunch of traitors who are at this minute voting in favour of Genetically Modified foodstuffs for Europe, which is part of the TTIP Treaty.

I think, in view of all of the above, that the UK has had a one party system of government for the past one hundred years, disguised as a choice merely to present the colour of Democracy.

Part of the Treaty of Lisbon, outlaws any Political Party which stands in opposition to the Union of Europe and will be banned. The only acceptable Party title will be obliged include words which suggest a support for the idea of a Union, such European Social Democratic Party, for example.

When Cameron, with the support of all of the main Parties in Parliament; whatever the Tory Euro-sceptics may say,  tells the British that he is satisfied with the concessions which he has gained in Europe and then goes on to oversee a rigged referendum, he will receive a landslide support in Parliament, such is the gulf between the people and their controllers.

The British will then find to their surprise that there are a lot of other hidden clauses in the Treaty of Lisbon and they will understand more fully, the reasons behind the advance of Scottish Nationalism and the appearance of Immigrant Nationalism in areas of the UK which are already at immigrant saturation point. This opinion of mine is already on the list of phobias, of course.




Adieu Sarko.

After a nail-biting election campaign the Bildergerger from the Left has narrowly beaten the Bilderberger from the Right. So with a huge sigh of relief things will continue as before, in France.

During the last day of campaigning, I had the opportunity to interview a member the UMP team. He had served in the French Embassy in Dublin for three years. He was well acquainted with the Irish obstinacy to both the Euro and the Lisbon Treaty.

However when I asked him to explain why he was in support of destroying the sovereignty of France in favour of a Federal State of Europe, he refused to comment. He made the same response to the question of linking the French economy with that of Germany, with the Germans in the driving seat.

When asked about his view on Agenda 21, he said that he had never heard of it. This is a politician, seeking the backing  of the electorate, whom apparently feels no obligation to explain the intentions of his government. He asked his secretary if she had heard of Agenda 21. She shrugged her shoulders. I explained to him, that should he enter the interior of any Mairie (Town Hall) in France, he would be greeted by a wall full of posters, explaining in some detail, that all of the Mairie in France are in an Association with Agenda 21.

When I asked him about his feelings on supporting a Government which had signed the Treaty of Lisbon, against the wishes of the French people and how he could expect to see this Government re-elected, he started to make his bid for freedom.

I could see no purpose in allowing him to fill my head with tales of generating jobs, reducing immigration and so on and I was certain that he had sensed that my next question would be on the vexed subject of the millions of Euro, which Gadaffi had so generously contributed to the last UMP election campaign, so I called it a day.

Shortly afterwards, the town Mayor and his team came by, supporting François Hollande, the Socialist candidate and in fact the winner of the election.  I had a copy of the Socialist manifesto with me, which was very short on definitive policies which would be pushed by Hollande.

I asked the Mayor why there was no mention of the Lisbon Treaty, it was clear that the vast majority of the People of France were opposed to it, so why no question of calling another referendum, which might include the question of leaving the Union?

He started to explain that the Socialists had nothing to do with signing the Lisbon Treaty. I interrupted, had not the Socialists collaborated with the UMP, to make an amendment to the French Constitution in order to “legalise” the signing of the Treaty? I asked. He mumbled something about being obliged to lend support, however things will be different this time around, the Socialists will have full control of the Government for the first time in decades.

I asked him about his attitude to Agenda 21. I have already interviewed several local Mayors, whom are likely to lose their control of local affairs, when they become merely an annexe of the large regional towns, under the control of the Département de Développement Durable. (Sustainable Development)

He said that he hoped everything would come under scrutiny and that many things would change in the near future. I have spoken to members of his staff on many occasions and they fully understand that the aim of Agenda 21 in to empty the country villages and to force the people into large Urban Human Habitation Zones.

Well that was Friday, today is Sunday and a few minutes ago the exit polls announced that Sarko was the first French President not to win a second term since Giscard D’Estaing, the criminal traitor whom wrote the Lisbon Treaty.

I have already heard whispers that Hollande is back-tracking on his opposition to the fiscal austerity measures which he has been promising to review, all through the campaign. Well he is after all, a member of the French American Foundation, along with the likes of Alain Juppé, Emmanuel Chain and Christine Ockrent,not to mention Henry Kissinger and the Warburg family. They were selected back in the last century, to fill the role of linking the European Union with the soon to be announced, North American Union.

Of course Hollande’s membership of the French American Foundation is not his only qualification, he is also a Bilderberer and a Free Mason. Sarko, like Gordon Brown, was given the job of signing the Lisbon Treaty, which has in effect, destroyed France. He did not quite manage to finish off Syria in the manner of Libya, he did however make a great effort to do so. He should now be eligible for a job, along with his half-brother, where he can profit from the wars in which he engaged France. In this role he will be linking with Dick Cheney and the Bush Family.

Hollande, for his part can claim not to be responsible for the mess which he has inherited and to be unable to undo the Lisbon Treaty, because history has stopped, he has, it appears, been elected into a position of no authority, he will simply conform to the orders of the Merchant Bankers, as do the rest of the twenty-seven heads of state of the European Union.

The United Nations Crime Syndicate.

The United Nations does not represent justice and fair play. It works, uniquely for the benefit of a secret group of rich bankers and industrialists and the remnants of Royalty from another age.

The current aim of this band of criminals is the destruction of the Muslim World. This is proving to be a little more difficult than they had imagined.

While the rest of us solemnly declare that “People will never stand for that” whatever “that” may be,  Muslims are in the streets, fighting for their rights.

The objective of this cynical group of UN controlled killers at the moment, is to take down Assad in Syria.

Syria has attacked nobody. They have been attacked by paid killers from the UK, France, US and certain Arab States.  These people have declared quite openly that they intend to supply arms to their Mercenary groups in Syria to continue this aggression.

The liars on the Security Council of the UN, have made no mention of the paid terrorists and are pretending that Assad is attacking women and children whom are going about their daily business, for no reason, he would have to be stupid to do this.

False News is being propagated on a daily basis to generate an excuse for an attack against Syria, which represents a hindrance to the aims of that other group of International Terrorists, in Tel Aviv, whom refer to themselves as Democratic, while forcing their own people to live in a never-ending state of war, in a one party Police State.

We now have the ludicrous situation of a “Peace Envoy” from the UN, Kofi Annan, suggesting that the Syrian Army must stand down, while the paid terrorists are being re-armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and are given free rein to do as they will.

Kofi Annan, as Director General of the UN, oversaw the sanctions against Iraq, which starved a million people to death. He and his family made money from the skulduggery surrounding the “Food for Oil” programme. He it was whom allowed the attacks against Iraq, when it was quite clearly illegal. As was the attack on Afghanistan. To now present this mealy-mouthed rapscallion as a “Peace Envoy” is laughable. His six principles are wholly designed to suit the aggressors, Israel, the UK, the US and apparently Erdogan the Jewish Prime Minister of Turkey, whom has received no criticism for attacking those whom would stand against him.

Israel is quite openly slaughtering thousands of Palestinians, whom are receiving no arms or other forms of assistance, nor indeed paid Mercenaries to aid them in their struggle with the megalomaniacs whom would steal whatever plots of land Palestinians are managing to cling on to.

Annan cannot be unaware of the real agenda of the Elite. He need look no farther than the countries which surround Syria, for evidence of the barbarity of the Western Alliance. In recent times they have attacked Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and are desperate to attack Iran. These are the actions of uncontrolled psychopaths. Mass slaughter means nothing to these people.

The same liars and hypocrites at the UN, whom have condoned this world-wide blood-fest, have also given us the “Swine Flu Pandemic” which never was, making millions of dollars in profits for Big Pharma, selling vaccines which did not work for a problem that did not exist.

That is not to mention the scandal of “Global Warming,” which like the Swine Flu did not exist. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has been exposed as having quite clearly invented figures to suit the agenda, which was conceived by The Club of Rome, as a means of levying more taxes and more controls on to us all.

The United Nations is run as a Dictatorship. Limited consensus is allowed on matters of little importance, however the veto is retained for those matters which are representative of the desires of the hidden controllers.

NATO is at the moment engaged in activities which are designed to circumnavigate the Vetoes of China and Russia, should they interfere with the desired attack on Syria, which would be illegal, not only in terms of the UN Charter but under International Law. Syria is being accused of killing its own people, should that be an excuse to invade, why is nothing being done in Bahrain, Yemen or Saudi Arabia? Or for that matter against the US, which annually kills thousands of its own citizens.

The United Nations is a tool of the Elite, which is being used as a smokes-screen, behind which a One World Government is being quietly put in place. Since its inception it has achieved nothing. People are starving in ever greater numbers, there has been a constant state of war for seventy years, there are more refugees than ever.

The general health, not only of people of the Third World but across the board has deteriorated, with a huge increase in cancer, autism,diabetes and obesity, all brought to us by The World Health Organisation.

This group of thieving magpies is now bringing us Agenda 21. The aim of this Treaty is to strip us of all that we own. Everything must be passed under the control of our betters. Our homes, our land, even the rain which falls from the sky and the rivers which irrigate the land, all must be given to the ruling classes.

Very few people have studied Agenda 21 and yet they refuse to believe what it proposes. Even our politicians have not studied it. As with the Treaty of Lisbon it was signed under orders from above. All whom have signed these two Treaties, which are part and parcel of the same Agenda, are traitors.

The US equivalent of the Treaty of Lisbon is the Treaty of Montreal, I believe, it makes no difference where it was signed, it has been signed, handing the US, Canada and Mexico under the control of the NAU, The North American Union. Which like its partner in Europe is selected not elected.

All of our freedoms and Democratic Rights, would appear to have been handed over to two Dictatorial bodies, without us having any say in the matter. We have no idea by whom we are being ruled. We have no idea by whom laws are being written, changes are never voted on they are simply imposed from above.

But what the heck! Who cares? Not too many people want to be annoyed by being questioned about these matters. That is the state of Democracy. We are being controlled by the “Don’t Cares,” whom appear to be the majority in any group of people.

France is being prepared for the upcoming Presidential Election. There are several candidates. The vast majority of people have no idea what these people stand for. There are, as usual, only three that matter, Sarkozy, the incumbent, Hollande, the Socialist, whom has already assisted Sarkozy in the passage of the Lisbon Treaty and Marine Le Pen, whom has the job of making sure that either Sarkozy or Hollande, and not one of the others is elected. Her father was used to ensure the election of Chirac in a past election. Chirac was responsible for signing on to Agenda 21.

The United Nations, in terms of putting an end to war and malnutrition and improving World’s health, has been a miserable failure. Just as has the European Union. The Trading Zone which was promised to members has been thrown out the window by Free Trade agreements and the Euro has failed to live up to the propaganda.

While every country in the Eurozone would appear to be in the same mess, (except Germany, which is of course under the control Zionists, ) we are being told that this has nothing to do with a huge banking fraud, which has been used to steal trillions of Euros out of our pockets.

Neither is it in any way as a result of the criminal usury which is being sanctioned by our governments and paid to the Central Bankers, as interest on loans which were needed  in order to pay that interest to these same bankers. No it is all our fault and the only way to solve the problem is to hand over everything of value which you possess. Stand and Deliver. Then, of course, we must agree to be ruled from Brussels by a bunch of unelected Dictators.

So there we are. Everything has failed. We are in the pit of excrement. So how are the voters going to sort it all out? Simple. By voting back into power the very people whom have plunged us into this pit. That is the joke of Democracy. What these people are voting for is no different from our elected leaders signing Treaties which they have not read.

I wish I could report that all is well. That we will be saved at the last moment by Twitter and Facebook, those stalwart friends of the” Free.” I must keep a close eye on my Twitter account, wouldn’t want to miss the call to arms.


2011 Marked The Death Of Democracy.

The United States of America, while using the excuse of Democracy, as a pretext to install the very thing of which they, supposedly have fear, Fundamentalist Muslim Regimes, across the Maghreb and the Middle East, they are dismantling what remains of their own Democratic system.

It has become apparent that they are not only prepared to fix the result of the Presidential Election itself, they are also prepared to fix the selection of the candidates, for the Republican nomination, whom will face Obama later in the year.

The suppression of Ron Paul, has been world-wide. He is clearly the preferred choice of the people, yet he is never mentioned on the BBC, Sky News or indeed on TFI, France 2 or France 3. He has, in fact, become the invisible man.

The results in the Iowa election, were to say the least, dubious, in much the same way as were the second referendum results, for the acceptance of the Treaty of Lisbon, in Ireland, where the government claimed that they were obliged to delay the counting of the result for two weeks, finally declaring a result which was in no way similar to the exit polls, which were taken on the day. In Iowa, the results were counted in secret, with no scrutiny whatsoever.

It has been stated, quite openly, by many pundits, that should Ron Paul be selected, simply as the Republican Candidate, he will be shot. That is the level of Democracy which is available in the “Home of the Brave, Land of the Free,” these days.

In the UK, the “Free Press” fixed the possibility of a coalition, firmly into the minds of the British public and yet the response of the people was quite firmly opposed to the idea. The Lib-Dem party lost a significant number of votes and Seats in the House of Commons, and yet despite this, they occupy the position of Deputy Prime Minister and several Cabinet positions. In the name of whom, it might well be asked.

The UK is now in the position where all three Political Parties, are denying the British voter, a referendum on their continued membership of the European Union. All three Parties, are aware that a massive majority of the British people want a referendum. Yet, they are “Democratically” denied the opportunity.

In France, where the people refused the Treaty, the Government went ahead and signed anyway. In Holland and Denmark, the same thing. France is slowly becoming aware that silently and secretly, other Treaties are being put in place, which will have the effect of robbing them of access to their own countryside. Agenda 21 will mark the end of liberty for all of the Peoples of Europe and indeed all member States of the United Nations.

The people of Greece are fully aware that the debt, which they are expected to pay is a fraud. Having in recent times, thrown out a savage Military Dictatorship, they are not inclined to accept another one in its place. They have taken to the streets in force and are continuing to do so. Despite their efforts they now find themselves under a dictatorship which has been “Democratically?” imposed on them by the Bankers. The newly selected Prime Minister is an ex-employee of Goldman Sachs as is the Finance Minister.

Across the Adriatic, Italy is in much the same boat, having dumped Berlusconi, the Italians now find themselves with Mario Monti, yet another employee of Goldman Sachs, whom not only occupies Berlusconi’s Seat as Prime Minister but also the Seat of the Finance Minister.

All of these members of the banking community have been put in place, not to save but to destroy. The object is to “privatize” all the remaining State controlled assets, into the hands of the Bankers. When this has been achieved, hiding behind the dictates of Agenda 21, the people will herded together, into Communal dwellings, with private ownership of property forbidden. No private transport other than bicycles will be tolerated. On reading this, those whom are not familiar with the contents of Agenda 21, believe me to be slightly cranky.

Spain and Portugal are already spiralling to oblivion. France is not far behind. Germany is already controlled by the Bankers and has been since the end of World War 2. The Nazi’s, whom should not be confused with Hitler’s National Socialists, have long used Germany to suit their own purposes.

Poland, which was the last European country to take a stand against the bankers desire to trap the entire Continent into their monetary system,  were loaded on to an aircraft, given a short flight to the scene of the massacre of Polish Army Officers, by the Russians, where the plane was brought down, clearing the way for a more compliant group of Politicians in Warsaw.

In view of this, can it be seriously claimed that the “Free West” is indeed in any way “Free” or “Democratic?” I would suggest, as a member of this Society, we have long ago allowed, carefully selected politicians, to decide what we can or cannot do. In reality it should be the other way round.

The British people have long suffered at the hands of the Aristocracy and the Bankers. They need only look back as far as the Industrial Revolution, when the “Enclosures” stole their right of access to the “Common” land, denying them the right to grow food and keep livestock. As a result they were herded into porous houses, in Mill towns, to work long hours for slave wages, in factories owned by the same Aristocracy.  Agenda 21 will repeat this process.

Scotland will well remember “The Highland Clearances,” while the Irish, are aware that they supplied the slave labour, to build canals and railways for the British. Ireland was starved into submission by the “Brits” whom forced millions to emigrate to the US and Australia. The population of Ireland was greater in the Nineteenth Century than it is today.

So the Muslim World, would do well to remember that whatever kind of Democracy of which NATO approves, it will most certainly not be what is expected. Democracy in the hands of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, will be run to the tune of the West, which is putting them in place. Al Baradei, in Egypt, is yet another IMF man.

In Iran, which already boasts an Islamic Government, NATO wants to change that as well. It will be interesting to see whether, when the war starts, the “Rebels” will be the same mix of Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, which was used against Gadaffi and which is currently in use in Syria.

All in all, it is clear that we have never lived in a truly Democratic system. Democracy depends on a certain level of intelligence and a desire to participate. The only form of control available to us is the power to dump politicians, whom are nothing more than front men for Bankers. Make no mistake, it is the Bankers whom hold the real power.

In the UK, attempts are being made to set up a Banking system which does not rely on debt. The foremost job of a bank should be to facilitate, not to enslave. Lawful Banking could herald a step on the long road to the dismantlement of the control of the Central Banking System.  Participate.

The Shame of the French People.

While the French Government is calling for a symbolic bombing of Colonel Gadaffi’s compound in Libya, just to say “Gotcha” in the manner of that other war criminal Bush after the fall of Baghdad, there has been a total silence from the people in whose name this savage attack has been carried out, that is the people of France.

Most of the people whom  I interviewed, were not even aware of what has been going on. What this means for Democracy is hard to define. When asked whom they thought would win in the upcoming Presidential Election, they supposed that Sarkozy would win. When I asked if they would be voting for him, they said no. Most admitted they would not be voting.

When I asked if they were aware that the French Constitution had been abolished, they either thought I was stupid to say so or refused to believe it.  Everybody I asked, whom had bothered to vote said that they had voted against the Lisbon Treaty. When I asked why they had not taken to the streets when Sarkozy had signed it anyway, they just shrugged.

When I asked their opinion of the disgraceful invasion of Libya by the International Oil Companies, including French company Total, even before the bodies had been buried. They had no comment, that was just business as usual.

I might just add, that this vicious and deliberately provoked attack against Libya, whatever Gadaffi is or is not,was a war crime. French aircraft have deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure, killing an unknown and certainly to be denied number of innocent people.

Every word uttered on the attacks against Gadaffi have been biased to present a reasonable excuse for the  aggressive war, which was unleashed against yet another Muslim country.

I can speak only of the reaction in the area in which I live, there may have been a more positive stance taken elsewhere, however, even the folk who consider themselves to be true humanitarians, were offended when I suggested to them that their efforts to do something about NATO aggression through the medium of Love, would be a total failure. I was accused of mocking and belittling other people’s methods of changing society, when I asked how I might employ this method, how does one project this love in the face of an air attack?

I have come under a ridiculous and sustained attack from supporters of that other humanitarian state, Israel, because of some criticism or other in my scribbling. Israel can murder and maim as many people as it chooses, with barely a murmur from its citizens, who are only too willing to move into settlements illegally constructed on Palestinian land and feel justified in doing so. These folk are so decent and humane that the UN and NATO can find no humanitarian need to sort out. These folk make Gadaffi look like  a choirboy.

I was calling for all Arab States to come out in support of Gadaffi, none did. They will now pay the price of this failure. Syria will be next and then Iran. The Zionists will accept nothing less.

Whatever form of Democracy may be imposed on Libya, it will not improve their lives. They are about to be confronted with the ramifications of a life under debt. I warned in the past that they will soon come to regret the passing of Gadaffi, as will most of the dirt poor African countries which he has assisted, without recourse to compound interest.

What has become of the French much vaunted  Liberty, Equality and Fraternity? A country which in my father’s time was under a Fascist Vichy Government, which was controlled from Berlin, via the City of London.

What has become of that glorious revolution and its Constitution, which was the guarantee of their freedom? It has been thrown into the dustbin of history by a president whom is nothing more than an agent of the CIA. He was raised  in the home of a CIA official and was only too willing to carry out their orders.

Europe Is Being Systematically Looted!

While the majority of people ignore reality or refuse to face up to it, our complicit governments are leading us to hell. There can be no excuses for the total lack of awareness of current events other than ignorance or stupidity or both.

Pockets of people, in  various countries are taking to the streets, in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland, however it is mostly being ignored by the mainstream media, which concentrates on reporting falsehoods about Libya and Syria.

There has yet to be any mention for example of Gadaffi’s Man-Made River and his other efforts to improve the lot of the Libyan people. This does not assist the NATO dialogue, so it is left untold.

This, in spite of the fact that the man who has controlled the News in the UK, Rupert Murdoch, has been outed as a Megalomaniac, who has ruled politicians with an iron hand. However the reporting of world events continues, unchanged, still towing the NATO line.

This is just one example of how we are being manipulated by our Politicians and the people behind them, Murdoch is just another “front man” for the Shadow Government. A man who attended Bilderberg meetings along with politicians from all three of the main political parties in the UK. All of whom received their orders from the same source.

Events surrounding the Strauss-Kahn affair and the Murdoch character assassination, involve things of which we can only guess, so for the moment we can only wait to see to where it may lead.

These events, as is the case with the Norwegian slaughter, are designed to mask other events, which are ongoing, as with the attack on Libya or the coming invasion of Syria or Iran

However, hidden behind these tragedies, the real attack on humanity is continuing un-abated. The Middle Classes of Europe are being eliminated. The wealth of the middle classes is being stolen through the medium of a false banking debt and passed into the hands of the super rich banking families, who are the real owners of the multi-national  companies.

Greece, a country which was forced to ask the IMF for a loan, by a Prime Minister who is an agent of the bankers, has been ordered by the IMF to “privatize” an asset a day, for pennies on the dollar, directly into the hands of the bankers. This, in return for a piece of paper which gives Greece permission to print money, which the IMF pretends, belongs to them, loaned at ridiculously inflated interests rates, which Greece will be unable to repay, forcing them to hand over the wealth of the Cradle of Democracy, into the hands of Khazar bankers, who want to control the planet and everything on it.

Ireland has already been plundered as has every country in Africa. The next target in Europe is Portugal, then Spain, Italy, Belgium and France. Not one of these countries is prepared to stand up to the robbing bankers. The un-elected European Commission has made no statement of the validity of the debt, through which otherwise functioning countries are being crippled. This false debt was manufactured in order to create exactly this scenario.

Soon, in Europe, there will be only the Super-Rich and the Dirt Poor, this is the aim. This racket will pass from country to country across the Continent until we are all just Serfs of the Elite. Make no mistake about it, the Reservations are already being prepared. Soon we will lose all property rights, water rights and the right to grow our own food to feed our families.

Eight Khazar families now own the wealth of the World. They also control NATO, the European Commission and the United Nations. Control of resources will be handed over to the UN, who will allocate a supply of food to each of the “Regions” of the New Europe, which has been laid out behind the backs of the people.

It is, course all noted in two documents, The Lisbon Treaty and Agenda 21, both of which have been signed, unread, by our leaders, who of course were selected to carry out this task. We will soon be denied access to the countryside, in the name of Ecological necessity, forcing us to live like sardines in large cities, leaving the wild places as the preserve of the Elite.

The failure of the majority of people to understand what is going on, illustrates exactly why “democracy” is the preferred system of the Elite, it forces people of intelligence to accept the preference of people who would vote a monkey into power, if it was the only option on offer.

Thinking people across Europe need to take up the struggle along with the Greek people, the Spanish, the Irish and our Muslim friends across the Middle East and North Africa. Together we can win.