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Misguided, Chauvinist, Priest, Dares To Suggest That Women CAN Be At Fault.

Fr Piero de Corsi

How dare  Italian parish priest Piero Corsi suggest that men alone are not responsible for all of the problems which face the world?

How can a man of the cloth be so unaware, that the reality of life is, that all men are drunks, keep all of their salary for themselves, never give a hand with the house-work, beat their wives on a daily basis,  fart in bed and spend all of their spare time screwing…………women?

Women, on the other hand, are all wonderful wives and mothers, not at all like those other kind of women whom their husbands are always screwing. No, they are working hard to earn enough money to pay the child minder, because that is best for children and certainly less boring for the mother, whom really and truly deserves to have broken through that “Glass Ceiling,” which those selfish men have used to keep them in jobs, which are beneath their dignity.

We can also thank the Lord, that women are in no way vindictive with their brute of a husband, after the inevitable separation, which was certainly the result of one beating too many from that b*****d! Otherwise there would  be far more than the current 75% of fathers whom have lost touch with their children, two years after a separation from their wives.

As for the Priests assertion that modern women provoke the baser instincts of men, by wearing those modern bras, which elevate their breasts  to almost chin height, daring men to take a furtive glance in their direction, only to deliver a withering sneer, should it not be the right kind of man, what nonsense.

The priest  failed to give guidance as to how men could avoid getting involved with a woman, whom they did not deserve. Women, after all, really do deserve someone, far better than the jerk with whom  they end up.  Surely he could give some insight into the age-old problem of the inability of men to earn enough money to satisfy the needs of their spouse, which of course generates feelings of inadequacy.

Thankfully Father Piero, did not delve into that other hot potato, which is being passed around, which suggests that the State has deliberately destroyed the structure of the family, by making use of what they call “The parasitic nature of women,” and by ensuring that any woman, from the working classes, with small children, would be financially better off, with Social Security and free rent, than with a low paid working man.

This proved to be so attractive, that it was seen as a better option than a job, encouraging young girls to have illegitimate babies, to put a shelter over their heads. Husbands were an unnecessary item and are now virtually extinct. Which is why thousands of “flatlettes,” large enough for a woman with a child, are being constructed all across Europe. Some men declare this to be the result of Feminism, which was set-up by the  CIA. Don’t make me laugh!  Men have no place in the modern world. Goodbye and good riddance.