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What A Shameful Day For The British.


The British people should most assuredly be aware by now, that their elected representatives in Parliament are not working for them. That is hardly surprising as a huge number of them swear allegiance to another master over there in the City of London, where the King of Palestine holds court.

The British people should understand that Donald Trumps’s decision to hand the ownership of the Golan Heights to Baron Rothschild, was in perfect keeping with the Balfour Agreement, which was written in Chatham House, which informed the King of London, that the family which had ordered the murder of the Russian Royal Family, now owned the land of Palestine, as if the British were the Kings of the World, with a perfect right to do as they wished.

Sadly for those deluded British people their very own land is now up for grabs and unlike the people of Ireland and Palestine, America and Canada, the British People are empty shirts, without the necessary character to stand up and kick the Friends of the King of Israel out of the Government.

The most shameful act which I have ever witnessed, was when Rothschild’s mouth-piece in the House of Commons, Theresa May, announced to the assembled ranks of liars and traitors, that Julian Assange had been dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy, by a dozen burly plain clothes goons and forced into a police vehicle and driven to a waiting Court, in the “City”, where he was quickly charged with the high crime of failing to stick to the rules regarding his liberty on bail, which is such a tiny offence as to be a ridiculous reason to justify the over the top reaction by the British, produced bays of laughter, in response, following the arrest of a man who is guilty of nothing more than exposing the lies and “war crimes” of the British French and American forces all across the Middle East.

A while back, that Friend of the British Parliament, Benjamin Netanyahu, explained how Lord Rothschild’s Court in Israel had sucked America dry and chewed it up and they would spit it out when they had taken everything of value, for themselves. Sadly they have done the same thing to the rest of Europe with the full support of the Jew Fifth Column lurking in the United Kingdom and Ireland and of course in their main tool the Politburo in the European Union, a member of which, it has been ordained, the British must remain.

The Strange, Outlandish Ideas Of My Father.

When I was a child, my father was always there. I was never quite sure where there was but that’s another story.

Like the burning bush, which confronted Moses, he occasionally appeared out of nowhere and for no particular reason, which I can recall, planted certain ideas into my young mind,  which have influenced my perception of life ever since.

His perception of Winston Churchill, as the most hateful example of the English, turns out to have been supported by the opinion of Franklin D Roosevelt, for whom Churchill was little more than a perverted “Drunken Bum.” It was only later in life that I came to understand the extent of Churchill’s perversions.

Anyway, like most fathers of his generation, should he have been around on a Sunday morning, he would make sure that I observed the Sabbath.

In view of this, I am not quite sure what he would make of the announcement, by the leaders of the main political parties in the UK, Cameron and Miliband, that they do not believe in God. In Cameron’s case, he explained that he was not the church-going religious type.

However it should be noted that they are both Jews, which could mean that they are Luciferian, which would suggest a belief in Lucifer as being the Sun God, while Christians hold the belief that Christ is the son of God.

I have no doubt that my father, whom was the son of no particular deity, would have been curious to know whether the beliefs of these two men, one or the other of whom will be the next Prime Minister of the UK, held other beliefs, which may be in line with those of the Bolshevik Communists, who were of course mainly Jews, beliefs which included the extermination of Christians.

My father also had strict views concerning both the Tory and Labour Parties.  For him the Tories operated the economy with a pool of  unemployed, which kept wage rises in check and Socialism was no more than a front for the Barons of Industry, and was used to fool the working man into the belief that they had gained some advantage from a strike, organised by a Union, which of course supported Socialism, but which were in reality controlled by  the “Bosses,”  who had allowed them to earn just enough extra pay to feed themselves with food bought in the  “Bosses” shops, with just enough left over to pay the rent on the “Bosses” hovels in which they lived in the fear of losing their job in the “Bosses” factory and their house with it.


Of one thing I am sure, my father would never have considered voting for a Party which was controlled by anyone, from a group, which in past times had seen to the slaughter of well over one hundred million Christians, he would smell just a whiff of danger in that idea. But then he was a strange character.