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The Comedy Of The Litvinenko Affair.

I recently remarked about the cynical use of editing, to suggest that Donald Trump, had stated that Muslims should not be allowed to enter the United States, without mentioning that he had also said, ‘until they had been vetted.’

This edited version of Trump’s statement is still being presented as truth.  Today on the same Sky News they repeated the accusation that Russia had invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

This was mentioned during a report into the death of a Russian ex KGB man in London, the responsibility for which is of course being laid at the door of Vladimir Putin.

What is known for sure about the death of the Russian Litvinenko, is hardly conclusive, the report is peppered with words such as, ‘probable,’ ‘maybe,’ and ‘which suggests,’ not a scrap of conclusive evidence was presented in support of these conjectures.

Sky News has been covering this nonsense all morning, while in the recent past, they carried out no discussion whatsoever about the culpability of David Cameron, whom ordered the murder of an unknown person, in the Middle East, without any proof that it was actually the masked man, whom the British named Jihad John, having ‘claimed’ to have identified him by his eye retina,  this marked man was  then held under minute and  continuous observation, in the middle of a desert, up to the very moment that a ‘drone’ flew overhead, at the exact time that the ‘spy’ on the ground confirmed that it was indeed Jihad John, climbing into the vehicle and then this man, whoever he may have been, was vaporised.

This would be the same British Free Media, who carried out no investigation into the 7-7 attacks in London, simply reporting the information which was supplied by those whom expected the public to be content with the same type of lame excuses, in the absence of genuine information about what exactly had occurred on that fateful day.

Sky News are still babbling on as I write, this has been more than half an hour solid, making accusations against Russia such as, the illegality of annexing Crimea. This from a country, which has carved the world in slices in compliance with their doctrine of  divide and rule.

These are the scum who created the divisions in the Middle East, an act which has now delivered exactly what the intention was, that of an excuse to divide the region once more into bits and pieces, which will destroy any form of social strength and opposition to the  desires of the Dark Side.  Ruled of course by Puppets.

The truth about Litvinenko appears to have been that he had ‘probably,’  transported the radio-active element into the UK for his own purposes. The men accused of having administered the deadly dose, apparently in a cup of tea, were of course Russians, who just happened to have been old colleagues of Litvinenko, they appear to have left no trace of their movements, despite having Polonium in their pocket.

War Criminal Tony Blair, refused an inquiry into the fifty-seven dead British people, whom were killed on 7-7, describing the idea as a ‘Ludicrous diversion,’ and yet this Litvinenko business, which is no different from the assassination of the patsy called Jihad John, in Syria, or the 7-7 affair,  has been inquired into for ten f*****g years.


What Did Blair,Blair And New Labour, Know About The 7-7 Drill In London?

Peter Power, the man whom organised the drill, which was used to hide the cold-blooded murder of over fifty innocent people, in broad daylight, in London, refused to name the group by whom he had been paid to organise the event.

Blair the cop, accepted within hours, that the guilty parties had already been found, that is found in the sense that their identity was known. This was of course long before any forensic evidence could possibly have been found and the genetic make-up checked, from the genetic content of all of the bloody remains which were splattered around the crime scene, never mind connecting them to four young lads whom were not even on the police genetic code files and without the aid of Jewish controlled security cameras, which break-down to order.

Blair the Bliar, called the idea of an inquiry into the event a “Ludicrous Diversion.” He, as is normal with politicians, after an event such as this, was completely convinced by an explanation, which was so superficial as to be unacceptable to even the most trusting supporter of the establishment. It was reminiscent of the remark about Mrs Slocombe’s pussy, “We’ll never get away with that.” the reply, “Yes we will, just say it as if you don’t know what you’re saying.” (check out “Are You Being Served”)

A significant number of New Labour members, must surely have been doubtful of the truthfulness of the yarn as it was presented, why was there no outcry? Why was Blair not forced to hold a Public Inquiry? Why did all of the “Usual Suspects,” go along with what was quite obviously, a government condoned, cold-blooded murder, on the streets of London, in order to continue the illegal, cynical, so-called “War on Terror.” Where were the peace-loving Liberal Democrats?  How much did the Conservative Party know?

Blair and New Labour were not without form, they had already lied the UK into an illegal attack, by spreading the rumour that Iraq could strike the UK with missiles within forty-five minutes, manufacturing the notion that an illegal attack, could be defensive.

7-7 was used to continue the lie that Muslim people were a threat to the West, which had to be brought under control.  Blair and New Labour, understood, as did Bush and the Neo-Cons, that any inquiry into 911 or 7-7 would deliver a fatal blow to their monstrous lust for blood-money. Blair has already profited by an estimated twenty-five million dollars, for his part in the slaughter and HE, decides that there will be no inquiry.

Blair, the Cop, was complicit in the deception, as was that group of liars whom referred to themselves as people of “integrity,” the Metropolitan Police, after a recent dust-up with an MP, whom claims the same status for himself.  Blair, the Cop, is independent of government, he was obliged to start an investigation into the events of 7-7. The entire investigation appears to have been placed into the hands of MI6, the very people whom may have taken part in the attack itself.

The families of the four young Muslim lads, whom were murdered that disgraceful day, were threatened by the Security Forces and warned to keep their mouths shut. The House of Commons and the House of Lords, allowed all of this nonsense to continue without remark. Is this British Democracy?  What has become of accountability? What has become of the so-called opposition, which maintains some sort of restraint over wild-cat governmental excesses?

Britain, the so-called defender of liberty and justice, is in fact little different from any other tin pot dictatorship, only the trappings, like the Royals, give it a covering of respectability. I noticed that “The Man Whom Would Be King,” making him the owner of more of the Earth than all of the rest of us put together, whom has access to more Castles and Palaces than The Sheik of Arabie, with the availability of trains and boats and planes to suit his every voyage, is calling for action on Climate Change, what a respectable man! No proper inquiry into the death of his ex-wife either.

However, I digress.

All of these questions have suddenly been brought into focus, by events in the US at Sandy Hook, where a “drill,” has become so enmeshed in an event, or indeed a non-event, that it impossible to discern where one ends and the other begins.

The 7-7 atrocity in London, was in effect the “drill” there was no difference, they both took place at exactly the same moment. The alleged perpetrators, have never been shown to have even been present at the scene of the crime, which made the malfunction of security cameras indispensable. The murder of three of the four lads, was reported by the BBC, as was the collapse of WTC7, on 911, it was also reported by other News sources, however the identity of the victims was never released and has never been released.  Why not?

At least two other possible suspects were arrested at Sandy Hook, whom have vanished off the radar. As with 7-7 in London, people whom took part in the “Drill,” presented themselves as witnesses to journalists, these witnesses have since “vanished.” At Sandy Hook, “witnesses,” whom can be found on News clips, presenting their evidence, can be found on film at other scenes of atrocities, giving “evidence.”  Obama can be seen on film, playing with a child, whose father is on film playing the role of the grieving parent of the same child.

On 7-7, members of a group of people whom leapt off of the bus which exploded, were later photographed, disguised as injured victims of the 7-7  drill/attack. Another passenger on the bus, when asked why he had descended from the bus, replied that he had reached his destination, on a bus which  had been diverted by security men and was nowhere near wherever the “passenger” was intending to go.

Obama, the US Dictator, is threatening to use Executive power to change the US Bill of Rights. No politician has the right to do any such thing. Constitutions are designed to protect the interests of the minority from the bullying majority, when in many cases that “majority” does not even represent a third of the population. That is the purpose of a Republic.

In a democracy governments can do as they wish, without restraint. Sarkozy in France, Cowan, in Ireland and Brown in the UK have all signed on to European Treaties against the their own Constitutions, illegally. In France, the two Jews, Sarkozy and Hollande, joined forces to make an illegal Constitutional amendment, having received a no vote from the French people. Gordon Brown continues the lie that the British have no Constitution, when in fact they have had a Constitution for centuries.  The Irish ,well they just ignore their Constitution.

Obama, whom is no more than a puppet himself, is the man whom condones the slaughter of children to suit a hidden agenda.  There is nothing more brutal than the murder of little children. The US is at least completely dispassionate in this form of slaughter. Like their allies the British, they will cut the throats of children and then eat a sandwich, with the blood still on their hands. It is estimated that at least five-hundred-thousand children died in Iraq, as a result of a British and US imposed sanctions. Jew, Madeleine Albright thought that death-toll was acceptable.

So we do not need to pull any punches, it is clear that we are dealing with monsters. When you add to this slaughter of children, the reality that the dozens of vaccines, which are full of toxins, which are being pumped into our children, have recently been exposed as a total fraud, one can only demand the question, “How far will these monsters be prepared to go?”

I believe that we should all be clamouring for guns, very soon we may need them.