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Macron And His Mother Are On Their Way Out.


Des Gilets jaunes were out in massive numbers all over Languedoc-Roussillon, this weekend 24th November. It has become almost impossible to find a few litres of petrol, most filling stations have been closed all week. The entrance to many small towns have been blocked by makeshift barricades and refreshments stalls for the protestors. I was obliged to park some way from a blocked supermarket, which was almost out of fresh foodstuffs and the management was unsure of when they could expect any refurbishment.




The “Gilet jaunes” are fully supported by the French people in general. I was myself involved in a similar dispute against the augmentation of all charges, including the price of petrol, a while back, that one was more or less peaceful but it achieved nothing. These more violent tactics by the people, were immediately blamed on the Front Nationale and Marine Le Pen, by Macron’s people, when in fact Paris has been at war for years. There is hardly a week-end without mass demonstrations by disgruntled workers or parasitic immigrants, whom believe the French people owe them a living and should be taking better care of them. The placard, alongside the road-block, suggests there to be an upsurge in French Nationalism, which is in response to the resettling of unknown numbers of young Black males, all over a region, which already has a higher than average unemployment rate.



These events are taking place in Paris, even as the British Political Conspiracy, to force the British People to remain in the European Union, is ongoing in Brussels. The French have now woken up to the fact that Macron was placed in power, by the Rothschild Bankers, Macron is himself a product of the Rothschild’s system in France and Theresa May is another sausage out of the same Rothschild mincing machine in the United Kingdom, where another election result, the “referendum” which was so overwhelming in favour of leaving the EU, that  the real result was never declared, to leave the door open for the current fraud to be enacted, using the alleged discontent, of the losers, as the excuse.

The result of Macron’s election also involved an enormous election fraud, which sent already spoilt ballot papers to twelve million voters, all of them Front National ballot slips, which denied Marine Le Pen her victory. In the United Kingdom, the same Rothschild family is now conspiring to cheat the British People out of their democratic decision to leave the wrecking machine called the European Union, which has been a total disaster for all members.

There are British journalists, whom to this day are warning, all European Peoples, of the edict which was issued by the Fabian Society, as long ago as the 1920s, explaining that White Europe was going to be destroyed through the medium of mass immigration. There were ample warnings given, long before the immigration rush kicked off in 2015, that it was all part of the clearance of the Middle East to suit the aims of the Greater Israel Project, and that the refugees, fleeing from the death and destruction, which this involved, were to be resettled in Europe and the United States, to over-run the White majority of both.

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May were all involved in this conspiracy, which has already destroyed the United Kingdom. Every country in Europe, is under threat, from the un elected EU hierarchy, which demands that they are obliged to destroy the integrity of the countries, by accepting mass immigration, in order to destroy themselves, or else, to suit the Kalergi, Fabian Society plan to destroy the White Race.

Everybody in France is aware that the election of Macron was a fraud. Most voters had never even heard of him, never mind his out of nowhere “En Marche” mock-up of a political party. In the United Kingdom and the United States, it is all hands to the pumps to deal with the results of The Peoples Votes, which resulted in Donald Trump and Brexit. Trump has been rendered to failure by a blatantly controlled Media and a complicity amongst the Democrats and Republicans in Congress, where they have both conspired to thwart Trumps’s efforts to put a stop to mass immigration and the recovery of at least some of Americas lost industry, which was shipped off to China and Free Trade deals signed, without tariffs  to allow free entry, back into America, of the now slave made products which were previously Made in America.







And Now, Before Your Very Eyes, As If By Magic I Will Produce Yet Another False Flag Attack To Entertain You.

RT is inviting spokes-people onto their News programs, whom claim that Donald Trump has upset many ‘Global’ leaders by canceling the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty, which was considered to be of great importance for improving and facilitating Trade between Nations around the Pacific region.

They lie, all of them, Trump was perfectly right to cancel the TPP deal, just as he was right cancel the Paris Agreement on the weather, both of which were intended to make voters Rights a thing of the past. The whole object of these agreements was to pass ever more power to the Corporations, entities which now include your preferred Political Party. They also intended to ‘privatise’ the law, into the hands of multi-nationals.

These deals are always couched in such vague terms and in a manner, as to be deliberately incomprehensible to the average voter, much like those baffling agreements which we all sign, without thinking, on the Internet, because they are so long and tedious that we cannot be bothered to read them. To be fooled by Google is one thing but to be deceived by elected representatives is quite a different kettle of fish.

As with Brexit in the UK, politicians whom work for the Mafia, will desperately try every trick in the book to undo a result, which does not agree with what they have been ordered to obtain. This leads to a degree of hypocrisy which defies belief.

Theresa May, Rothschild’s number one in the UK has just declared that the result of a referendum in Catalonia to be illegal, even as the UK is threatening to take control of Ulster, where the devolved regional Parties cannot agree to form a coalition, this in a part of Ireland, which the British simply gave to the Planters.

In Kosovo the British and others simply sliced Yugoslavia to ribbons and then quite simply plunged the remains of a once prosperous State, into a huge debt with the IMF, which forced the region to privatise all and everything into the hands of the sharks, which are always circling waiting to destroy and rob the unwary.

These are the people who complained when Crimea, which had been previously grabbed by the Bolshevik Jews, whom evicted the indigenous people to Siberia, packed the place with Russians and then calmly gave it to Ukraine, in the 1950’s, all without a word of criticism from the Holy Joes’ of the Western Alliance. But when the Crimean Russians decided that they wanted to go back into Russia, that was intolerable and not at all like the British giving Israel to Khazar Jews from Poland or parts of Germany to France and stuff like that. That’s different.

RT is becoming just a little bit too supportive of their ‘enemies’ rubbish reporting. Today they gave us a report on the shooting in a Texas Church. They wasted no time in propagating the most ridiculous tale since the garbled rubbish about Las Vegas, which Sky News has already turned into yet another excuse to disarm the American people.

For professional journalists to be reporting such garbage without any form investigation is verging on criminal deceit. I started to take a look at the evidence of the Church shooting and I was surprised to find photos of the victims already online. While the tale of who shot the gunman or did he shoot himself rages on.

What is the point of journalism, which simply tells you that the gun which was used was the very one they want to ban, that the man acted alone, he had previously been accused of hitting his wife and he had been dismissed from the Air Force? All without need of verification or any other evidence, all done and dusted, we will of course not see the blood on the Altar or the dead in the aisle or indeed any other sign of an attack, we must simply believe.

In Las Vegas, there are dozens of reports of multiple shooters, all over town. There was an attack of some sort at Hooters Restaurant, which had need of twenty ambulances to take away the dead and injured and yet there has not been a word reported about this incident.

For the guy who was calling for an ambulance in the following clip, it is clear that there was no help whatsoever at hand, while all the panic appeared to have been caused by the security men shouting run this way and that way.



These incidents are not simply people making things up, most of them are supported with film. There is evidence, which I posted, but which has since disappeared, showing people coming out of the Music Festival at one end and being herded back into the festival arena at the other end, even as police cars and ambulance scream down the road towards another event.

Despite all of this, the mainstream continues with the sixty-four year old man who carried out the attack, with deadly accuracy from the thirty-second floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and then shot himself in the head, throwing the weapon six feet behind him, before falling into a patch of blood which just happened to be on the floor where his head made contact, before his own blood flowed on to the dry patch, he then placed a few cartridge cases into his own blood, took a quick glance around to make sure the scene was well prepared for those eagle-eyed hacks and then snuffed it.

Meanwhile back in the real world, sixty people had been killed and six hundred wounded, not at the music festival, but all over Las Vegas. The Forces of Law and Order are attempting to cover up the truth and the mainstream media is helping them to do it. Witnesses are already dying in strange circumstances, some after giving evidence to friends on Facebook, from where there is evidence that certain things have been taken down.

So what is the mystery of Las Vegas? What has given the big boys such a shot of fear? Is it the final curtain for Sin City? At who or whom was the message, that should you try this form of stunt again there will be blood, directed, perhaps at those whom had concocted the stunt in the first place, to let them know that there is a new gang in town. But then out of the blue, The Texas Church Massacre.Dan-Dah-Dan-Dan

A Jew Cynically Calls White People Privileged And Racist And Is Allowed To Get Away With It.

I have tried hard to write my stuff in a ‘hopeful’ style, attempting to encourage people to believe there to be a way of changing our current reality. Sadly, most people can see nothing wrong with our situation, they believe there to be nothing more than the odd hiccup, now and then, which can lead to a war or two, in which the ‘we’ the eternal butchers are always on the ‘right side’ in any conflict, as did the Russian people believe, one hundred years ago, when the Bolshevik Jews came to town.

There are programs being aired on Russia Today, describing events back then, when the White Russian Christians, so we are told, were fighting the Communist Atheists. I have yet to hear any mention of the word Jew, in the so-called ‘truthful’ News programs on RT, despite the fact that the Christians are supposedly once more in control of Russia. This is a shameful omission, which calls into doubt, the alleged opposition of Russia to The Bolshevik Jew New World Order, which is being quietly installed.

There is an ongoing, desperate attempt to smear the useful side of Hitler’s National Socialism, by telling us that Hitler was really part of the problem and not part of the solution, making Hitler and by association, the German Protestants, responsible, for what exactly, everything?

You do not need to be a mathematical genius, to figure out, using simple arithmetic, with figures available in reputable journals, that five million minus six million, does not work out. This simple sum calls into question the most heinous crime in history, of which the Germans are accused.

Alongside which, the ‘real’ unmentioned foe of the Germans, during World War Two, were not the ‘Communists’ but the very same Bolshevik Jews, whom had slaughtered the White Russian Orthodox Christian opposition, in Russia, after which they had slaughtered sixty-five-million more Christians.

So why would a present day, Christian Russian Government be intent on blaming the Germans for the slaughter of Christians in Ukraine? To so do, suggests them to be unwilling to admit too or unaware of the crimes of the Bolshevik Jews, which those same Jews are, even now, carrying out all across the Earth?

Russia has recently added three million more Russian Jews, to the already disputed figure of the six million victims, creating a grand total which exceeds the total Jew population of the entire planet, excluding those in the United States, so from where did the Jews whom invaded Palestine originate?

It all gets so murky when lies and distortions become part of the evidence. The truth is simple and it never changes. So where did the latest claim, that apart from the Jews killed by the Germans, that the Polish actually slaughtered more Jews, out of hand than were killed by the Germans?

The same thing is happening in America, where the Black People, despite being shown figures, demonstrating, quite clearly, that though they represent a tiny percentage of the population of the United States, they are responsible for fifty-percent of crimes of murder and violence, which is why they are more likely to be stopped and searched by police, than their percentage of the population would appear to justify.

What this actually means is that, after making allowances for habitual criminals, half of all Blacks should be in gaol, which suggests that they are being treated more leniently than are other sections of the population. The same goes with the Jews, at Nuremberg, where the real Bolshevik criminals were blaming and lynching the German victims.

There are things going which are never fully explained. Things which in one way are simple, however, attempting to write of these things is futile, most of you, who read my stuff, are probably bored with hearing the same things over and over again, using ever so slightly different phrases, to inspire some sort of reaction in ‘new visitors’ to my blog, visitors whom have also probably heard it all before.

A long time ago, while still a child, I wondered why the gangs in the United States, who always had a ‘bent cop’ on the pay-roll, never took real control of those ‘pathetic’ politicians and the Government itself.

Little did I realise back then, that the Al Capones’ and Buggsy Siegels’ of the world, were just another branch of the Government and that in fact there was no Government, there were only Gang Bosses called Bankers, supported by gangs of killers, with colourful names like Murder Inc. and nothing more, apart that is from the ‘shop assistants’ called politicians. Never mind the fact that while we were lead to believe them to be Italian, they were in fact all Jews.

There is no such thing as money or indeed a monetary system, there is simply a system of theft. The Government of The United States, is allowing the People, to believe that they owe a debt of twenty trillion dollars, or some such rubbish, it would be no more meaningless should they claim the debt to be a billion-trillion dollars. This debt is held by a cabal of criminals, whom have control over our politicians.

Two recent examples of this control have recently turned up in Europe. Theresa May in the United Kingdom and Emmanuel Macron in France, were both trained and put in place by the Rothschild family.

Both of them started their careers in the employ of the Rothschild’s Central Banking system, and they both visited Rothschild, when it was decided, to be a good moment to save the skins of the two previous Jew War Criminals, David Cameron, in the UK and François Hollande, in France, from the wrath of the people, should the people happen to spot the atrocities, which are being carried out in their name and the attempts being made to swamp those dratted Christians, out of their controlling position in Europe, by inviting in millions of Africans and Muslims.

Their contact with the Central Bankers would indicate that both May and Macron are fully conversant with the extortion racket of a debt based economy, and if they were in any way intent on making things better for their own Peoples, they would ‘out’ the Bankers for the criminals which they are.

Their failure to so do, indicates their complicity in the crime, and be sure, it is a crime, which allows these Banking Families, to ‘print’ ninety-seven percent of the money in circulation, all across Europe, and then force ‘we the people’ to hand over trillions of Pounds/Euros in interest payments, every year.

The Federal Reserve, which is secretly controlled from the City of London, does the same thing to the American People, whom have a debt of trillions of Dollars, with these criminals, a debt, in payment of which,  they are demanding everything of value in the United States, including the ‘Land’ itself, all for a false debt, and their crooked Politicians are allowing them to get away with it.

Fearing that there will soon be a back-lash against this unbelievably corrupt and criminal system, plans have just been announced in the United States, to set up a ‘Foreign Legion’ which will be used to subdue the American people, should they finally wake up to their position of servitude, to this group of insatiably greedy, self-serving, banking families, whom through the use of worthless paper money, have either bought, or have through blackmail, placed a subservient gang of thugs, into positions, where they will do exactly as they are told, at whatever cost to the rest of us,

The same families, which back in the day made a fortune out of the Slave Trade, which was used as a means of bringing four hundred thousand Blacks into the United States, whom were released into the White community, at the first opportunity, where the Whites were expected to pick up the Bill, are now doing the same thing in the Middle East, where they are driving millions of Muslims from their homes, once more into White Christian countries and once again Whites are being expected to pay for these crimes, of the same Jew banking families, whom are now in the process of expanding their holdings in the Middle East, while at the same time they are extorting Billions of Dollars and Euros from Christians, which they hang on to for their own purposes, while their political minions hand over the responsibility of paying the cost of all this to the ever giving White Christians. Even as, through the use of their Jew controlled media they are propagating hatred against Whites.




A Politician in the United Kingdom, has found herself up to her neck in pooh, for mentioning a joke about a motor car, an ashtray and Jews. She mentioned this type of ‘sick’ humour as an illustration of a growing anti-Jew, behaviour pattern, which is becoming ubiquitous in the UK. That was enough to set off the anti-Jew hate-speech sirens and there were immediate calls for her sacking and yet this sort of crap is allowed all over the web, without criticism, when it is White Christians under attack.

The dominant group, of which this hypocrite Jew speaks, are all Jews. What he criticises in the United States is rampant in Israel, which is the most racist country on the planet. Any fair discussion of privilege would involve at least a mention of the ‘Jew’ ingredient in the mix. That would of course be anti-Jew.

He mentions George Zimmerman, who was half Jew and half Black and yet he is portrayed as a White man, to suit his argument and the Tsarnov brothers, the patsies in Boston,  are called the epitome of Whiteness, when in fact they come from the same region as does he.

In France, we are told that twenty-thousand Jews are leaving for Israel every year. Why do these super intelligent, malcontent Blacks not do the same and go back to Africa where they could carry out all the marvels which Whites prevent them from carrying out in White countries?

Perhaps you noticed, while Jared and Matt were given a tiny amount of time, Wise was even granted the time allocated to the Black, whom told us that Wise was better at slagging off Whites than he was.

Tim Wise in a totally cynical manner stressed the crimes of Whites, while invading America and killing Indians, without mentioning the part played by the City of London Jews in this slaughter, while completely ignoring the ongoing genocide in Palestine, being carried out by the invading hordes of Jews from the Synagogue of Satan.

The Black ignores the disproportionate number of Black on White Murders, Rapes and Robberies, which is why there are a disproportionate number of Blacks in gaol, while concentrating on drug users, which suggests that Blacks are ‘really’ innocent playful chappies’, and we are meant to believe them all to be innocent, by association with ‘dope’.

Bearing in mind that Huff Post is owned by Jews, it is hardly surprising that the White guests, could hardly open their mouths without interruption from Wise, while he spoke for long intervals without the Whites being given any time at all to respond.

If when Jared Taylor explained that only the White People, whom actually built this land, which these Blacks and others covet, are the only group which can be legally discriminated against, in a country where the Judiciary is controlled by ‘highly privileged’ Jews, does not set the anti-White Alarm Sirens blaring out, I do not know what will.

Is Politics A Mere Sham While Godfathers Hold The Real Power?


The problematic question, which needs answering, is whether the Rothschild family, which recently funded the election of attack dog Emmanuel Macron in France, while supporting the machinations in the United Kingdom, which lead up to the Brexit referendum, which saw to the exit from power of Rothschild Man,  David Cameron, who was replaced by another ‘friend’ of Rothschild Theresa May, is in favour of Brexit or not.

Most of those to whom I have posed the question as to whether they approve of the election of Emmanuel Macron, tell me in no uncertain terms, that the election result was totally rigged, through the manipulations of the controlled media and the carefully released documents, which presented the most serious candidate in the recent election, François Fillon, as a thief, for doing exactly what every other politician has been doing forever, leaving the preferred candidate of the People, Marine Le Pen, as the opposing candidate, whom could be cheated out of the race, claiming it to have been because of her ‘fascist’ approach to immigration, without a murmur from those whom have been trained to accept that whatever claim may be made against Le Pen is the honest truth.

The Rothschild family has provided many of the well-known, top politicians in France for decades, much in the manner of Goldman Sachs, which is also a part of the Rothschild’s stable , which has given us the majority of top Economic Ministers and the Governors of the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and of course the Federal Reserve. Not to mention previous Presidents of France, including Georges Pompidou and now Macron and Prime Ministers, the likes of Edouard Balladur. So to suggest that he holds some degree of control over European affairs, is not stretching the imagination to breaking point.

In view of the enigma, of David Cameron having been allowed to call a referendum on whether the UK should remain in or leave the European Union, the result of which was allowed to stand, without any apparent rigging – unless that is the ‘real’ majority voted to ‘remain’ – while the combined forces of Parliament and the Media, are attempting to dilute the result, to the point where should they get their way, the United Kingdom, will find the ‘Brexit’ vote to have been a waste of time as nothing will change, so what is being kept from us?

I was told by British News outlets, that British tourists were being offered as little as 80 centimes of an euro, for a pound, on arrival in Europe. I questioned some British holiday makers and asked them what the exchange rate had been, they claimed it to have varied between 110 centimes and 115 centimes, which is lower than it was a while back, but 115 centimes is a lot better than the reported 80 centimes and they seemed quite happy about the rate, presumably, because like me, they were prepared for the worst.

So what is the purpose of all of this chicanery? Will ‘Brexit’ finally be thwarted through the usual means of a second referendum, or will it be carried out, giving the impression that the British voter has won a victory, when in fact it was the desired result all along, which will simply clear the way for the British to lead the remains of its Empire in yet another Union, who knows?

When one compares the alleged influence on International affaires, of the Rothschild banking family, one can only wonder if the Rothschild’s are themselves mere front-men for the real rulers of this planet. Like the Italians, it could well be that they are being blamed for the crimes of others.

Adolf Hitler, the alleged most brutal human being of all time, often referred to Jews in a truly objective manner,

The struggle for world domination will be fought entirely between us, between Germans and Jews.  All else is facade and illusion.  Behind England stands Israel, and behind France, and behind the United States.  Even when we have driven the Jew out of Germany, he remains our world enemy.

– Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 234

Hitler was also opposed to the construction of a Jew State in Palestine, claiming that the Jews did not want Israel as a homeland in which they could live, but simply as a base from where they could set up and run their International criminal organisations, without fear of interference from International justice. Events have shown that he was right on the button.

The people of the world find it difficult to believe the actual truth about Hitler, even as they daily watch the true War Criminals, continue their slaughters, long after the death of Hitler, the man who almost single-handed gave us Workers Rights, which having been copied in past years, have long been thrown back into the dustbin of history and the working man is once more in chains without a hope, while the Communism, from which Hitler and Germany fought so hard to save us, encroaches into every aspect of our lives, threatening to consume and destroy us.

Abandon Hope All Those Whom Long For Change.




Abandon Hope All Those Whom Long For Change.

The gormless puppet Emmanuel Macron, is a man who stood alongside, François Hollande, during French, “Fascist” crimes, in Libya, Mali, Iraq and Syria. (I use the term ‘Fascist’ in the modern sense of the word, which is continually employed as a smear word, against those like Le Pen, when in fact she has never proposed anything which could accurately be described as Fascist.)

What we are witnessing in this ‘modern ‘socialist’ paradise, is the corralling of people into homogenous groups, with the aim of introducing, across Europe, all of the worst elements, with which Fascism has been endowed, in order to conceal the real meaning of the term, while at the same time introducing the malign elements, which they now refer to as Communitarianism.

Fascism was used as a means of sharing the profits of Corporations with the working people who generated those profits. Fascism, unlike Communism, allowed private business to prosper, while retaining Public control of necessary Utilities.

The modern Socialism, with which all major Political Parties have signed on to, allows for the Privatisation of all and everything into private hands, which when necessary will be bailed out using the workers money, when things go wrong, while robbing the people of the profits while things are going well. This is the exact opposite of the original intention of Fascism.

We are now heading, headlong, into a world which is totally ‘owned’ and controlled by a small number of Rich Robber Barons. It has always been understood, that to allow the unchecked use of Usury and debt, would inevitably lead to the destruction of society, by transferring the riches of the world into the pockets of Bankers. We are currently, wallowing, in the ‘endgame’ of this inevitable process.

A necessary component of this control is the universal use of a currency, which will have no competitor, allowing for the complete destruction of Sovereign States and the enslavement of the Peoples, whom will either be exterminated or forced to breed in a manner which will provide an indiscriminate form of brown humanity, without any real culture or individual past history.

It has been ordained that the only ‘true’ race which will be allowed to persist, is the ‘false’ race of Jews, who have openly declared this aim and are now engaged in the clearances of the Middle East, to make space for their future Empire. They have already bought their way into all of the major First World governments.

The American Zionist Movement (AZM) announced that 149,400 American Jews, registered to vote in the 1997 Zionist election, are receiving ballots mailed out recently. Voters will choose among ten slates of candidates to the 33rd World Zionist Congress, to be held this December in Jerusalem.

The American Zionist Movement’s delegation of 145 will be the largest one representing a Diaspora community and will be democratically elected by all U.S. Zionists who are registered to vote. Delegations from other areas of the world are being chosen by agreement of Zionist organizations or by election. In Israel, the Knesset elections serve as the basis for their allocation of delegates.

Israel has recently warned Syria, which it has been covertly bombing throughout the “British War,” which is ongoing in Syria, that should the Assad regime attempt to shoot down the Israeli fighter bombers, by which they are being attacked, there will be a response designed to completely destroy the Syrian Air-force. There was no response from any representative of any European Government to this threat, such is the power which is held by the controllers of the Mob base in Israel.

Emmanuel Macron, who was educated by an elite French University, with a list of past students which includes Nicolas Sarkozy, a man whom spent his childhood with a top Jew CIA man and who is himself a Jew and François Hollande, another Jew, who had Laurent Fabius, a Catholic Jew at his side during his term in office, is now being financed by the Rothschild family, whose connections with the French Political system goes all the way through, Georges Pompidou and Giscard d’Estaing;

“In 1973, when Pompidou, former Managing Director of Banque Rothschild, was President of the Republic, and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, France’s Minister of Economy and Finance, chose,  instead of taking a loan from the Publicly owned Bank of France without interest attached, having passed a law allowing the government,  to borrow from private banks (obviously at positive rates)  the first ‘private’ bank from which the state borrowed after the implementation of this law, which had ‘privatised’ the Bank of France, into the hands of his previous employer Rothschild,  was of course … the Rothschild’s new bank, this has lead to an enormous debt of interest for the French people.” Macron could be the new traitor, working as did Pompidou, for Rothschild.





Macron was an employee of the Rothschild Bank and is currently being funded by these financial thieves, who have robbed the same French people, whom Macron will now ‘pretend’ to serve, should he be elected.

This makes a mockery of Democracy, the same media which is presenting Macron as a modern JFK, is controlled by the Rothschild family. These are the people whom presented the dossier, which served to destroy Fillon’s chances in the election, leaving Marine Le Pen as the opposition to Macron.

Le Pen is an opposition which can be ‘cheated’ out of victory, without creating too much doubt in the minds of the French people, whom have been bombarded with bad publicity by the combined forces of the War Criminals, suggesting that such a defeat as having been predictable.’ 

When the Bankers puppet Macron is put in place, the French people will find that they have voted for their own ‘destruction.’ Macron has promised an open border to refugees and immigrants, which is a necessary step for the Rothschild’s,  in their attempts to clear the countries surrounding Israel in the Middle East. He is also a devout believer in the Jew controlled European Union and the acceptance of the Schengen Zone open borders. He does in fact stand for more or less everything which the French people oppose. He has also denied the existence of any ‘real’ French culture and art.

It has been suggested that Macron who is surrounded by and funded by Jews, may be a Jew himself. A simple question of curiosity you might say but no, it is permissible to smear Marine Le Pen, with her fathers faults, refer to her as a Fascist, a Nazi, a Racist and an anti-Semitic but to suggest that Macron is a Jew, is now anti-Semitic. Yes indeed those Jews can be oh so vulnerable. It’s so sad.


Israel has already started to construct a high-speed rail connection towards their Sabaean Jew comrades in Turkey, which demands a passage through parts of Syria. While the Jews compatriots in the Gulf States, have need of a pipeline which will allow them, to pump oil and gas through Syria towards Europe, all of which will be detrimental to Russia. So much for British, French and American claims of a humanitarian campaign in the Middle East, to ‘save the people’ from those brutal dictators.

The attacks on Fallujah, Mosul, Raqqa, Aleppo and other towns and cities, are campaigns of demolition. No Daech fighters are being driven out-of-town, this is an attempt to make the entire region unlivable. This is slaughter pure and simple. The hypocrisy of the ‘West’ is vile and disgusting. They show no sign of pity for anyone and they will show none for Europe, when they turn their firepower against us.

Macron Et Ses Amis.


Posez-vous cette question : avez vous participé financièrement à l’achat des costumes de François Fillon ? 

Réponse évidente NON !

Participez-vous financièrement au 10.000 euros de salaire du coiffeur de Hollande ? 

Réponse évidente OUI !

Alors pourquoi ne pas le dire ?

Rien que cet exemple montre la partialité des accusations, dans le style ” mentez, mentez, il en restera toujours quelque chose. “

Hollande prépare un coup d’Etat institutionnel qui fera date.

Par ses positions, ses attitudes, ses échecs et son comportement, Hollande n’était plus en mesure de se présenter à l’élection présidentielle de 2017. 

Pourtant, c’est son alter égo, Macron, qui est désormais en passe de devenir le prochain Président.

On peut penser ce qu’on veut de Hollande, on peut sincèrement reconnaître qu’il est le pire Président de la Vème et considérer à juste titre que s’il s’était présenté, il n’aurait pas dépassé la barre des 10% de voix. Pourtant, c’est un fin limier, un animal politique de haut niveau. Si sa baguette magique ne lui a pas permis de remettre le pays France en ordre de marche, il aura permis à un illustre inconnu d’être propulsé en quelques mois au plus haut niveau de la politique française, soutenu par les grands argentiers occidentaux et par les pontes d’un parti désormais en état de mort clinique.

Parmi les hollandistes historiques prêts à soutenir Macron, on peut évoquer Ségolène Royal (ex-compagne de Hollande), Bertrand Delanoë, Jean-Pierre Jouillet (secrétaire général de l’Elysée), Jean-Pierre Mignard (avocat de Médiapart) et toute une brochette d’élus locaux dans les starting-blocks.

 Les gens qui comptent au Parti Socialiste sont prêts à annoncer leur ralliement à un ex-banquier de 39 ans qui a refusé de passer par les primaires du parti.   Un comble.

Coup de maître de Hollande qui a envoyé tous les jeunes ténors du parti au casse-pipe de la primaire pour les éliminer en douceur, faire élire le moins populaire de tous, et préparer un boulevard à son fils spirituel Macron.

Restait une épine dans le pied élyséen: François Fillon.   Problème réglé par la machine socialiste, ses médias, ses juges, son syndicat de la magistrature, son parquet national financier et j’en passe.   On connait désormais mieux cette affaire que toutes les autres. 

Quand on pense que le coiffeur de François Hollande a gagné en 5 ans davantage que Pénélope Fillon en 12 ans et que ça ne semble choquer personne… surtout aucun medium (singulier de media) ! ! !

Quand on pense que parmi les députés, 58 épouses sont employées, 48 fils et 32 filles, sans compter les pouffes de service et autres maîtresses … sans que, là encore, ça n’émeuve pas nos médias ! ! !

On est bien forcés de se dire que la République va mal. Très mal. Et que le Président en poste est probablement en passe de réaliser le coup d’Etat institutionnel le plus choquant des dernières décennies.

Cette élection marquera un tournant. 

Pour le meilleur (qui le croit ?) et pour le pire. 






On attend l’enquête du Parquet Financier ???


Le site GotNews.com publie l’avis d’une experte, commissaire aux comptes chez Deloitte, qui sous le pseudo de Jessica Gomez a épluché les documents concernant les comptes bancaires offshore et la société d’Emmanuel Macron dans un paradis fiscal.

Nous avons traduit, pour les lecteurs de Dreuz, l’article qu’elle a publié.

« Je suis commissaire aux comptes avec plus de deux décennies d’expérience dans l’un des trois grands cabinets comptables mondiaux [Deloitte]. J’ai une vaste expérience en contrôlant les grandes entreprises qui ont des filiales à travers le monde, y compris dans les paradis fiscaux, comme les îles Caïmans.

Au cours de ma carrière, j’ai découvert des cas de détournement de fonds, de fraude et d’évasion fiscale. J’ai également découvert des documents falsifiés.

Un journaliste d’enquête m’a demandé de confirmer l’authenticité des documents liés à Emmanuel Macron ci-dessous, et depuis que ces documents ont été rendus publics, je publie maintenant mes conclusions.

Mon travail est décomposé par chaque élément depuis la création de la société mère au compte bancaire dans le paradis fiscal.

Je conclus avec ma recommandation : le gouvernement français doit obtenir un mandat pour mener d’autres enquêtes sur les activités financières d’Emmanuel Macron.

La Providence LLC – Statuts de la société

Signature de Macron

Dès le début de cette société, les statuts créent la société mère et contiennent la signature de Macron.

Signature de Macron officiellement associée à la campagne électorale

La signature d’Emmanuel Macron associée à sa campagne est fabriquée par un graphiste sur la base de sa signature, mais ce n’est pas sa signature. Il existe trois variantes de la signature d’Emmanuel Macron, entre les livres et les affiches qu’il a signés pour les fans, et les documents gouvernementaux destinés à être rendus publics.

La signature sur sa page Wikipedia provient de sa déclaration de richesse au gouvernement, largement controversée et contestée, faite dans le cadre de ses déclarations officielles pour être candidat. Elle n’a aucun rapport avec la signature ci-dessus, ou même son nom. S’il a effectivement dissimulé des richesses, il est possible qu’il n’ait pas signé le document lui-même pour limiter sa responsabilité en cas de parjure.

Puis il existe des échantillons de sa signature qui correspondent à ceux figurant sur les statuts de la société offshore. Ces signatures correspondent à celles qu’il a faites sur des livres et des affiches et même sur d’autres documents officiels :

Et voici la signature supposée de Macron sur les statuts de la société :

Date des statuts

Les statuts sont datés du 4 mai 2012, une convention utilisée en France et d’anciennes colonies britanniques et conforme à la culture du client et aux normes de l’entreprise contractante.

Relation entre la date et les événements politiques

  • La date correspond au second tour de l’élection présidentielle précédente. Deux jours après le débat Hollande-Sarkozy et deux jours avant le vote final. Hollande était toujours en avance devant le titulaire Sarkozy dans les sondages.
  • Onze jours après la signature des statuts de sa société, Emmanuel Macron a quitté Rothschild & Cie pour travailler pour le président Hollande.

Relation entre la date et les intérêts commerciaux d’Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron était toujours dans les premières phases de son conseil dans  le dossier Pfizer-Nestlé. Ce dossier, selon ce qu’affirment ses associés chez Rothschild & Cie., a été le motif de sa grosse prime. Il convient de noter que l’accord n’a pas été finalisé avant décembre 2012. La prime pour le travail effectué en 2012 ne sera versée qu’en janvier ou février 2013, alors que Macron a déjà des activités auprès du gouvernement.

Capitalisation de 1 $

C’est le montant de l’obligation légale pour créer une société de type LLC à Nevis. D’autres accords sont habituellement pris pour assurer le paiement des avocats. Ceci est typique des cas où les paiements pour la structure de l’entreprise sont effectués par une personne autre que son propriétaire. Cela aurait pu être le cas si cette société avait été créée pour recevoir les bonus exceptionnels de Macron à la banque Rothschild & Cie., ou d’autres revenus perçus en dehors de la juridiction des autorités fiscales françaises.

Choix du domicile de la société mère

Nevis, une île de l’Etat de Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis, exige que seuls les noms des «partenaires principaux» soient divulgués dans les documents de dépôt des sociétés. Les «partenaires principaux» sont parmi les rares «agents enregistrés», avocats à qui le gouvernement permet de déposer des documents de sociétés LLC au nom de leurs clients anonymes. Les «commanditaires» qui sont les «propriétaires bénéficiaires» de ces entreprises ne sont pris en compte que dans les dossiers détenus par le cabinet privé, et ne sont pas systématiquement divulgués au gouvernement. En outre, contrairement à la plupart des autres juridictions, une société LLC peut être constituée d’un seul associé.

Dixcart Management Nevis Limited et le siège de la société La Providence LLC

Dixcart est un cabinet d’avocats international qui opère à Nevis pour créer ces entités juridiques pour des clients qui cherchent à cacher leurs actifs. Dixcart Management Nevis Limited est un agent enregistré auprès de la Commission de réglementation des services financiers de Nevis, avec Graham Sutcliffe en tant que directeur général. La société La Providence LLC dit que l’adresse de Dixcart est son siège social ce qui, selon les Panama Papers, a révélé qu’il s’agit d’une pratique courante des clients de Dixcart.

Le Fax de First Caribbean

Qui est Richard Palmer ?

Richard Palmer est indiqué comme destinataire du fax de First Caribbean Bank. Richard Palmer est inscrit sur le site de Dixcart comme l’un de ses avocats basés à Nevis. Son numéro de fax est bien celui de la télécopie.

La Providence LLC est-elle la même que La Providence Ltd ?

Afin d’ouvrir un compte bancaire dans un pays autre que Nevis, où La Providence LLC est enregistrée, une filiale d’entreprise doit être créée dans ce pays. Les îles Caïmans utilisent la convention « Ltd » par opposition à « LLC » qui est utilisé à Nevis ce qui correspond à « SARL » en France ou « GmbH » en Allemagne.

Parce que les îles Caïmans publient dans la Gazette des îles Caïmans uniquement les noms des propriétaires des sociétés défaillantes au moment de payer leurs frais forfaitaires annuels au gouvernement, nous ne pouvons pas confirmer le nom du propriétaire de la société La Providence Ltd (îles Caïmans) celui d’une entreprise parente ou propriétaire.

Cependant, puisque Richard Palmer est le contact du Cayman Banker, nous pouvons supposer en toute sécurité qu’il s’agit de la même entreprise.

Qui est Brian Hydes ?

J’ai parlé avec le département des ressources humaines de la CIBC, la société mère de First Caribbean. Ils m’ont confirmé que Brian Hydes était employé chez First Caribbean mais ne l’est plus. Toutes les autres informations que j’ai demandées ne pouvaient m’être partagées sans une lettre de consentement signée par Brian Hydes. Son numéro de téléphone arrive à un numéro de poste maintenant déconnecté de la branche des Caïmans de la First Caribbean.

Mots employés et date de la télécopie

Les mots «Cheque» et «Centre» correspondent aux conventions de l’anglais britannique, et sont conformes à ce fax provenant d’une entreprise située dans une ancienne colonie britannique et appartenant à une société mère canadienne. Par conséquent, on peut supposer que la date indique que cela a été envoyé en février et non en novembre.

Date des paiements dans la société supposément de Macron

La télécopie a été envoyée en 2015 et fait référence à des chèques qui ont probablement été payés à son compte. Cela correspond à deux ans après que d’éventuels versements de Rothschild & Cie aient été versés.

Ces paiements rémunèrent-ils des activités de 2014 pour le secteur privé ?

Du 10 juin 2014 au 26 août 2014, Emmanuel Macron n’était pas au gouvernement. Au cours de cette période, les rapports de presse affirment qu’Emanuel Macron a mis en place un cabinet de conseil en finance, un fonds de capital-risque axé sur l’éducation et qu’il était professeur invité. Si les paiements concernaient l’une de ces activités, qui se sont produits en France et en Allemagne, Macron pourrait être accusé d’évasion fiscale.

Ces paiements sont-ils versés au ministre de l’Économie?

  • Cette date tombe également après l’accord controversé d’Alstom-GE. En tant que ministre de l’Économie, Emmanuel Macron a annulé la position de son prédécesseur, qui s’était opposé à l’accord.
  • Macron a refusé d’exécuter les directives antérieures concernant l’accord et a apposé sa signature pour permettre que l’opération se produise le 4 novembre 2014.
  • L’accord a été finalisé le 22 décembre 2014.
  • La réussite de l’opération a fait qu’Alstom a payé 30 millions d’euros de primes à ses dirigeants. Si les chèques envoyés à La Providence Ltd. ont été émis, directement ou indirectement, par Alstom, GE, ou leurs dirigeants ou actionnaires, Emmanuel Macron devrait être poursuivi pour évasion fiscale et corruption.


À mon avis, il n’y a aucune raison de supposer que ces documents sont faux.

Si j’étais engagée par le gouvernement français pour examiner ces documents, je recommanderais aux enquêteurs gouvernementaux d’obtenir un mandat pour mener une enquête plus approfondie sur les documents personnels et les correspondances écrits et numériques d’Emmanuel Macron.

Reproduction autorisée avec la mention suivante : traduction et adaptation, Alain Leger pour Dreuz.info.

Source : http://gotnews.com/emmanuel-macrons-tax-evasion-documents-real/

PS : l’auteur initial des fuites a republié des images non compressées du fax :


 “Macron est un psychopathe” : l’analyse d’un psychiatre italien