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A Minority Getting Priority Is Undemocratic And Unfair.

I have spent a while, searching all over the inter-web, looking for the identity of a White man, shot by the police in the USA, in an act which brought hundreds of Black and White demonstrators out in the streets, creating chaos. Sadly I can find no evidence of any such event. That is despite the fact that more White people are shot by both Black and White police, in the United States, than are Blacks.

I did manage to find this inconclusive report, though the claims regarding the actions of the dead man, in the Police report, do not appear to correspond with what was recorded on the ‘body-cam, but no matter, there is patently little difference between this event and those in which Blacks are shot, showing, at least,  some sort of perverted even-handed approach on the part of the Police. However there was virtually no media coverage of this killing and there was most certainly no riot in response. /2014/11/25/salt-lake-cop-cleared-in-shooting-of-unarmed-white-man/


The next example is absolutely disgusting, there was no need for police involvement in the first place, because there had been no crime committed, apparently, it was simply a matter of one member of the group, having had an argument over some triviality, with a member of the staff of Wal-Mart.



When the ‘reinforcements’ arrived, the cop walked up to a member of the group and tried to separate him from his family and when he refused, the cops had made no attempt to find out the reason for the argument, they instead went immediately into ‘show them we are the boss mode’, throwing the man to the ground, creating chaos in the process.

An older man could be heard asking the police to stop because there were women and children being hurt, to no avail.

Eventually, we are told by the police, that during the struggle, with this group of ‘pathetic’ fighters, a policeman had drawn his gun and in the middle of a mêlée with members of the family, the gun went off. We are told, by the police that it happened during a struggle with the boy who was threatened by the gun, trying to get out-of-the-way. This provoked another policeman to take out his gun and shoot the unarmed boy on the ground.

The cops then carried on beating the shit out of the rest of the family, while the cops close to the scene of the shooting, appear to be preparing their excuse, by treating a cop lying on the ground, who they then paraded, with the usual ripped trousers and a bandage dangling down, without a trace of blood, in front of the camera, which was recording the scene, while the distressed mother, howls over the death of her child.

This incident is so shocking, that for it to have been virtually ignored by the media, is beyond belief. The minimum response, by an unbiased media, should have been to broadcast this tale far and wide, to demonstrate that there is no such thing as Black bias when the police go AWOL, cops of all colors, will kill all and anybody at every opportunity.

To lay all the blame on the family, is going too far. There had been no violence, only talk, until the extra police arrived on the scene, at which point the Wal-Mart man and the police, thought they had an easy target, they were wrong, they had provoked a wild bunch.

The saddest part of this extraordinary tale was the death of Enoch, the young lad who was shot as he lay on the ground. The police paid little attention to the youngster as he bled to death, with his mother screaming by his side.

Other than that, for a group of so-called professionals, to have allowed a simple difference, between a Wal-Mart security man and a family, which included a bunch of testosterone charged boys, to fall into this sort of shambles, is unbelievable.

They should have started the interrogation by taking the Wal-Mart man, to one side and asked him to explain the problem, so that they at least understood what they were dealing with and most of all they should never have allowed him to take part in the brawl.

The police used their total supply of Taser capsules in an attempt to subdue the boys and their father, to no avail. They also broke the arm of one of the boys during the fracas. There were three or four squad cars used in the incident, two with cameras which did not work? which denied us film of what took place out of sight. All of that to check out a case of possible shoplifting?

That is how White people are treated these days, while the riots continue across the United States should a Black be the victim. Rush Limbaugh put it like this:

There’s a mindset out there, and the way it works in situations like this [is] only people of color can be victims. A white person can never be a victim. It just can’t happen. That’s not permitted, that’s not allowed because it isn’t the case. The whites are the oppressors. They’re the majority. In the liberal worldview, every majority is an oppressor, whether they’re white or whatever. They’re all oppressors. The minority is always the victims, and the victims are with whom we should always sympathize, no matter what. And the victims are permitted to do anything precisely because they’re a minority, and I’m talking about in numbers, not skin color. They’re outnumbered. The evil majority does horrible things to the minority. And so the minorities, be it skin color or numbers … [are] always victims. And so anything they do is justified and we must try to understand the rage.

But in the current climate in the United States, a black person can never be the oppressor and a white can never be the victim. And that’s how you have a corrupt or perverted news business in Salt Lake City, refusing to identify a black cop who may have shot an innocent person. That destroys the whole picture we’ve been creating here for centuries. That could totally destroy the image that we’ve been trying to concoct. Oh man that could blow it sky high; that’s just not supposed to happen. And so they come up with these things to hide it or to not reference it at all.”


Sadly Rush is completely wrong, in South Africa, where the Whites have been stupid enough to allow unlimited immigration into their land, they are now a minority, being daily picked off by Blacks who rape babies in front of their parents before killing them and then torture and rape the parents.

This behaviour has been more or less legalised by the President called Zuma, who along with Saint Nelson Mandela sang songs calling for the death of Whitey and who has recently announced that the Blacks are fully armed and waiting for the order to start the slaughter of the remaining Whites. Not too much in the news about that these days, unlike when the majority Blacks were demanding ever more from the Whites, that was called Apartheid, what we now have is total Bolshevik control and the White Christians, as is usual, are the target. Mandela was a Bolshevik Communist and Free Mason,  the African National Congress is a Bolshevik Communist construction.


In Myanmar, the minority Muslims are being exterminated by the Buddhists,  because Muslims have a dark, past history in those parts and people are not too keen to take them in.  I suppose the next step will be to appeal to stupid old Whitey to invite them to Europe instead of putting the award-winning hypocrite in her place in Myanmar and allowing the Muslims to stay in their own land.

So you see Rush, minorities are only considered to be automatically in the right, when the majority happens to be of a White Christian nature. In Israel, where another clearance is taking place, there is hardly a country on earth prepared to stand up against the Government in Tel Aviv, even as Europe is expected to make room for millions of Muslims from the region, to make more space available for Israel. Wake up Mr. Limbaugh.

The Black view of things is predictable, no mention of the enormous number of Blacks killed annually by other Blacks, no mention of the fact that even though Blacks are a mere 13% of the population of the United States, they commit 50% of all murders, no mention of the 33 thousand White women raped annually by Blacks, in fact one could be forgiven for believing them to be model citizens, whom are hunted down for fun by White police, as we never hear it mentioned that half of those Blacks killed by the Police, are killed by Black policemen.

The Fall Of The Christian Empire.


South Africa is ‘the’ perfect example of what happens, when a State is forced, by an International Conspiracy, to allow unlimited immigration into a relatively small economy, which is then expected to produce an unsustainable level of wealth to support them all.

When the Boers arrived in South Africa, unlike those incomers whom arrived in Israel or America, they did not come with guns blazing, they came to a huge Continent, in an area inhabited by the Bush Men, with whom they had no problem, and set up a simple, farming community.

Gradually, the food production of the Boers and the possibility of ‘finding a better life’ attracted those Black people from all across Africa, whom for thousands of years, had sustained themselves by hunting and gathering, into the outskirts of the Boer settlements, where they worked in return for food.

Africa, was and is, teeming with uncontrolled numbers of people, their colour is of no importance, all that matters is their huge numbers. Finally, with the money of the Zionists, whom themselves hungered for control of the Boers  Diamond and Gold Mines,those Black ‘immigrants’, whom had been misled into the belief, that the White Man, whom had originally given them shelter,  had been ‘robbing’ them, they succeeded in gaining control of South Africa, through overwhelming numbers, only to find themselves on a slippery slope back into a state of poverty, not too dissimilar, to the level of other Black African countries, and way below the level to which they had become accustomed, before control of South Africa, fell into the loving arms of the Bolshevik, Communist, Zionist controlled, African National Congress.

At the height of the Bolshevik struggle to destroy the Boers in South Africa, I was for a while I was in the company of a group of folk, from South Africa, whom along with the White Zulu, Johnny Clegg, had been in the forefront of the anti-apartheid movement. I was surprised to find that they were one and all of Jew origin.

They were having a slight difference with Clegg, who had been touched by his sudden, international ‘fame’ which had been achieved as a result of mass media coverage, into the belief that it had been as a result of his huge talent.

His team told me outright, that they were disappointed by Johnny’s attitude, and that he had forgotten all that they had done for him. Clegg, whose music up to that point, had been ubiquitous, all across France and Europe, disappeared, without trace. Such is the power of the Zionist media.

In modern day South Africa, Black workers are now being exploited by Black politicians and shot dead by Black Policemen, in numbers far in excess of the numbers killed by the Boers. In Germany where they have already suffered from the Bolshevik Communist insistence on uncontrolled immigration, the country is already suffering from a fifty per cent increase in violent crime. Europe is to be the next South Africa.

Those whom organise the destruction of societies, have no care for the welfare of indigenous Peoples, whether they be Black, Brown, Yellow or White, like all parasites, they will simply kill their host and move on to the next victim. When all else fails they will turn on themselves.

When the diamond and gold mines of South Africa are finally exhausted, the Bolsheviks will simply leave town and the South Africans will be wiped out to make space for the more ‘intelligent’ marauders from India and China, whom have already bred themselves to the limit, in their own homelands.

We are all living in the midst of the ruins of failed civilisations. Africa has its share of ancient relics all over it. Very soon the latest ‘civilisation’ will find itself incapable of delivering, to one and all, the promise of motor cars, private jets and swimming pools and all of the other paraphernalia, deemed necessary, to provide the ideal standard of life.

The crafty people have been aware of this eventuality for at least one hundred years, at which point the ‘Great Culling’ kicked off, since when, it has never stopped. One way or another most of us are doomed.

The Middle East, is the current target for extinction, common sense having told us,  that a desert region is incapable of sustaining huge numbers of people, which obliges the most powerful group,  to stake out its territory. We, the White Christian Peoples, are being used to help the Bolsheviks carry out this project.

While this brutality is continuing, in many Middle Eastern Countries, to enlarge ‘certain’ States, the crafty people are telling us that National Borders, should be taken down, without a trace of irony. Politicians whom oppose this notion, Orban in Hungary or Le Pen in France, are denigrated as being Racist, by extremely Racist Bolsheviks, whom are actually buildings walls, to maintain the purity of Israel.

Very soon, money will mean nothing, all that will matter is sustainability. Not sustainability in the sense which it is now being used, as a means of control but as a means of survival.

We have been hogwashed into believing that certain ‘special’ people can own everything, which has allowed dopey princes to claim ownership of vast tracts of land, leading to the ‘clearance’ of the ‘peasants’ into intolerable situations in towns, to make the countryside available for the slaughter of birds, rabbits and wild pigs by Dukes and Earls and other with loads of money.

It is time to stop the slaughter, nature takes care of the culling, without need of the assistance of the greedy and insane. The African people should forget about copying the life-style of Europeans, whom have chosen to live a deluded nightmare existence. There are many other possibilities, which have been allowed to be forgotten, such as the original life-style of the Boers.

Africa is a paradise which should be treated with care, Blacks should not allow controlled Black leaders to do as did the White Kings and Princes, to White people in Europe, in return for a share of the taxes from Money Lenders.

In a relatively short time period, the uncontrolled use of Usury, which is still a criminal activity, but which is no longer referred to as ‘Usury’ has destroyed the Roman Empire, brought Europe to its knees in the space of a hundred years, after recovering from the Dark Ages, leading to the exportation of millions to America, Australia and any other country which was easily conquered, taking along with it many fatal sicknesses, which helped to wipe out indigenous Peoples.

Usury has already destroyed the United States at least twice, since it was installed in the Federal Reserve system in 1913. Americans, whom themselves used mass immigration to destroy the indigenous Peoples, are now being destroyed using exactly the same process, and they have become so dumb, that they are unable to perceive the danger. The Red man, did at least put up stiff resistance to the take-over, White man is out on the streets crying out in favour of his own destruction.

Americans are so stupid, that they are incapable of resisting the round-up, which has been ongoing in the States, for decades. Most of America is now owned by the Federal Government, which is itself a Corporation, owned by the Bankers.

Back in the day, immigrants, coming into America, were allotted a parcel of land, which they could farm, in order to maintain themselves. We cannot simply expect others to support us, while we sit around whittling sticks with a donated Buck-Knife.

Most of the small farmers have now been driven out of existence, through the use of excessive taxes and have been forced to sell their farms to pay those taxes. This has allowed the Multi-National Farming Companies to take control of the food supply and through the absolutely idiotic idea of destroying heritage seeds, which have been replaced by genetically modified seeds, which they call ‘copyright’ and in some cases are infertile, forcing farmers to buy new seeds every year, at high cost.

This has exposed the lie of Communism for what it has always been, the control of all and everything into the hands of the Money-Lenders. They are the ‘People’ whom we once believed to be ‘We The People’ back in the day when ‘Property Was Theft’ this ‘theft’ only applied to the property in ‘our’ hands, which had to be dutifully handed over to ‘them’. They own everything while we own nothing, while they pretend that Socialism works for ‘us’, when like everything else, it works exclusively, for ‘them’.

The Bolshevik controlled media, does not present much exposure of the real result of mass immigration into South Africa, where the Blacks, having been encouraged to blame White people for all of their ‘problems’ are  choosing to ignore the fact that they were once the richest Blacks in Africa, while under White rule, while now having chosen fallen into the clutches of corporate Bolshevik control, like neighbouring Rhodesia, they have destroyed their own farming industry and thousands of jobs along with it.

They have now tumbled from their high perch,  to become the worlds most Racist State, where the Black ‘saints’, have slaughtered seventy-five thousand White people, as justifiable retribution for perceived ‘bad treatment’ by Whites, even as the now Richest Blacks in the world, in the United States, are being encouraged to create the same intolerant society.

Blacks are already the most murderous and rapist section of United States Society, without need of any more encouragement to vent a rage over something or other, against those whom had nothing whatever to do with ‘slavery’ in support of those whom controlled slavery.  

Such is the stupidity of Blacks. In the States, where Blacks are howling for the ‘death of Whitey’ White idiots are out in force in support of these violent Blacks. Nobody should support violence against anyone, never mind violence against your own people.

Immigrants into Europe are being used in the same manner. The rapes are being played down, violence is ignored, calls by Jews to destroy White Christians is never reported, the Austrian President is suggesting that Christian Women should adopt the Burqa in support of Muslim women, when in reality he should be supporting the rights of those Muslim women, many of whom are forced to wear a Burqa, not for any religious reason but to suit the demands of their husbands.

It will quickly become apparent in Europe, that as were the Blacks in South Africa, controlled by Jews through the use of ‘frontmen’ like Mandela, that the Muslims coming into Europe are also controlled by Bolshevik ‘frontmen’ Wahhabis from Saudi Arabia, by whom,  fanatics will be used to create violent attacks against the traditional enemy of the Jew Bolsheviks, White Christians.

Europe has already been ‘softened up’ through the use of ‘false’ attacks, in readiness for what is to come. Just like the Soviet Union, which was dismantled in months, Christendom can fall in the same way. We have already been internally divided, we have been educated to accept responsibility for the crimes of others, whether those crime were real or invented fictions. We actually feel sympathy, for those, whom are planning our destruction. That is the current depth of our brainwashing.

The world has been turned on its head.

A Few Run Of The Mill British False Flag Attacks.




A Few Run Of The Mill British False Flag Attacks.

Following the recent car crash attack in the United Kingdom, it was dutifully announced that ISIS/Daech had claimed responsibility for the incident. It is never disclosed, as to how exactly these claims are actually delivered and by who or whom they are received.

In light of the fact that it has been disclosed that GCHQ and the NSA, have recordings of every electronique message, transmitted world-wide, whether by telephone, Email, Twitter, Texto or by a posting on ‘social media,’ messages which  we are assured, are instantly traceable back to the position of the sender.  

 Having claimed to have pin-pointed ‘Jihad John’,  in the Middle of a Syrian desert township, by tracing his ‘call home,’ to his mum, on his portable telephone, a trace and position, which was, apparently maintained for a sufficient length of time, to allow for the flight of a ‘drone,’ from an undisclosed location, which dutifully launched a missile,  which took John out, blowing him into bits and pieces, which even his own mother would not recognise.  

Thus ending the career of a man,  who had never actually been seen without a mask covering his face and whom had been miraculously identified,, by the iris of his eye.  So in view of that feat, the Westminster Bridge man, who was operating just up the road from Thames House,  should have been easy meat.

To this day, nobody can be sure of the actual identity of the man behind the ISIS mask, never mind whether he was actually killed by a drone, so the next question must surely be, was a drone instantly launched in pursuit of the spokesman from Daech, who had claimed the Daech membership of the Westminster Bridge killer and was he successfully taken out, or are we dealing with a case of total bullshit?

The identity of the man, on Westminster Bridge,  who was identified by ISIS as their agent, had to be quickly changed,  as the guilty ‘dead man’ was already in gaol, so another guilty character had to be dug out to replace him, I have no idea whether ISIS claimed the second man as one of their own or not.

We must never allow ourselves to be diverted from the salient lessons of history, which for the ‘modern day’ land of Syria, kicked off in earnest,  after the implementation of the criminal decision, of a coven of Jews, whom wrote a letter, which is grandly referred to as  The Balfour Declaration, which was used in payment of a debt owed to a certain Lord Rothschild, whom had manipulated the United States into taking part in the Great War, in support of a European Coalition, which had been thrashed by Germany,  granting  him ownership of Palestine. The British then proceeded to share out the rest of the region amongst the various European States, which were also under covert Jew control, including France and Britain. Amongst these States languished the newly delineated State of Syria, which was much coveted by the Jews.

The British/American Jew, Winston Churchill, the creator of the debacle of Gallipoli, during the Great War, an event which lead to the slaughter of the Anzacs’, from New Zealand and Australia – whom had been pinned down and relentlessly picked off by the forces of the Ottoman Empire – was now involved in one of the remaining aims of the Great War, which having already provided cover for the Regime Changes in Russia and Germany and with the end of the Ottoman Empire and the Austro Hungarian Empire in sight, the remaining target was Herzl’s desire for an apartheid Jew State in Palestine, with much land all around to one day create ‘Greater Israel,’ part of which is now called Syria.

This is a mere glimpse into the murky world of British Politics and their love of ‘Regime Change’ a seriously psychopathic lust which it seems can never be satiated.

Churchill, in the years preceding the Great War had been involved in that other glorious British campaign in South Africa, where he was attempting to unseat the legitimate Boer regime, seeking control of the gold mines and diamonds for the same Rothschild family which was later to benefit from the Great War.

During this campaign the Jewish/British Empire actually invented the idea of “Concentration Camps” which were in truth “Death Camps.” As a result of starvation and disease,  at least 26,000 Boers, men, women and children died in these camps and another 25,000 prisoners of war were deported.

Lord Milner, whom would shortly afterwards be involved in the group of Jew Lords, whom concocted the Balfour Declaration, who was a co-conspirator of Cecil Rhodes, Rothschild’s Agent in Africa, made massive attempts to cover-up the slaughter of the Boer people, which was an attempted genocide, which saw to the deaths of a quarter of the Boer People and was being reported by the British Press of the day.

The Boers were kept under constant pressure by the Jew controlled City of London, until finally, in 1963, a group of Jews set up and funded the African National Congress. This group of Jews included such names as, Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African‘s, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki (father of Thabo Mbeki), Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada, employed to do the dirty work and disguise the identity of the controlling Jews.

The ANC, from the start was funded by the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union. The much-lauded champion of Nelson Mandela and the ANC,  was a Soviet Jew and KGB Officer, Joe Slovo, whose wife was a leader of the South African Communist Party and she managed the funding from the UK, Russia and the USA, even during the ‘Cold War, with CIA and SAS assistance, in the planning of terrorist attacks.

It should be noted that the ANC was a far more brutal organisation than were the Boer Police and their treatment of the Whites should be considered as a Crime Against Humanity, which the fine, truthful diligent reporters from the Western media, chose to ignore.

The Boer government was finally destroyed from within through the machinations of the Oppenheimer family and B’nai B’rith, the Jewish Masonic group, whom finally managed to insert a traitor, Frederik de Klerk, a Freemason, into power facilitating the placing of a Black government in power. The composition of the ‘real’ government was replaced by a coven of Jews, operating behind a handful of Black frontmen.

To this day, the White Christian Boers, whom are hated by the Jews, are experiencing a slow genocide, which is being encouraged by those whom would like to see to the extinction of the entire White Race, while those ever deserving ‘released’ Blacks,  have been plunged into the depths of poverty and introduced to the joys of a rape every few seconds of the day and they are now,  the undisputed world capital of murder, having been deluded by Mandela and others,  into believing that they would be even better off under ANC rule, not satisfied with already being the richest Blacks in Africa. With the unstinting, good-hearted support of one and all, they have now fallen into abject poverty.

To the North in Kenya, the British were once more dealing with an uprising against their Colonial rule. The Bad Boys were called the Mau-Mau. The British Military, have since admitted to setting up their own Mau-Mau 2, and proceeding to carry out ‘terrorist attacks, which they blamed on the ‘real’ Mau-Mau. The British were recently convicted of having tortured and castrated many alleged Mau-Mau members and were obliged to pay reparations.

This system of ‘False Flag’ attacks, has since become standard practice for British Security. In Ireland they were guilty of exactly the same shameful tactics, where they planted bombs, then claimed the IRA to have taken credit for the outrage, to generate bad feelings in the British public against the Irish Catholics, allowing the use of more hard-line tactics against the IRA.

One attack in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, which was blamed by the British on a group of innocent Irishmen, the so-called Birmingham Six, whom were beaten to a pulp by British police, who were attempting to force them to sign confessions and whom were so badly injured by the beatings that their appearance in Court had to be delayed, allowing time for their facial wounds to heal, were finally convicted using the evidence of a forensic expert, who lied through his teeth and years later, when his lies were uncovered and the men finally released from prison,  having served 16 years for a crime,  which the IRA denied having committed and having told the British Police that the six convicted men were unknown to the IRA.  The British made no further efforts to find the guilty parties, after the release of the men. The Birmingham Six were not the only innocent Irish to get gaoled for nothing. The McGuire Family suffered the same thing.

In Iraq, two SAS terrorists were caught red-handed, disguised as Arabs, in a vehicle loaded with guns and bombs, which they intended to plant in public places and kill innocent people, to generate the impression of a guerrilla presence in the area of Basra, which would involve much destruction in order to winkle them out. Mosul is at this time being laid to waste using a similar pretext.

In Libya, men in yellow safety helmets ran around the streets of Benghazi killing people at will, an event which was blamed, without any form of proof on Gadaffi and used as the excuse to claim that Gadaffi was about to slaughter everybody in Libya, so the British must bomb the entire country to rubble, to save it.

The same excuse served in Syria, where a group of British Agents, carried out an attack on a group of protesters, and as were the Irish Catholics, on Bloody Sunday,  they were shot by the British, whom then claimed it to have been Bashar al Assad, whom had carried out the killing, which provided the excuse for the British to send in more of their ‘good terrorists’ whom they armed to the teeth and who set about the destruction of Syria.

The above is no more than a sketch of the actual depth of the British use covert methods of generating excuses to destroy. Both World Wars were based on lies and deception which originated from the City of London. A similar excuse was used to pave the way into the Great War by the Americans, using the Lusitania, which was presented to the Germans as a sitting duck, while it was actually being used to ship arms to the British, making it a legitimate target, which the British denied, calling the attack a war crime which was duly laid against Germany.

So imagine my surprise, when a radio host, sniggered when it was suggested that the recent attack in London was being called a False Flag, online, to which he responded, that this suggestion, was a good reason for only searching for the truth on the mainstream media, where the reporters have integrity and research the proof of their reports because of a sincere desire to present the public with the honest truth. No Shit!




I wish I had time to present a few of the British false flags which were used to entice Germany and Hitler into World War Two, that must wait for another day.


White Genocide: No Sign Of Alarm In The Zionist Media.


White people in those countries which are described as being Western, have for some strange reason, chosen to vote for an inordinate number of Jewish politicians, many of whom have been educated in establishments, which claim to provide an education for future politicians, all of whom swear an unhealthy allegiance to the most corrupt and totalitarian State on the planet, a state which was set-up   by bloodshed and terrorism and which is funded, quite openly, by the Mafia, I am of course speaking of Israel.

Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, is of the opinion that the British were the innovators of  tactics, such as ‘Blitzkrieg,’ which was “great,” except when use of the tactic is levelled at the Germans. During the Great War, which was fought by ‘heroes’ such as the genocidal General Haig, a war which was used to camouflage the ‘coup d’etat’ in Russia, which produced the Balfour Declaration, which passed the Country of Palestine into the claws of the Khazar Jews and wiped out the cream of European youth.

Farage made no reference to the fact, that as with the Second World War, it was the British whom had declared war against Germany. They are the guilty party, a fact which has never been accepted by the British people.

Farage, along with other commentators, ignores the sixty-five million or so Russian Christians, whom were slaughtered, under the orders of these same Khazar Jews, whom had taken control of Russia, with the aid of funds from the City of London and Wall Street, which when added to the carnage of the Great War, plus the untold millions whom were murdered, not by the Germans but by Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, during the Second World War, mark a level of slaughter of White European Aryan Man, unsurpassed in all of history combined.

The rubbish about the mistakes which were made after the Armistice, in 1919, is still being propagated, in order to disguise the deliberate provocation of Germany, by World Jewry, in 1933, to generate an excuse to “finish off,” the German people, whom were, unacceptably productive and innovative, for the well-being of the Jewish-British Empire, which was in decline.  There were no mistakes, everything happened to order. The genocide against White Aryan Man goes on unabated.

Listen to the words of this Jewish woman. She is speaking for the Khazar Jewish ‘Elite.’ In the false State of Israel, from where the indigenous people are being driven, from where black Jews are being ‘tattooed’ and placed in camps to await deportation and where it is illegal for a Jew to marry a non-Jew.

This woman is explaining, in clear and concise language, the destruction of the White Race.  She should be arrested for this incitement to genocide. Is it any wonder that there is an upsurge against the Jews, whom are hypocritically calling for this?

Would it be acceptable to suggest that Jewry has done enough damage to the rest of the world and that it must now be done away with, through mass immigration into Israel?  I could confidently declare that should such a declaration made by a Christian against Jewry, be  posted on ‘you tube’ the channel would be instantly taken down by ‘google’ an organisation which will not even tolerate the word ‘Jew,’ being used in a search term.

The most recent casualty of ‘youtube’ censorship is of the untold truth of the Second World War, which was laid out by Dennis Wise, in his masterful series, Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. No doubt it will soon be made available on another site, which will be set-up as an alternative to youtube, which like Facebook, has had its day.

The attacks against whites, by other Races, is on the increase in most countries, in which this Jewish  ploy of ‘multiculturalism’  has been imposed on indigenous populations.   In Canada, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, United States and all member States of the Jewish controlled European Union, unemployed, young male children of immigrant families, are forming street gangs, whom are marking out their exclusive territories,  where Political Correctness means nothing and from where ‘Infidels’ such as ‘Gays’ are excluded.

It should not have passed unnoticed, that in Israel, the Khazar Jews operated a system of invasion by immigration, where they are excluding all of those whom do not conform to certain conditions. This is similar to the process, which is being forced on the West, where a variety of Races are being installed. Historically this is known to create tension.

The idea is not to improve the life of either the indigenous Peoples or that of the immigrant, it is to destroy the very fabric of the society which attracted the immigrant in the first place.

Human beings are very little different from animals. They have need of their own space.  White European People have already had their land stolen by the rich, this theft was called “The Enclosures” which is a polite term for theft.  They have already been condemned to live in boxes, some of them so tall that should there be a power cut, it can be an arduous task to simply enter your home.

The British people gained nothing from Colonisation in Africa or anywhere else, they were simply cannon fodder for the Jewish-British Empire.   Now as a result of this Empire, they are expected to make a place, for the teeming masses of Asia and poverty stricken Eastern Europe; which was ruled by terror, by the Bolshevik Communists for generations: on a tiny island, where there are already millions of unemployed citizens, where there is not enough housing for those whom are already there, where water is scarce, where the Health Service is on the point of collapse and there are already problems of integration. What sort of madness is this?

 After the strange events surrounding the death of Jewish financed, African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela, whose body was stored in a freezer for several months, while the squabbles continued over the terms of his Last Will and Testament, there were fears that there would be an upsurge in attacks against Whites and Asians.

Africa has now become a Nation, in the style of Israel, where foreigners are not tolerated. The fact that most of the Blacks in South Africa, are themselves immigrants, whom swarmed into the region to take advantage of the society which had been constructed by the Boers, is ignored, outsiders, that is those of a different colour are being driven out.

South Africa was once a part of the Jewish-British Empire, it should be noted that there are many Blacks in the UK, whom are the children of immigrants, whom could well be offered an exchange of their life in the UK for the possibility of a life in their ancestral homeland. In truth, I doubt if there would be many takers.

I can see no good excuse for the forced acceptance of all Races into Western States, while whites are under considerable attack all across the planet.  Why, if life in the West is considered more desirable than is life in Africa, was there such a rush to destroy the economies, which were constructed by White Regimes in Africa?  Is it Racist to suggest that there is little evidence of Black success across Africa, where most Countries are still controlled by old Colonial Masters?

Those whom financed the destruction of Apartheid in South Africa, are even now operating the same system in Israel and they have total control of South Africa, through their Multi-National Corporations, which have bought the souls of the ANC leadership.

The attitudes, which are displayed against Whites, in this clip, are not in the interest of the majority of the South African Blacks, they would do well to remember that it was Zuma, whom turned the guns on to striking miners recently and it is most certainly not designed to assist those Blacks whom are already living alongside Whites, in most Western States.

When the Whites finally wake up to what is being carried out against them, things could well rebound against those whom cry out against Racism, while practising it themselves.

Everybody Can Be Bought: Now Begins The Tussle For Mandela’s Blood Money.

Now that the boys are back in  town, fresh from the glorification of a cruel and heartless terrorist in South Africa, maybe they will show some signs of appreciation, for those brave men in the North of Ireland, whom fought a long and lonely battle against the Apartheid, British Government, which refused to allow them their Civil Rights.

As in South Africa,  Catholics  in the North of Ireland, were corralled into ghettos, with  restricted voting rights, to ensure a British victory in  elections, in order to retain control of the six counties.

In response to the vicious attacks, which those whom refer to themselves as “Loyalists” inflicted against  peaceful demonstrators, the British sent in the troops, whom quickly manufactured an excuse to slaughter a group of Catholics on what became known as “Bloody Sunday.”

From then on the British orchestrated a bloody campaign against the Catholics, while claiming that they, the Catholics, were responsible for all of  the killings, when in reality, the British and the Loyalist Police Force, the “B Specials,” while off duty, earned a little bonus, working alongside groups like the sadistic Shankill Butchers.

Far more Catholics were murdered in the “Troubles,” despite the efforts of the British, to present the IRA as the major source of violence. In reality a large part of the violence was carried out by the British SAS and other Units of the Army.

The “Butchers,” plumbed new depths of depravity against the Catholic community, much as did Mandela and his wife, whom through the use of the “Necklace,” a car tyre filled with petrol, which was hung around the neck  of some unfortunate victim, who had already been beaten to a pulp, and set on fire.  It could take up to twenty minutes for the victim to die.

This is the measure of the man, who is being honoured as a great statesman, who despite the alleged hardships of his incarceration, lived on to his ninety-fifth birthday, unlike the “Hunger Strikers” in the hands of the British, in the Maze Prison, whom starved to death.

In a recent Post, I jokingly suggested that Mandela had already been dead when he was sent home from Hospital, to allow time to prepare the enormous spectacle in celebration of his passing.

I appear to have been right on the money, as it were, when in fact it turns out that Mandela was kept in a Freezer, while his family and others, squabbled over the distribution of the wealth, which Mandela accumulated, after his release from Robben Island.

Of course the difference being that the outcome in South Africa suited the City of London, which through Jewish Communists, like Joe Slovo, controlled the ANC and funded their bloody exploits.

The rest of the Western World, which has already been contaminated, as was the Orange Free State, by immigrants, will soon find itself fighting for its life, in a struggle against Muslims, whom have been used by the Jewish Elite, to carry out an invasion of the West, as a means of escaping the brutal wars, which have been waged against them, by the Elite.

The Muslims steadfastly refuse to blend with the Western lifestyle and have instead set up enclaves, which will very soon come to resemble Yugoslavia, where the exact same routine has already taken place. The Elite will then set about funding groups which will call for the installation of autonomous areas. In France, for example, in the city of Marseilles, French is no longer the principle language, which is now Arabic.  In the UK, white British people are already a minority in several areas and the demographic changes are becoming more and more rapid.

The Jewish politicians, Miliband, Cameron,Clegg, Cable and Straw etc. whom have just about total control of British Politics, claim that they are only bringing in skilled people, to take jobs which British people are apparently too stupid to carry out.  How can this be? Children do not appear to be any less intelligent than in past years, so what has happened?

The onslaught started with the middle classes, they were the first target for destruction. Grammar Schools, which were the home territory for the brightest children were abandoned, in favour Comprehensive Secondary Education. The General Certificate of Education soon followed, to be replaced by the General Certificate of Secondary Education, which in earlier times had been reserved for those whom could not manage a  GCE.

So the whole system was taken down to a lower level and not by accident, the result was foretold by all of those whom understood the need to maintain some form of support for the brightest children. The US educational system had already been undermined in a similar manner, with an identical result, so there can have been no surprise in the UK.

Now if we bear all of that in mind, what we are up against, is the desire of a group of rich, power mad families, whom have already given us two World Wars, which involved White People, even those a long way South of Europe in Australia and New Zealand were pulled into them. World Wars which wiped out the cream of Europe’s youth.

This has of course been ignored, we have all been educated to believe  that the Jews were the victims. This despite the fact that according to the Jews own Census, very few Jews died in either war. After WW2 the population of Europe had been decimated, At least forty-five million deaths, while there were in fact, five-hundred-thousand more Jews after the war than in nineteen-thirty-eight.

So this should give some indication as to how the education system has been controlled, by the same Elite. The unprecedented coverage which has been given to the death of a common criminal, who was in fact nothing more than a tool of the Elite, demonstrates that our education is still in the same hands and that people can be made to believe anything.

The Black South Africans’ have been led to believe that they are free, in a Democratic State, where the Black Politicians, in keeping with the politicians whom have been placed in power in other African States, believe themselves to be deserving of palaces and chandeliers and all of that stuff, while sending armed killers to mow down striking miners.

Like the Russians, whom were systematically murdered by the Bankers Agents, Lenin, Stalin, Yagoda and Trotsky, after the Jewish gangs had taken control of the Revolution, the Blacks in South Africa will find themselves waiting in vain, for a share of their Country’s wealth and could soon find themselves in the firing line of the Elite whom adore taking land away from the rightful owner, in the style of the Colonists.

The Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, has been poisoned by Fukushima, an event which it has been suggested was a deliberate attack, designed to kill as many “useless eaters” as possible.

While this culling is going on, the seriously rich Jews are leaving Israel, the US and most European Countries and heading South, to Argentina, Paraguay and other States in the Southern Hemisphere. They have also taken control of the Antipodes, where the land has already been taken out of the hands of many farmers, using bogus claims of frogs or butterflies in danger of extinction.

They are sure that the radiation, which has destroyed the Pacific Ocean, will, because of the circulation of Ocean currents, stay in the North. Serious scientists are already muttering about the need to evacuate the West Coast of the USA, while it is now considered, that fish should be eaten with caution.

The only piece of good news from the Mandela episode, was the fake sign language man, who was apparently making it all up as he went along. He has claimed that he was having an episode of some sort and that he could hear the voices of Angels.

The media of course has no sense of humour whatsoever and as they did to the poor soul who was duped into passing a call the Princess Kate or whatever she now calls herself, they are babbling on about how close the man was to that other Black criminal Obama and how serious it all could have been. I suppose they will not be happy until the joker kills himself.