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The Western Allies Persistent Lies About Their Bloodlust.


The Western Allies Persistent Lies About Their Bloodlust.

The early morning ‘Fake News’ did today describe North Korea as a ‘Belligerent Pariah State.’ This has been the consistent, lying attitude of the Media, for more than half a century. The reality was a completely different tale, which was used to disguise the involvement of the United States and the British, in barbaric, inhuman atrocities in Korea, while lurking behind the ‘cover’ of the newly constructed United Nations.

As had so recently occurred in Germany – during the Sudetenland issue – forays across the border from the Republic of Korea, had aroused the anger of the North, while in the South itself, unreported massacres of suspected ‘Communists’ – which was the fear and hate provoking word at the time –  were carried out, during which thousands of civilians were slaughtered by the Korean Police and Military, with the assistance of the United States military, which controlled the Korean Forces. 

This United Nations ‘coalition’ was fighting a phony war against China and Soviet Russia, both of which had recently been ‘Allies’ of the previous ‘coalition,’ fighting against Germany and Japan and both of which had recently, with funding from ‘rich bankers and industrialists,’ carried out Bolshevik inspired ‘coup d’etat’ in their respective counties, without a trace of opposition from those whom were now so concerned about what was happening in tiny Korea.

The excuse being used for the illegal war against Korea, was a fear of the ‘Domino Effect’ which could possibly spread the wrong sort of ‘Communism’ throughout the Extreme Orient, especially as Indo-China was rapidly tiring of French rule and which could well be next on the list for a ‘humanitarian’ slaughter.The United States, would a short time later,  be installing their ‘special’ kind of Democracy in Vietnam.

The real ‘brutal regime’ in Korea was in the South, where the government cruelly massacred at least 300,000 civilians, whom were accused of being in sympathy with the regime in the North, these murders included thousand of military men accused of ‘secretly’ supporting the People’s Army in the North.

As had been the Germans, whom had fought a relatively ‘clean war,’ the Peoples Army of North Korea, was blamed for all of the atrocities, which in reality had been carried by the United Nations Coalition, which was under the control of the British and the United States.

Alan Winnington of the British Daily Worker in an article entitled “U.S. Belsen in Korea” reported that 20 witnesses observed that truckloads of cops arrived on July 2 and immediately made people dig six pits of about 200 yards each. Executions went on for three days, by both machine-gun and, when the bullets ran out, decapitation by sword. According to eyewitnesses, U.S. officers oversaw everything while sitting in their Jeeps. The U.S. Embassy in London then had the chutzpah to call Winnington’s findings a “fabrication.”

This ‘forbidden history of the Korean War,’ which occluded events which occurred so soon after the systematic slaughter of the innocents, which were carried out by the Bolsheviks in Europe, is indicative of the total collusion of the media, with the identities of the true murders of the 1940’s and 1950’s, while they constantly remind us of the unsupported claims against Germany, as if Germany had declared War on Europe, when in fact the war had been in the planning for years, as had been the attack against North Korea, a State which to this day, is being dangled as a threat to World peace.

Slick Willy Clinton has accepted that the above claims are true and he apologised in January 2001, for the United States participation in these events, even as the ‘New’ coalition was preparing to kick off the slaughters of the Brown People, using the well-tried and tested method of the ‘false flag’ attack as an excuse, which will one day be admitted by a future US puppet President, as having been a lie.

It has now become a criminal offence in many countries, to so much as question, the claims which have been laid against the German people, whom were the real victims of two world wars. Hidden truths, which present a more believable version of events, rather than the fictitious  make-believe, similar to the fabulous claims made against Muslims’, after the hugely complex events on 911, which were so far beyond the capabilities of the alleged perpetrators, as to be a nonsense.

The propaganda against North Korea, during the past 60 years, has been so successful that there can be hardly a person who does not believe all of the nonsense against the current leadership, having no understanding of the actual causes of the current situation.

The connections go all the way back to the end of the Great War, when the Americans and British were secretly arming Soviet Russia. This secret collaboration with the Communists continued all through the Russia War against the Germans.

When the Iron Curtain came down, the West continued to arm the Russians in order to gain their assistance against Japan, which proved unnecessary after Japan surrendered, leaving all of those tanks and other hardware, with nothing else to do, so an alliance between Stalin and China was created, which pretended to be the Communist enemy in Korea, allowing the Communist forces to use this American and British weaponry against the British and American forces. As had happened during the Great War, when the USA popped up to support the Europeans against Germany, as the North Koreans had been all but defeated, the United States armed Chinese, appeared on the scene to reinforce the North Koreans against the Globalists.

This whole business is so complex, as to be almost unfathomable to a mere blogger, however I believe there to be more than enough evidence, to suggest collusion between the ‘Deep State’ and the need of continuous war, which has been non-stop since the beginning ofthe 20th Century.

It has become evident that China’s revolution was no such thing, it was in fact a coup d’etat, the real revolution, involving the forces of Chiang Kai-Shek was stabbed in the back by the Committee on Foreign Relations and their preferred choice, the USA educated Mao Zedong, was allowed to take his place.

The European Union has quietly been involved in the real Domino Effect, through the use controlled politicians’ they have enticed most of the previous Soviet Dominoes, into the European Union with the empty promise of freedom. Those States are now expected to swamp their populations with the result of more Bolshevik aggression.

There Are No Accidental Wars.

When the First World War kicked off, it was, just like the World War which was follow twenty years later, long in the planning.  To suggest that it was as a result of the shooting of some arch duke of no consequence is a nonsense.

The Black Hand Gang, whom allegedly carried out the assassination, were in the pay of the City of London, and as long ago as nineteen fourteen and before, they were doing exactly as do their successors, the SAS, currently in Ukraine, training paid mercenaries to carry out political murders, in order to destroy the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which it succeeded in doing.

At the same time the City of London was busy financing the coup d’etat in Russia, which took place while the rest of Europe was engaged in the monumental mass murder of the cream of European youth.

It is estimated that up to ten million Germans shared the same fate as the Ukrainians at the hand of Stalin and with the full knowledge of the “Coalition,” after hostilities had ended, when as many as ten million Germans were starved to death.  Such is the justice of the West and it should be clear that this “justice” was meted out, under orders from the same group of controllers that controlled Stalin.

Make no mistake about it, we are all destined to suffer in our turn the same sorry end to our existence. You cannot appeal for justice from a group which is controlled by psychopaths.

The Bolshevik Jews, made no secret of their desire to spread their murderous doctrine across the planet. Having taken control of Russia, they set about planning the second Great War, which would allow, with the aid of  numerous Jews, namely Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Stalin,  whom had been forcing Hitler into war from the day of his election in nineteen thirty-three, by whatever means came to hand, including a six-year long blockade, all of which was designed to make possible the Bolshevik takeover of the newly constructed Republics, which had so recently broken free of the Austro-Hungarian hierarchy, forcing them into the Soviet Block.

This was achieved by a group of Bolshevik controlled spokesmen at the Conference of Yalta, where the whole of Eastern Europe and parts of Germany, were ceded to Stalin and his Bolshevik Masters.

Having allowed this monstrous act, which imprisoned, without any say in the matter, virtually every country in Eastern Europe, the Western Allies then declared a Cold War, which like the War on Terror, is a meaningless concept but which allowed the dropping of The Iron Curtain, which allowed them to conceal the fate of the Peoples whom were trapped behind it.

Millions of ethnic Germans and the people of those States such as Hungary, which had fought alongside the Germans, were mercilessly massacred. We are daily deluged with tales about the sufferings of the Russian people and of course the Jews, during World War Two, however most of the Russians whom vanished before and during the war, were killed by Stalin and as for the Jews we have yet to find any evidence of a mass killing of Jews during the War.  The German people were the real victims and the reality of their fate is still being concealed.


When hostilities ended, the Bolsheviks lost no time in attacking the Middle East, which involved the mass slaughter and eviction of Palestinians and the seizure of a State to which they had no legal, moral or ethnic right.

An act which has guaranteed what the Bolsheviks like most, an undeclared war and the murder and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, a vicious illegal act,which was supported by the West, using the excuse of the unproven bad treatment of Jews by the Germans, which apparently sanctions the bad treatment of the Palestinians by these same “Poor Jews,”  bad treatment which is far in excess of anything which the Germans allegedly carried out against the Jews.

Not content with stirring up the Middle East, the Bolsheviks set about taking control of Western Europe, which was pretending to be opposed to the goings on in the East, from where people were prepared to risk their lives in an attempt to escape to the Free West.

They need not have bothered, this Cold War was only a game which was being played in order to present the West as a sort of paradise, access to which was being denied by Communism.   When the time came and they were liberated, in the manner which was forecast by Lenin, that is; “The seamless joining of the USSR with mainstream capitalist Europe.” they went like lambs to the slaughter into the abattoir of the European Union.

The Free West was and had been, fully aware of the cold-blooded slaughter of sixty-five million Christians in Soviet Russia and the Soviet Block, even as they were torturing and hanging hundreds of Germans at Nuremberg, for unproven acts during the war.

This hypocrisy and conspiracy of silence was to continue throughout the course of the “Cold War” and no reference was made of the Russian atrocities in Ukraine, during recent enmity between Russia and the West, mention of which could well have helped to explain why ethnic Ukrainians wanted to break free from Russia, so why the continued silence?

British Christian, Malcolm Muggeridge, was appalled at the atrocities which were carried out in the name of Communism, a philosophy which was supposed to “Free the Workers” and all of that nonsense, when it was in fact no more than a ploy to deceive the naive working man into submission.

Muggeridge’s reports show the UK was well aware of the Holodomor as it was happening and took no action, which shows that there was always collusion between the West and the USSR.

These folk from Eastern Europe, have been hoodwinked into believing the European Union to be a construction which was mounted to aid the people of Europe, by providing a good standard of living and freedom from oppression. They have however entered the Neo-Soviet Union, from which there is no escape.

They failed to notice that most of the current members were forced to join, just as they appear unaware that most of Europe is flat broke and struggling through a period of austerity. They have in fact been handed to Europe,  in much the same manner as they had been forced at Yalta, into the Soviet Union. The Free West offers no freedom of choice.

In this game of chess, the Bolsheviks have taken down Russia, quickly followed by Germany and Eastern Europe. They now have Western Europe in their grip and they are about to take Russia apart, with the aid of the Bolsheviks whom have never, despite the “collapse” of the Soviet Union, loosened their grip on Russia and have from behind the scenes been orchestrating the transformation of Russia into a Democracy.

The Bolshevik Jews hate the Russians, just as they hate Christians and Muslims, whom they are intent on obliterating in the same manner as were the Germans, whom have been brought to their knees and are in danger of extinction along with the Russians, Italians, British and most other white people’s whom are in rapid decline.

Chairman Mao in China carried out a coup d’etat, with the assistance of the City of London and Wall Street in a repeat of the Bolshevik coup d’etat in Russia and more recently Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, Iraq and soon Syria,  through the use of paid thugs, under the name of a spontaneous revolution.

A note about Mao: He was picked up to play puppet leader with resources funnelled through Yale University (whose symbol has Hebrew on it), in a Skull and Bones type scheme. The location was Yali Highschool in Changsha, Hunan Province – a branch of Yale. Mao was a disturbed young man – a completely controllable, blackmail able puppet for their purpose.

Sidney Shapiro

Sidney Shapiro, politburo member (!). Chinese are allowed to call them foreigners (laowai), but they dare not mention that all of them are Jews

The new government in Ukraine, as if by magic, has a Jewish President and Prime Minister, while other Jewish Oligarchs have taken up the role of regional governors.

The Caliphate which has just been announced by Al Qaeda/ISIS, both of which are working for the Bolsheviks, through the private CIA, would have been knocked flat in an instant had it not been under Bolshevik/Zionist control, it will soon, should it be allowed to survive be controlled in the manner of Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States, all of which are controlled.

We have been living through a blood-soaked nightmare, while calling for more jobs in  the weapon shops, without any regard for the millions of innocent people whom have been massacred, in order to put bread on our tables.  With the Middle East and Ukraine in turmoil the main News story is the World Cup and flesh-eating footballers.

While all of this mayhem has been going on in and around Europe, other Soviet Style Unions have been installed, unbeknown to the people involved.   In North America, we have NAFTA, The North American Free Trade Area with Canada and Mexico, which is why the Border with Mexico is an open door to immigrants, because like Europe, all members of the Union have free access to all member States.   Who can be unaware of the effect of this “freedom,” on employment in the US.

The next step is the Treaty between the US and the European Union, which will create an open door to unlimited imports of industrial products and foodstuffs into Europe, destroying even more European jobs.

Putin is busily engaged in the setting-up of the Eurasian Union, which will involve the acceptance of millions of the teeming masses of China into a sparsely populated Russia, without any consent being sought from the people of Russia.

The more one looks into world affairs through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the more one becomes aware of the straight line of events, which have led directly to our current situation. The hidden manipulators have not been getting things wrong, all of the mass murder, which is ongoing, is part of the continuing destruction of White European Mankind.

The Great War was no more than a decoy. World War Two was already planned to the last detail, long before the patsy, Adolf Hitler, entered the tale. The slaughter of the cultured, industrious, honourable people of Germany, was announced in dozens of Jewish publications, to the point where it was suggested that should all else fail, the Final Solution must be to sterilise the survivors.

What was done to Germany by the so-called Allies was an abomination. The sin was of such depravity and wickedness that seventy years on, it is still necessary to keep up the propaganda against the real victims, the German people, to justify what was done to a country at the heart of Europe, under orders from the City of London. The coalition, which carried out this obscene operation has been obliged to continue the brain-washing down through the decades, in a desperate attempt to obscure our collective guilt.

The Genocide in Russia, which was responsible for the deaths of between sixty and one hundred million Christians, is rarely discussed. What we are in fact expected to believe is that the Jewish Bolsheviks carried out “pogroms” against Jews, while at the same time accusing the Germans of killing two million Jews on Russian soil.

Where on earth do these Jews keep coming from.  The Germans apparently killed twice the number of Jews in the entire world, while at the same time fighting for their lives against the whole world, yet there were still enough left over for the Jews themselves to massacre in Russia and millions to lend a hand in the seizure of Palestine.

The next step in this long march towards world domination, could well be the final destruction of Japan. What the atom bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki failed to achieve, has been accomplished by the destruction of the Nuclear power facility at Fukushima, which has contaminated the entire region,with radio-activity, including the Pacific Ocean, which some claim to be dead already. Many people refer to Fukushima as an extinction event.

The demise of Japan will leave the latest Jewish Super State, China, with no threat from some other regional power of any consequence and ready and able to supply the New World Army, to replace the worn out United States military, which will very soon be totally preoccupied with the suppression of the American people, whom must surely, at some point come to realise the dire straits into which they have been led.

NATO, which wreaked havoc in the Balkans, which like other NATO campaigns was presented in a manner which justified yet another illegal attack, annexed Kosovo, without any form of referendum, so as to set up yet another military base on Russia’s doorstep, which will serve as part of a front line defence against Russia, when that hapless country is used, as was Germany in past times, as the excuse for the coming Third World War.

Following on from the industrial mass slaughter in Europe, the next victims were the Asiatics in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and of course China, all of which was a continuation of the slaughter of the Japanese and the starvation of millions of Bengali’s by Churchill.   In every single one of these campaigns, which were carried out by “coalitions” of Christians,  War Crimes of every variety were committed.

This list is a small fraction of the actual number of savage attacks which have been carried out across the world in the same time frame. I have made no mention of the numerous genocides in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland (The test-bed for genocide by mass starvation.) and against the indigenous natives of North America and Canada.

An incredible mass slaughter has occurred without any apparent reaction from the vast majority of people. In many cases they congratulate themselves for the “humanitarian” nature of their crimes.  There has been a state of continuous war for almost two hundred years and it is ongoing. A closer look at these wars, will reveal that they are mostly carried out by the same group of rogue states. The US, UK and France are always involved in some way.

Why for example is William Hague strutting around mouthing off about Syria? What has Syria to do with the UK?  The same with Libya, Bosnia and now Ukraine, why can they not just leave people alone to sort out their own problems?

When there is a Police investigation into series of murders, a good investigator is looking for similarities in the killings and connections which may lead to the apprehension of the serial killer.

Should a suspect be caught out lying about one or more of the murders, he would instantly be considered as the possible perpetrator.  So what are the connections between the wars of the last two centuries?

The Great War, in terms of improving the lot of the average man, was nothing more than a deliberate genocide against European youth.   No purpose was served apart that is the aim of the Jewish Bolsheviks to carry out a coup d’etat in Russia, and the signing of the Balfour Declaration which paved the way for the Jewish seizure of Palestine.

It also facilitated the setting up of the Jewish controlled Weimar Republic in Germany, and the process which would excuse the declaration of war against Germany, by International Jewry, in March 1933. providing the same International Jewry with the long sought opportunity to destroy Germany, killing every man, woman and child in the process, as they had a deep-seated hatred of the German people.

“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)


After World War 2, the European Union was quickly initiated by the Bolsheviks, with the support of highly placed Jews in post war governments.  At the same time that totally private institution, which attempts to present itself as a Democratic Union of the governments of the world, when in fact it is totally controlled from behind the scenes in the manner of the European Union, The United Nations appeared on the scene and quickly went to war in Korea, despite its claims of being against war as a means of solving problems.

NATO has of course relieved the UN of this embarrassing state affairs as it has now become the official killing machine of the Bolsheviks and the UN, which of course includes the EU, NAFTA and the soon to be established Eurasian Union, all of them under Bolshevik control.

This was happening at a time when under the radar, a coup d’etat was taking place in China, where the group which was presented as the preferred victors by the West, Chaing Kai-shek and the Nationalists, were stabbed in the back by the US and the puppet Mao Zedong took the reins under the control of Jewish interests.

The first step in this Bolshevik take-over was the statutory elimination of ten per-cent of the population, which in Chinese terms amounted to one-hundred-million murders and of course the imposition of the one child per family law.

We now find ourselves in a world which is more or less totally controlled by Jews or Zionists or Bolsheviks, call them whatever you like, they are not however, National Socialists. The National Socialists have been slaughtered as were all of the other opponents of this head-long charge to control all and everything.

So you see it was never Adolf Hitler who sought control of the world, that was always the aim of the Jewish Bolsheviks.  They made no secret of the fact, which is why they presented Communism as a weapon of the down-trodden proletariat, when in fact it was no such thing. It was, is and will always be, an elitist set-up which is intent on taking food out of the mouths of starving children, while their parents are forced to obey the Masters of the Universe or die.

In view of the hundreds of millions of people whom have been slaughtered in pursuit of what now finally exists, I do not believe that I can be accused of hyperbole. Everything I have written; those with a little more knowledge and intelligence than I possess, could add a lot more to my scribblings, has already happened and they are still using Hitler as cover for their atrocities. Hitler knew what was coming.  He was aware of the Jews hatred of Germans. He had seen what had been done in Russia.  He helped Mussolini and Franco, to keep the Stalinist/Bolshevik/Communists at bay, while the West, as is usual, took the side of the mass murderers.

So while the British are building monuments to Bomber Command, they would do well to reflect on the children under those bombs who were burned to death, by illegal napalm and other ghastly weapons, while coming to understand that it is they whom are the War Criminals and that Germany had no choice, they were the victims of a bunch of psychopaths who had been plotting against them for years.




















Which Would You Choose, Hitler Or Stalin?

In the years following the end of the First World War, Russia was under the control of the Communists while Germany was ruled by the Weimar. Both of these entities had been installed by Zionist or Jewish, industrialists and bankers.

In nineteen-thirty-three, Hitler and his National Socialists managed to overthrow the puppet government, through the ballot box, using no more trickery than that which is used  quite openly in the modern-day US, to fix election results.

The destinies of these two countries present an interesting progression of events in the following years.

Hitler, whom had a deep love of his country and his people, set about undoing the mess, which had been deliberately created by the previous government, in order to destroy Germany as an industrial competitor and in the space of six years he had transformed Germany from a hyper-inflationary basket case, into the richest country in Europe and probably the World. This took place during the “austerity” years of the Great Depression.

In Communist Russia, on the other hand, under both Lenin and Stalin, both of whom were Jews, an unbelievable slaughter was taking place. Many millions of the Russian Peoples were either shot or starved to death in a concerted effort to wipe out the Christians.

Unlike in Germany, the population in general, was deliberately kept in abject poverty and in fear of their lives, by the fearful Secret Police, which was controlled by yet another Jew, Beria.  The ruling one-per-cent of course, lived in luxury while the people starved, much as they do in the West at the moment.

The controllers of Russia, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky et al, made no secret of their desire to take control of the whole world and its resources. Hitler on the other hand, displayed no desire whatsoever, in any of his utterances or in his writings, to take control of any other country. Every word of Hitler’s has been scrutinised, continuously, to find some evidence of his desire to dominate the World, to no avail.

The Central Banking System, which is under the control certain families, such as the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Goldman, Sachs, Morgan, Warburg and others, which form a group known as the Committee of Three Hundred, which is based on credit and debt, cannot function without the occasional collapse. This is both inevitable and deliberate. When the collapse is implemented, in return for the debt, the bankers take the sovereign riches of the debtor country, which is where we are now.

The world, is at the moment poised for a collapse. The Committee of Three Hundred, have everything in place to “Save us.” This will involve what has become known as Communitarianism, which is in fact just another word for Communism. We have come full circle, we are back in the days following the Russian Revolution and the end of the Great War.

We have a stark choice to make and we have a mountain of evidence on which to base this choice. Unfortunately, the same people whom have control of the monetary system, also have control of the media and the information which is made available.

This will explain why, after many decades, we are still being swamped with the alleged tales of Hitler’s atrocities, which are being used to condemn his methods of reversing the cynical control grid of the bankers and their debt enslavement.

In every country which has fallen under the control of these bankers, the result has been catastrophic for the indigenous population.

When the Cabal of Jews, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, agreed to hand Eastern Europe into the hands of the Communist Jews, the whole of the so-called Communist Block, went into sharp decline. They were covertly supported by the West, throughout the “Cold War,” in order to prevent a total collapse, until the time was right.

Western Europe is now under the control of a Politburo, which has elected itself, it is no more democratic than was the Soviet Union. The result has been the same. The European Union is bankrupt. Every country has a crippling debt which because of the imposition of compound interest can never be repaid. Read that again. There is never enough money available to repay a debt which bears compound interest.

Hitler fully understood the problem. He took control of Germany’s finances out of the control of the Central Bankers. He fully understood that the banking system was a gigantic fraud. The bankers claim that the system was based on a gold standard was also false. This system was a known fraud since the days of the Knights Templar.

Hitler based his system on the value of the work which was necessary to produce a product. His system worked miracles. Which is of course why it has been kept under wraps ever since. We are not allowed to know about or to discuss the merits of this system. If it has anything to do with Hitler,well it must of course involve killing and torturing and crazed speeches which are referred to as rants and deporting immigrants.

It would be fair to say that it did involve sending the Jews to Madagascar, where they could do as they pleased, making sure that they never again took control of the patrimony of Germany.  This solution has been used by every country in Europe in the past, for exactly the same reasons. One need look no further than Palestine to understand the meaning of Political Brutality.

So our choice is clear, we are either going to allow the installation of a One World Government, under the control of the Zionists and Bankers, or we are going to stand up to them and install a system which takes the well-being of the people into account.

China, under Mao Zedong, whom was put in place by the City of London, behaved in the same manner as did the Bolsheviks in Russia. Untold millions have been murdered. Now, though richer than before, the plight of the mass of the people, has not improved. Some observers believe that China is being pumped up by debt, into the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen.

Whatever is going on it seems clear that if there s one type of political system which it is worth avoiding, it would have to be Zionist controlled Communism. Hitler fully understood the results of allowing the Zionists to take control of Europe, which is why he set up “Operation Barbarossa” when he discovered that Stalin had a huge army ready to invade Western Europe. He sent his deputy Hess, to warn the English of the menace.

The English fully understood what was going on. The City of London was controlling events, which is why they arrested Hess and left Hitler on his own to save Europe. Hitler made a magnificent attempt, however alone against the rest of the World it proved to difficult.

US General Patton, like Hitler, saw the danger. He wanted to advance to prevent the Russian entry into Europe. The High Command had other ideas, Patton was murdered and the Russian forces allowed in, where they raped and robbed and murdered whatever they encountered.

What Jewish controlled Russia inflicted onto the German people as they advanced towards Berlin, defies description. It is enough to say that even after the end of hostilities, ten million German people were wiped out. This slaughter was controlled by Stalin a Jew and Eisenhower another Jew, whom had no problem expressing his hatred of the German people and his desire to kill as many as possible.

We will soon be under the control of the people whom conspired to create the two world wars and the revolutions in Russia and China. They also gave us the misery of the Great Depression, which is now being repeated. Speaking personally, I do not relish the idea of life under this sort of regime of butchers.