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Marine Le Pen Speaks Out For Freedom.

Macron And His Mother Are On Their Way Out.


Des Gilets jaunes were out in massive numbers all over Languedoc-Roussillon, this weekend 24th November. It has become almost impossible to find a few litres of petrol, most filling stations have been closed all week. The entrance to many small towns have been blocked by makeshift barricades and refreshments stalls for the protestors. I was obliged to park some way from a blocked supermarket, which was almost out of fresh foodstuffs and the management was unsure of when they could expect any refurbishment.




The “Gilet jaunes” are fully supported by the French people in general. I was myself involved in a similar dispute against the augmentation of all charges, including the price of petrol, a while back, that one was more or less peaceful but it achieved nothing. These more violent tactics by the people, were immediately blamed on the Front Nationale and Marine Le Pen, by Macron’s people, when in fact Paris has been at war for years. There is hardly a week-end without mass demonstrations by disgruntled workers or parasitic immigrants, whom believe the French people owe them a living and should be taking better care of them. The placard, alongside the road-block, suggests there to be an upsurge in French Nationalism, which is in response to the resettling of unknown numbers of young Black males, all over a region, which already has a higher than average unemployment rate.



These events are taking place in Paris, even as the British Political Conspiracy, to force the British People to remain in the European Union, is ongoing in Brussels. The French have now woken up to the fact that Macron was placed in power, by the Rothschild Bankers, Macron is himself a product of the Rothschild’s system in France and Theresa May is another sausage out of the same Rothschild mincing machine in the United Kingdom, where another election result, the “referendum” which was so overwhelming in favour of leaving the EU, that  the real result was never declared, to leave the door open for the current fraud to be enacted, using the alleged discontent, of the losers, as the excuse.

The result of Macron’s election also involved an enormous election fraud, which sent already spoilt ballot papers to twelve million voters, all of them Front National ballot slips, which denied Marine Le Pen her victory. In the United Kingdom, the same Rothschild family is now conspiring to cheat the British People out of their democratic decision to leave the wrecking machine called the European Union, which has been a total disaster for all members.

There are British journalists, whom to this day are warning, all European Peoples, of the edict which was issued by the Fabian Society, as long ago as the 1920s, explaining that White Europe was going to be destroyed through the medium of mass immigration. There were ample warnings given, long before the immigration rush kicked off in 2015, that it was all part of the clearance of the Middle East to suit the aims of the Greater Israel Project, and that the refugees, fleeing from the death and destruction, which this involved, were to be resettled in Europe and the United States, to over-run the White majority of both.

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May were all involved in this conspiracy, which has already destroyed the United Kingdom. Every country in Europe, is under threat, from the un elected EU hierarchy, which demands that they are obliged to destroy the integrity of the countries, by accepting mass immigration, in order to destroy themselves, or else, to suit the Kalergi, Fabian Society plan to destroy the White Race.

Everybody in France is aware that the election of Macron was a fraud. Most voters had never even heard of him, never mind his out of nowhere “En Marche” mock-up of a political party. In the United Kingdom and the United States, it is all hands to the pumps to deal with the results of The Peoples Votes, which resulted in Donald Trump and Brexit. Trump has been rendered to failure by a blatantly controlled Media and a complicity amongst the Democrats and Republicans in Congress, where they have both conspired to thwart Trumps’s efforts to put a stop to mass immigration and the recovery of at least some of Americas lost industry, which was shipped off to China and Free Trade deals signed, without tariffs  to allow free entry, back into America, of the now slave made products which were previously Made in America.







Ladies And Gentlemen, The French Sponge Is In The Ring.



Ladies And Gentlemen, The French Sponge Is In The Ring.

The once proud French people, by selecting a virtually unknown man, chosen for them, and funded by, the French side of the German Rothschild family, for whom he, Emmanuel Macron, had worked for a couple of years, and who was then ‘selected’ for a high position in François Hollande’s Socialist government.

He is a man who has never before been elected into any official position, who has now, through a massive avalanche of support, coming from all quarters of the media, which is mainly under the control of the banking family, by whom he was financed, has now taken on the role of inflicting the coup de grace on the French people.

I doubt very much, whether there has ever been a similar situation in French politics, when a member of the previous regime, which was the least liked regime in modern times, has without a Political Party behind him, been elected as President, and has already accepted, not only the ex-Prime Minister of the previous Socialist Government, but also the ex-wife of the previous President into his ranks. This is cynical, shameful and deceitful.

Macron, who did not even receive a majority of votes in the election, having received sixty percent of those whom voted at all, which was a very low number, on top of which those whom defaced their ballot papers or left them unmarked, was the highest number ever, equalling more than the entire number of votes for Le Pen, which meant that when all of these things were filtered in, including Le Pens forty-percent, Macron won with a very low number of supporters.

I was invited to a special Birthday Party last weekend. It was the birthday of a very good friend of mine, she was in fact my very last ‘girl-friend’. She invited me to play the role of provocateur. She had invited a group of people of mixed race and mixed marriages, designed to create a hot debate.

I chose not to let her down, however it was at times, difficult not to raise my voice. A man of Spanish origins, who had married a woman from Finland, kicked things off by telling me he would not be voting in election the following day.

His reason being, he did not have much faith in Macron, apart from his intention of leaving the drawbridge down, allowing the continuation of the invasion of France, by Africans and people from the Maghreb. As for Marine Le Pen, she was a fascist and an incorrigible racist and he would be ashamed if France should ever elect a President like her.

In the previous election he had voted for the Socialists, and this time round, there was no Socialist in the second round. I put it to him that Macron was in that Socialist Government, so what was the difference? He simply shrugged.

I asked him, why he had voted for the Socialists in the previous election, as they had been complicit in the attack on Libya and François Hollande was as guilty as was Sarkozy, of Crimes Against Humanity, and yet, Marine Le Pen, who has done none of these things, is called a racist, can you explain how you justify your position, bearing that in mind.

He was of the opinion that there should be no such thing as Nationality, which the Nationalist Le Pen was pushing, we should all be free to live where we liked? He claimed that his marriage was an inter-racial marriage because his wife was Scandinavian while he was of Spanish origin. There should be no borders. Which is of course the policy of the Communist European Union.

For him, Le Pen was a bad person, end of story. His wife, from Finland was equally sure that Macron, was a good man, she refused to believe that he had been selected and funded by the Rothschild family, to carry out the bidding of the bankers. A friend of hers was a member of En Marche.

Another guest was explaining his opinion, that immigration was of no importance, he did not himself ‘feel’ French, he was just himself, and everybody else was the same, wherever they came from. He expressed his satisfaction in the number of different kinds of people in the French football team. I asked him which team he would be supporting in next years World Cup, and would he be surprised in any way should the team from Cameroon, run on to the pitch and they were all White, when I suggested that a match between France and Belgium was more like a game between two African teams.

His wife chipped in, she was a Moroccan, she said it would be normal for the Cameroon team to be all Black, because there were no White men in Cameroon. I put it to her that there had indeed been a large number of White men in the White country of South Africa. She tried, to claim that to be impossible, a White country in Africa, is a silly notion. I explained that the land had been empty when the Dutch arrived, the nearest neighbours being the Bushmen of the Kalahari, with whom there had never been a problem.

I went on to explain, that over the years, millions of Blacks had turned up in South Africa, all of them expecting to be given a job, a house, education and all that sort of thing. To the point where they had over-run the White man, and slaughtered 75,000 of them outright, and drove thousands of others out of their homes for Blacks to move into, and installed laws which prevent Whites from being employed, should there be a Black in need of a job.

So, I asked how does that correspond with your idea of there being no difference between us? Is it not true, that only White Christians offer the sort of assistance to other people, which attracts immigrants. Nobody present could come up with an example of a country which was not White, which offered such charity.

The adopted attitude of many ‘liberals’ appears to be, that because we murdered our way across the United States and Canada, Australia and all those other places, which they have trouble naming, we Europeans should be prepared to allow others to now do the same to us.

When you point out that it is not White people whom are dominating the Near, Middle or Far East, India, China, Africa or anywhere else, this is ignored. White people are in fact a very small proportion of the Peoples of the Planet, should we now allow our few remaining home-lands to be swamped, we will soon vanish from the face of the earth.

Nationalism is the only way to retain our way of life, which is why our enemies have turned it into a dirty word. There are images everywhere of those people, screaming support for Macron, most of whom are Black or Brown, they fully understand what they stand to gain from his election, while the indigenous French will wake up one morning to find themselves in another country.

The Free French Are Making Their Choice: Will It Be For Liberty Or Destruction

The French people have made their choice, as they say. That choice depends on certain ‘beliefs.’ One of those beliefs being that European Elections – such as the ongoing French version of Democracy – are fair and open, unlike those held in ‘dubious’ areas which can be controlled by a system, which does not suit the current French Establishment, such as the Referendum which was held in Crimea, which we in the West, have been encouraged to believe to have been ‘rigged’ by those darn Russians.

Sadly, whether by rigging, or sheer learned stupidity, the French have selected two candidates, who will face each other in the second round of the election, Madame Le Pen and Monsieur Macron, whom we are told are both agents for change.

Change, is a strange verb, the question, which the very use of this ‘verb’ provokes, is the simple one of, what ‘does’ it mean, versus, what ‘can,’ it mean or indeed what can it be ‘made’ to mean.

To put it more simply, Monsieur Macron, the ‘change agent’ preferred by the young, who of course, having had long experience of life, know everything, was actually in the François Hollande team, which was the least popular regime in modern French history. Hollande, in Mali, claimed to be opposing, the same Al Qaeda, which he is even now arming in Syria. Macron was in the thick of it. Change Agent?

He was also employed by the Rothschild Banking family and was financed in the ongoing election by Eduard de Rothschild, the French member of that renowned banking family, which has dragged the world through two World Wars and are in fact responsible for the tragic situation in the Middle East, in pursuit of claiming ever more territory and control of resources in the region, for Palestine, a ‘territory’ which was given to the Rothschild family, by the British, in return for encouraging the United States of America, to enter the Great War, to aid the coalition of evil, which was even, as long ago as 1917, intent on the destruction and rape of Germany.

Meanwhile, across the La Manche, Theresa May, an agent of the British Baron Rothschild, has announced a ‘snap’ General Election, designed to deliver a position from which she can claim to be doing what the British People, want her to do.

This British election will come, hot on the heels of the second round in the French Election, which should it be won by Macron, will deliver both countries into the hands of the Zionists, presuming a victory for Theresa May in the UK or indeed even a ‘shock’ result which elects Jeremy Corbyn, the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, from the Fabian Society, the ‘controlled opposition,’ which was actually, originally, funded by the Rothschild created Royal Institute of International Affairs.

To those of average intelligence, what sort of change, would such a situation create? For Palestine it would spell doom, as most of the British Parliament, present themselves as being ‘Friends of Israel.’ Trump, the President of the United States, has surrounded himself with Jews, while he is himself a long time friend of Benjamin Netanyahu. Macron is an employee of Rothschild, whom has been pushed from obscurity, into the Headlines, of the Rothschild controlled media in France, which announced him to be the favourite throughout the election campaign, despite the total scorn of the French in the street.

Theresa May spends her free time in the company of Rabbis’ and other Jews and is in total support of the aims of the Jews in Israel, for whom she is prepared to lie to the British people, into yet another illegal war for the benefit of Israel, based on the lie of the ‘brutal dictator’ and claims of Chemical Weapons, which can be quickly put in place by the British controlled terrorist in Syria, allowing them to be ‘found’ and a finger pointed at Assad, all of it with the full support of the totally controlled, media across Europe and the world.


Around the time of the British election in June, it will be the fiftieth anniversary of the brutal, murderous, diabolical, shameful and disgusting attack on the USS Liberty, an attack which was committed by Israel, hoping to hang the blame for the sinking of the unarmed shop, along with the murder of its crew, on Egypt.

This unspeakable act was carried out during the 1967 Jew attack on the Muslim Peoples in the States surrounding Israel, which Israel was hoping would generate yet another excuse, for the British and French, to invade Egypt, to facilitate the seizure of the Suez Canal, ten years after the previous Jew inspired attack had failed.

The attack on the USS Liberty, was carried out with the complicity of the Lyndon Baines Johnson government in the United States. President Johnson, as did President Obama, during a recent attack on American Citizens in Benghazi, denied assistance to the embattled men aboard the Liberty, more than a hundred of whom were killed, while admitting that he wanted the ship to be sunk, with no survivors.

There were survivors and they have been fighting for fifty years for justice and action to be taken against the criminals in Israel. These would be the criminals whom have been allowed to slaughter an unknown number of Palestinians, without criticism, throughout the same past fifty years, a crime which was initiated on day one of the Jews arrival from Poland in 1947, after which they did not only murder Palestinians and American Sailors they also murdered British Soldiers in Palestine, without any action being taken by the “British Government” which was already preparing the Fabian Society’s program to destroy the British People.

That is an indication of the depth of treason to which our Politicians will sink and even worse an indication of the power of greed, money and the ability of a small group of people to control us all, through their simple ability to be able to ‘buy’ whomsoever they need to carry out their crimes.

Theresa May, while in the position of Home Secretary, promised to reduce immigration into the United Kingdom. She not only failed to deliver on her promise, immigration actually increased during her time in office. This was policy.

Macron in France, has promised a ‘Open Door’ policy on immigration he is also in favour of ‘Free Trade.’ That would be the ‘Free Trade’ which has helped to destroy French and European Industry. However the word ‘Free’ implies that something is ‘good’ or ‘worthwhile’ when in fact it has been a disaster.

We are being assured by our elected liars, that Europe can manage with the ‘new’ industry of ‘Renewable Energy, by making Solar Panels, while China has already cornered the market in Solar Panels. I have several myself, all of them made in China. We are being duped.

The Media is now selling idiots like Macron, a total arsehole, as the voice of the forward-looking young voter, whom are on the streets of Paris, throwing whizz-bangs at the Cops, taking care not to burn the tents of those immigrants whom have set up home on the streets, failing to notice the thirteen million unemployed people in France, whom are being denied aid, in order to allow the continuation of the three-hundred-thousand per year immigrants into France to continue.

Macron has nothing new to offer the French people. It is not certain that Le Pen would be any better, however all of the others are warmongers, many of them actual War Criminals. Change will not be brought about by electing a man whom was alongside his old boss, François Hollande, whom clearly announced his support for an attack on Iran.

There can be no doubt that Macron will support Rothschild’s aim to destroy Syria and to cut it to pieces, without a care for the murderous habits of the controlled rebels, whom recently, deliberately murdered dozens of children, having encouraged them to queue for crisps and peanuts around a bomb. These ‘terrorists’ or Soldiers for Israel, take your pick of titles, have carried out a campaign of terror across the region and should Assad fall, all of the Shiites and Christians will most certainly be slaughtered, that is the measure of our ‘Politicians’ and their care for life and liberty.

The French and British Governments’ did without a care, send the cream of White Christian youth, marching into a hail of machine gun fire, during the Great War, which was a war designed to suit Jew interests. One of those interests was to deplete the White Christians, by whatever means came to hand.

These aims have been continued ever since, there is no secret about it. The Fabian Society is a part of this conspiracy to destroy the White Race. They calmly watched the terrifying slaughter of sixty-five million Russian Christians. During this slaughter many Fabian Society members were regular visitors to the Lenin and Stalin regimes.

They are now preparing a three-cornered Civil War, between Blacks, Muslims and White Christians. Current immigration into the United Kingdom, has become a thorn in the side of the Zionists, simply because too many strong White men are arriving from Eastern Europe.

These men still retain a memory of life under the Zionists and they could bring about a victory for the Christians in the United Kingdom, so the media never misses an opportunity to ignore the problems of Black Criminality and Muslim Rape statistics, choosing instead to concentrate on Polish people, whom are guilty of nothing apart from being good for the British economy.

I have been seriously disappointed, by the position of the young, whom have, in past times been fearlessly in support of change. Observing them now, to be screeching ‘President Macron’ while ignoring the warlike tendencies of Macron and those by whom he is financed, while believing that Le Pen, is a greater threat to Muslims, than the current crop of killers whom have been slaughtering Muslims for fun for seventy years.

There should be no doubt for whom they should be showing support, if they want a future worth living. That would be Le Pen and if she does not deliver, she can be replaced, that is ‘democracy.’



At the moment, the entirety of the French Establishment, is urging the French people to vote for Rothschild’s man Macron, in the second round, on the 8th of May, making sure that France stays in chains and slowly dies a painful death. The second round falls on the day that the French salute the end of Rothschild’s War and his triumphant entry into his State of Palestine.



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