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Blair At Leveson: The Lies Continue.

The charade of the Leveson Enquiry continues today, 28th May 2012, with an appearance by Anthony Blair the ex-Prime Minister of the UK.

The intention of the enquiry is to present the UK Press as some sort of loose cannon, to which politicians must  pander, in order to garner support in elections or in the presentation of policy. The main question in so far as the politicians are concerned is the too cosy relationship between the Press Barons and the Government.

Blair is the man whom stood in front of journalists from all forms of media, during the build-up to the destruction of Iraq and lied through his teeth. The media for their part presented more-or-less a united front in  favour of his aims.

As is usual, the difficult questions were asked after the event. We are witnessing a repeat of this performance with regard to Syria. Where it is clear that the UK are arming and supporting the same group of terrorists, which it made use of in order to destroy Libya.

During an interview, this very morning, on Sky News, a spokesperson from the Foreign Office, was referring to a vicious attack against women and children in Syria, as a cynical act of the Syrian Government, without a shred of evidence to support this claim. To anybody of minimum intelligence, it would be clear that this form of attack is the last thing the Syrian Government would perpetrate, while it has become par for the course, for the British paid Mercenaries. They have lynched and murdered an unknown number of Black Libyans since the murder of Gadaffi, whom can no longer be wrongly blamed for these acts.

The Sky News reporter did not so much as question the source of this “evidence,”  was this under orders from above or are Sky journalists basically stupid?

Later on Sky, they covered William Hague’s lies and deceit to the Russian Foreign Minister. The Russian, having slightly more savvy than the Sky journalist, explained to Hague that the perpetrators of the attack were unknown and before fingers could be pointed, it would be necessary to hold an enquiry.

Leveson should be asking the important questions and not the frivolous nonsense about support during elections. The most important question which will not be asked is, what is discussed at Bilderberg meetings and has Blair been involved in a group meeting at Bilderberg which included Rupert Murdoch?

Murdoch’s attitude to the attacks against Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya cannot be fairly discussed without access to the aims of a group which claims to be responsible for Political policy across the World. He, along with the Milliband brothers, Ed Balls, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Maggie Thatcher, John Major, Nick Clegg  and many others are members of this shadowy group, which would be responsible for choosing which of the UK political groups would gain the support of the Murdoch Empire.

The entire British mainstream media, whom have exclusive access to Cabinet Minister of whatever party, are in total collusion with the Government, which is why the British public are kept in the dark over such matters as the banking system and the National Debt.

All that is being investigated by Leveson is tittle-tattle. Leveson himself is no doubt a Freemason as are the majority of Establishment figures, which is why any enquiry in the UK is doomed to failure from the word go.

Sky News, which is at the heart of the Leveson Enquiry, because of Murdoch’s desire to take it under his control, is presenting a one hundred per cent support for the aggressive government attitude towards Syria. In a later bulletin they called on a spokesperson from Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs HQ, to emphasise William Hague’s threat to the Russian Foreign Minister, that if Russia and China refused to support NATO, he was prepared to provoke a Civil War, which he could expand into Lebanon.

While Blair was forced into denying his involvement in War Crimes, after being accused by a gate-crasher to the enquiry and while Jay the interrogator is asking questions about the attack against Iraq and the position of the press at the time, we are being presented with a totally one-sided view of events in Syria, by a partly owned Murdoch enterprise.

Sky News has been accused of aiding NATO attacks against Gadaffi in Libya, by passing GPS positions of targets which the “Rebels” wanted taking out. Without any regard for the people within.

I do not think the UK Government needs to lose sleep over the support which it is getting from its totally controlled media. They have a long history of lies and they all possess a copy of Editorial Rules For The Press, which is kept up to date by the Shadow Government representative in Chatham House.


The Leveson Enquiry Obscures The Issue

Sky News Softens Up The British Public For An Attack On Another Muslim Country.

Libyan dissident Abdel Hakim Belhadj. (Photo: Geoff Pugh)

                          Libyan dissident Abdel Hakim Belhadj. (Photo: Geoff Pugh)

Through the medium of an unbalanced presentation of events in Syria, Sky News is presenting a case against Syria which is not illustrated in the “Amateur” films which they provided for viewers.

Snipers, whom we are assured are forces of Assad, are carrying out attacks against civilians going about their daily business. It is impossible to say, from the images provided, whether these snipers are Government controlled or indeed by the Free Syrian Army.

The Free Syrian Army is under the leadership of the US trained Al Qaeda thug, Abdel Hakim Belhadj,whom led the Mercenaries in Libya, during the illegal slaughter of the Gadaffi regime.

As with Libya, the only voices with which we are being presented, are those of the paid mercenaries, whom are under the control of Israel and NATO. The case against Assad is being based on events in the town of Homs, which has a large number of Mercenaries keeping up the attacks against civilians, in,order to provoke a response from the Syrian government.

This is under orders from the Western Mad Dogs, whom will of course ignore the huge numbers of people whom support the Government.  This interest in Syria, is taking place against a background of violence in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, which is under reported and ignored by both the Arab League and the United Nation and all of the other humanitarian thugs.

I personally believe that Sky News has a group of agents, whom are in the employ of the British Government, whom appear to fabricate the “News” to order.

Recently, in another post, I spoke of Stuart Ramsey, interviewing a group of heavily armed men in the town of Homs, whom were quite obviously, to say the least, armed insurrectionists, whom were presented by Ramsey as the Free Syrian Army.

The rattle of gunfire could be clearly heard in the background. Ramsey assured us that this was the sound of the Syrian Army, shooting to kill civilians, when in reality, President Assad had everything to lose through this type of attack, while the men to whom Ramsey spoke had everything to gain.

Another minion of the team, Alistair Bunkle, was actually putting words into the mouth of one of his contacts. During a phone conversation, allegedly coming from Homs, he asked his contact, a man whom had a greater command of the English language, than I do, whether the people of Syria were calling for a Western intervention, similar to that which was carried out against Libya.

His contact was adamant, something must be done. He dropped all of the key words into his rant, including, of course, Genocide. Bunkle, for his part, reiterated all of this rubbish to Jeremy Thompson, a respected journalist, whom to my mind fully understands the misinformation which is being spoon-fed to the British public. Why a journalist of his stature has not had the courage to stand up and speak out, baffles me.

The Western  Peaceniks are now involved in or have just completed wars against Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Iran, covertly of course. They will very soon be involved in attacks against African countries in a massive resource grab.

Through all of this carnage, the well-educated, humanitarian citizenship of the West, believe themselves to be bringing peace and democracy to the enslaved Peoples of the world. Well they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and wake up to reality, we are a horde of  pillaging savages and nothing more.