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Some Say The Devil Is Dead.


Bertie Ahern, a jovial loveable character, whom allegedly never had a bank account in his life, is warning of possible trouble ahead with the North, when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Ahern, whether knowingly or while in a stupor, assisted the Blair government, when it was decided in London, that it would suit the British Agenda, to put a stop to what was basically their own, British reign of terror in Northern Ireland, terror, which was aimed at the Catholic community,  in order to avoid confusion, when at a fast arriving  future date, they would be unleashing a similar reign of terror, on the British mainland, called Muslim terrorism.

They did not want there to be any confusion between Catholic/British bombs in London and Muslim/British bombs, so at which point, on the day of a Catholic Religious Feast, the Good Friday Agreement was dutifully signed.

The British have a long, scabrous history of carrying out their own terrorist attacks, in order to maintain a state of confusion and fear, to justify extreme measures against the civilian population, by referring to any perceived resistance as terrorism.

They were recently caught ‘red handed’ in Iraq, where British agents, disguised as Muslims, driving a vehicle packed with bombs, were arrested by Iraqi police. When the British were asked to explain what the F*** was going on, they sent tanks and a squad of Tommies’ to destroy the Police Station and pull out the terrorists.

They would the nascent Islamic State boys, whom were later trained in the ‘Green Zone’ under the auspices of the SAS and CIA, from where they have continued the carnage in Iraq and after that the World.

The Globalists job has not yet been completed, so an upsurge in activity in Northern Ireland would be a disaster, simply because it would create a scenario, which could well interfere with the planned Muslim – Christian Civil War, which is the desired future state of confusion in the United Kingdom and Europe, because more Troubles’ in Ireland could interfere with the flight of the ‘New Planters’ the Muslims, towards England.

I have no doubt that the well-known Irish Jews, Sutherland and Shatter, have been quietly voicing their opposition to Brexit, having twice denied the results of Referenda in Eire and having used their influence over the Taoiseach Enda Kenny to force the Irish to accept enormous numbers of immigrants into an already poverty-stricken State, having been callously robbed by Jew Bankers in 2008/9.

The Irish were duped, by the City of London, from the word go, when De Valera sent Michael Collins to London to discuss a foregone conclusion, the result of which initiated a Civil War in Eire, allegedly to avoid the same thing in Ulster, while De Valera was quietly installing the British controlled two-party system of ‘democracy’ in Eire, a system which has persisted to this day, at the same time making sure the Rothschild’s retained control of the money supply, which gave the Bankers control of Eire.

Enda Kenny, whom accepted thousands of Economic Migrants into Eire, is now in a state of panic because of fears that the Irish people, whom reluctantly went to England in search of work, may now, because of Brexit, be obliged to return to Ireland.

Why, one might well ask, is Kenny not rejoicing at such a possibility? Could it be because he has been instrumental in the ethnic destruction of Ireland, after hundreds of years of struggle against London? Ireland should bless the Polish Christians in Ireland and pray for the return of all of the Wild Rovers. 



The Feckin’ British, Still Slaughtering, And Still Claiming Their Innocence.


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The Feckin’ British: Still Slaughtering And Still Claiming Their Own Innocence.

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One hundred years after the brutal British response, to The Easter Rising and the summary execution of the brave patriots, whom put their lives on the line, knowing from bitter experience, exactly what would be the British response.

This genocide against the Irish which had been ongoing since the days of John Dee and the First Elizabeth, was turned up a notch when the Jews came back into England and sent the indebted Cromwell into Ireland, with orders, chillingly similar to the Jew calls to wipe out the German people to the last man, and should any German be left alive, the “Final Solution” should be to sterilise them.

This demonic philosophy used Ireland as the test-bed for the coming Jew Bolshevik atrocities, in Russia after the Coup d’Etat in 1917, and introduced us to the Jew policy of “clearances.”

Cromwell also kicked off the British/Jew slave trade, in the West Indies and the USA, however those slaves were not Black they were Irish.

Shortly after the 1916 Easter Rising, the British Peoples favourite son, War Criminal Winston Churchill, quite deliberately  chose the brain-damaged, shell-shocked, survivors of the Jew war against their old enemy Germany, and sent them as Mercenaries into Ireland with specific orders to Terrorise the Irish people into submission.

These early model Daech style killers, also had their own special uniform, a mix of black and brown, which earned them the nick-name of the Black and Tans. These miserable hooligans carried out their mission to the letter. They imposed a bloody campaign, which included the massacre of a crowd in Croke Park watching a gaelic Football match. They were indeed, in anybodies terms, state-run Terrorists.

The British and their chums are still making use of this ploy and still to this day, blaming the victims of British atrocities as the guilty. They have the continuing support of the unquestioning World Press which is in the hands of Jews. In a surprising manner who do we find, sitting quietly, right in the very centre of the current morass in the Middle East?

The reprisals which were taken against Irish Patriots, by the heavily funded British Forces, which has still not run its course in Ulster, has now been unleashed against the innocent Peoples of the Middle East. As was the case in Ireland, any sign of resistance is called Terrorism, while the brutal response is to “keep us safe.”

In a shameful way, it would appear that the only country on the face of the earth, which has never in modern times, stood up to fight for its freedom, is the United Kingdom, or should we more correctly call it England – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all of them being no more than subjugated vassals of the English – they are apparently totally ignorant of their own captivity. Those whom believe themselves to be free are allegedly the most enchained.

The Heart of Darkness itself, resides in the foetid depths of the City of London. It conducts it wars in comfort, knowing that the British people will lie down like pussy cats, waiting for the executioner, before taking a stand against the cancerous tumor in their midst, which has already forced them into two world wars and now into the depths of a depression and they still don’t get it.

The Truth About British Democracy And The Irish Spring.

While those ghoulish little creatures, William Hague and David Cameron are strutting around the world expounding their views on Democracy and the universal right to it, whether it is wanted or not, and at the same time are selling the British Citizens right to Democracy, into the hands of the City of London Money Lenders, they are organising and paying Mercenaries to bring this Democracy to Syria, without reference to the wishes of the Syrian People, in the manner that the UK was taken into the European Union, screaming, against the will of the People.

In Egypt and other Muslim countries they applauded the Arab Spring, as long as it suited their purpose. Where it did not, it was ignored, as in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. They have just supported a one candidate democratic election in Yemen, which saw their man elected, in a shock result.

In Libya, as in Syria, they sent in the SAS, Al Qaeda, CIA, Mossad and various others to oversee the theft of the oil resources and the destruction of the Libyan State.  Libya is now divided into tribal zones, facilitating the continuing rape and pillage of the once best-managed country in Africa. These truly are the acts of unspeakable filth.

Now let us just take a look at the British at Home. These monsters with “Humanitarianism in their Genes.”

Forty years ago, in the UK, Roman Catholics,were denied their right to vote in Elections. They were restricted to one vote per household.  The Catholic people, had their own “Irish Spring” they marched, in defiance of the bands of Protestant thugs, whom attacked them as they peacefully marched, with clubs, through which they had hammered nails, which inflicted horrendous injuries on the marchers.

We are of course talking of Ulster, that is that part of Ulster which the British carefully selected, to make sure of their desired Protestant majority, in order to justify keeping part of Ireland under their control.

When the attacks became so vicious that they could no longer be ignored, the British announced that they would be deploying troops to guard the Catholic Civil Rights marchers.

What the British actually did was to immediately set-up clandestine operations, with the aim of creating havoc in Ulster. The attacks against the Civil Rights Marchers, had justifiably, provoked anger amongst Catholic men, whom reinvented the more or less dormant IRA, Irish Republican Army, which had defeated the British in the South, under the leadership of Irish hero,General Michael Collins.

The first response of the British Troops to a Civil Rights march, was to shoot thirteen marchers dead, in the Bogside. After which the British Forces took on the role of Terrorist and were in some estimates, responsible for at least half of the bombings which were laid at the door of the Provisional IRA.

They then set up Internment Camps, where Catholics could be locked up with no trial and no release date. These prisons were notorious for the mistreatment of the prisoners. Bobby Sands was allowed to starve to death by the British humanitarians in The Maze prison, after sixty-five days of refusing to eat. He had been charged with no crime.

The British actually maintained a reign of terror in the Province, through the use of a shoot to kill policy, which was denied, but which was finally uncovered by an honest cop from Manchester in the UK, John Stalker. He was of course dismissed and his report spiked.

Despite the use of the media, to disseminate disinformation, which always pilloried the IRA, with the aim of manufacturing a fear of the Catholics in the minds of the British people, whom as usual had no idea of the reality on the ground, the British forces and Loyalist terrorists  between them managed to slaughter almost twice as many Catholics as Protestants, during the troubles.

Tony Blair, as soon as it was necessary, called off the British hounds and announced “The Good Friday Agreement.” It was necessary because Blair was already aware that a new “War Against Terror,” was about to kick off. The SAS would soon be needed to start planting bombs in Iraq, as they did and were caught doing, to create more sectarian violence over there.

There were also the bombs in London on 7-7, so it would not be good to have IRA bombers confused with the new selected villain, the Muslim community.

This is how true humanitarians behave, kill everybody in equal measure, even your own people, show no favouritism. This is what keeps the Weapon Shops in business and the Moneylenders in cigars and whiskey.

The only piece of good news recently, was an announcement that there is a Ninja, shadowing every member of the Elite, waiting for the order to kill, should the Elite continue on their present course. They have been warned.

The Independent’s With Hindsight Piece Of Tripe.

John Drennan’s flowery hit piece, against “Teflon Enda”  made me laugh. Where was the Independent when Fianna Fail was pushing through the bank bailout? Where was the advice not to trust a shifty little piece like Enda?

It was perfectly obvious that the pressure needed to be put on Cowen & Co not to pay, everybody knows that once these things are signed they are never unsigned.

Quoting Orwell and dredging up images of Michael Collins will not save Ireland now. Kenny’s talk of an upturn in the economy is a load of rubbish. They are all under orders to say that. The US, UK, France, and Italy are all experiencing this strange jobless recovery syndrome.

The right advice to save Ireland is simple. Nationalise the farmland, Kick out the Central Bankers, Print your own money, At all cost don’t let the multi-nationals get their hands on the food. Very soon that will be all you’ve got.