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Dirty Harry Backs The Mob! Read All About It!

What in the world has come over the once tough but just, Peoples cop? Where indeed is the director whom gave us this clear presentation of the feelings engendered by cold-blooded killing?

Watch yourself in this clip Clint, and reflect on what your choice of candidate in the upcoming election, is likely to be supporting against  the poor and persecuted people of Gaza, which will be carried out  by his best chum Benjamin Netanyahu, whom has apparently become as insane and savage as Little Bill.

Are you really so out of touch as to believe that Romney will change anything. Did you never read Zane Grey?  What can the Mormons do for the US or the World at large? They can of course make it possible for the return of Rumsfeld, Cheney et al, is that what you want?

Enjoy your dotage Clint.