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The Worlds Police And Military Protect The Rich And Famous While Leaving The Poor To Rot.





While the coalition still grimly cling to their fables of Russian and Syrian Government ‘Chemical attacks in Salisbury and Aleppo’ and the organs of Fake News, dutifully ‘choose’ to ignore the reality on the ground, in both Middle Eastern cities, Aleppo and Mosul, it was left to a certain Lara Croft, under the ‘nom de plume’, Angelina Jolie, to present the grim reality of life in Mosul, under the control of the ‘Good Guys’ while in Syria the reconstruction of the country, is making huge strides.

Restoration in Aleppo progresses while Mosul isleft helpless.

The preferred reality of the Coalition, is to maintain the Middle East in ruins, in order to facilitate the enlargement of Israel, which is intent, at whatever cost, of taking control of the regions oil and gas reserves, while at the same time, murdering as many Christians as is possible and the forced re-settlement of huge numbers of Muslims in Europe and the United States, where the controlled Governments are willingly destroying their own countries, while the privately owned media, continues to downplay, the massive reaction to this ‘humanitarian invasion’ by the indigenous Peoples of the USA and Europe.

There are currently, attempts being made to suggest, that any ‘News’ which is not blessed as being Real News, by the ‘privately owned mass media, will be condemned as Fake, which will be instantly censored by ‘Goons’ whom are being employed to ‘Police’ the Alternative Media, while anything which does appear in the mainstream will be protected by copyright laws, making it illegal for it to appear in the Alternative News Reports, without the express permission of the holder of the copyright, which is exactly the rule which is now in place, current rules make the copyright holder to be obliged to make a complaint, about use of their copy, that need is now being handed over to Google, Facebook and the owners of the likes of WordPress, whom will be obliged to scour my work, before it is published, to pick out anything which ‘could’ fall foul of the new regulations, whether the copyright holder objects to the use of their copyright or not. After all sometimes the mainstream get it right.

 From where Western Governments, whom have operated under a cloud of disinformation and outright lies, used to justify every war into which they have misled their Peoples, during the past one-hundred years, have found such depths of cynicism, from which to complain about other sources pointing out those lies, is beyond the comprehension of this Blogger.

When will the British Government, which deliberately starved five-million Irish people to death, and to then, instead of feeding the survivors and victims,  of this regularly used by the British, genocide through starvation policy, with the ample food which was available, all over Ireland, did the British continue to steal that food at gunpoint and to then deport more than six-hundred-thousand Irish people in slavery, in the United States of America, because it was ‘cheaper’ to get rid of those desperate, starving people, than it was to feed them? Why are the British not paying the Irish people, who lost their families into slavery, some sort of reparations, never mind for the discrimination against Irish workers in the United Kingdom.

After that, while all the ‘bleeding heart’ Liberals are screaming for reparations for the Black Slaves, why do we hear never a mention of the fact that there were more Irish people in slavery in the United States, than there were Blacks? Irish People built Britain, they were the Navigators on the canals and the railways and they were the bricklayers and carpenters whom re-built Britain after the illegal War Crime against Germany, not the ‘Windrush Generation’ whom turned up in their smart suits and Trilby hats, while the Irish still lived in squalor, just across the water.

The same ‘Windrush’ style program is now being proposed for Ireland, by the self-declared lover of that act, which dared not, at one time, speak its name, the half-Irish sodomite Taoiseach Varadkar, who has declared ‘his’ intention of importing, for no good reason, a million Blacks, from the oil rich regions of Africa, for which purpose, he intends to plunge Ireland into a unrepayable debt situation, with the Criminal International Monetary Fund. The question, which all of Ireland is asking is, ‘what part will uneducated Black people play in the building of the future Hi-Tech Ireland, while the current bunch of Black immigrants are already making Irish streets a dangerous place to be after night falls?’

It would seem that there are moves afoot, which can no longer be ignored as being mere conspiracy theories, to destroy the Western World. Should it cost tiny Ireland, billions of Euros to create homes for a million Black immigrants and billions more to feed and educate them til the end of time, without there being any real benefit for Ireland, would it not be a far, far better idea to invest these billions of Euros in the homelands of these folk?

Why is Ireland expected to plunge its people into debt slavery, while being unable to both pay for the upkeep of this invited group of the unemployed and in many cases unemployable immigrants, and to repay a huge debt of Usury, at the same time to a private bank? This proposed act, of the part immigrant, sodomite Taoiseach Varadkar, is a recipe of disaster for Ireland.

With the offer of a home and the promise of a well-paid job, it would be a simple matter to attract a million Irish people, whom were forced to leave Ireland, to rebuild Britain and the world after the Second World War, to return to their homeland, however I have the impression that they would be refused, in preference for Blacks, suggesting that the real policy, is the final British destruction of the Irish Catholic population, which started with the deliberate importation of the protestants, into Ulster and which will now destroy both Catholics and Protestants, through the medium of imported Black and Middle Eastern Muslims.

During the Fake Economic Collapse of 2008, both of the main banks in Ireland were owned by the Rothschild’s, neither of which have ever been investigated for fraud and yet the controlled Irish Government, forced an unwilling population, to pay a ransom to those banks, of billions of Euros, for alleged losses, which have never been explained or indeed proven to have even existed, all of the explanations, as to how these debts were achieved, were totally implausible, as without criminal activity of some sort, money does not simply disappear, so why has there been no investigation into the whereabouts of the pockets, of those whom received the final payments, which created the debt?

Of one thing we can be sure, the owners of those banks are fully aware of the fraud. They have muddied the waters with tales of ‘Derivatives’ or ‘Credit Default Swaps’ and other such nonsense, all of which had to be paid for and just as is any insurance policy, the responsibility of the Insurance Company, which is responsible for paying the insured, so who took the money and why did ‘we’ have to pay the debt when things went wrong?

Which banks were the concealed owners of those criminal insurance companies and why were the collapsing Banks, after the crisis, allowed to fall into the hands of those whom already own most of the Worlds Banks along with 90% of the Worlds wealth, none of which was not used to bail out the debt, which fell, as usual, into the laps of the poor people, like the Irish?

Where were those magnificent investigative groups like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Criminal Fraud Office when the pooh hit the fan? Well sadly they were where they have always been, looking after the affairs of the rich, they no longer have time to worry about the burglary of a poor person, left in dire straits, while they look into the theft of the baubles of the rich, a loss which will be of no consequence whatsoever. The very idea that they would call off the search for those whom had stolen a Da Vinci, to look into the theft of a poor man’s pay packet, is laughable, when it is in fact the more serious offence.

I have been burgled five time in recent months, and because of the position of my home, the cops of the region argue amongst themselves about which of them was obliged to come and take a look at my situation, when they finally arrived, they took a quick glance, explained how there is nothing to be done about burglars and then left.

That was the a group from a Precinct, which had me under questioning for five hours, for no better reason than that my insurance company, had failed to contact another company, over claims that I had damaged a vehicle, while parking my own.

I had no more details of the incident than that. I knew not the town or the place or the damage to the other vehicle, it was all in the hands of the Insurance company, which had instantly confirmed, to my interrogator, that I had done everything by the book.

However the cop insisted that I was guilty for not leaving my name and address on the windscreen of the vehicle, which was a ‘crime’ even when I had explained that I had no idea that I had even touched a vehicle and in the letter, which I had received four months after the alleged incident there was no mention of where it had happened, despite which he carried on, taking my fingerprints and photographs and all that nonsense, which seemed odd at the time. The fact that the injured party had the same name as the Prime Minister, which is perfectly true, caused me some concern. So two Cops, spent five hours on that nonsense and they then begrudged me a couple of minutes after five burglaries, only one of which I reported because it involved all my ‘papers’ including a Passport, which I was obliged to report.

By the way, the other nonsense was dropped by the Police Prosecutor, as being a total nonsense, a couple of days later.

The Egyptian People Are The Meat In The Sandwich.

While Mubarak was being taken out of power, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were in London, holding talks with Al Baradei,  the Egyptian Army Generals were holding talks in the US with the Pentagon.

All of these forces have played a role in the current chaos in Egypt which is almost certainly being stoked up by NATO operatives. Sky News and the BBC are, as usual, presenting total propaganda, all of which is aimed at the Military Government, which came into power as an inevitable result of Morsi’s ridiculous edicts, which gave him and his government, immunity from the Egyptian system of Law and his general unwillingness to carry out his election promises.

Speaking from London, Lisa Holland, cynically presented shadowy figures, who were shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of protesters from rooftops, as “plain clothed Military men,” without the slightest piece of evidence to back up her claim, while Sky News refused to air film which was shown to journalists, as evidence that these rooftop killers were not in fact military operatives.  Holland has been named, along with other Sky “Journalists” one of several journalist who were caught out passing GPS positions to NATO during the murderous attack on Libya,  which essentially makes Journalists a legitimate target as Spies.

The pressure is mounting for the UN to take action against the Military in Egypt, which is well-known to be under the control of the US, which has been funding it with billions of Dollars for years. We are now meant to believe that this Military machine has  left the Reservation and is, surprise, surprise, providing an excuse for the invasion and destruction of Egypt, which will no doubt allow Israel to take control of the Suez Canal, which it has been attempting to do since nineteen-fifty-six.

As usual the British and American Governments, are starting to get agitated over events in Egypt while seeking an opportunity to save the people of Egypt, by murdering them and then slicing Egypt itself into little pieces which will serve the interests of those whom have drawn up a map of the Middle East, which will cede parts of Egypt into their own hands.  There are already desires being expressed to create a buffer zone in Sinai.


I watched that strange British character Lord Christopher Monckton, on Russia Today, making the bizarre claim that the vast majority of the Iraqi people were content with the “Liberation” which the British and NATO bestowed upon them. This claim was made even as paid Western killers were laying bombs all across Iraq, in an attempt to ratchet up inter-communal strife, in order to justify the re-installation of an American lead task force, to save the people of Iraq all over again. He of course made no mention of the theft of Iraqi oil reserves, which are being sold to BP, which is partly owned by Queen Elizabeth and her friend and confident Lord Rothschild at two dollars a barrel.

While Monckton was making these weird claims about the benefits of the destruction and contamination of Iraq and the murder of in excess of one million of its people, back home in the UK, the Gosling group in Bristol is desperately looking for the Nazi connection to events in Egypt, by referencing  Kristallnacht, in 1938, during which four people lost their lives, in retaliation for the murder, by Jews, of the German ambassador in Paris, during the time when World Jewry had called for a complete blockade of Germany, which had already led to the death of many German citizens as did the blockade against Iraq, which killed one million people. So let us not be too hasty in naming the guilty.

The original uprising in Egypt was used as the excuse for an attack on Libya, which was itself generated through the use of paid gunmen in Benghazi, who carried out murderous attacks against civilians, which were in effect the very last thing which Gadaffi would have ordered, just as are the current attacks in Egypt, the last thing the Military Regime would have ordered.


Footnote: Sky News expert, Tim Marshall, inadvertently admitted, on air, that the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been controlled from the City of London, from the day of its inception, was in fact exactly the same creature as the Turkish, Justice and Development Party, which is led by Tayyip Erdogan, who is a Jew. Making it even more apparent, that whatever is going on in Egypt is between two parties, the Military and the Brotherhood, both of which are controlled by Zionist interests. The intervention of the Jewish Royal Family in Saudi Arabia, announcing its support for the Military action against a perceived terrorist threat, from the Brotherhood, which is working for Israel, illustrates the level of propaganda, with which we being deluged. Sky News is now proudly using its very own Arab Language Channel, to spread its lies.

The Taking Of Egypt.

It is becoming clearer by the day, that the Muslim Brotherhood, the enormous “Sleeper Cell” which was established by the British, in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo, in the early years of the Twentieth Century, are now being used as the excuse to provoke a Civil War in Egypt.

As in Syria and Libya, groups of demonstrators are being used as cover, for paid killers using sniper rifles, to kill and maim dozens of people, including a Journalist from Al Jazeera and a cameraman from Sky News, in order to brand the Military Government as being out of control, which will make possible an attack by NATO, to “save” the Egyptians, while allowing Israel to grab whatever they can lay their hands on.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Government, which now finds itself in the position of the Assad regime in Syria, of having to deny claims which have been made by the controlled Western Media, illustrated its claims, that as in Syria, terrorists were shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of demonstrators, by showing film clips to journalists at the Press Conference, Sky News would not allow the film to be broadcast, as “They would prefer to watch the film before making it public.” a position which speaks for itself. This is, after all, the Channel which aired the propaganda which was posted by Stuart Ramsey, from Syria, to justify the unleashing the “Mad Dogs of War” against the Syrian Government.


These images are so reminiscent of Syria, where all such attacks were blamed on the Regime, that it is difficult not to arrive at the conclusion, that as in Syria, the last people whom would behave in such a way, would be those whom had the least to gain.

Sky News immediately stood by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is only to be expected, the Brotherhood is, after all, the preferred choice of the British. The fact that journalists appear to have been deliberately targeted, by the snipers, is in line with similar events in Damascus, where a Press TV reporter was shot dead, so for Sky to suggest that their man was killed by the Regime, without evidence, has the stench of using a tragedy, to make political gain and Sky should be ashamed of this cynical use of the death of a comrade.

The Betrayal Of Islam.

This was after the Cast Lead attack in 2008, when the BBC refused to allow the transmission of an appeal for help.

Just as the Zionists demonised the German people, in their efforts to provoke a major war, using whatever lies were necessary to achieve their aim, which was to destroy Germany, they are now using similar lies in order to destroy the Middle East.

At the end of World War 2, the Jews took control of Germany and they have maintained that control ever since. Eastern Europe was passed into the hands of the Russian Jew,  the true demonic brute of modern times, Joseph Stalin.

Hiding behind the claims of the holocaust, which no serious researcher has in fact ever managed to track down, as some sort of recompense, for all they had suffered, they were given Palestine. Their first act was to ethnically cleanse the country of its indigenous Peoples. This was just after the alleged holocaust was said to have taken place.

We are now watching a brutal and sustained attack, against a tiny, isolated people, whom have been suffering at the hands of an unspeakable mutation of the human race, whom refer to themselves as God’s Chosen People. No God of mine would have so chosen.

While this murderous slaughter is being inflicted onto these impoverished souls, not one Government has had the courage to come to their aid. Not one. There is a lot of talk and that is all.  Where are Al Qaeda? Still working for the Yankee Dollar? Or is it for the Shekel? Whatever, it is not for justice, nor for the Prophet, apart from their own.

There is talk of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, in Egypt, well do not hold your breath, The Brotherhood was set up by the British in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo in the nineteen-twenties of the last century, they are working for the same people as are Al Qaeda. For example, what is so difficult about keeping open the Rafa border crossing? Only Israel wants it to remain closed.

Sadly, Morsi is a puppet. There is a notion that he made an error in accepting a loan from the IMF. That was not an error, he was obliged to take a poisoned loan. That is why he was selected, to break a fundamental obligation in the Koran to refuse the imposition of usury onto the people. He is a blasphemer.

Morsi was in talks with the Bankers in the City of London, as was Al Baredei, before and during the uprising in Egypt, which it was claimed ended Mubarak’s reign. I believe that the initial plan was to place Al Baradei into the role of President, while the Brotherhood took control of the Government. However because of resistance to Al Baradei, the plan was modified. The Army is already under the control of the Pentagon.

Alongside Morsi we have the Arab League. The Royal Families of Arabia. Whom are allegedly Jews one and all. They helped to destroy Gadaffi and are now paying to get rid of Assad, while doing nothing to assist Gaza. So they will arm mercenaries from across the world to take down Arab leaders, while doing nothing to support those whom are attacked by Jews.

What is more they are prepared to give over their facilities to enable the  supporters of Israel, in their efforts to destroy Iran. Perhaps it has not been noticed by those whom believe that the Arab Spring was a success, that despite much bloodshed and death, not one of the Kingdoms has fallen.

Turkey is obliged to make some noise, while faced with such blatant butchery, as that which is being inflicted on Gaza, however the Jew Erdogan will do nothing, Turkey is the token Muslim state in NATO and that is where Erdogan’s loyalty lies. NATO’s mission is to destroy the Islamic World. Soon we will be seeing the Muslim Brotherhood in power all across the region. Turkey is prepared to threaten an attack on Syria, to help Israel, so why not against Israel to help Palestine?

The aim of all the warfare in the Middle East, is to render the entire region uninhabitable. NATO forces have already contaminated the huge fossil underground water reserve in Libya, in order to stop the cultivation of the Sahara Desert. This was of paramount importance to the Globalists, they could not condone large-scale food cultivation which was outside of their control. That would have made their desire to have total control of food production, that much more difficult. They are of course also seeking total control of every drop of water on the planet.

They are at the moment busily spreading their Depleted Uranium across Pakistan,Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Somalia, having already contaminated Iraq, Libya and the Balkans. All of these countries are, or soon will be, experiencing catastrophic increases in deformed babies. There is also already evidence of widespread sterility amongst young people.

People in the West have come to accept that their politicians are basically criminals. They work for whomever pays the most baksheesh and care little for the good of the electorate. Muslims must rapidly come to understand that their leaders are no better. Do not be fooled by a religious posture, for example, most of the Jews in Israel are atheistic.

I am beginning to have grave doubts about the leadership in Iran. While being surrounded on all sides by the forces of NATO and while the United Nations is imposing crippling sanctions on to the people, while Israel is daily threatening an attack, in order to destroy Iran’s Nuclear facilities, they are announcing that they are about to start the wholesale vaccination of children, under the guidance of the World Health Organisation, which was set-up for the benefit of Jewish controlled drug companies, and is currently murdering African children on a grand scale. Five minutes on-line would convince even the most hardened of sceptics that vaccines do not work.

They are also, in the face of all the current evidence to the contrary, continuing to broadcast programmes suggesting  that Global Warming is a fact. Does this mean that Iran has signed on to pay Carbon Tax? Are the Ayatollahs seriously going to pay a tax to the Jewish House of Rothschild?

They have a scientific community of their own, which I presume can operate outside of the need of funds from the Central Bankers, have they asked the opinion of these impartial scientists? Mean temperatures have dropped by one degree since the nineteen nineties, this is an enormous reduction, a mini Ice Age is imminent, Carbon Dioxide is not a greenhouse gas.

These certainly are strange days in the Muslim World.

The Privatisation Of Planet Earth.

Gadaffi, in Libya, despite all of the allegations which have been manufactured against him, was not a man whom had deposited an immense fortune in Swiss Banks, he had been more interested in investing the money in the best interests of Libya and its people.

Sadly everything which has been laid against him, comes from the mouths of liars. The same liars whom conducted the Nuremberg Kangaroo Court against the National Socialists at the end of the Second World War.

Should anyone uncover just a trace of justice, in our so-called Democratic and Free society, I would be obliged if they could point in its direction.

As a result of NATO inspired attacks against Libya, more people have been killed and maimed, than were ever harmed by Gadaffi. As usual, it is the real War Criminals whom point the finger.

I watched a sentimental Documentary on Press TV, about the uprising in Libya. It told the tale of Mohammed The Blogger, whom had been killed during an attack on Benghazi. The group spoke the sort of English one might expect to hear on the streets of London but not in Benghazi.

In keeping with the Press TV coverage of the NATO atrocity itself, we heard only the voices of the middle class Libyans, whom like the anti Castro Cubans, were established outside of their country.

Press TV were in total opposition to Gadaffi and through their teams of British reporters, Nick Jones and Johnny Miller, broadcasted, what can only be described as propaganda.

Now in Syria, the same Press TV finds itself confronted with its own hypocrisy. The West and NATO is once more demonizing a sitting Government, while the united Jewish Press is putting out exactly the same lies which they used against Gadaffi, while Press TV, because of treaties with Syria are obliged to speak out in defence of Assad.

So what are we to make of this duplicitous approach to the expansionism of the Zionist Empire?  Can we put our trust in Iran? Is Iran playing some sort of under-cover role in the destruction of the Arab Muslim Middle East?

The world is aware that the first step in Libya after the murder of Gadaffi, was to set-up a Rothschild Central Bank. Following on from that, Libya was in need of a loan from the IMF, in order to start  rebuilding the infrastructure, which was destroyed by NATO bombings, at the invitation of those middle class Libyans in exile in the UK.

This loan from the IMF, which is a private bank, controlled by the Central Banking families, will prove impossible to repay; That is the purpose of an IMF loan.

During the Gadaffi reign, Libya was debt free and thus it was a thorn in the side of the Jewish bankers. Now, with the assistance of the IMF, the bankers will be free to snatch whatever resources they would want to control, as an instalment of the interest due on the loan. This is simply legalised theft, on a grand scale. Is this what Iran supports?  From day one in the campaign against Gadaffi it was as clear as day that this was the aim.

At the time I posted any number of warnings, speaking out against the NATO aggression which was being carried out under-cover of the Arab Spring. I warned that should any attacks against an Arab country be accepted or allowed, it would inevitably lead on to further attacks. Which is what is now happening. The Iranians are not stupid people, so what is going on?

I also suggested, long before the event, that the Muslim Brotherhood, would replace Mubarak in Egypt. At the time I believed that Al Baradei would be President, after discussions which he had held with the Muslim Brotherhood in London, in the event however the Brotherhood were given a clean sweep. Neo British Colonialism was in evidence from the word go.

The same British controlled Muslim Brotherhood is being proposed as the future Government across the Middle East.  This is of course the target of the Zionists, whom will retain control of the Brotherhood as a pseudo Democratic group, which will work in the interests of the proposed One World Government.

By means of debt, all of the Middle-Eastern resources, will, as in Iraq and Libya be privatised into the hands of the IMF and the Central Bankers, most of whom just happen to be Khazar Jews.

Afghanistan, where there are trillions of dollars worth of resources, the US and its Zionist controllers are already in place, to grab whatever is going. By invading Afghanistan they have taken control of  most of the world’s Opium production, which they use, either through “legal” drugs, which are now being administered to children as young as eighteen months old, or through “illegal” versions of the same drug, which are also controlled by the Zionists and sold at high prices to addicts on the streets.

Apart from the control of Oil, Food, Water, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Education and the Media, soon, through the application of Agenda 21, they will take control of the rain falling from the heavens. In parts of the world, such as some States in the US, it is already illegal to save rainwater or to grow vegetables.

Within a generation, only the rich will be allowed access to the country-side. Ninety-five percent of people are already living in large towns or cities, soon the country-side will be protected by buffer zones around those towns or cities, imprisoning the people inside. A special permit will be necessary to pass through a check-point. Thus human beings will become the only creature on the planet, refused access to the outside world.  No more cars. No more Sunday picnics in the country-side.

This will be called Sustainable Development, which will determine whether you can be permitted to have a child of your own, with a partner whom you have selected.

All of this is written down, in documents which have been signed by your politicians, whom have not even read what is contained in those documents. In France, locally elected politicians, without a word to those by whom they were elected, have closed down local democracy and handed power over to the Department of Sustainable Development, which is directly controlled from Brussels, which means that in effect, the United Nations now controls France.

And still people tell me the French will never accept that. Famous last words.

The Muslim Brotherhood? No More Muslim Than Muslim Express.

Today, Thursday 13th September, we were treated to the spectacle of the newly selected President of Egypt, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group which was set-up in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo, in the 1920s of the last century, in response to another genuine Muslim Political Group, which was gaining too much attention for the money-lenders in the City of London, addressing the European Parliament, which is styled on a Soviet Politburo and is controlled by a Portuguese Communist Jew, Borosso, whom is himself unelected, promising to bring Democracy and freedom to every last man woman and child in Egypt.

Borosso, whom was himself installed by exactly the same banking families, which dreamt up the Muslim Brotherhood, was explaining to Morsi, that he would now be eligible for a poisoned loan from the International Monetary Fund, which is also controlled from the City of London by these same banking families, a loan which is essential to trap Egypt into the Rothschild Compound Interest quagmire, an act which is forbidden by the Koran. Usury is illegal in Islam.

While this charade was taking place, the Sky News team of liars, was explaining how the Muslim Brotherhood, against the wishes of the West, was gaining power all across the Maghreb and the Middle East. The Sky Team appeared to be blithely unaware that like Al Qaeda, the Brotherhood has been transformed into a friend of the West and will soon, no doubt, be helping Israel to destroy any remaining obstacle to the Jewish aim of total domination of the Middle East.

Israel itself was in the News for having funded the translation of a short film, which depicted and denigrated Mohammed the Prophet, God Bless His Name and was designed to provoke a response, which resulted in the attack of the US Embassy in Benghazi in Libya, and the killing of the Ambassador and members of his staff.

This provocative clip follows hot on the heels of a Channel Four TV film, which suggested that there was no historical evidence for the setting up of the Islamic Religion in the 7th Century. Which was broadcast in keeping with the right of free speech and the right of Press Freedom.

Perhaps Channel Four would now like to cast its eye into the more recent past, in search of proof of the holocaust, which would surely be a far simpler task, even though the evidence for which, proves to be strangely elusive for the amateur researchers’ whom have been drawing a blank. Channel Four will soon discover that freedom of thought, speech and press, may well apply to Islamic matters but certainly not to Jewish issues.

The whole gamut of terrorist groups, which include Mossad, the CIA, MI6, Al Qaeda, are all privately controlled by the people whom set them up for the purpose of maintaining a perpetual state of war. None of them are answerable to the voter or to the politicians in the countries from which they operate. Like the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, politicians pretend to appoint the Governor or Chairman or whatever, when in fact they are put in place by the bankers and they answer to the bankers, as do the terrorist Intelligence organisations.

The Muslim Brotherhood, like the traitorous sub-human animals, whom are slaughtering women and children in Syria, in an attempt to generate an excuse for a “No Fly Zone,” which will give the military arm of the Bankers, NATO, an excuse to torch the country into oblivion, are paid puppets of Israel. There will be no place in hell for scum such as this. They are blasphemers one and all.

Zionist Poodle Al Baradei, Prepares To Betray Egyptian Revolution.

The Military men selected a Prime Minister, whom they knew, would be unacceptable to the majority of the Egyptian people, making it possible for their bosses man Al Baradei to present himself as the possible leader of a unifying administration.

This is the character whom had already been in talks in the UK, even before the Arab Spring, with that other British invention, the Muslim Brotherhood. They were discussing the future of Egypt, after Mubarak, while he was still in power.

It has become perfectly clear that the preferred result of the struggles of the Peoples of the Maghreb and the Middle East, would be the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been presented, behind various innocuous titles, designed to hide the ubiquitousness of this British financed group.

Al Baradei is yet another Rothschild Agent. He is the character, whom while head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, made absolutely no attempt to bring Israel’s possession of Nuclear weapons into the open.

It can have come as no surprise to NATO, that the men whom they had groomed, to take control of Libya, after they had destroyed all of Gadaffi’s achievements, should turn out to be Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood so-called Fundamentalists, intent on oppressing the Libyan people with strict Sharia law, while of course, handing over the Libyan oil, water and gold resources to the City of London.

Despite all of the efforts of the Arab Peoples, not one figurehead has emerged, with the necessary integrity, to give confidence to the voters in this “democracy” which the West has forced on to them.

The Zionists love democracy. It gives the people an impression of choice. It can be controlled by paying a small number of the top men in any political Party, or through fear, if they refuse to be bought.

When all else fails, a ballot can be rigged. Even the dumbest of tin pot leaders understand how to rig a vote. The people can never be sure which way the people have voted.

I welcome our friends, from the Maghreb and The Middle East, to the Free West, where we have already lost our freedom.