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More Horrifying Hidden Historical Happenings.


There are fifty-six Muslim countries across the world, why are they not getting together, to help the Rohingya people, whose lack of willingness to integrate, in the Buddhist State of Myanmar, has resulted in an overwhelming desire, on the part of those peaceful Buddhists’ to see the back of them? Sadly the Muslims have been creating problems for centuries in the sub-continent, in past centuries, they have been responsible for the slaughter of four-hundred-million Hindus and others, it is claimed.



British Fake News reporters from Sky News, were this morning, worryingly,  on the ground in Bangladesh, expressing concern for those poor, fleeing Rohingya people, who are responsible for their own fate, having chosen to impress on the indigenous, Buddhist people, their desire to impose their Muslim religion across the entire region.

Muslims are currently attempting to install Sharia Law in Europe, where the indigenous Christians are, as are the people of Myanmar, totally opposed to this idea, so why is Sky News busily seeding the idea into the minds of the British, that they should be generous enough to find a place in Christian Britain for these people? Be warned these Muslims do not mess around, they are creatures from another age and should be left in their own homelands. It is madness to bring them into our midst. As usual it is not the common Muslim, who is the problem, it is those behind him, whom fanatically attempt to impose their beliefs.

We are living in a totally false reality, I have just listened to a discussion on the RT ‘Flagship’ political discussion program, Cross Talk, which was discussing the Russian Revolution, which did not contain one word about the fact that it was funded from the City of London and Wall Street, and executed by Bolshevik Communist Jews. It was even claimed that the majority of the Russian people, sixty-five million of whom, were executed by the Bolsheviks, were in support of the ‘revolution’ without a mention as to whether that ‘majority’ was before or after the slaughter.

It was also announced on RT, that Alex Salmond, who is himself of doubtful intention, is to have his own talk-show on RT, which will allow him to present his own biased rubbish in much the same way as that ‘pretend’ Scot, George Galloway, the Muslims ‘Champion,’ who to this day maintains, full in the face of logic and physics, that aluminium aircraft, sliced through steel and reinforced concrete, causing three steel girder supported buildings to collapse, one of which was not even struck by an aircraft. Thus helping to divert blame from Israel. Why, one wonders, would the Muslims Champion be amongst a tiny number of those whom are prepared to swallow such arrant nonsense and can he now be trusted on other matters?

Galloway is an Irishman, who also manages to impress the need to make reparations to Blacks, whom along with many other Peoples, were once held as slaves.

He manages to avoid mention of the fact that alongside those Blacks in the West Indies and the United States, there were thousands of Irish slaves, the long forgotten slaves, who play no part in the current desire of the likes of George Soros, to create a guilt complex in the minds of Whites, whilst at the same time, provoking unfounded, Black resentment against Whites in the USA and elsewhere, suggesting Whites, to be the cause of this slavery, even as Jews are claiming that they were the most prominent Slave Traders and owners of slaves. The Jews are now pretending to be of another colour, unlike other Peoples from Eastern Europe, from where they originate, whom are definitely White.

Why is Galloway always on the wrong side in these debates, he must surely be aware that even his Muslim friends did, back in the day, kidnap a load of Irish people from the area around Cork and carry them away into Hell on Earth, as slaves, why no reparations for the Irish, George?

Another aspect of this presentation of what was once called crap, revolves around the ‘fat cats’ in Israel, which drags all of this current fakery into perspective. The Russian coup d’etat, was carried out as the bulk of the Russian Army was occupied in the Zionist created Great War, with the Occult aim of destroying the Ottoman Empire, thus making Palestine available for the Jews. Are you listening George?

The rabid bull-dog, Churchill, gave support to this aim by sacrificing the youngsters in the Anzac Battalions at Gallipoli, in order to weaken the Ottoman forces on other fronts. The Allies then tricked Germany into an Armistice, which has just been celebrated, as a victory, at the eleventh-hour of the eleventh-day of the eleventh-month, all across ‘Free Europe.’ The Bolsheviks then failed in their attempt to set-up a durable League of Nations, which served one purpose only, that of forcing Germany to accept responsibility for the Great War and the Treaty of Versailles.

An attempt was then made to impose a Bolshevik Jew government in Germany, an attempt which was foiled by German resistance and the leaders of the attempted coup were executed.

Sadly, the Jew bankers, imposed a banking system on Germany, which destroyed the once high performing economy, allowing a rate of inflation which devalued the currency of Germany to such an extent, that through the use of the ‘new’ American Federal Reserve Dollars, the Jew Bankers, quickly, snapped up everything of value, in all of the major German cities, for next to nothing.

We are now at the end of one-hundred-years of turmoil and death, yet the Bankers are prepared to order more slaughter, to finally gain ‘everything’ into their own hands.

It becomes clear that to deny the existence of a greed, so ferocious, that it will murder by poison, bullet or bomb, everybody on Earth to get what it wants, is suicidal and indicative of a ‘death-wish’ in the minds of the only people capable of opposing these demonic monsters, that would be the White Christian People whom have been so effective, having been duped into carrying out the murders for the cunning Bolsheviks and whom have now been lulled into a stupor,  as the new tool of the Bolsheviks, is being brought into Europe by the shipload, to wipe us out. No sane people in history have allowed such an invasion without resistance. Remember 1066 and all that crap.

Patriots are now called Nazis, well if only that were so, sadly this is yet another means of the Bolsheviks to conceal what they do not want us to know. The Bolsheviks recently ordered the destruction of Yugoslavia, simply because they were operating under a system of ‘real’ Socialism, similar to that of Germany’s National Socialism, which had transformed Germany.

Yugoslavia was quickly ‘Balkanised’ and the new structure quickly drowned in debt by the Bolshevik International Monetary Fund, which then assisted in the Privatisation of all resources and services into the hands of their own people.

We are now meant to believe that Russia, is once more the enemy. It has, we are told, managed to slip off the leash of the Bolsheviks, whom still have a dozen Oligarchs in Russia all of them Jews, no matter. However there are other serious forms of disinformation, the ‘truth’ of which are becoming available, which cast serious doubts on the position of Russia in modern times.

Believe whatsoever you may choose to believe, that is your free choice, but the fact that we were all lied to about the two World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the reality of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England and the origins of Khazar Jews is apparently of little consequence. It is of no more importance than the origin of the Transgender Movement and the contamination of the minds infants, with the idea that they need hormone blockers, of which the nouveau ‘intelligentsia’ are fully in favour.

As if from nowhere, we have been confronted with several conundrums. The most important one being, Atomic Weapons. Iran has signed an agreement, with all concerned, that they will not be seeking to construct an Atomic Bomb. Israel, on the other hand, refuses to admit to having such a weapon, while the International Atomic Energy Agency, which has inspected Iran’s facilities, makes no move to insist on an inspection of Israel’s facilities.

Across the waters, Trumps friend ‘Rocket Man’ in North Korea, is accused of building a bomb, because he believes that the United States will not attack him, if he is so armed. Recent events in the Middle East would appear to justify his belief.

Is this load of tosh the truth,  or simply more crap? I ask this question, because along with the growing belief in a Flat Earth and the Fake Moon Landings, combined with the Fake International Space Station, all of which have the complicity of our Russian ‘enemy’ and should they all prove to be false, implicating Putin’s Russia in a giant fraud, there is now yet another competitor for our attention, that is the growing belief, that there is no such thing,  as an Atomic Bomb. It was, in the words of the great Eustace Mullins, “No more than a Jew boondoggle to make money for nothing.”

The evidence of this fakery is overwhelming. As with all of these things, we have been educated to believe whatsoever we are told to believe, by “experts” without question. It was not until, having had the seed of doubt planted in my brain, that I watched more closely, a documentary of the Manhattan Project’s ‘invention’ of the bomb at Los Alamos in the United States.

While retaining at least some belief in the project, the mumbo jumbo by which it was surrounded, sounded plausible, but should you listen closely to it, having been alerted to its stupidity, as I did, you will wonder why anybody was ever convinced by such total balderdash. It used to be called BBB, Bullshit, Baffles, Brains.

The section in the above clip, which amused me the most was the first British test, turning the key and all that stuff, it was as daft as the Chinese version, but in English.

In Israel they have been threatening the whole world with their Samson Option, which warns us that if they are threatened, they will launch an atomic missile at every Capital City on Earth. Israel never stops demanding that something is done about Iran. Perhaps, scientists in Iran have already come to realise that it is a waste of money to attempt to construct a dummy, leaving a fear in the minds of the belligerent Jews over their border, that Iran is aware of their weakness as is the rest of the Nuclear Community.

North Korea is giving the West the ‘finger,’ having been told by their friends in China that it is safe to so do, without fear. When Gadaffi was stupid enough to admit to having destroyed his Nuclear capability, NATO made no investigation whatsoever, they knew that Gadaffi had no such weapon and simply destroyed Libya, just as they know that North Korea is bluffing. India and Pakistan are both basket cases, so let us hope they remain silent about their Nuclear secret.

I have been a fan of the late, great, Eustace Mullins for some years and he was telling us outright that there was no Cold War, many years ago. Should that be so, it follows that there was no Space Race.




I looked for an indication as to how the above ‘moon-lander, was actually attached to the module, which was installed on top of an Apollo rocket for its voyage to the moon. The result was a joke.

Whatever it was that Armstrong and Aldrin stepped out of on the moon, was filmed, as it left the moon to rendezvous with the space module, by a camera which followed its flight. What a shame it was that NASA forgot to turn that camera towards the Earth, to film its rotation, which was of far greater interest than men bouncing around in slow motion, which is what children, all now believe to be as a result of less gravity.

The Untold Tale Of Genocide Against Christian Germany



The Untold Tale Of Genocide Against Christian Germany.

Throughout the twentieth century, there was a continuous, unspoken war, against Christians.

This war has, with the complicity of Western politicians, continued into the twenty-first century and is still under the control of the same hidden hand.

Any Christian reading this, should open their eyes and ears and question the version of history, which has been firmly cemented into their innocent, receptive minds.

We were trained, from an early age, to sit in classrooms, absorbing whatever teacher told us,  as being the verifiable truth. Children were never encouraged to question the ‘facts’ which were being fed to them. Sadly neither had their teachers. The whole idea of compulsory schooling, was directed towards this aim. The result has been the complete control of the thought processes of several generations of children.

The same children and the children of their children, are still being fed, theories as fact. They are never warned that theories are no more than conjecture and while in reality, though they are good for discussion, they are not a good foundation for education.

A good example of the education by theory, is Evilution. Sorry that should read, Evolution. The Theory of Evolution has no basis whatsoever in fact and the sinister result of this form of education has lead to a situation, of which I became a victim.

I receive dozens of ‘head ups’ every day, towards articles in newspapers or clips on Youtube. One day I received a link towards a clip, explaining Evolution in five minutes or something like that.

I watched the clip and as is usual it was based on an unproven supposition and then went on to explain, in a manner suggesting that the supposition was true, all the things which could, would or should have followed, if that supposition had been proven.

I left a comment, asking why all of these tenets of Evolution, were being presented as ‘fact,’ when in ‘fact,’ they were only theories?

I received dozens of attacks, many with the usual bad language, which is ‘theoretically’ the usual behaviour of those whom would prefer to drown out any form of questioning of Evolution, and many others, explaining that I had failed to grasp the difference between a mere ‘theory’ and a ‘Scientific Theory’ which I was assured was the ‘truth’ or indeed the closest, that it was possible to approach the ‘truth’ which ‘magically,’ made it ‘true.’

I responded with the question, ‘If it is true, why is it still called a theory?’ They insisted that a ‘Scientific Theory’ was a fact, even when I copied and pasted a page, from a dictionary, with the explanation of the word ‘Theory’ with the opposite to a theory being  explained as a ‘Fact.’

What this form of education has lead us into, is a position, in which whatever has been taught in school must be accepted as being true and it takes a brave man to say, hold on, in that case ‘truth’ itself can only be described as ‘theory’ does it not? This style of miseducation  would include certain sections of history, which simply refuse to conform to universally accepted text book teachings.

The Great War has been shrouded in mystery. I have read accounts which suggest there to have been no real reason for its outbreak and it was in fact little more than a family squabble, between the closely related Royal Families of Europe. This is an absurd postulation as there were many reasons for the war, not least the coup d’etat in Russia, which was initiated in 1917, while the Russian Army was enmeshed in the War. Coincidence?

The Ottoman Empire was destroyed, the excuse being that they had fought alongside the Germans. This enabled the British and the French to carve up the oil-rich Middle East between themselves, including the ceding of Palestine to Rothschild, by the simple means of a letter written by his own employees.

The Great War finally ended with an Armistice, which is defined in my dictionary as a, ceasefire, peace, suspension of hostilities or a truce, so how did Germany end up being called the loser?

The ‘armistice’ indicates that there had been no loser, so the decision made by those under the control of Jews, whom had blackmailed President Wilson into dispatching American troops to aid the Europeans.   President Wilson was blackmailed by the same Jews whom had also financed the coup d’etat in Russia, and had previously demanded Palestine for Rothschild, whom had himself demanded Palestine, in return for involving American troops, against Germany, after it became apparent that Germany, had to all intents and purposes won the Great War, which would have wrecked the Jews plans.


They then ganged up and simply forced Germany, through the use of embargoes, which starved 900,000 Germans to death, to accept the Treaty of Versailles, which laid responsibility, for a war, which was not of Germany’s making, onto the shoulders of the German people and they then proceeded to carve Germany in slices, in order to generate ‘flash-points’ for future exploits, which would once more be blamed on Germany. Does that list of achievements, for the Jews suggest that the war had been to no purpose?

Winston Churchill, a Jew, whom preferred to call himself a Zionist, sacrificed thousands of Australians in a suicidal attack on Gallipoli, attempting to destroy the Turkish Army, to prepare the ground for Kamal Ataturk, a Jew, whom would be seizing power in Turkey, when the Ottoman Empire collapsed.

Ataturk would be assisted by the Young Turks, whom were also Jews. So you see it was Jews everywhere, all across Russia, Germany and the Middle East before, during and after the Great War, sadly, the casualties were mainly White Christians and that was even before the Jew slaughters kicked off in Russia.

Talking of Russia – where the Bolshevik government, according to Vladimir Putin, was composed of eighty-five per-cent Jews and where, unknown to the general European public, millions of people, including millions of Ukrainians, whom were starved to death, as the Bolsheviks seized their foodstuffs and hundreds of thousands more ethnic folk, from Crimea were deported to Siberia, while the Cheka, the most brutal, savage, sadistic vermin ever to tread the earth, did, under the control of Jew Commissars, carry out the slaughter of an estimated sixty-five million Christians  and who should be waiting on the Borders of Poland, waiting to help the Allies, in the PLANNED second phase of the European slaughters but those very same ubiquitous Jews, under the control of the monster Joe Stalin.

Between the Jews in London and Russia, with finance from Jews in New York, a very public genocide was carried out against the ‘finest people in Europe,’ the Germans.

The British, French and Americans, played a major part in this real and very public massacre and rape of Germany, all of it based on lies and having committed this enormous crime, they then protected themselves by constructing the tale of crimes against Jews, which are actually dwarfed in comparison to what was inflicted on Germany, a crime which included the deliberate starvation of old men and children, the last line of defence against the advance of the blood-thirsty Allied hordes, in the Jew Eisenhower’s, Death Camps along the Rhine and others in France, along with untold numbers of German soldiers, whom were handed over to Stalin, to be tortured and murdered in the Siberian Gulags.

And then? What do you know? Having decided to make a gift of half of Germany and most of Eastern Europe to Stalin, in return for his aid in defeating Germany, (does that ring a bell?) they decided to ‘drop the Iron Curtain’ thus hiding their complicity in the bloody events which took place behind it, from the view of the oh so gullible, people of ‘Free Europe.’

To reinforce this notion of ‘Freedom,’ Europe was introduced to the outright lie of the ‘Cold War,’ even as Eastern Europe was languishing, where they had been stranded by the Allies, having been used as the excuse to destroy Germany, under the control of the murderous Bolsheviks.


This entire scenario was the build-up to where we now find ourselves, on our way towards a Third World War and this time ‘WE’ are the selected target and the Muslim World is the excuse, that way Christians and Muslims can, once more do the dirty work, for the same pack, of those whom call themselves Jews, having allowed them to trick us into the previous World Wars. Talk about  history repeating itself.

The stupidity of many people is beyond belief. Even as Israel is installing a law which would deny Jews in Israel the right to marry a Goy, and physically deport ‘infiltrators,’ and are building more and more walls to deny the Palestinian people access to water, thus driving them from land,  which is quickly seized for the building of Jew settlements, Europeans are being described as Racist, should they seek a means of restricting uncontrolled immigration, of folk driven from their homes in the lands surrounding Israel, of which Israel has made no secret of its desire to use, to construct a Greater Israel.

In view of events in two world wars, which included the indiscriminate division of Germany, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the coup d’etat in Russia, is it not patently clear, that the Bolshevik clearances of the Middle East, to facilitate the aims of these same Bolsheviks in Israel, is not, what is now taking place,  in front of our eyes and is it not signal enough of things to come?What more do you need to wake you up?

Very soon, European ‘freely’ elected governments, many of them under the control of Jews, the likes of David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Angela Merkel, will have rendered, vast stretches of the Middle East unliveable, to the benefit of whom was this carried out? Certainly not for those whom we claimed to be saving.

Should you choose to read and follow the Eustace Mullins link to the tale of the Cold War, you will find the inspired idea, which is currently relevant, of ‘frightening the people into accepting the notion of the Cold War, which has since morphed into the Hot War on Terrorism.l

Sadly, those whom believe this ‘tderrorist’ nonsense, will no doubt accept the theory of the Big Bang, which has been used in an attempt to convince us that an enormous event can arrive out of nothing. Do not believe a word of it.

Bob The Builder Wins A Second Term.

To have just witnessed the most mind numbing political campaign, which has achieved nothing apart from the re-election of a President whom has already delivered the biggest deficit in history, mass unemployment at home and mass death abroad, makes one realise that there is no such thing as real choice.

Both candidates, Romney and Obama, cynically offered exactly the same thing to the electorate, an in your face message that whichever way you vote you are going to achieve the same result.

Obama, in his re-election speech has already referred to the capture and killing of the ghost of the already long dead Bin Laden, as a grand success. He has described hope, as that thing which despite everything, keeps us sure inside that we can achieve what we want. I thought that described madness, repeating the same thing time after time, expecting a different result, never mind, we are living in Orwellian times.

He has called multiple attacks and the invasion of countries, which have absolutely no means of threatening America and the complete destruction of such countries and the slaughter of millions of people,  self-defence.

Even as the re-elected cynic was delivering his speech, bombs were going off in Syria, where the Obama regime is financing hired murderers to slaughter civilians and in Pakistan, the US funded  killers are continuing the preparation of the excuse to bring Pakistan under the Globalists control, in the same manner.

Obama, whom was reared by a Marxist father, which in fact means Zionist, can now continue, the Zionist Communist Revolution, in the US. His first step will be to continue the destruction of the US Middle Classes in order to create an homogenized group of poorly paid slaves.

The Zionist controlled Federal Reserve has already started the process of buying up, at bargain prices, bundles of mortgages, which are held on private properties. The next step will be to make the payment of these mortgages too difficult for the holders, by either fair means or foul, they will then be able to claim, huge tracts of the US infrastructure for the Zionist/Jewish,  Shadow Government.  All of this being done at no cost whatsoever, using “funny money” which does not exist. In this manner they will not only own America, they are already in the process of doing the same thing in Greece.

While the world is being trained to hate Muslims and while Muslims are being invited into every European Country, in large numbers, the real and present danger, which is the desire of the Jews/Zionists to take control of us and all of our resources, is being allowed to continue and to criticise it is called anti-Semitic, when in reality these Jews are not Semitic, while many of the Muslims are.

While still claiming that they were themselves targeted for extinction, these Jews  are admittedly, attempting to wipe out the Germans and the rest of the Goyim, in order to ensure their total control of everything, while the only people on the planet, whom have the possibility of obstructing this desire, white European Nations, are being destroyed from within and the citizens are cheering on the process.

Austerity is being used to reduce National Armies, ensuring that very soon the only military force in Europe will be NATO, which is private, it is controlled by these same Zionists whom have already total control of the European Union and the United Nations.

All of this is happening with the active support of elected politicians. The destruction of Germany has been an ongoing process since the end of the Great War.

The real heroes of the resistance against Jewish/Zionist Communism, were Adolf Hitler and the German people. The Jews have long recognised the abilities of the Germans, which is why they organised the coalition of Jewish controlled  Countries, which included, Britain, France, the USA and Russia, to take them down and to completely flatten Germany.

Twenty million Germans were slaughtered during this Jewish inspired war of attrition. The Second World War was controlled by Jews. They were ultimately responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. The British alone were responsible for more deaths than Hitler. All of the real War Crimes were carried out by this coalition of criminals and yet all we hear is bleating of the guilty Jews, about what they claim happened to them.

Even the factory at Auschwitz was owned by Jews. After the war part of the profits generated by the slaves whom worked there, paid for the election of Helmut Kohl, a Jew, as Chancellor of Germany.

The Jews were responsible for the hatred of Germans, after the end of the Second World War, which was demonstrated at Nuremberg, where the German leadership was quickly herded to the gallows, by a Jewish controlled “Kangaroo Court,” to shut them up, allowing the lies to continue.

While there is still an endless quest to dig out any surviving German Military man from the war years,  whom like Adolf Eichmann, can be accused of crimes which they did not commit, without a shred of evidence apart from the word of so-called  “camp survivors,” and executed. Yet not a word is spoken about the excesses of those whom forced Germany into the war.

The Jewish/Zionists carried out the attack on 911. All of the available evidence points in their direction. They were aided and abetted by the people whom had control of George Bush, yet through the use of their media and other propaganda sources, they have maliciously blamed a whole community of innocent people, an act which has already caused the death of two or three million Muslims and these are the people whom will gaol anyone who dares to dispute Jewish claims about what did or did not occur during the Second World War.

The election of Obama will do nothing to change this sorry state of affairs. He has already declared his total obedience to Israel. He insists on continuing the lie of the “War on Terror,” which is in fact a War of Terror against Muslims. The people in the US cannot understand why they prevent criticism of Jews, on the one hand, while they are wholeheartedly accept the demonization of Muslims on the other. There is no hope of saving those with this level of stupidity.

The citizens of the US are not alone in  their blindness to current events, people across the world are applauding the installation of Agenda 21 believing it to be in the best interest of the Planet, when it is in fact nothing more than a means to continue the enslavement of us all and the acquisition of the wealth of the world in to the hands of Jews.

Strangely when anyone talks of Jews in the manner in which I choose to, the immediate response is that all of the worlds problems cannot be blamed on one set of people. I am viewed as anti-Semitic, yet a short time ago I was working alongside a man, whom said to me quite seriously, that  “We have to take these Muslims down, before they kill us all.” In France, this is quite an acceptable position to adopt.  What a strange world we live in.

The British Public Are Still Being Led Up The Garden Path.

Today, in order to keep abreast of the Conservative Party Conference, I held my nose,  gritted my teeth and tuned in to the BBC’s Sunday Politics Show. I was surprised to find that Andrew Neal, friend of gaol-birds and Australian phone hackers, was still on the air.

He was grilling a Labour Party member about millionaires. He was determined to find out if the Scotsman, whom he was interrogating, would admit to the fact that the Socialist Party, like the Conservative Party is packed, with millionaires. In particular he was interested in finding out if Ed Milliband, the son of a rabid Communist, was in fact a millionaire himself.

Meanwhile, on Sky News, Dermot Murnaghan was having a go at George Osborne, the flagellate from Eton. Osborne, in response to virtually every question, repeated the same mantra, “Having inherited a destroyed economy from the Socialists, we are having to put in place measures which they should have taken years ago.” Murnaghan, under orders, or obliged to ask only those questions which were transmitted to his earpiece, failed to ask the obvious question, “Why did you support the Bankers bailout? What did that have to do with the Socialists? This is a world-wide problem after all, is it not?”

Back on the BBC, Neal made no attempt to question McCartney about the criticism which is being levelled against the Socialists, concerning the origins of the financial crisis, McCartney was after all a member of the government which oversaw the creation of the indebtedness of the people, both in the hike in the cost of housing and of course the availability of numerous credit cards in the wallets of the people, whom did not have the wit to understand that one day it would all have to be paid back.

During this time the Conservative Party, went along with every major decision which was taken by the Socialists, including the participation in two illegal wars and they raised not a whimper about the debt enslavement of the British people.

On neither channel was the most important question of all brought up for discussion. Across Europe, there are twenty-five million people jobless. Most of the jobs, which were once available for these people have been sent overseas, deliberately, to suit the needs of “Globalisation” and its twisted sister, “Free Trade.”

To talk now of opening up the European Market to even more penetration, both to the importation of goods, by taking down the few remaining tariff protections which are still in place, while at the same time making it easier for those out of work, to seek employment elsewhere in Europe, while there is not a country across the region which has need of imported workers, apart from workers from Third World countries, whom will work for peanuts, is both ludicrous and an attempt to drive the final nail into the coffin of Europe, in readiness for the final step towards a tyrannical takeover.

However this is not suitable for a Sunday morning audience in the UK, everybody was much happier when the question turned to Boris, whom despite being another bed-wetter from Eton, is seen as a man of the people whom can be trusted, though of course not by his wife, whom still refers to him as a “Love Rat.”

Boris, though claiming to offer choice and democracy will not commit himself to allowing a referendum on Europe, should he be elected as leader of the Conservative Party, best to just give the impression that he might. That is of course how those whom were trained to be politicians mislead the public on every occasion.

I was desperately waiting for either, Murnaghan or Neal to ask the simple question: “How, with twenty-five million people unemployed and many millions more under-employed, whom are not paying taxes, across Europe, and it is with taxes that the debt is being paid, how can austerity measures do any more than make a pin-prick into the interest which is being generated by the debt?” We all know that the only way to bring the debt down is to manufacture more jobs, which will of course bring in more tax. Why not pose this question to the Chancellor of the Exchequer?

This is of course one of the forbidden questions, to which there is no answer. Greece is already being sold and not to the highest bidder, it is in fact being passed to Rothschild and his chums, whom are holding the debt, not only of Europe but of every country in the world. We are all being held to ransom by a cabal of Jewish bankers, with the connivance of Jewish politicians and Christian Zionists.

It is no accident that at this time of crisis, we find the British Parliament controlled by Jews, such as Cameron and Osborne and the Milliband brothers, while France is under François Hollande, Germany under Merkel, Russia under Medvedev and of course we must not forget Borosso in the Politburo in Brussels.

I wonder how the citizens of France, Germany and the UK would feel, should they find that the next time that they go to vote, that the leaders of both parties on the ballot papers were Muslims whom declared their undying support for Iran?  Should they then find out that the debt which was destroying them, was all owed to Muslim Bankers, I think it might make them all sit up and take notice of what is being done to them.


Not Too Many Things Change In The United States.

The Privatised Prisons are still full of Black men, Incarcerated  for the slightest of misdemeanour’s, still slaving after all these years. In truth, slavery never ended in the US.

Globalisation and Free Trade will soon have the whole world in chains. Asia is selling its people into bondage on a massive scale. In India, millions of very young children are working in appalling conditions. China has been forced to install safety nets around the walls of factories, where increasing numbers of people are jumping to their death, to escape the misery of factory life.

The Multi-Nationals are raping Africa mercilessly, behind the distraction of paid for Revolutions. This is an unforgivable crime. Robbing the poorest of countries of what little wealth they have, while the children are being sterilised through the use of poisoned vaccines.  It’s not a pleasant place, this world we live in.

The Ninety-Nine per cent are running around occupying Wall Street, which is of course dominated by Jews, while at the same time they are allowing their tiny share of the US honey pot, to be sent to the most racist, apartheid state on the planet, the Jewish State of Israel.

The Jewish Chancellor of Germany, is at the same time giving this rogue state two nuclear submarines, as reparation for something that supposedly happened in the past, for  which the people of Germany are still being forced to pay.

While the US is in a state of National grief, over the shooting of a black youth, by a security guard, with a Jewish family name, Zimmerman, whom claims that he is Latino and not white, as if that excuses his actions, Jewish settlers, on land stolen from Palestinians, are shooting to kill, with impunity, the old and young Palestinians, to further their greedy theft of more land.

Netanyahu, the man whom controls the US, has announced that for the UN to suggest that it is going to hold an investigation into the continued building of settlements in the West Bank, is unacceptable and that he will be taking some sort of retaliation against the Palestinians.

The Jewish State of Israel is so racist, only Jews are allowed to live there. Which is strange, because the Religion of Judaism is inherited through the female side of the family. It is impermissible to convert to Judaism. So one must ask how it can be that an estimated eighty-five per cent of the people in Israel, whom claim to be Jews, did in fact have Judaism thrust upon them by the King of Khazaristan, on a whim. They are in fact, neither true Jews nor are they Semitic, so this begs the question: What are they doing in Palestine?

These are the folk, whom are constantly reminding the world of the behaviour of Adolf Hitler, a man whom is at the moment being reappraised by thousands of people, whom are finding it odd that two of the most unmentionable things are the holocaust and Hitler.

The other unmentionables, include the millions of people whom were slaughtered by the Jewish Government in the USSR, by Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, all of whom were Jewish, not to mention the horrendous experiments, which were carried out, even on children, which involved removing the top of their skull and attaching  electrodes to their brains, which was part of the research of Pavlov, famous for his dog.

As with most things the evidence against Hitler, evaporates on inspection, who knows what may come to light as time changes our point of view. One day it may be discovered that he was indeed a man with courage, whom wanted to make the world a better place.

We would appear to have been controlled by lies for generations. The old adage comes to mind, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” we may be on a cusp right now, let us hope so.

The brother of the man whom we are told carried out several murders in France, has been charged with complicity in the murders. This is no doubt to shut him up, to make sure that he has no opportunity to deny, not only his own involvement but also that of his brother. He will sadly have to die in custody, if his brother was in fact a ‘”Patsy.”

Nicolas Sarkozy, the current Presidential puppet of France, has already been accused of setting-up Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whom was accused of attacking a Chamber-Maid in a New York Hotel, is now suspected of setting-up, yet another device to aid his re-election in the up-coming election in France.

Even the BBC was eager to lay the blame for the Toulouse killings on some nut-case from the extreme right-wing, in order to taint the campaign of Marine Le Pen, only to find themselves back-tracking when it was announced that a Muslim was laying claim to the attacks,  that he was trained by Al Qaeda, no longer a dangerous thing to claim, as France has just had one hundred and sixty Foreign Legionnaires, arrested in Syria, along with members of the now sanitized Al Qaeda.

This tale, which was basically ignored, until the four Jews were killed, then went viral, while of course the deaths of children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia Bahrain, were either not mentioned or only in a perfunctory manner.

So here we are, nearly seventy years after the end of the Second World War, while most of the truth has been buried, Germany is still paying for Lord knows what and politics are still being tainted by implication, that they are Nazi or Fascist, which is of course meant to insinuate that they are intent on killing Jews and sending foreigners back home, which is ludicrous as the most barbaric acts were carried out by the so-called allies, which includes the Russians.

It is never mentioned that more than Twenty Million Germans lost their lives during the war. It is not Hitler and the Nazi’s whom we have to fear, the Communists have already taken control. Both the EU and the UN are un-elected Communist controlled Dictatorships. You have been warned.

The World Turned Upside-Down!

I listened to a woman on GCN Radio, I believe her name was Phyllis Shatalily, or something like that, discussing the Times Square bomber. She explained that this bomber did not come out of the normal mould. He was, she explained, rich and relatively powerful, a successful businessman, from Pakistan.

In Court, he had screamed abuse at the USA and proclaimed himself to be a warrior of Islam.

Phyllis Shatalily, used this outburst to warn us that there were indeed Muslims living in the USA, whom were intent on killing Americans and of course the efforts of the government to seek out and deal with them should be supported by all intelligent people. Muslim terrorism is a real and present danger to the USA.

She failed to mention that the man in question was yet another example of the FBI’s Grooming Dept. In line with all of the similar attempts which have been made by Muslims to bomb the US. As was the first attack on the World Trade Centre in 1993.

The Fort Hood shooter, a Muslim with an impeccable service record, was apparently asked to take part in a drill, having been supplied with guns, which he had been told were loaded with blanks. He ran around with a smile on his face, according to witnesses, shouting “Allah is great!” while shooting at random.

Everyone on the Base believed that there was a drill going on and reported the presence of other shooters, these claims were of course ignored.

The recent atrocity in Afghanistan is being presented as just another crazed GI, suffering from Action Fatigue, or some such excuse, while the evidence of dozens of witnesses is being ignored.

The 911 enquiry refused to take evidence from people whom had been on the ground during the event. The JFK, Warren Commission Enquiry followed the exact same procedure. As did the 7-7 enquiry into the London bombings. Do you sense a pattern in all of this? There are dozens of other examples, including the blatant Kangaroo Court at Nuremberg, after World War Two.

Recently in the US, a seventeen year old Black boy was shot and killed, on his way home, by a white security man, whom has, as yet, not been arrested or charged.

I was reminded of the Cast Lead attack on Gaza in 2008, when a group of children, whom were taking shelter in a UN compound, were bombed and killed by Israeli aircraft. The blond, blue-eyed IDF spokes woman, was asked by a journalist, how this could have happened, as the UN had supplied GPS positions  for all of their installations in Gaza.

The blond replied that it was an unfortunate mistake. The Journalist said: That at least she had apologised. The blond, instantly responded with: Oh no, I’m not apologising.

As I write, up the road a bit, a young Muslim is in his flat, surrounded by dozens of Police and Anti-Terrorist Squads, suspected of having shot and killed three soldiers, three children and a Rabbi.

On-Line, there are dozens of live cameras covering the event, which has become a sort of Reality Television Show. However, claims which have been made on the mainstream media, that the people of France are in a state of shock. That they are in fear and crying out to the Authorities to catch this killer, before everyone in France falls victim to him, do not quite conform to the reaction which I have found on the streets in my neck of the woods.

Most of the folk, whom responded to my questions were not even aware that the man had been traced to his home. They had no idea that he had been under police surveillance for two years. They were not aware that the man had claimed that he was avenging the attacks against Gaza, which had been made in near past, where many children had been killed.

They were not aware of the world-wide condemnation of the attacks against the three Jewish children. They did, however, not believe that it was right for the media to belittle the deaths of children whom were not quite white, or Jewish.

It is also quite difficult to explain to people, the paradox of the Land of Palestine, where there are two groups, both of which are referred to by their religion, Jewish and Muslim. Phyllis Shatalily can speak without fear or condemnation, of the threat of Muslim terrorism in the US. Should I, on the same Network, warn against the imminent threat of Jewish Terrorism, which is real, I would be showered with hate mail, threatened and accused of anti-Semitism and a deep-seated hatred of Jews as I have been.

The paradox of which I speak, the Muslims are Semitic, while the Jews are mostly Caucasian and are not in any way connected to Palestine. The Jews encourage this reference to their false Semitic lineage, as a means of forging a more solid claim to Palestine as their “homeland.”

The paradox is even more deep-rooted than that. Apart from FBI inspired, thwarted attacks, not a shred of evidence has been produced against any group of Muslim Terrorists. No evidence has been found connecting them to 911. While on the other hand, there is a mountain of evidence against the Jewish side of this paradox. There have been countess examples of Jewish attacks on the US over the years.

The World Trade Centre was crawling with Jews. A large group of them were living the WTC in the months leading up to the attack. They were called art students. Jews built the WTC. Jews ran it and Jews insured it against terrorist attack just a couple of weeks before it was targeted. Despite the film of Larry Silverstein admitting to having blown it up, the insurance was paid without enquiry.

Five Jews were caught filming the event, while another bunch was arrested with a van full of explosives. In all seventy-five Jews were arrested in connection with the attack and yet all of them were released, despite conclusive evidence against them, without charge.

In view of all the loose talk against the Semitic Muslims, which is anti-Semitic, if such a thing exists, which is not frowned on and condemned, why is the slightest criticism against Jews called anti-Semitic, when it is not and condemned as some sort of crime? It is all as inexplicable as a Zen Koan.