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A Crime So Odious Nobody Believes Human Beings To Be Capable Of It!



The British, French, Americans, the Gulf State Monarchies and Israel are attempting to create such a state of destruction, all across the Middle East and North Africa and Afghanistan that it will be virtually uninhabitable and therefore rendering it impossible for refugees to return home.

NATO’s front-line warriors, Daech, have already been supplied with brand new weapons, making it possible for them to take down Russian aircraft and to destroy whatever remains of the Syrian infrastructure.  How does that behaviour by David Cameron and his belligerent chums, achieve anything in terms of their stated aims of “saving the people of Syria?”

Claims are now being made that Daech, which was once funding itself through the sale of stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil, are now using the smuggling of refugees into Europe as a lucrative means of financing its operations.

This claim does not hold water, the suggested price of a passage towards Europe, is way beyond the means of the brainless young thugs whom are streaming into Europe, they are being given money, by NATO agents, which they hand to the boatman, who works for “your” governments, money which is then sent back to those whom organise the “refugees.” This scheme was exposed months ago.



This is the beginning of the endgame. There is no room in Europe for the seven million Africans whom are said to be on their way towards our shores. Governments are telling you that they are incapable of stopping this exodus.

They have refused to send those seeking the good life in Europe, back to from where they came, because that is not in their agenda. That might just send the message that the game is over to other would be migrants.

Europe is in its death throes. From north to south, east to west, it has been fully charged with Muslims, whom have a deep-seated hatred for those whom have destroyed their way of life.

That my friends would be you and me, we are as usual being blamed for the crimes of Jews, Bolsheviks, Communists or Zionists, call them whatsoever you so choose, apart that is White. They exclude themselves from all responsibility, we are obliged to pay for monuments to their suffering without regard for what they have inflicted on us.

Personally I find it objectionable that these folk are forcing young children in the classroom to be conditioned into believing a pack of lies – which were generated as a means of blackmail – to be true, when all of the evidence appears to suggest that they are fibbing. I would prefer my children to be educated to believe the truth of their own eyes, over what the Jews are doing to the people of Palestine right now.

When they have come to understand that cruelty and barbarity, we could continue their education with a short reference to the 65 million Christians brutally murdered by Jews in Russia.  In commemoration of such an enormous crime, David Cameron a Jew, a man whom is prepared to spend millions of pounds of British taxpayers money erecting a monument to the deaths of an ever diminishing number of Jews, from typhus and other diseases, spares not a mention for the unimaginable slaughters, carried out by the Jew Commissars in Russia.

During the course of the 20th Century, Jews conspired to force Europe into two savage, genocidal wars. Wars which served only the interests of Zion. After which they carried out a covert coup d’etat in China, which did of course involve a massive culling of the population and the installation of a “one child” policy, which has destroyed the basic demography of China.

The children of these ancient animals, whom now believe themselves, through the medium of inherited riches, to be the current elite and whom in this capacity, they now believe that the time is right for a Biblical style cleansing of Planet Earth.

One of those “old codgers,” much-loved for his wisdom, Bertrand Russell, suggested that all means should be employed to carry out the “mercy killing” of the masses. We have nothing to contribute to future life. In their limited opinion it is uniquely those with an incurable sickness called greed, whom are fit for the future.  To remedy this state of affairs, Russell suggested that even the “needle” should be employed, if all other means of killing us off, should fail.

This would be a reference to the “miracle” of vaccination as being their best “hope” for slaying humanity, despite the fact that the passage of time has shown their vaccines to be a fraud and that they are actually incapable of vaccinating against diseases, such as Malaria, which has not declined through the simple means of better personal hygiene and having “cured” problems, the likes of measles and whooping-cough, which are now reappearing, despite vaccines, Big Pharma claim them to be a “new” strain, for which they have yet to find a solution. While the people just go on and on pumping the shit into their kids veins.

Malaria exposes their lies, why should it prove any more difficult to find a means of vaccination against Malaria, than it did to find one for Ebola, which was achieved in a few days,  apart from the fact that Ebola is easy to contain while mosquitos are always with us.

They prefer to treat everybody against diseases such as Meningitis, which is likely to affect relatively few people, who will, almost certainly continue to infected by Meningitis despite the vaccine,  after all, we all know that vaccines are never 100% effective.  All children are being prepared for this, one more dose of death, in keeping with the aims of Bertrand  Russell and the ever-present, richest man in the world, Bill Gates.

When International Jewry declared war on Germany, Theodore Kaufmann, did in his book, Germany Must Perish, suggest that when all else fails, there will be need of sterilisation for any survivors of this Jew onslaught against all German people.

“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German Peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

Jews can call for such atrocities against the innocent, without fear of criticism. They managed to murder 20 million Germans during World War Two, a hidden figure, they have now managed to transform Germany into a more or less sterile State, in which they can now present their solution to this “problem” by using their Jew puppet, Angela Merkel, to flood Germany with stupid thugs, who will reduce Germany to Third World status.

As far as the UK is concerned, the people appear to believe that David Cameron, the man whom in cold blood sent British pilots to bomb Libya to a pulp and having done that conspired to generate an excuse to dish out the same treatment in Syria, to be a “good” Prime Minister, despite the fact that he is a War Criminal.



That being the case, can the British people, which presumably includes many Blacks and Muslims, separate themselves from responsibility for these crimes against humanity, or are the White British alone obliged to bear the blame? This surely is the crux of the problem, does British mean White, as in guilty, while others who have the vote, can claim innocence simply because of their skin colour?

I have posted clips of men from Pakistan, warning White Europe that their days of dominance are over, while he, along with millions of other immigrants, is in Europe, while the people whom he claims to have robbed those like him, of their birthright,  have, unlike those like him, who sought a better life in Europe,  never ventured anywhere near his homeland and I can assure him that those same White Europeans, have not received one penny of benefit, from whatever the Jew/British Empire or indeed the Jew/French Empire stole from his people, over there.

He and his chums,  can rest assured we have all been robbed of our “birthright,” whatever that is, and all of the stolen wealth is stashed away in some Jew controlled underground bunker.

He would do well to remember the primary rule, “identify your enemy, before you attack the wrong foe.” Unless of course, like that other foul-mouthed asshole, in the UK Choudary, you are being paid for the hate you propagate.


By simply listening to the chants of hatred in the streets of Europe, it becomes perfectly clear that it is not the White people whom are showing signs of aggression, Whites in the main have been paying everybody’s expenses, we have been keeping the thugs in Israel afloat for the past seventy years.

We pay for Blacks who prefer to claim Social Payments rather than work, who while being a lot better off than their brothers in Africa, they take White money with a sneer on their faces, they are never expected to do anything in return, because of slavery and all that bullshit.

Even in South Africa the remnants of the Whites are still paying all the bills, Blacks have proven themselves incapable of doing anything other than blame the remaining handful of White people for all of their troubles, while just up the road their cousins are still living in stone age squalor, with their leaders living the high-life on the Côte d’Azur. But don’t panic, it’s all my fault.