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Marine Le Pen Has Killed Nobody And She Has No Desire To Kill Anybody.

Marine Le Pen and the Front Nationale have been gaining support in France, despite the continuing  and vehement attacks from those whom still maintain, through the controlled French media, that the “Left,” meaning Socialism, is in some way more humane, than is the “Right” which is said to be “extreme.”

In France, where there are already millions of Muslims, there is no sign whatsoever of integration. The antics of the second and third generations of immigrants, are very carefully censored out of News bulletins.

I have a contact in the North of France, who keeps me updated with the “Real News,” to which the vast majority of the French have no access. Here is an example of one of his articles:

– En 2012, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis qui veut augmenter l’immigration, lance une pétition nationale pour le droit de vote des étrangers non communautaires aux élections locales.

Et voilà ce qu’il avait dit :

– ” Derrière le refus du droit de vote, il y a la hantise du métissage, de la perte de l’identité française. La France garde son identité quand elle conquiert des droits et la perd quand elle se referme sur une nostalgie. Nous n’abandonnerons pas! Nous voulons le vote des étrangers“.

Maintenant ce délinquant est chef du PS 


The character who delivered the above Socialist tract, has been involved in several incidents from which he made huge sums of money from the use of illegal immigrants into France, as cheap labour, crimes for which he served a prison sentence.

The quote is from a Socialist politician and it parrots the exact sentiments of the Jew Nicolas Sarkozy, the once President and leader of the UMP, “Right Wing,” previous government, which is of course completely different from the ” Extreme Right Wing” Front Nationale. Bien sur!

So with the same message, coming from both sides of the Political mainstream, a message which appals the average French citizen,  who is not totally blinded to the reality in the streets of France, where in some areas of the major cities, Muslim Vigilantes are setting up road blocks, to verify the occupants of vehicles entering their areas.

I came to realise some time ago, that there is little difference between the two main Political Parties in France.  As with all of the States which operate a “two-party” system, they are always in lock-step with each other on all of the major issues and as in the UK and USA, both are totally controlled by Big Money.

In the lead-up to the last Presidential election here in France, I took my life in my hands by suggesting to my colleagues, that if they wanted to show discontent with the unchanging political scene, they might just consider voting for the “Front.” For my trouble I was branded as some sort of racist.  But not any more.

The reality of the current crisis has already lead to an upsurge in support for the “Front” and during the past few days, many of the folk for whom I was a “racist” have had their eyes opened wide to the fact that Jews, all over Europe are calling for a White Genocide.

The creepy little character in the above clip is quite obviously not alone in her beliefs. She is part of a huge number of Jews who are quite openly calling for the destruction of the White Race. Is that not what they claim Hitler was trying to do to the Jews? If they had a similar clip of Hitler mouthing the shit that is coming out of this woman’s mouth, about the necessity of getting rid of the Jews, they would be over the moon.

Be clear, we all have connections going back many thousands of years, there is no group on earth with connections going back any farther than the rest of us, otherwise we would not be here. So her claims of some sort of  a more ancient history than the rest of us is crap.

These Jews, Hollande, Cameron and Merkel, along with the Jews hidden behind the scenes of the European Union, are now telling us that it is too late to stop the hordes of refugees, for which they are 100% responsible, from invading Europe.  And having arrived here, there will be no way of sending them back.

The enormity of this reality and the culpability of the Jews in the events leading up to this situation, has not been lost on those whom had at one time ignored these claims of the “Front” which is now the largest Political Party in France, a reality which is well hidden by the mainstream media.

The Spectre creature excuses Israel’s lack of concern for refugees, as being no more than a question of size, forgetting that many of the refugees coming to Europe are in fact Palestinians, driven from their homes, by a form of barbaric savagery not too far removed from that of the Wahhabi Daech. She did however, in one of her excuses, admit that Israel is a parasitic State, unable to exist without handouts from the Goy.

So it would appear that Nationalism, which has been declared unacceptable, in Europe as being a form of White Privilege, is at last showing signs of waking up to what has been done to Europeans throughout the last hundred or more years. However much it might suit the Jew agenda,   Races, of long standing, should never be forced to accept someone else’s idea as to how they should live their lives. The Jews have already disclosed their desire to wipe out the Germans to the last child, now they are telling us that we are all going to get the same treatment and nobody seems to care.

The simple message of the Nationalist Parties, is nothing more than a desire to maintain their National identity. When even the Celtic people of Wales, Scotland and Ireland are being threatened with extinction through immigration, it is time to ask what the f*** is going on and who is doing it?.

Why are we being forced not to name those whom are trying to destroy us? It’s a simple question and it always leads to the same place and the same perpetrators. The enemy has been identified and there is no need to do anything other than to disclose the power which is exerted over us.  There have been so many, Problem, Reaction, Solution scenarios in recent years why are we so surprised that these people present yet another?

Illegal war, Mass emigration/immigration, solution= globalisation.(Problem Reaction Solution) Do not be fooled by those who claim that White people have been responsible for all of the wrongs that have befallen the planet.  When you scratch away the surface, there is always another reality well hidden beneath.  Take another look at Barbara Spectre, she looks pretty white to me,

So does this mean that we must never declare a Jew to be responsible for anything, while at the same time pretending that they are what, Black, Brown, Yellow or simply of Eastern European White origin?

Behind the European Union, there are dozens of Jews and Zionists, who not only set up the EU, they also established the United Nations and they still have total control of both. Their aims are to take control of the entire planet through the use of these tools. They would dearly like to rid the Middle East of Muslims in order to make the entire region available for their dream of constructing a Capital City for their New World Order, in Jerusalem, pretending that they have some sort of Biblical connection to the region.

Yesterday Thursday 24th September,  His Holiness the Pope, presented the complete agenda of the Zionists’ New World Order to the American Government, he was of course, preaching to the converted.

 When he had the perfect opportunity, to voice his alarm at the number of refugees, which have been provoked by the illegal, brutal wars which the USA and other controlled Luciferian regimes in the West have been waging, in the name of handing the Holy Land into the clutches of the Synagogue of Satan,  he chose instead to call on God to bless these demons, calling the USA the land of the brave and all that bullshit, ignoring the fact that there is a population of more than two million slaves incarcerated in US privatised prisons.

He delivered his sermon, in that strange tone of voice, which sounds as if it is at some moments,  coming from beyond the grave while at others, from the mouth of Doctor Strangelove.  One could almost see his hand groping towards his throat to choke himself and  his other hand pulling it down.

His Holiness, was on board with all of the lies of the United Nations, their deception about Global Warming, he urged all Western countries to take in refugees from the Middle East and Africa, reminding us that in past times we were all immigrants, forgetting to mention that it was as a result of the very same ghouls whom are responsible for the current population displacements.



Catholic Ireland was destroyed by these same heathens and the Irish were scattered all over the planet, as slaves, just as the Muslims are being destroyed at this moment, by men whom will have sex with pigs.



So all in all, despite years of Black Propaganda against her, Marine Le Pen can rightly refer to herself as a beacon of light in  comparison to the animals who are being congratulated by the Jesuit Pope, for their compassion, espite having spent the past hundred years involved in the wholesale slaughter of the innocent,  SHE has never spoken a word of violence in support of her vision of Nationalism, unlike those who oppose her, who are responsible for the deaths of millions and are quite prepared to continue the slaughter, to the last man standing to achieve their aims.



One Can Only Wonder Why The “Free Press” Is So Frightened Of The Truth.


I have several reservations about the above clip, which despite the comical performance of the madman from the Ministry, managed to squeeze the maximum amount possible of misleading and false information into the debate, while at the same time screeching about the controlled output of Russia Today.

I monitor the News quite closely and I can confirm the absolute absence of the opposing point of view on Sky News or on the BBC. While my two most recent clips have shown, quite clearly, the evidence that Russia Today has no fear of the truth and will allow access to anyone with something to add to the discussion.

The result of this freedom, is used by the Western inclined spokespeople, to do little more than to shout out the usual false claims,  designed to undermine, any response which may have been made, against the adopted position of the West, which is normally in total contradiction to their own behaviour in other places.

Take a look at the clip of Khruschchev’s Great Grand-Daughter for example, where she riddled her opportunity to hold an intelligent discussion, with a talented reporter, with little more than unfounded cries of “Boots on the Ground” in Crimea, and ridiculous references to the inner thoughts of Vladimir Putin. She was quite clearly taking advantage of the “Freedom” of speech with which she was provided by Russia Today as a propaganda opportunity.

The manic claims by the idiot in the above clip, that “everybody knows that the Western Press is free and without any hidden control by either Government or other sources,”  is such a nonsense that it beggars belief. Perhaps these so-called purveyors of the Western notion of their “Freedoms” might like to offer me an example of a transmission on either of the two mainstream News outlets in the UK, where a similar attack on the UK Prime Minister or indeed on the Jewish control of the entire News output of the UK was given an airing.

This moron continued the blatant propaganda about the events in Kiev during the lead up to the coup  d’etat, which was possible, thanks to the clampdown of reporting, by the “Free Press,” of the reality on the ground and the vicious tactics which were employed by the thugs, whom now make up the majority of the newly selected, illegal government.

The response of  the likes of John Kerry and Wee Willy Hague, appears to be the old maxim, “If you repeat a lie often enough and loud enough, the “sheeple” will swear it to be true.  A brief glance at the above clip, should be evidence enough that what appears to be happening does not correspond with what Western politicians are claiming.

Unless evidence is produced that Putin has constructed a vast film set and is recording a total fabrication of events in Kiev, in an attempt to influence the viewers of Russia Today, I think it is fair to say, that any Western politician who is claiming this to be a peaceful protest, is an outright liar.

For Merkel and the EU to be interfering in this sad affair, while at the same time criticising Russia, for mouthing the same sentiments as is the US, that is, looking after US/Russian interests, is a staggering show of hypocrisy. These are, after all, the same scum who are calling for boots on the ground in Syria, having orchestrated the same familiar excuse of imposing democracy through the medium of death, as a pretext for so doing.

In order to emphasise my lack of preference for Russia and Putin, I offer, in the following short clip, the reality of life, for a previous generation of the Ukrainian people under Russian Jewish rule and what is more, apart from Hitler’s Germany, the rest of Europe, including the sanctimonious British, under orders from the City of London, stood by and allowed it to happen.

I have, in another place, been admonished for suggesting that the British demonstrated to Stalin and his Jewish cohorts,how to starve a population to submission,  when in Ireland, they allowed five million Irish people to starve to death, not intentionally of course, but simply because “They were negligent and failed to notice.”

So we are now awaiting the result of a referendum in Crimea, which you may have noticed in the video clip, that at the time of the genocide in Ukraine, it had not yet been ceded to Ukraine, by the man whom was in charge of the Genocide,  Nikita Khrushchev.

All of these murderous events can actually be laid at the door of the same, vicious group of scum, the group which was responsible for all of the massive culls of people, particularly Christians, in Europe, through the 20th Century.

When they were not deliberately provoking massive “Hot Wars,” they came up with the idea of a “Cold War,” using the Jewish controlled  USSR as the excuse, this was believed, despite the fact that Churchill and Roosevelt, both Jews, had been Stalin’s saviour in his war against Hitler, just as Hitler in his turn, had been the saviour of the people of Ukraine against Stalin’s purge.

Nevertheless, the “false” Cold War, was used as the excuse to generate billions of Dollars for the Weapon Shops, which are of course in the hands of the Bankers, who were, behind the façade of Communism, raking off the profits of the Soviet Oilfields, while the US provided the supplies of food to the Communist “Enemies” in order to keep the gravy train rolling.

They are at this very moment, attempting to convince us all that another Cold War is looming. Just consider for a moment, that tens of thousands of Intercontinental Ballistic, Nuclear charged, missiles were manufactured, at enormous cost and yet not one of them was ever fired in anger.

They have now all rusted to ruin. We will never even know for sure whether they in  fact had ever been built, that is apart from a few which we constantly saw being fired off, but of course we were never shown one of them exploding its Warhead.

Now, having found that the “War on Terror” has not delivered the same cash flow as a major “Real” war, the Jewish Oligarchs in Russia and the USA are calling for a Third World War, which will deliver the desired profits and yet another excuse to exterminate a few million more White Christians.

So where is the Free Press? Have Journalists not yet noticed the Interweb?  What about Social Media, not enough “likes” on Facebook? Have they not figured out the true origins of the Second World War?  Are they stupid enough to believe that their own nearest and dearest will be spared by the Reaper?  Wake up boys and girls, you, as will the rest of those whom betrayed their own people,  be the first to go, who could trust filth like you?

In my ear, Sky News is presenting the case of the UK. They can see no problem with a coup d’etat in Ukraine.  They are complaining because the folk in Crimea  who were not in any way consulted as to whether they would accept a government, which had been put in place under a hail of bullets and which under instructions from the International Monetary Fund, were about to sign an agreement with the European Union, which most observers had suggested would not have been supported by the East of Ukraine and in  an open and free vote, would have been refused, are now protesting the legality of this coup, which is at least as illegal as is the Referendum which they demand, yet Andrew Wilson finds the whole idea to be ridiculous. Is that the current job of an impartial reporter?

One can only wonder how the people of the UK would react, should a group of masked thugs, in  the pay of Russia, descend on Trafalgar Square and lay it to waste, injuring hundreds of Police with Molotov Cocktails and finally murdering sixty demonstrators and twenty Police Officers , to be then told that The National Front and the English Defence League, were to be the Provisional Government.  Well on  second thoughts, they may well find that to be a satisfactory outcome.