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The Rise And Rise Of National Socialism.




The Rise And Rise Of National Socialism.



During the last round of elections in France, two political Parties, both under the leadership of Jews, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, conspired together, to withdraw their candidates from certain areas, where a split vote, would favour the “Front.” In this manner they denied the “majority” their rightful victory, at the expense of the possible victory of their own candidate. This crime was justified as being necessary to avoid the election of any Government which threatened the status quo.

This form of the denial of Democratic Rights, is being exercised across Europe, in an effort to stop the “Demon Right,” which stands against the Jew proposed mass immigration, which is being used, with the complicity of “elected” politicians to destroy Europe.

National Pride is now a Racist term according to the Frankfurt School’s rules of Political Correctness, which should be duly exposed for what it is, Social Marxism.

In Austria an election has just delivered the Peoples choice, which saw to the selection of Norbert Hofer, as President, or almost as President. He is described as a Nationalist, an Extreme Right Winger and a threat to the future of the Jew controlled European Union. All that now stands between this man, who has already won more than fifty per-cent of the Peoples vote, is the “Postal Votes.”

I await with bated breath to see if the Postal Votes, deliver the same spread of votes as did the Ballot Box or whether there will be a disproportionate number denying Hofer his election. The World over, Postal Votes are being used as the method of last resort, to rig elections.

The Media, which in the main is controlled by Jews, has been giving blanket coverage to the possible election of a man – who is well-known for his opposition to mass immigration – through the medium of Democracy,  as a disaster, which would suggest that Democracy is limited to the deliverance of only those results which support the aims of the Shadow Government. As soon as mention of the National Socialists crops up, we need to be aware that we are on the right track.

There is nothing to fear in the “Left Wing” policies of National Socialism, which means what it says – namely the interest of the Nation State is paramount – which is now referred to as being “Extreme Right Wing” or something or other and we all know what “extreme” means do we not? Hitler, of course!

I awoke this morning to the tones of the Devils Advocate, Stuart Ramsey, reporting from Venezuela, a “rogue” State under National Socialist control, where the offending Democratically elected government, has solidly refused to allow the Venezuelan Peoples vast oil reserves to fall into the greedy hands of Rockefeller.

Chavez, the charismatic leader, who foiled an acceptable “Right Wing” Mossad/CIA coup attempt, did, as do all of those who stand up to the Zionists, died of cancer, in the middle of his struggles against the Great Beast of the North.

The Zionists are now making use of their favourite weapon, “starvation” to force the people of Venezuela to accept the “election” of Washington’s preferred “puppet” Government, whether they like it or not.

To ensure the success of their dominance, Oil Barons have quite deliberately reduced the price of oil, depriving all of those poorer States – which rely on oil, for their life-giving income – thus allowing them to slide into abject poverty, to suit Corporate greed. They will allow as many as necessary to die, to suit Corporate aims.

Ramsey, has as usual, managed to sneak into areas, from where he can report his slanted bullshit, without a word of criticism against those whom are standing idly by watching this “managed” disaster unfold.

Ramsey was today reporting from a hospital in Caracas, where

medical supplies and food for the patients was fast running out, without a sign of a helping hand from the warmongers, who can find all the necessary means of support for their paid savages, slaughtering at will, in the Middle East, with supplies which are dropped from the air.

Ramsey’s soothing tones, whispered out, softly warning the dumbed-down viewers in the UK, that all the necessary action, against the Government in Venezuela, will be taken, to save those poor people from the “desired” results of the “Oil Price Blackmail.”

Brazil has already been saved from disaster and a CIA informer, placed into power. The remaining States in South America, will soon find themselves corralled into a Union over which they will have no control, the European Union being the preferred model.

In the meantime, despite the world being full to overflowing with humanitarians, the likes of David Cameron and François Hollande, whom between them have gutted, Libya, Syria and various African States, to “save” the suffering people, appear not to have noticed the suffering in Venezuela. That is until it suits them to notice.

In the United Kingdom, the same absent-minded Cameron is warning his people, that should they choose to leave the stranglehold of the European Union, anything that could go wrong is likely to go wrong, when what he should be saying is that he will prevent any of those calamities befalling the British should they choose to remain in the Union. He cannot of course, promise any such thing any more than he can be sure of the opposite.

While Cameron and his Jew deputy Osborne, tell any lie that comes into their heads about how dark the future will be, because there is now no other means of survival apart from within the Bolshevik Communist controlled European Union, there has been mention of an extraordinary number of immigrants into the UK in the past twelve months, despite a promise from Cameron that there would no more than a few thousand. Cameron got it wrong. So what else is he getting wrong?



For example, what was the point of encouraging the British and other White people across the world, to have fewer babies, in order to save the planet, only to now explain that Europe needs immigrants to make up for the shortage of workers, who are needed to pay the pensions of those who retire?

There was mention of the population of the UK rising sharply in the next couple of decades, from 60 million to 70 million. In the middle of this massive increase in the population, there will inevitably be a point of another moment where the children of these extra people will need their

pension, so is the UK expected to receive ever more of the surplus births from the Third World, or is there need of putting a stop to immigration and finding a means of “making do with what you’ve got?”

The Irish Jew Peter Sutherland, the United Nations immigration man, whom along with his Jew chum Shatter, managed to swamp, poverty-stricken Ireland with hundreds of thousands of immigrants, none of whom have added any benefit whatsoever to the Irish economy, despite lavish claims which deceitful politicians choose to make, in support of the importation of ever more of them.

This policy is quite obviously designed to create a Third World wilderness in Europe devoid of White people, whom are feared by the Jews. There can be no other eventuality, no country can afford to allow millions of immigrants to pour yearly into their society, without coming up against a brick wall of discontent,  when the Social Security payments dry up as they most surely will when a future recession occurs.

Even as politicians claim that the immigrants are providing skills which European schools are unable to produce, there is a surge in the production of robots, to do those nasty little jobs that folk refuse to do. So what will be left for migrant workers?

In France, where immigration has been a total disaster, there is at this moment 30 per cent unemployment. There are more than one million unemployed young men of immigrant origin, in and around Paris. They will soon be getting married and having children. Those children will be born into a society in which it is perfectly possible that their Great Grand-Parents, their Grand-Parents and their Parents, have never had a full-time job. This situation is ignored by Politicians who are working towards the complete destruction of European culture. Any government which claims it to be impossible to stop illegal immigration are liars, they don’t want to stop it.



A Sad Lack Of Awareness Of The Suffering Of Others.

While British paid Mercenaries in Syria, are gutting and eating the organs of their victims, decapitating others,  raping women and deliberately shooting members of the Press, the mourning continues, marking the death, in a similar fashion, of a British soldier, in London, whom is constantly referred as “Drummer” Rigby.

Unless serious advances have recently been achieved in the field of drumming in the “Art of War,” I would suggest that his real rank in the illegal war in Afghanistan, was that of “Gunner,” which does not sound quite as innocent as “Drummer.”

While listening to Wild Willy Hague, delivering a justification for the continuation of the British contrived illegal attacks on UN member State, Syria, for just a moment, when he asserted that, “These people are having every weapon ever devised, dropped on them, while some States deny them the weapons, with which to defend themselves,”  I thought he was talking about Gaza but no, Gaza is of course, under friendly attack from his “Friends” in Israel, so we must keep mum about that.

Back home in the UK, Peter Thatchell was explaining that The British Army, which fights so bravely to keep the world free from tyrants and to maintain the Freedom of Speech and Democracy, which the British people hold so dear, could not possibly accept the offer of a donation from the English Defence League, to help the wounded British Military  War Heroes.

To accept a donation from such people would, he assured us, be an insult to those whom had fought so bravely to save the World from Hitler, in another of the UK’s contrived wars.

  “The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” – Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch (January, 1934)

Thatchell’s own belief in Democracy does not of course extend to giving the British people the right to decide whether they are in favour of Gay Marriage, however we will leave that for another day.

The European Union, which is of course, unelected and of which membership was refused, by every Country which was allowed to hold a referendum and which,  despite the valiant efforts of the British Military to uphold Democracy, mysteriously, now has control over every aspect of European life, while not one member of the so-called “Commission,” was elected in a free and Democratic manner, has now decided that the arming of  murdering thugs, whom are hell-bent on bringing death and chaos, in the manner of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, to Syria to be justified and in the best interest of the Syrian people.

We can now assume, with certainty, that this is a deliberate policy of destruction. This is not a question of “Having learnt nothing,” this is cold-blooded terrorism. This is the behaviour of un-elected scum, which should in no way be confused with “Democracy.”

While the British mourn the death of a soldier, it should be remembered that in recent times, the British, with the help of Professional Soldiers, just like “Drummer” Rigby, have helped in the slaughter of millions of people, in a ridiculous “War on Terror,” which is in fact a “War of Terror,”  bearing in mind that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and there was no Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Any belief that Al Qaeda was ever an enemy, has been scotched by events in Syria, where the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Israel and the USA are funding them to destroy a Muslim State. Without the massive aid from these countries, from where would Al Qaeda find the funds to carry out their “special” kind of Muslim terrorism, which is exclusively aimed at the destruction of the Muslim World, which is the desire  of Israel.

So all in all, while understanding the horror of the British people, when confronted with the reality of modern warfare, which like Stalin’s war of attrition against Germany, involved the wholesale rape of every female in Germany, many being raped to death and the torture of hundreds of thousands of German Prisoners of War, they can consider themselves lucky, to have been on the side of the “Coalition of the Guilty,” during WW2.

I am quite sure that the British would not want to be presented with the full picture of the atrocities which were carried out against the German people, which included the barbarous “crucifixion” of women on barn doors and the theft of little children.

Sadly, the British people have, apparently unknowingly, been responsible for a catalogue of torture and murder, all over the known world. When they are in need of a war, the British and their allies,  simply demonise the leader of  the targeted country and then destroy it. The same monotonous excuse has been employed time and time again and yet the British people have failed to spot this repetition.

So for those like Peter Thatchell, to make use of the National Socialist rubbish, as an excuse to refuse a donation from the EDL, which is itself a controlled group, which like the Masonic controlled National Front, is used to make sure that the “truth” of Hitler and National Socialism remains forever hidden from the people, is either an indication of his true role, in the destruction of the morality of the British people, or his total lack of knowledge as to the real reasons for WW2 and to the identities of the real gallery of the guilty.

The real purpose of groups such as the National Front and the English Defence League, is to generate a Civil War in the UK. Are the British so stupid as to have failed to notice, that the huge influx of Muslims into the UK, is a policy of the Government? These poor souls are the victims of British aggression, which does not generate feelings of love.

Do not be fooled by the naming and shaming of the so-called Islamic Mullahs, whom are allegedly indoctrinating gullible young Muslims, if they were not under the control of MI6, they would have been taken out of circulation long ago, they would most certainly not be invited on to the BBC.

As a result of being “freed from Dictatorship” by the humanitarian British, a mere twelve hundred people have been murdered by bombs in liberated Iraq, during April and May. God Save The Queen.