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Who Owns Your Mind?

Well guys Im back again……… and known you wll never enter this comment…… not to worry it is just for your eyes only…. im a veteran of ww2 and sometimes get in a discsuion with the many grandchildren i have about about ww2. they listen very respectivley but i know there thoughts are elsewhere like what are we having for dinner tonight. or that happened long ago and it wont happen again. So i gave up.. Low and behold a miracle occured you guys, what a gift from heaven You have done more to make them aware and to be on their guard then I could possible have done in a million years. the offspring of the hitler doctorine are still spreading their garbage and they must always keep their guard up so that the many young man who died in ww2 will not be in vain. I hope this wont go to your head but your ‘ LITTATURE’ is so inticing Im bringing it down to the next V.A…. VETERANS ASSOCIATION.. meeting. sure they will appreciate it too.. with some proposed cuts in our armed services I will suggest we send copies of your lititure to our va chapters across usa and our congress to give them the ammunition required to continue funding the means to keep garbage in the garbage were it belongs… so please keep it coming it is doing a marvelous job a job that cant be done without your help.

This comment was in response to a recent post, “Picnicking Through the Revolution” I could never have guessed that from the content, however the commentator had made similar remarks to another of my posts concerning Israel’s response to an attack, which I had inferred could have been a “false flag” attack.

That particular post, which was picked up by an affiliate of MSNBC and it attracted an absolute deluge of hate mail, amongst them another incomprehensible  tract, from the same author as the above. Normally, I relish an argument, however the above is little better than gibberish.

The writer keeps forgetting that he can not spell very well, as did the other correspondents, some of those other efforts can be found in the Israel’s Frenzied Attack, post.

I don’t believe for one minute that this guy is a WW 2 veteran, I believe them all to be employed to do exactly what they are doing.

None of this is of any importance, except for the fact that it illustrates two important points. We must not criticise Jews but we must hate Hitler. In exactly the same manner as we are not allowed to show sympathy for Gadaffi and we must not suggest that he did anything of value for Libya.

Mel Gibson, had his career destroyed, for repeating the words of one of the Rothschild mothers, who had claimed, “That if her boys did not want war, there would be no war.” Bryan Ferry was castigated for remarking that Hitler certainly knew how to mount a great spectacle.

This is all a form of mind control. Why can we not research the events of the Second World War? What have people got to hide? We have recently launched an attack against Iraq. The excuse for this attack turned out to be a pack of lies. The West had used Saddam Hussein, lulling him into a false sense of security and then pounced and killed him. In the process they destroyed Iraq, the cradle of civilisation.

Nothing was going to stop the invasion of Iraq, the Elite wanted the oil and they have taken it. The same approach was used against Gadaffi, now he too has gone and the Elite have the oil, water and they will steal the gold.

All of this was made possible through blaming Muslims for the attacks of 911 and Gadaffi for the Plane crash at Lockerbie in Scotland,  none of which is true. What is true about Lockerbie, it could well have been in retaliation for the US attack on an Iranian airliner, which killed hundreds of people.

I have no doubt that events surrounding the Second World War were shrouded in exactly the same lies and misinformation and there is a lot of evidence that Hitler was in fact content to look after the interests of Germany and did not appear to harbour ideas of World Domination. He was in fact forced into the War, as were Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein, that is becoming more evident by the day. That does not however mean that I support Hitler or National Socialism, as did Prescott Bush, Dubya’s Grandaddy. That is a historical fact.

The British Royal Family were also enamoured by Hitler and the Nazis, as were many Jewish bankers and industrialists, whom invested heavily in the revived Germany. My own personal belief is that Germany was the target, since before the First World War. However little it may be to the liking of the apologists for the Jews, it is a matter of fact that since 1881, The House of Rothschild have had control of France, it was they whom insisted that Germany should be held responsible for reparations after the Great War.

This led on to the Second War, when Germany was completely destroyed, clearing the way for the installation of a Zionist Government. This Government made sure that the German people would be forced to pay billions of dollars to Jewish interests as a penance for the Jews whom were killed during the war. They have only recently paid off the debt.

Wars have been used as a cash cow for the Military Industrial Complex for many years. The Vietnam War, for example, served no other purpose than to generate money for arms manufacturers. The US never even attempted to win the war, they simply provoked expensive battles.

Just as at the end of the War in Europe, Gen. George Patton wanted to finish off the Russians, he understood the threat they posed. However the Elite wanted an enemy, the so-called Cold War, provided a most lucrative period for the weapon shops, through the Nuclear Arms Race. So Patton was murdered.

All wars appear to be started through the medium of lies. Since Roman times at least, it has been so. We the people are the ones who bear the burden of all this blood-letting, while the winners write the history of the war, which is also always based on lies. Libya will be no different.

One thing which has never been any different is the paymaster for these events, the same bankers and money-lenders have been financing both sides in wars for centuries. With the profits from this business and the interest paid on the, issuance of National Currencies, these money lenders now own the arms companies and the food companies and the water companies and the drug companies and the oil companies and so on. They are even now making plans to claim ownership of the rain falling from the clouds. Whatever their origins, these people must be stopped.

This should not be viewed by ww2 veterans, they may wonder what they were fighting for and what has become of the USA.

The US is Just a Heart-Beat From Dictatorship.

The national debt clock NYC by morelnwz on flickr.com

Lurking behind the charade of the long in coming, raising of the debt ceiling, Obama has been instructed to set up a panel, which will by-pass Congress to decide the result of any future similar problems.

The panel will consist of equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans. No mention has been made of views of Independents or indeed of any of the emerging opposition Parties.

At a stroke the US political system will be on its way, in the fashion of Europe, into an unelected Dictatorship. The US voter will be given no opportunity to vote on this issue. The government which already has the most corrupt political system in Western politics is prepared to accept the measure, without reference to the electorate.

Member countries of the EU are already paying a fortune in salaries and expenses, to Members of The European Parliament, who have no say whatsoever in the decision-making, which is under the control of hidden hands. The Parliament itself is simply a front, to lend an air legitimacy to a dictatorial system. The US Congress is now choosing to kill itself, with no reference to the people or to the Constitution.

The US and EU have already been carved up into regions, which will be under the control of unelected Governors, which will by-pass elected representatives.

The Western World has long been fronted by Quisling Governments, who are under the control of super rich bankers and industrialists. These Quislings are handing over the wealth of one country after another, into the claws of the super rich, at knock-down prices.

The excuse which is offered to justify this theft, is the claim of a debt which does not exist, which the people are being forced, by rogue governments into paying. In order to pay this non-debt, politicians are accepting non-loans from the IMF, which are conjured up out of thin air, with the aim of destroying economies, which are already being robbed by the Central Banking system.

We have just witnessed a carefully planned attack in Norway, which was designed to pressurize Norway into joining the EU, which the people do not want, in order to give access to Norway’s cash reserves, which can be used to further in-debt the already struggling EU.

The US voters, who must surely be the most stupid electorate in history, need to wake up to the total failure of the EU. This Community, which was initiated by top Nazis’ and Industrialists, at the end of World War 2, has been a total disaster for Europe. There is hardly a member country of the EU which is not bankrupt.

Behind the back of US voters, The North American Union has been established and the industrial base destroyed. While all this has been going on, the reaction of the US voter has been to eat himself into oblivion.

The US will soon experience the relocation of large numbers of people, in the name of Sustainable Development, into the reservations, which are even now being prepared for them. Private property will be illegal, unless of course you are a super rich banker or industrialist. The rest of us will be little more than chattel.

However hard it may be to believe, large numbers of people, both in the US and Europe, are crying out for more pain, to solve the so called debt crisis. They do not even understand what the debt is, yet they want to whipped into poverty in order to pay what little they have, to super rich criminals.

What is Going on at Press TV: part two

Press TV has been coming under attack from the UK Broadcasting Watchdog Ofcom. Recent criticism has revolved around the reporting of the Israeli attack, in International waters, on the “Peace Convoy” which was heading for Gaza and the 2008 Christmas-time bombing of Gaza and the slaughter of more than 1000 innocent people.

Ofcom considered that Press TV had not given adequate coverage of the opposing viewpoint.

This is the same Ofcom, which has apparently failed to notice the totally biased reporting of the attack on Libya and the actual misreporting of events, in order to present a case, which is in keeping with the claims made by the UK Government.

The same slanted coverage is being given to the disturbances in Syria, where paid killers have been crossing the border from surrounding countries and have killed and wounded many Syrian soldiers and civilians. There is footage of these events, as there was of the “Yellow Hats” indiscriminately shooting people on the streets of Benghazi in Libya, in an effort to generate an excuse, justifying Western intervention

There is however no coverage of the continuing oppression in Yemen and Bahrain. No explanation has been offered as to why Saudi Arabia can invade Bahrain and enforce a virtual Military Regime, in  support of the detested regime, which the people want rid of, with no criticism of BBC and Sky News for this lack of fair coverage.

Amongst the Press TV programmes, which were criticised, was the George Galloway fronted, “Comment.” Galloway had referred to some of Israeli actions, as war crimes of the worst kind.

He declared, in  defence of his position, that “The Holocaust” was the most horrendous crime of the 20th Century and that to suggest that the Nazis, who had allegedly, carried out the crime, should be granted the same amount of time to explain their side of the story to be incredible.

Having heard this assertion,  I was immediately offended. In whose opinion was this the worst crime of the 20th Century? The Jews figures were cut in half when they were forced to reduce the claimed  deaths at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million leaving a total of 3 million, even though they still “mistakenly” refer to the original total of 6 million.

How does that compare to the 65 million Christians put to death by the Jewish controlled Russian Government under Lenin and Stalin? Or the massacre of 85 million Chinese under Mao? Who was of course funded by Bankers, many of whom were not Christians.

Or for that matter the 3 million German soldiers, starved to death under the orders of Eisenhower, who was himself a Jew, in Concentration Camps at the end of World War 2. The rest of the German Army was handed over to the Russians, to suffer probably the same fate as the Cossacks.

We could talk of many other atrocities, Dresden, Hiroshima, Rwanda, The DRC, the list is endless. So why should George Galloway, the Muslims friend, pick the Jewish holocaust as his example of the worst crime? Why pick the event which has been used as justification for some of the most appalling governmental behaviour in our time?

In my opinion the “holocaust” should never be used an example of an atrocity until it becomes permissible to discuss the subject openly, without fear of prosecution. Israel has been allowed for long enough to present themselves as the eternal victim, by constantly referring to this event.

For Galloway to suggest that the people who were accused of the crime should not be given the opportunity to defend themselves is  outrageous, particularly in view of the doubling of the body count at Auschwitz. If this was wrong, what else was wrong? We must always keep in mind that the SS was set-up by a Jewish Nazi, working for Hitler, as were many other Jews. Yet no mention of Jewish participation is ever mentioned.

Galloway has recently asserted that a bad man, like Gadaffi can do no good for his people. Even when he appears to doing the decent thing he is not. This is placing the idea into the minds of Muslim people, that there is no crime being committed by the “Allies” in Libya, that it really is a humanitarian act to contaminate the entire country with Depleted Uranium, to destroy the countries water supply system and indiscriminately murder Libyan citizens.

Sadly, we have been presented with a one-sided version of events in Libya, by Press TV’s Johnny Miller, a man who seems prepared to accept any assertion from the rebels, whether it be backed-up by evidence or not.

Despite massive turn-outs in support of Gadaffi, we have been given no true picture of his actual support across Libya. The Western Press is presenting the opinion of the Rebels as evidence of growing support for the NATO installed so-called government, which is actually a tool to steal the Libyan funds in Western Banks.

The reality on the ground, whatever Galloway suggests is that the vast majority of the people were living a good life under Gadaffi. Should he go, they will never again experience the same level of support or freedom.

Still the Same Old BBB Bulls**t Baffles Brains.

He just popped in

A Blast From The Past: This day 9th May 2014. (for some, this day may be tomorrow)

Kennedy was shot by the CIA;  the corpse which was presented, was not Kennedy, It was a policeman called Tippet, allegedly shot By Oswald on the same day. Officer Tippet bore such a striking resemblance to the President, he was nick-named JFK.  So Oswald killed the real Kennedy and the fake Kennedy. Of course he did.

On 911, Osama Bin Laden, a good friend of both of the George Bushs’, hi-jacked all of those planes, using men who were incapable of flying them, who nevertheless guided them to strike the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, displaying flying ability, that would have made my all time hero, James Bigglesworth, gasp. Of course he did.

On 7/7 in London, a group of rather nice young lads, whom had behaved in an admirable fashion, during their short lives. Using some sort of readily available ingredients, like sugar and weed-killer,  despite a train cancellation, somehow managed to reach their planned targets, and undeterred by the presence of an enormous drill which was taking place, managed to avoid detection, strapped themselves under the carriages of railway trains and blew themselves up along with many other people. While at the same time blowing off the feet and legs of others, as the explosions came up from under the carriages.  Of course they did. Their spirits were then slaughtered in docklands.

And of course Dr. David Kelly cut his wrists after his own death. and on and on and on. We are treated like idiots.  The same system is used every time. Commit an atrocity, give the most ridiculous explanation, stick to your guns, despite mounting evidence to the contrary and laugh at the endless arguments about the event, to the end of time.  Well for what it’s worth, fewer and fewer people are being fooled.

Now despite a majority of the electorate demanding reform in the system, David Cameron is not for it.  Well so what, who gives a rats ass what he wants, the PEOPLE want change. He serves the people and if he is against what the people want, let him say it clearly and openly. He thinks only strong government, ie. a government with an overall majority, that can do as it likes, can guide the country through difficult times.  What blatant garbage.

The reality is that the best person for the job, should get the job. Filtering people by their selection of a political party is a stupidity. This is of what the  professional politicians live in fear ,  smaller parties winning seats.   Once you have a broader selection of the views of the electorate, available in the Commons,  the ability of war criminals , like Blair and Brown, to go to war, would be drastically reduced, and so it should be.

The corruption of professional politicians is endless, timeless and unstoppable. They are greedy, nasty, vicious people, who will, depending on their dose of the afore-mentioned, rise higher and higher in politics, and in the majority of cases, the man who can hold down the top job, is a raving lunatic.   The top man, of course is not always the puppet who carries out higher commands, as with, Obama, Brown, Sarkozy or Rudd, for example, but that does not mean they are not psychotic anyway.

Politics  desperately needs an injection of good men. Men who want to serve the people, not men who are looking for a profession. Nobody should serve more than two terms. No serving politician should be involved with groups, like the Bilderberg group, who have expressed an intention to annihilate, 80-90% of humanity. What are our politicians doing in such company?  Obama, Sarkozy, Blair, Brown, Clegg, Cameron and many others,  attend meetings with this group, which  includes Rothschild’s representative David Rockefeller, and the triple agent, the man who works for them all Henry Kissinger.

Like the UN, if you have an affiliation with them, you must accept all of their aims, including population reduction, genocide by the needle. This applies even to groups like Oxfam, and similar set-ups.  The same thing applies to Bilderberg, you must accept the rules or you don’t get invited. If you don’t get invited you career is over. These people  select the party leaders in the UK.  Even the people waiting in the wings, like David Milliband and Ed Balls are members.

This group was formed by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, who was an officer in the Waffen SS.  Among the invited at the momentous 1st meeting, were other Allied collaborators, who under the protection of the bankers, who had allegedly financed the Nazis, had avoided Nuremberg.  Under discussion at this meeting, The European Union. All of this was  under the control of the Bolshevik Jews.