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The United Kingdom: Released From European Union With An Electronic Tag.





The Brexit saga rumbles on and on, in the United Kingdom, as all of the main political parties, continue, without falter, in their collective desire to remain in the European Union. After all, they have been joined at the hip for the past one-hundred-years, during which time Russia was taken down, quickly followed by attempts to ensnare Germany and Spain into the Fabian Society’s trap of Bolshevik Communist control. Finally a war of attrition, which was funded by Jewish interests, that is according to first president of the illegal State of Israel, was finally declared against Germany, the only country with the guts to stand up and fight against an existential threat to human existence, from the most evil of all fanatical fixations, that one small group of paranoiacs, should be allowed to destroy the rest of humanity in order to ensure their own security. This is madness writ large, to which the entire membership of the United Nations would appear to be oblivious, even as the whole world is being taken down. Read the following quotation carefully:

“We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry.

We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going.

The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance.

And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.”

– Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, in a Speech on December3, 1942, in New York.

That belligerent attitude was put into action by groups of those “Trojan Horses” in the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom, France and Russia, in order to force Germany under Bolshevik control. The World has since been saturated with the propaganda, mentioned in the quotation, which was used as justification for some of the most barbaric acts ever inflicted in modern times, by the whole world against the German people. This was a cynical use of Christians to further the interests of the Bolshevik Atheists, an interest which continues to this day, which is un-reported by the aforementioned controlled media, which suggests an ongoing use of Black Propaganda, which proved so successful against the German people, is now being turned against all White people. Russia had already seen its White Christian people decimated at the hands of the Jews Lenin, Trotsky and Yagoda and China would very soon suffer the same fate.

Listen to this guy Wise, who would believe that Israel, is at this very moment, killing and maiming people, while claiming the Jews have the right,  to a land for the likes of him, which is being stolen from people, whom for the past seventy years have been saying exactly the same thing against Jews as he is saying against Whites. All of those like Wise, while criticising those whom oppose the payment of Welfare for Blacks, never make it clear that for every Black with a problem there are eighty-eight Whites and others, it is always claimed that it is “all right” for them. Is there any Black country on earth doing anything at all to help White people? Do not make me laugh! Does Israel take good care of incoming Black refugees? Please stop, my sides are hurting with laughter. Would that suggest that Jews are hypocrites, liars or simply totally selfish? I have no comment.

In South Africa, which is now controlled by Jews, forty-million Blacks expected seven-million Whites to work and pay for them. They appear to have no concept or understanding of the idea of“Taking Care of Yourself”. While the Jews in Israel actually stole the homes of Arabs and have refused to allow those people to return to their own homes, even as Wise and his cronies never miss an opportunity to attack Whites in America or South Africa whom have never stooped to the disgraceful depths of their Jew critics.

There can be little doubt that the Jews, whom constantly claim to be the “worlds foremost victims” whatever the circumstances might suggest, are attempting to achieve the same result in Europe and the United States, as they so brutally achieved in South Africa and Palestine, through the means of aggressive mass immigration, of those whom outnumber the remaining Whites on earth by a ratio of seven to one, which is what the White South Africans were forced to accept through the pressure of Jew propaganda, while in Israel, the Jews will have none of it, claiming that they have a perfect right to maintain their majority in a stolen land. While the World looks the other way.

Nelson Mandela’s last act was to betray the Blacks whom he claimed to have been carrying out his campaign of murder, rape and mayhem to help, by handing control of the Diamond and Gold mines into the hands of the new rulers of South Africa, the Jews, having promised the Black immigrants that the would be Nationalising them into the hands of the People. Mandela’s body was kept in a freezer for weeks while the squabbles raged about how his millions of rands was to be shared amongst his parasitic Black family.

White people would do well to remember that there is, to this day, a similar Trojan Horse in our midst and those inside this Trojan Horse are propagating the same hate ridden hypocrisy as does Tim Weiss.The Jew controlled media has managed to make a Saint out of Mandela, while they would have critics of their own antics in Palestine gaoled for anti-Semitism.

The fact of the matter is that Jews were responsible for the initiation of the Bolshevik Revolutions in Russia and China and they have been at the heart of the call for a White Genocide, which was originally proposed by a man, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi back in the 1920s. He was a man who is often called the father of the European Union, his form of White Genocide, was recently reiterated by the Jew Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, who sent French bombers to murder Gadaffi in Libya alongside the Jew David Cameron.from the UK.  Sarkozy called for the browning out of White people by forcing them to inter-marry  with Blacks from Africa, whom are, even as I write, being shipped into America and Europe by the millions. I would suggest there to be a warning lurking somewhere in the middle of this load of tosh, sadly nobody seems to care.

The Absurdity Of Laws Against Free Speech Designed To Conceal Deceit.

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https://www.bitch ute.com/video/0cfPvybJ3VIV/

Whenever a perceived threat, to the total control of humanity, by the infamous ‘hidden hand’, makes an appearance, the first step is to undermine the characterof the perpetrator of that threat, by whatever means comes to hand. Hitler, when all else had failed, was said to be a ‘covert’ member of the gang, working for the gang and what is more he had been Brainwashed by the British.

Donald Trump, who is using some of the verboten tactics of Hitler, is already being connected to certain figures, whose religion can most certainly be mentioned without fear, apart that is from in connection to membership, of that gang, a gang which could well be a threat to us all, while their identity must remain unspoken.

We the People, are now in a position, where to so much as mention a disparity in certain numbers, supplied by these people, which add up to the wrong answer, is soon to be forbidden. Should that advantage be allowed to apply to one and only one section of humanity, is a very strange notion indeed, and to be expected, not to so much as ask why that should be allowed, borders on insanity. They, the ‘special ones’ on the other hand, can make any claim, however false or fantastic against whomsoever they may choose, without fear of sanction. This is called freedom of speech? A freedom which will soon no longer apply to those like me or you, whom question certain things which do not add up, but a freedom which will be retained by those with a capacity to lie through their teeth about all and everything.

While efforts are continually being made, to connect those like Trump, with certain members of a gang-land group called the “Mafia” or “Cosa Nostra” the people whom have had virtual monopoly control of these groups, when once upon a time, hiding behind Italian sounding names and these days behind American sounding names, which have and are still being used to separate them from any connection to the “government”, while in other places names which were once changed to give the impression of being “Russian”, were chosen to hide the identity of those whom organised a coup d’etat in that country and whom are now lurking behind names which sound slightly Middle-Eastern, to give an impression of the same thing, when in fact both of these acts were what can only be described as being Non-Governmental-Organisation private wars, which the tax-payers of the world were forced to finance, using the newly installed private Income-Tax, which is a polite way of robbing the public for the benefit of the International Deep State.

South Africa is a classic example of the Deep State, which, in its grossly hypocritical mode of getting what it wants, endeavored to destroy yet another fully functioning, ‘White’ State, while pretending to be doing so for the benefit of an enormous immigrant population of Blacks, from all over Africa, Blacks whom against all odds were the richest Blacks on the African Continent, thanks to the generosity and industry of the White Government, now find that having killed the goose that laid the golden egg, that they have been reduced to a life of rape, robbery and cannibalism, in less than a generation.

The ruling class of this Bolshevik Communist, African National Congress Government, still hiding in the shadows, belongs to the very same White Race, which they have driven from power in South Africa, in a coup d’etat,  a fact which they are desperate to deny and conceal, while they now target the remaining Whites of South Africa, as they have previously done in Russia,  which will further reduce the ability of the Farmlands of South Africa to recover from the murderous assault of Black Racist rapists and killers, all of whom are being paid to carry out their dirty work, which will finally cripple South Africa, forcing these Black racists to take to the highway towards Europe, which is exactly what they are required to do.

On arrival, by ferry-boat, into Europe, these people whom have quite deliberately chosen to destroy their own country, will then be holding out their hands to beg the maximum from their new host in Europe, while those whom have already arrived are even now creating chaos in those European lands which are taking them in.

They are of course not welcome in the land which funded the destruction of South Africa, the people whom live there, whom have already stolen that land for themselves, are of a more hypocritical nature than is the average White Man, who is easy meat.

The same team of ‘experts’ which stole the Gold and Diamond mines in South Africa, which they were attempting to do, even as the Balfour Declaration was being composed, a possibility which was aided by Winston Churchill, who had spent time in South Africa fighting the Boers and who did then expose the Anzacs, whom were forced to fight against the Boers, to a brutal hail of gunfire at Gallipoli, in order to hold up the Ottoman Empire’s Army in its attempt to hold out against the coalition, which was determined to steal Palestine from them and that would be even as the coup d’etat, under the same control was ready to kick off in Russia, to steal that vast land from its rightful inhabitants.

So to even suggest that the Boers in South Africa, were the culprits of some alleged crime or another, against Black immigrants, whom were invited into South Africa by the British, as slave labour, which the British Deep State, is even now, promising to do all across Europe, is stretching the boundaries of belief to the very limit. The coup d’etat which followed on from the Russia takeover, was of course Germany, a few short years later. All of which would suggest an overall plan of some sort, so to blame some of the individual victims of this vast, diabolical, blood-thirsty plan, is absurd. 

The Dying Rebels Of Dear Old Ireland.



The Irish are already being expected to pretend that the Black Gangs in Dublin are really cuddly little poodles and not at all like the Black knife gangs in London or the serial Black murderers in Chicago, or the butchers and cannibals in Johannesburg, the once beautiful White African Christian city, when these Blacks arrived in Ireland well they had left all that nonsense behind, hadn’t they?

Varadkar the self-confessed Sodomite, intends to bring a million more of them into the Emerald Isle, as if the dose which is already there, is not stark evidence enough to declare a Black Free Zone all across Europe. When even kids in the street are being mugged and degraded by these yobs, is it not time to welcome in a few more Polish people, whom have behaved well, while in Ireland and they did at least know which end of a screwdriver was the working end.

I can guarantee the Irish, that at least eighty-percent of Black incomers will never work and should a million Irish people, search a Black country, which would be prepared to house, feed, educate and heal ‘them’ for the rest of their lives, as the incomers into Ireland demand, they would soon find themselves on a hiding to nowhere.

A million Black incomers will very soon be demanding a quarter of all Irish jobs and a quarter of the Members in the Dáil. Irish schools will quickly be filled to the rafters with Blacks and Muslims and within a generation, thanks to the Irish Women’s desire to get rid of their ‘nuisances’, Ireland, as a Celtic country will cease to exist.

Is this what the Irish people so valiantly struggled to regain from the English, during the past three hundred or more years? If past heroes had known that the current crop of ‘patriots’ would simply give the Ireland, they fought so bravely to liberate, to these Black Africans, they would be ashamed of their descendants and quite rightly so.

Added to which, the Black immigrants into South Africa, are even at this moment, ruthlessly killing the only ‘civilised’ people in Black Africa, the White Christian Boers’, whom in return for having blessed these Black ‘immigrants’ into White South Africa, by giving them the highest living standard in Africa, for their generosity, these White Christians, with the assistance of Bolshevik Jews and American money, are on the point of being wiped out, by those claiming that Africa is for Blacks.

The same Bolshevik Jews, using American money, are now intent on doing to Ireland, what the Jews did in Palestine and South Africa, using the same immigration weapon, which is now being unleashed all across the White Christian World.

Donald Trump is being blasted for imposing tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, the Globalists are complaining that American manufacturers will be at a disadvantage, by having to rely on high-priced American metals’ to make their pots and pans, which is a load of tosh, as all of those pots and pans are being made in China and imported into the States, where there are millions of illegal immigrants and millions more are on their way, while all of the jobs are going in the other direction.

In Ireland, while the Irish have been forced to seek work overseas, the immigrants are being given priority treatment, in whatever jobs are available and they are first in line for housing. This is sheer treachery and yet to mention it is called racist’ while the Blacks and Jews are allowed to get away with this behaviour with impunity, even in Ireland, which has already suffered enough under the Jews and their British puppets, while being totally innocent of the Colonisation of any African Country, which were once controlled by the British and French, with covert Bolsheviks pulling their strings. That being so, why is tiny, innocent Ireland, being targeted by Black refugees, is it simply because they are White and Christian and stupid enough to accept ungrateful parasites?

The entire Western White Christian World would do well to learn a lesson from the behaviour of the Blacks and the Jew Bolshevik Communists in South Africa, where the tales we have been told about events in South Africa, have been a pack of lies.

These Blacks are mainly Zulus, they were not the indigenous people of South Africa, however it was they whom in past times were responsible for massacres of other Blacks all across sub-Saharan Africa and were most certainly deeply involved in the slave trade. They have absolutely no right to lay claim to the land of the Boers simply because they are Black, but they are being encouraged to do so by the tacit support of the City of London, the inhabitants of which have already taken control of the Gold and Diamond mines.

The deep involvement of the Bolsheviks in South Africa, is verified by the total lack of concern, shown, in the United Nations and across the NATO member States, for the slaughter of the White Christians in South Africa, and the lack of action against the killers in Israel, hooting with delight as they embed another dum-dum round into the kneecap of a Palestinian youth. Only those whom call themselves by a variety of aliases could get away with such bloodthirsty acts.

 To find the world, which was encouraged to place an unending round of sanctions against the so-called ‘apartheid State of South Africa, by the Jew Joe Slovo and his Bolshevik Communist leader of the South African Communist Party, wife, whom encouraged the Communist Nelson Mandela, a leader of a terrorist group, to carry out the murder of hundreds of Boers, now ignoring the even more cynical behaviour of the Mob which controls Apartheid Israel, shamelessly claiming that they are retaliating against Hamas, which like Mandela, is a covert group set up by the Jews. This grim reality tells us all we need to know about for whom our elected politicians are actually working. Remember how they all adored Saint Nelson and Necklace Winnie?

 The real tragedy, at the heart of this nonsense, is the fact that the Blacks, have been turned against White people, whom have taken steps to make sure that the Blacks are given an equal share of whatever is available, by the very people whom sold them into slavery, in the Christian world, and whom dumped them when it suited their agenda, expecting White people to pick,up the cost and  whom are now pushing the idea that the White people must now make payments of reparations to the Blacks, for the crimes of which, Black African Chiefs and Jew slavers are responsible.


Africans: Going Back To The Jungle?

Three hundred years ago, while Africans were busily doing what Africans do, they had no contact with those downtrodden White People, who were themselves living in  a form of squalor in Europe, under the control of Divine Right Rulers, by whom they were treated and used like slaves, a group of Dutch farmers managed, without a gram of assistance, from the Blacks in Africa, to throw off the yoke of the hereditary rulers sail off into the sunset, to a far off empty land in Africa where they created a decent society in which they lived quietly and peacefully.

Once upon a time, when this small group of White European farmers, landed in the far off shores of South of Africa and found themselves in this vast empty space, which was ideal for the growth of all kinds of products both fruit and vegetables, with huge grazing lands available for livestock and having escaped from the perpetual wars of Europe, they thought that they had found a paradise on Earth. They did not come in with European guns blazing and start the culling of any indigenous people, they came to a vast, unsettled area, much as other people have been doing since time immemorial, there was no violence involved.


One day, when they had constructed their farms and were already producing their own food, they were surprised when a large number of people, came fleeing into the area, pursued by a gang of Black killers, intent on wiping them out. The Boers, drove off the Blacks attackers, saving those whom were under attack, the Batu, people from a slaughter.

The Batu and the prehistoric Bushmen, continued their traditional life-style, however those Blacks, whom were less capable or unwilling to do the same, had spotted the food on the hoof, which was being produced by those industrious farmers and started to arrive in large numbers in search of a free lunch.

As a result, this small White Tribe, in an enormous fertile region, suddenly found themselves responsible for providing the needs of millions of Black people, whom were quite incapable of learning the tricks of farming to feed themselves, they instead chose the life of a parasite, with no apparent intention of creating a distinctive African Society.


These Black people, ‘whose lives matter’, are still, to this day incapable of building any form of modern civilisation for themselves, and having, with the help of Bolshevik Communist Jews, managed to steal the achievements of the White people, who looked after them for years, in a land to which the Blacks had no claim, skin colour does not provide the right of ownership, they have now driven the White people out of their ‘White’ ancestral homes to make room for Blacks, while the Whites are herded into shanty towns, where thousands have already died, while the Blacks have already slaughtered 75,000 thousand of the descendants of the original White farmers. While in the industries which were built by those Whites, no White man is allowed to take any job, unless there is no Black available who could do it.



The South African Blacks, whose current leaders are most probably the descendent of Black Tribes, which no doubt connived in the task of rounding up the Blacks, who were sold to the Jew Slave Traders, who shipped them off to Brazil, now find themselves back in the lucrative employ of the descendants of those same Jews, whom made a fortune out of the Slave Trade, who have now surreptitiously stolen for themselves, the wealth of South Africa, from under the noses of the Black Man in the Street, while the likes of Saint Nelson Mandela and other leaders of the African National Communists, have become millionaires, as payment for their complicity in this Grand Larceny.


They now have a President Zuma, a career criminal who should be incarcerated for his rapes, amongst his other serious crimes, who is instead waving a Kalashnikov in the air calling for the genocide of the remaining White Christians, while the controlling Jews in South Africa, maintain a strict silence, as the Whites are being treated much as are the Palestinian people in Gaza, while the Blacks who have spent most of their lives living on the hand-outs of the Whites, continue to boot those Whites out of their homes and do nothing to help them out, as they struggle to feed themselves, unlike the Blacks all over White European Countries who expect White people to pay for their bog-rolls,  and to give dem Blacks preference, in all sorts of situations, whether they deserve it or not, simply because they are Black.


These Blacks, who were interrupted a couple of Centuries ago, with the smell of blood in their nostrils, chasing members of the most ancient Race of the Peoples of Africa, most probably with the intention of eating them for supper, have now, with the help of the City of London, where the ‘Slavers’ still abide and having during the past Centuries not advanced so much as one step, in the direction of civilised living, have managed to take South Africa back in time, into a place, which last year arrested 300 cannibals and if 300 were arrested, God only knows the true number, and the once most advanced State in Africa is now one of the Worlds most dangerous places, with a rape every few seconds and a murder every few minutes and widespread poverty amongst Blacks whom have found out the hard way that taking down the Whites did them no favours.



Thousands of these same Blacks are now streaming into Europe and the United States and we are not allowed to show any concern, that would be racist. So very soon young women in Europe will have to accept being dished up for dinner after the rape is over.

The idea that these people are going to be “good” for Europe is a joke they are good for nothing and they should be left in glorious isolation in Deepest Darkest Africa. All they want in White Christian Countries is a new host to suck dry. They are not the only such parasite on this earth and personally speaking as a White man and having worked all my life to pay for these people, I am sick and tired of having my land invaded by people from sub-Saharan Africa, who have destroyed the only White Christian Country, which ever existed in Africa, expecting to gain more for themselves, having got rid of the Whites, when in fact all they achieved was their own infection with another parasite, even more excessively greedy than they are themselves.

Who Cares About Us?



                 Who Cares About Us?

We are constantly being told that Europe is in dire need of immigrants, that with an ageing population, there will soon be less than the necessary number of youngsters, to pay for the increasing cost of health care and pensions for the old.

In order to cope with this situation, in an ‘aging’ world, on the face of it, increased immigration would appear to be a nonsense. The obvious result would be an exponential increase in the number of old people, who will have need of an even greater number of immigrants to deal with this fast approaching, future ‘Ageism’ problem.

If we take Germany as an example, where the birth rate has tumbled – quite deliberately – why, instead of bringing in the rapists and murderers, do German companies not set up business in those countries which have need of jobs?

Otherwise, every increase in production will require a further influx of immigrants. It is quite clear, that is what is now taking place and it is unsustainable.

Europe now finds itself in the strange position, illustrated by the French attempts to encourage the four hundred-and-fifty-thousand French youngsters, now living in the UK, to return to France, while in Poland, from where an unknown number have left their country to find work, many in the UK, the Polish government is under European Union pressure to accept a huge number of immigrants, while the British are starting a campaign of hate against Polish people to drive them out.

This is a perfect example of the arrival of White Genocide in Europe and the reporting of racist attacks against Poles, in a dismissive manner, is a shockingly racist insult,  while in the same program referring to a Muslim woman as a ‘National Treasure,’ because she baked a cake in a burqa on some ridiculous television program, is a disturbing example of Media propaganda, which is quite deliberately favouring other ethnicities in the UK. The Sky News report was presented by a Black man while the weather was presented by an Asian, not a Frenchman or a Pole in sight.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in the USA, the media is once again on the attack against the police.  What’s  more they have the full support of Russia Today,  in their attempts to present the lie of the ‘Black Lives Matter,’ George Soros funded campaign, as being justified, while maintaining rock solid silence about the true Federal Bureau of Investigation figures, which illustrate that whichever way you choose to slant the reality, a higher percentage of White criminals are shot dead by the Police than are Blacks.

In Europe, I have long been searching for an example of a White gang, strolling around a large European City, looking for aged Black people to knock unconscious, in the street.  There may be an example, which I am sure, that should there be such a case, it would have been headline news, but I could not dig it out.

I have found many examples of the opposite, which would suggest to me, that despite being a small percentage of the population, Blacks are responsible for one-hundred-per-cent of ‘knockout’ attacks, which should in some cases be called ‘knockout’ murders. ‘Knockout’ makes it all sound like a sport, does it not? However, in fact it is pure savagery, much like that other Black sport, the under-reported epidemic of the rape and murder of White women.

But it is true that a disproportionate amount of murders and other violent crimes are committed by black Americans.

Because detailed FBI data on crime can lag by several years, the most-cited statistics on this point refer to 2009 data. According to that data, out of all violent crimes in which someone was charged, black Americans were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the country’s 75 biggest counties — despite the fact that black Americans made up just 15 percent of the population in those places.”(Washington Post)

Such is the true depth of Black criminality and the strength of White patience, to have accepted such a chronicle of crime for decades, while being constantly told that Blacks are being targeted by White bigots.






There are claims, that while White people on the Dole, are scroungers or dole-mongers, we are never given the statistics which ‘informally’ suggest that Blacks on the dole, with large families, are only demanding Social payments because of ‘Racism,’ amongst employers, suggesting it to be all Whitey’s fault. It is not at all because they receive more in benefits than they would earn working, unlike those White scroungers, is it?

The only figures available would suggest, that as in France, the fact that immigrants group together and are a smaller proportion of the overall population, there will inevitably be areas with a higher than average National figures, number of unemployed, that is the same story everywhere you find a concentration of immigrants. Which blows out of the water claims that they come to our shores to work.

We are in fact, being fed rubbish by the mainstream media. In reality Black people are prepared to exist in the middle of squalor and will do nothing about it. In South Africa despite their new-found freedoms, there is more squalor than ever. In Zimbabwe, where Mugabe’s promise of a glorious future, once he had taken the country’s agriculture ‘back’ into the hands of the people, nothing has improved, in fact many would willingly accept the return of the White Government. Which is strange because is Zimbabwe not entitled to same assistance as was donated to the Saint Nelson Mandela? Why the cruel treatment of the now ‘free’ people of Zimbabwe? Why the collective punishment of the Zimbabwean people by the West?

The Whites have now been driven out of Zimbabwe and the remaining White farmers are even now being slaughtered by Blacks in South Africa, which is of course under the control of Bolsheviks, unlike Zimbabwe, where Mugabe refused to accept the dictates of the Bolshevik Bankers, which is the reason why the Communist Mandela was beatified while Mugabe is considered to be a monster.

“We” are apparently, supporting one side and not the other for no better reason than that the Mandela team was prepared to sell off the riches of South Africa to the Bolsheviks, while Mugabe was not. Not that I admire Mugabe, however he is preferable to many Western politicians whom are mass murderers one and all.

The United States Of Vulgarity And Treachery.

When the George W Bush gang stole the 2000 US election, from Al Gore – the man responsible for disseminating the outright lies about the weather – it had already been decided, in advance,  who would win that election,  and a master-plan of murder and mayhem had already been drawn up and the World Trade Centre prepared for destruction. They pulled off the same stunt in 2004

The blueprint, uncovered by the Sunday Herald, for the creation of a ‘global Pax Americana’ was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice- president), Donald Rumsfeld (defence secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld’s deputy), George W Bush’s younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney’s chief of staff). The document, entitled Rebuilding America’s Defences: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century, was written in September 2000 by the neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC).  

 There is still a long way to go before the desires of the PNAC Think Tank, which works for the Committee on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute for International Affairs/Tri Lateral Commission – all of which fall under the ultimate control of the City of London – come to fruition, despite the massive slaughter of an estimated seven million innocent souls, in and around the Middle East. While the ghouls howl for more blood and the destruction of Muslims and the White Race goes on apace.

Despite their blood drenched history, their participation in illegal wars all across the planet, during the 20th Century, wars which resulted in the installation of  the Bolshevik Communist Jews in to the heart of Europe and the dropping of Jew invented Atomic Bombs on Japan, the illegal attack on Korea, which cloaked the installation of Jew Communism into China, the average Yank on the Street, is still in a state of denial, believing that all of the “others”were the guilty parties.

Perhaps the Yank in the Streets of America, is paying just a little bit too much attention to the Hollywood idea of the American Dream, which was personified by famous Jew Actors like the man whom towers over them all as the inspiration for the children of a generation, John Wayne.  Whatever Wayne actually represented, I am quite sure he would not have cut off the Dick of a dead soldier, as a souvenir, or allowed the torture of innocent men in illegal prisons.


No matter.   The current generation is apparently opposed to the idea of Iran having an Atom bomb, with which to equalise the threat from the barbaric Jew government in the stolen State of Israel, which has enough Atom Bombs in its arsenal to destroy the World.

The generous, free people of the USA,  while urging the bombing to smithereens of Syria, in order to get rid of yet another regime in Middle East, which just happens to be a thorn in the side of the Apartheid, Racist, State of Israel, are in a totally hypocritical manner, ignoring the blatant brutality of the Israeli State, against a helpless, imprisoned group of the True Indigenous People of the region, against whom they are carrying out a Genocide.

They are also choosing, to ignore the other genocide, in which the Jews are involved, up to their necks, in South Africa, where the Blacks are carrying out a White Genocide, which has already killed off 85,000 White folk.

One of the Jews “front-men” during the destruction of the White Regime, Nelson Mandela, was a life-long Communist, who worked under the instructions of Joe Slovo, a Jew Communist, who set up the African Nationalist Party, the current President of which, is howling for his machine gun to wipe out the Boer.  The ANC is a Communist Party.

Currently, in the United States, White people are out in force, in support of the claim that “Black Lives Matter.” They are doing so despite massive evidence that most of the dead Blacks were armed and dangerous,  plus, there are many more Whites, slain by the Police than Blacks.  Just as there have many more Genocides than the one claimed against the Jews, which is the only one venerated.

The Blacks in South Africa, are living, for the most part in squalor, as are millions of others in Africa. Just as many millions of Muslims have had there lives destroyed across the Middle East, where millions are still living in refugee camps.

While all of this carnage of Blacks, Whites and Browns is taking place, what are the lovable,  brash, drawling Yankees doing to put a stop to their governments adventures abroad, where they are doing the Jews work?  Well not a lot it would appear.

They have an election coming up in 2016.  Last time around they voted a Black warmonger in to office for second term, because he was Black. This time around according to the pundits, they will be voting for a genuine ghoul, because she is a women. I think that should tell even the undecided, exactly what sort of cretin, the average US citizen has become.

Meanwhile the British “Friends of Israel,” are whingeing because Putin and his Russians are helping Assad,  because it was decided, a long time ago, in the aforementioned PNAC document that Assad had to go and if anybody has to go, well the British can be relied on to make him go,  at whatever cost.  The notion that the Syrian people might just want Assad to remain as their leader, is completely out of the question for the British, just as it was in Iraq and Libya.

So in the British Parliament, the remnants of Tony Blair’s gang of War Criminals, while still waiting for the verdict of the Chilcot Inquiry, into the illegal destruction of Iraq, which  should, based on all of the available evidence,  declare those whom took part in that war, to have done so based on lies and deception, are threatening their newly elected leader, with a mutiny,  so that they can rinse their hands in more of the blood of the innocent. They are of course, one and all “Friends of Israel,” and allegedly Socialists, whom have been saddled with a new type of Leader, who actually proposes a decent, considerate form of Socialism, unlike the barbarism of Blair.



Being a “Friend of Israel” involves the strange, mental,  contortion, which allows an understanding of the concept of, “Good Evil” and “Bad Evil” Jew/British Evil is of course the Good variety, that goes without saying, while all of the others, that is those of whom the Jew/British wish to be rid, are naturally sitting in the Bad Evil corner.

So perhaps, in future General Elections, the British voter, should he snap out of his dream state for a few moments and decide to never again vote for “A Friend of Israel,” which would be a step in the right direction, that is should he prefer to allow others to select their own government, rather than have the British choose it for them, which would be a means of avoiding having to fight for the Apartheid, Racist State of Israel, in any future conflict.

The evidence of the PNAC document makes it perfectly clear that the act of arming and training mercenaries, to fight against the Assad regime, had nothing to do with any act of Assad.  The British used the same excuse to justify the illegal attack against Syria, as had been used to destroy Libya and murder Muammar Gadaffi and his family.

The chaos which was created, in the wake of this unjustifiable attack on Libya, was the desired result.  Forget this rubbish about getting things wrong, what was there to get wrong? They simply bombed the shit out of Libya, having gained permission to install a “No Fly Zone.” They destroyed all of the worthwhile operations which Gadaffi had installed, including the “Great Man Made River” with which Gadaffi had already started to irrigate the desert.  Not content with that, the British, then attacked the huge steelworks, in which the giant pipes were fabricated.  Nice people, the British.

In Syria, neither the British or the Americans have made the slightest attempt to attack Daech, they have simply used the notion, as an excuse to destroy as much of Syria as they could. The aim is to turn Syria into another Gaza.

Obama has been warning that it could take up to thirty years or more to destroy Daech, while Cameron has been preparing the British for Daech attacks on the UK.  Thank God Russia was on hand to show them how to rid the Middle East of Daech, in short order. Exposing NATO for what it is,  nothing more than the War Machine of the Zionists.

They have even dug out the verifiable lunatic from Denmark Fogh Rasmussen, he of NATO fame, to tell us all that Russia should not be helping Assad.  They should allow NATO to destroy Assad, facilitating the “Free Syrian Army’s”  control, because it would be, as in Libya, impossible to hold elections, because of all the turmoil. So the Syrians would have to put up with a bunch of Jews, from London, posing as exiled Syrians coming home to save them.






Run For Your Life! The British Are Coming To Save You!

immigrants coming to europe

Immigration is a difficult subject. There are however,  very strict rules, which apply only to certain kinds of immigration.

South Africa is a good case of  ‘immigration hypocrisy’ and what is more most of us grew up with a totally warped view of the reality of events in South Africa.

When the Boers arrived, by boat, in South Africa some three-hundred and fifty years ago, they found an empty country. there were no towns, no factories, no castles, simply wide open empty spaces.

They looked at the soil and found it to be rich and fertile, and would produce ample food for those whom descended from their wooden ships, after a long voyage in search of a place of security.

They looked after their own needs, they asked nothing of the country in which they found themselves, they worked hard and built a civilisation worthy of respect.

The indigenous people on the other hand, had made no use of the available land and the arrival of the immigrants posed no problem for them, there was plenty of land available for everybody.

They could, had they so chosen, have learned from the newcomers and imitated their way of life, constructing farms to plant crops and raise animals, they chose, however, to look to the newcomers for a form of social assistance or  hand-out, in the form of work.

They thus became immigrants into the new townships of the Boers and they of course came from nothing, in search of a better life,  simply because as a people they had constructed nothing of any social value for themselves. Had they so chosen, they could quite simply have continued with their traditional style of ife.

The descendants of these same Black immigrants, have now managed to steal all of the wonders which were constructed by the Boers, who are now condemned to conform to strict, rigid laws, which ensure that Blacks control everything of any importance and they have seen  several thousands of the Boer farmers, slaughtered in vicious attacks, murders which included babies and young children.

The Black Bolsheviks whom initiated the taking of South Africa were controlled by a Communist Jew, Joe Slovo, from Lithuania, who collaborated with the likes of the now Sainted, mass murderer, Nelson Mandela, who was the leader of a particularly brutal group, which until recent times, still executed those out of favour with “The Necklace.” Mandela was found guilty, in a fair and open trial, of involvement in the murder of up to five hundred people.  He was a violent, nasty, piece of crap, whom is now adored by the massed ranks of the brain-dead.

The African National Congress, whatever that means, is controlled from the City of London, by those whom have taken control of all of the vast resources, ownership of which they have been eagerly seeking since the days of Rothschild’s agent,  Cecil Rhodes and his sacking of the wealth of Africa, who initiated the attacks on the Boers.

During the aggressive attacks against the Boers, the British introduced the world to the idea of Concentration Camps, in which they starved thousands of Boers to death,  Boers whom were guilty of no crime other than that of being a thorn in the side of the City of London’s rich and greedy.

The Boers themselves are now a minority in the land they built and into which they allowed Black Africans to work. Do these Blacks, in any sort of altruistic, humane manner put in place laws which protect the rights of this minority? Do they F***!!!!

Is there a lesson to be learned in all this, you might ask. Well let us consider that possibility.

To start with I am obliged to choose my words very carefully, just in case I step on a “liberals” we should all be treated in the same generous manner, toe.

Well the notion of how we should treat others applies only to those of European origin, we are always on the rack, accused of all sorts of crimes against other Peoples.

Speaking for myself, I can claim that on the contrary, other people are guilty of all sorts of crimes against my people, including slavery. We of course, choose not to emphasise this reality, choosing instead to get on with life.

In the above clip, those folk, are not the Indigenous people of Jamaica or Trinidad, they like the Irish were taken there and forced to work.  They have been independent for years, yet they have not created a heaven on earth, in which they supposedly lived until the White Man turned up and spoiled their paradise, they have achieved virtually nothing apart from a high rate of murder, rape and drug abuse.

Since coming to the UK, where we were told that they were necessary to run the newly created Health Service, many of them have never worked. They have contributed very little to the UK economy and more importantly, they have never integrated.

They have on the other hand gained many bonuses in the form of laws guaranteeing them a place at the front of the queue, along with the Gays, Women and others whom claim discrimination, when looking for a job.

They have also brought with them their propensity for rape and murder, as did their counter-parts in other countries, like the USA, where they are responsible for the vast majority of rapes and murders. Plus virtually all of the inter-racial crime. These are official FBI figures.

It has become virtually illegal to discuss these figures, it is against the law to disclose the colour of a criminal, particularly if it is a Black on White race crime, while it is of course, acceptable to inform everybody should it be the opposite.  To simply mention the possibility of Black on White crime is to invite cries of Racism.

I present this in response to the White Genocide which is even now taking place in South Africa, a situation which remains unreported in the same mainstream media, which encouraged all sorts of sanctions against the Afrikaners,  who had in fact invited the Blacks into their civilisation, until the day arrived that they came to understand that there was a hidden programme being covertly put in place, by Jewish Communists.

Finally, the Boers lost everything which they had worked for during three-hundred and fifty years and now find themselves in serious danger of being expelled from Africa for being White.

I mentioned this reality of events in South Africa to a Liberal friend of mine. She found it impossible to accept that any group of White people could have prior right to land in Africa, which to her was a BLACK continent.

To suggest that it was not,  was a form of Racism. Like all of her type, when asked what was the default position of Europe, she received that to be a loaded question.  She felt that the doors of Europe should be opened to one and all. She was not prepared to put any limit on numbers.

Well I have bad news for those like her, who have in fact spent many years of their lives in receipt of various handouts from the State,  there are now millions of other immigrants, intent on doing the same thing, They are banging on the doors of Europe and there would appear to be no way of cutting off the flow of these millions, whom are taking to high seas and rail-roads towards us.

When one adds into this mix,  the fact that it would appear to be the same hidden hand,  which has given us a White Genocide in South Africa, which has set out to inflict the same fate on us, by sending its agents into the very States which they have recently desecrated, with money in their pockets to hand over to selected groups of those willing to kick off a massive movement of people into Europe.  Enough cash appears to have changed hands to pay for the trip,  and quite suddenly, from numerous places, at the very same moment,  it all kicks off.

It should be understood that if the alarm bells are not ringing out loud and clear, you are either stupid or a Kamikaze altruist.

The above clip is a tiny sample of the hate speech used against White people, so bearing in mind that there are nearly 60 Muslim countries on the planet, why do Muslims not go to one of them, where I am sure they will be provided with a home, free education facilities, free health service, family allowance  and all of the other benefits which we disgusting White folk provide.

The same applies to Blacks, they apparently have a whole Continent reserved for them, so where is the problem?  I would advise you however, that in Africa should you as a Black take the risk of accepting this offer, to be wary because they kill immigrants, claiming them to be taking their jobs. I kid you not.

Several European Countries are already way beyond recuperation, Belgium and Sweden amongst them. In France and the UK there are already several cities with a majority of immigrants, with many no-go areas already in place. Jews have actually set-up their own private Police Force to protect them from racial attacks. How long can it be before such things come to a town near you?

There is a world-wide push to reduce all of us, apart from the top small percentage, to the same level of existence. There will be no more than a minimum of resources available for the rest of us, including health care, water, power, food etc. There will be no private transport only Community Transport.  Community is a word which will become very familiar to you, in the coming years.

In the United States it is “job done” and there is a push on to bring the same immigration catastrophe to Europe as that achieved by Mexicans into the US.  There has been virtually no resistance whatsoever to this aim, which has now become unstoppable.

In France, should you claim that the French are in danger of being swamped out of existence  by the higher birthrate of immigrant families, you are ridiculed, however, I listened in amazement to a Sky News reporter interviewing two families on their way, not to safety but to Germany, the richest country in Europe. One family consisted of Mother and Father and six children the other of Mother and Father and nine children.

To me that means that neither of those two Father’s will ever find a job which will pay them more than they will receive in Social Security payments. They will both be given, in benefits, and free lodgings, more than I have ever earned as a salary in my life. Is there a Muslim country on earth which would treat them in such a manner, or indeed, so treat one of us?

David Cameron, during his recent trip to Lebanon, apparently failed to notice that refugees are helped with food and as much care as possible, while waiting to return home.  Turkey is not in the process of assimilating all of the refugees on their territory, nor are Jordan or Lebanon. Israel refuses, out of hand, to help Muslims, they are simply waiting like vultures to steal whatever they can.

So why is the White Man expected to do more than anyone else? Why are we feeling obliged to do more than any one else? Why is nothing said about Saudi Arabia, who are passing the bullets and bombs to ISIS/Daech and are never put under pressure to help?

Both the Conservative and Socialist Parties in the UK consider themselves to be Friends of Israel.  So it should come as no surprise to find that they are in the process of doing the Jews work.  They are quite patently not putting Britain first, which the British thought they were elected to so do.

The Members of the British Parliament,  in the main, all pretended to have been fooled by the false claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction and voted in favour of an illegal attack on Iraq.  That is of course,  after having armed Saddam Hussein and actually encouraged him to go to war against Iran, for the sake of Israel, a savage state which is still howling for the destruction of Iran..

They had already pretended to accept the pap and rubbish about 911, Osama Bin Laden and terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. Camps which, like Bin Laden, were never found but of course the ‘coalition,’ continued the destruction of Afghanistan anyway.  It is, after all, a resource rich State of value to the Rothschild mining businesses.

In Afghanistan they,  along with the Americans have been arming and pretending to fight the Taliban, for years in a serious attempt to empty it of interfering habitants.

Then came Libya, where the greatest water reserves in Africa and the Middle East had been tapped by Gadaffi. Not to sell at high prices but to water the desert and to grow food for Africa. Gadaffi was a good man as was his family, with high ideals for the benefit of others. He had to go, if for no better reason than to steal the water for Nestlès.

Now there is an old saying, ‘to find the truth, follow the money.’  Well we do not need to be too smart to do that in this case.  No country has expended more energy into the continuance of the illegal wars in the Middle East than have the British.

Not a word of truth has been spoken by the controlled British media to the people of the UK about any of the recent illegal massacres in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia or indeed ex Yugoslavia.

As is usual the British were in the vanguard of all of these slaughters and destruction of other peoples homelands.  They are still calling for more of the bombing, which was nothing less than calamitous for Iraq and Libya, yet they want to do it again to Syria.  Are the British sick or what?

 What force could possibly have been exerted, to keep the British in a situation, where for the last hundred years or more they have been involved in a non-stop killing spree?

In that time period they managed a World  War or two, the destruction of Palestine, a crack at the Chinese,  the Koreans,  the Boers, even a quick devastation of the Irish, against whom they have guarded a particular hatred.

There are many more campaigns against men with spears in Africa and forays into the Middle East.  One could say that the British were the main instrument, used by the Money sick,  to prepare the planet for the final installation of the most diabolical regime it has ever seen.