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The British Alliance: Still Blaming Their Victims.







 Donald Trump, could not have chosen an Ambassador to the United Nations, more capable of so starkly displaying, the grim attitude of the United States itself, towards the desperate situation of those weaker groups, whom it would be more prepared to see die in misery, than to lend them a helping hand, than that harridan of hate, Nikki Haley.

In Venezuela, where the people have managed to retain control of their oil reserves, the Friends of Israel, in the Western World, whom just happen to control most of the world’s oil production, have deliberately depressed the price of a barrel of oil by half, to destroy the economies of those countries like Venezuela, without concern for the way the people may be affected by their cynical attitude. They are determined to control all of the worlds oil, at any cost, without any sign of concern for the welfare of those whom are caught up in their megalomania.

On the other side of the World, in Palestine, those same grubby cynics, one of whom is not simply a ‘Oil Baron’ but also a Baron of the Realm, who is, with the full support of ‘the friends of Israel’, attempting to steal control of all of Palestine, from the indigenous Peoples, using tactics, which in any normal persons mind,  are totally barbaric, but to Old Nikki, they are simply an example of a country defending its borders from terrorist attack.

While just up the road in Syria, where the Syrian forces are fighting off the paid mercenaries, of those ‘Friends of Israel’ the word from Haley is quite different, that she claims to be the work, of an evil dictator, who must be stopped, at all cost, from treating his people so badly.

The fact that a certain Baron Rothschild, was cynically given Palestine, by a group of British Jews, whom were themselves, not only Lords of the Realm, but also in the employ of Baron Rothschild, one of whom lived in a London Town House called Chatham House. The British government, of the day, would appear to have failed to notice this transaction, or maybe they were deeply involved in the deal, part of which was to bring America into the Great War, to save the Baron’s hide..

Part of the agenda of the inhabitants of Chatham House, was to control the world. It was the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which has branch offices in all Western controlled countries. They are the hidden hand of control behind the European Union, which means that when the United Kingdom, carried out a referendum on membership of the EU, it could not have been allowed, by David Cameron alone, without the nod of approval from Chatham House.

In the United States, Chatham House is called the CFR, The Council on Foreign Relations, they are the United States very own Shadow Government. The RIIA, have branches in Canada, Australia, Europe and Africa, a power structure, which with the full control of the Worlds Monetary system, has been ‘allowed’ the take control of the World.

The average man in the street would be amazed at the cross-over between Western Governments and the so-called enemies in the Communist World, all of which was constructed with the ‘Income Tax’ of the Western Working Man, which was used to pay the tax on the money supply, which is an enormous conspiracy, used to defraud, all of those countries with a privately owned Central Bank, with the complicity of those whom using controlled voting systems, place themselves into National Governments.

Why else would Communist Russia, fight alongside their mortal enemies, the Bankers and Industrialists, to defeat Germany, a country which had just decided to close down the private Central Bank, to enable a better future for the working man? Perhaps it was because the very same Baron Rothschild,  was looming behind the Communists and it was perhaps he, who gave the go-ahead to assassinate the Russian Royal Family, who knows where the truth lies in these days of nu-speak?

  Either way, the bile spuming from the mouth of the hagette Haley, in the United Nations, would not be tolerated should she make the slightest criticism of the acts of the murdering swine, whom are quite deliberately and in full knowledge of their impunity from blame, whom are continuing the most horrendous, brutal attacks against unarmed civilians, while hiding behind the excuse of Hamas, a group which was set up by the Israelis, in order to provide just such an excuse.








  The complicity of Hamas, was made clear to all of those with a brain to think, when during the vicious ‘Cast Lead’ atrocity, at the end of two-thousand and eight, against the defenceless people of Gaza, an attack so brutal and cynical, that it required a psychopathic mentality, so corrupt and evil, as to be beyond belief, that it still exists in the mentality of those whom never tire of telling us, how they themselves suffered, in past time, however, during this unforgivable slaughter of the innocent, the leadership of Hamas, was ‘out of town’ lodged in a luxury hotel, in one of the Gulf States, well out of harms way.

Netanyahu’s talk of thousands of rockets from Gaza, scoring hits all over Israel, is an outright lie. The home-made rockets had a very limited range and most of them fell in the desert. There is, as far as I know, not a single example of the death of a family and the destruction of their home, anywhere in Israel, as the result of a direct hit by a rocket, while Gaza lies in ruins and thousands lie dead and buried, as a result of Israeli attempts to drive out, the people of Gaza, leaving the strip and its off-shore oil and gas-fields in the hands of the scourge of the Middle East and their funders in the City of London. 


The British Once Again Declare Themselves Blameless.

Slightly gay little Willy Hague, the man who single-handedly organised the destruction of Libya and Syria, today crawled from under his rock to explain that the refugee problem, involving the drowning deaths of hundreds of those fleeing from the Nations that were destroyed by the UK and France, was all the fault of those evil men with dodgy boats, eager to make profits at the expense of those fleeing the results  of Hague’s War Crimes.

The fact that even as he was blathering away, Saudi Arabia was creating yet another refugee problem, using British weapons against innocent civilians in Yemen, as British trained ISIL Mercenaries continued the attacks in Syria and Iraq, while his friend Netanyahu is pushing to open another front in Iran, while the disturbance in Ukraine, which cost the USA five billion dollars to provoke, rumbles on and the aforementioned ISIL is now adding to the misery in Afghanistan, there was only one voice, throughout the News output on Sky News, who was apparently aware that all of this British inspired slaughter might just possibly have something to do with the refugee problem  and that was Nigel Farage, the man they call a racist.


Any voter in the UK, who just happens to have been born with a brain, who votes for any candidate in the upcoming election, who refused to vote against the illegal attack on Libya, which was such a monstrous event and  which has plunged the entire population of what was the most successful Nation in Africa into Hell, well they deserve whatever may befall them in the coming crisis. I believe there to have been a mere sixteen men of conscience in the entire House of Commons, whom voted against the War Crime.

Slightly Gay Willie, did the same thing to Syria, another fully functioning State which has now been reduced to rubble, creating 4 million refugees, a couple of hundred of whom have been allowed to enter the UK, while Turkey has a couple of million.

Israel of course does not accept refugees. Besides they are totally engrossed with yet another ninety-three year old German, accused of complicity in the deaths of three hundred thousand Jews at Auschwitz.  While a younger Jew in the UK, Greville Janner a Socialist paedophile and serial bugger of children, is considered too frail to be charged and gaoled. Janner was the UK’s top Nazi hunter after WW2 and is a top Zionist in the Labour Party, so he is allowed to bugger whomsoever he chooses in total security, as was Leon Brittan.

Perhaps Wild Willy forgot to let his mate Netanyahu know that the cat is out of the bag, we all know the true figure of casualties in Auschwitz, the British have just released a list of all the communications between the German Camps and Berlin and all of the camp Commandants were under strict orders to maintain the measures against typhus infections to keep the numbers of deaths to a minimum.  The Germans worked hard to keep Jews alive and well and look at the thanks they got for it.


A Black Day For Sitting Politicians, While Francis The Jesuit Pope, Visits Apartheid Israel.

A while back, after the result of the 2010 General Election had been announced, I wrote a tale, expressing my belief that the Coalition between the Lib-Dems and the Tories would spell the end of the Liberal Democrats as a Political force.  (see,  Requiem for the Lib-Dems. RIP.) my links refuse to work, please high light and search with a search engine of your choice.

It has now become clear as to why Nick Clegg did not insist on a change in the UK voting system, which has been used to maintain the status quo for generations in the UK by making it virtually impossible for smaller parties to gain a foothold in Parliament.

The recent European Union election has shown the people of Europe that it is eminently possible to kick out those whom have held a form of institutional right to govern, that they have had their day.

This strangle-hold on power, has maintained a quasi-democracy, not only in the UK but world-wide, through the use of corrupted “bought and paid for” politicians,  most of whom are too dumb to tie their own shoe laces, in positions of authority, which they have used to consistently ignore the wishes of the people by whom they were elected.

This absence of an honest alternative has encouraged disenchanted voters to turn to those Parties which have been scoffed at as being nothing more than degenerate racists,  in order to regain some modicum of power back into the hands of the voter.

We have all been educated to believe that only large Political Parties are capable of running a Government, that is despite the evidence of their failure to deliver little more than poverty War and death.  These “governments” of the countries of Europe, have never managed to provide adequate housing, health care, education or nutrition for its citizens, they have however always managed to find the money to slaughter anyone who has tried to create a better, more just system.

In the UK and other so-called Democratic countries,  the main political Parties have colluded to maintain a banking system which has impoverished the people to enrich the bankers.

A housing policy has been ritually maintained as a “cash-cow” for the bankers, of which there has been no mention from the politicians. Bankers and Builders, colluded to maintain a housing shortage in order to gain the maximum of profit from any hike in house prices.

During a period of an almost stagnant increase in salaries and stable prices of  materials, house prices have rocketed to unbelievable levels, generating huge increases in profits for the major construction companies, whom are using cheap labour to build homes, which will be sold at a value far exceeding the cost of building the home, which will be little more than it was ten years ago.

All three Parties in the UK are fully aware that the British wanted a referendum on EU membership and yet they have conspired to deny this simple demand.

There has been no mention whatsoever of another threat to UK democracy, that being the insidious advance of Common Purpose, which indicates that all three Parties are deceiving the voter, most of whom have never heard of Common Purpose and are unaware that the elected government is financing the undermining of Democracy and the imposition, using underhanded means, of the tenets of Agenda 21, which is a major threat to us all.

I am under no illusions about the aims of politicians. I believe them all to be controlled, in one way or another. All of the decent people have been rinsed out of the Lib-Dems, not that there had been many. All the way back to Jeremy Thorpe, there have been doubts about them.

Paddy Ashdown threw his weight behind the war in Bosnia, yet while after making great claims about being anti-war, during the build-up to Iraq, Clegg and his cronies fully supported the slaughter of Gadaffi, his family and the country which he had so proudly constructed, despite decades of attacks by the democrats.   The Lib-Dems have also gone along with the financing of Al Qaeda and other mercenary groups of murderers, to destroy Bashar Al Assad and Syria. Their vote was necessary to allow the slaughter.

I will personally be glad to see the demise of this bunch of hypocrites, whom along with the rest of the self-seeking  “democrats” in Parliament, made no outcry against the banking bailouts, which was a criminally constructed scheme to rob the people.  When Gordon Brown “Saved the World” and generously gave away the people’s money to the bankers, there were no massive demands for an inspection of the bankers books by the Fraud Squad, there were no arrests made and the Banks were described as being “Too big to fail,” when in reality it was the bank owners, who were “Too powerful to prosecute.”

While these Democrats have been massacring millions of Muslims, without a care in the world, they have been describing those whom have proposed other solutions as being racist, while continuing to accept the survivors of their illegal War Crimes, into Europe, where there is no superstructure capable of coping with this influx, without reducing the standard of life, for those whom are already here.

When they claim to be seeking the minimum of care for all, for all, means exactly that, the day is coming when none of us, apart from the super-rich, will be able to afford anything more than the minimum.

In France, the upsurge in support for the Front Nationale  is being presented as being in some way racist or anti-Semitic, when in reality the real racists and anti-Semites are the Khazar Jews, whom have had control of France, through Sarkozy;  who took France into NATO and obliterated Libya, and  François Hollande  who is even now desperate to attack any group of Arab Semites that he can lay his hands on.

International Jewry is not a Semitic race, they are simply hiding behind the term to generate an excuse for the War Crimes of which they are guilty in Palestine, a land to which they have no legal or historical claim.

Nobody in France is in favour of deporting immigrants,  they simply want to call a halt.  Most immigrants agree with that, everybody is aware of the problems of employment, health care and housing. The concept of full-up, at some point must become relevant.

While these interesting developments in Democracy have been taking place in Europe, the visit of the Jesuit Pope Francis to Israel, has passed without too much attention.   However a well executed attack in Brussels, against Jewish visitors to the “Jewish Museum” which was carried out hot on the heels of a double murder in the West Bank, by Israeli military, an event which did not prompt an expression of sorrow from the Jew David Cameron, unlike the event in Brussels, could well have been a warning to Netanyahu, from Francis and the Black Pope, that he is not the only one capable of ordering murder. In this changing world Jews may well have to get used to looking over their shoulder.



Where Are My Jewish Roots? They Must Be Here Somewhere. Nope They’re Not Under There.

Israeli archaeologists are scouring Palestine, searching for historical evidence of their past life in the region, in order to continue the expansion of Israel and to claim more and more land from the Palestinian people. As of now, they have uncovered not a trace of Jews in Palestine.

I can not figure out what they imagine they are going to find. Perhaps the violin of the “Fiddler on the Roof.” These Jews are not of Palestinian origin. They are not Semitic people they are Yiddish, from Eastern Europe. They speak Yiddish, which is a foreign language in Palestine.

These scavengers are involved in little more than would be the Chinese, should a few million of their people adopt Catholicism and then claim Italy or France as their rightful homeland.

There is nothing to discuss in this sad tale of arrogant aggression and the subjugation of a weaker people by a coalition of more powerful States, which is symbolised by “bottle rockets” against ballistic missiles.

Before nineteen-forty-eight there was no such country as Israel. However it had been in the planning for many years. The Jewish oligarchy, in the vipers nest which is called The City of London, where money reigns supreme, the people, whom have no history of their own, have been attempting to weld themselves to a myth from the dark past of humanity.

The Biblical Jews, whose past these Khazar’s would claim, were the same brand of scum, the Khazar’s, in fact, chose the religion which most resembles their own brand of savagery. The Biblical Jews were a people whom sacrificed their own children, to some dark satanic creature in the sky, whom could only be satiated by the blood of innocent children. Their Prophet Abraham, was quite prepared to do the same.

The State of Israel, radiated one hundred thousand of their own children, in an experiment for the US, for which they were rewarded. Thousands of the children died as a result and many more seriously injured. So you see the mentality remains the same.

It would be totally out of character for these Jews to display any form of consideration for others, they are self obsessed to an excessive degree, this is well laid out in the Talmud, for all to read.

These people should never have been allowed to set foot in Palestine. The first reason being, all of their leaders are non-religious and Judaism is not a Race, however much money they pay out in bribes to corrupt greedy politicians, will not make them into Semitic people. Not that they are worried about that, in the words of Hitler, they only want Palestine as a den of thieves where they can do as they like, while paying off the opposition.

Ever since the Bible was concocted, these people have been deceiving us all into believing them to be some sort of transcendental victim. They are no such thing. They have been evicted from every country in Europe, on many occasions, not out of any “Innate hatred of Jews,” there is no such thing,  but out of necessity, because they have created the same chaos as now, across the centuries. These people without culture, have only the sub-culture of money. Their misuse of this money has enslaved us all into a corrupt and vicious system, which benefits only the most corrupt elements of humanity.

In order to further their aims, these monsters are in the process of exterminating the African Peoples and corrupting the Muslim world into accepting rulers whom will, in the manner of the Jewish Royal Families in the Middle East, lick the boots of greed.

The Peoples of the region would do well to note that gadgets do not bring freedom, they are just another offering on the altar of avarice. Freedom should not be calculated on the value of your portable telephone, it is only a toy with which to play.

We, are given baubles by these manipulative creatures, on the other hand, our politicians, well they are mostly millionaires, thanks to corruption.

In the run-up to the Presidential Election in the US, the big question is, which of the candidates is getting the Jews cash? The correct answer would be, they are both in receipt of huge sums of money, all of which is connected to Jews.

The current election is claimed to be the most expensive campaign in history and in effect it is not an election at all. It is a gigantic farce. It will make not a jot of difference which of the two candidates is finally elected. However we are being fed a diet of, “hackable” voting machines, the blocking of the voting rights of those whom may vote this way or that way and now even the possibility of the cancelling of the election because of a “Frankenstorm” which is likely to hit the East Coast at the week-end. All this to give the impression that the election result is in doubt.

In this strange other-worldly country, where there are hundreds of thousands of people living in tents, having lost their homes, due to banking fraud, empty homes are being bull-dozed, in order to maintain the exaggerated value of housing.

Because of the imposition of compound interest, which throughout history has been illegal, what has now become the Jewish Banking System, gains more money from a mortgage than the value of the original house. From this usury, they will make in many cases almost three times the value.

The price of a home has absolutely nothing whatever to do with the cost of materials and labour, it is based solely on the market value. The same thing has happened to the price of building land, that too is based on an exaggerated value of the finished house. Even a small extension is not costed on the time and materials involved, it is based on the value added to the home. This is disgusting. There should be enough housing available for everyone. It should not be deliberately kept in short supply to suit greedy bankers.

I listened to a woman, whom was living in a tent, with her two children, under the Peripherique, the Paris ring road, explain how she would prefer to stay where she was, rather than move into a ZUP, a high-rise block of flats, where she would not even be able to pop outside. I recently visited a friend, whom lived in a small apartment. I was shocked, it was actually smaller than a garden shed, with a bed in the living room and kitchen and an extremely small shower and toilet. He was paying more in rent for this box, than I earn in a month.

This is the corner into which we have been forced by usury and government corruption. The French system is completely subverted by corporate interests. As in the US, Lobbyists write the legislation. Politicians understand exactly what the electorate want and they cynically ignore it.

Like the UK they are controlled by Jews. This is a simple fact. It is pointless to pretend that it is not so. It has been claimed by Jewish intellectuals, that any Jewish politician in whatever country he may hold office, at heart, his loyalty is to Israel. Should this not be so, I would prefer you to take it up with the Jew, whom claimed it to be true.

As for the Jewish controlled and paid for US Election, the result will not come as too much of a surprise. The winner will be either Obama, whom is the son of a Jewish mother and a Marxist father, whom has carried out, to the letter, every atrocity which was desired by Israel. Or it will be Romney, a Mormon, which is not a religion, it is a Theocracy, which has made some sort of pact with the devil, to destroy the United States, which it blames for the killing of Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Mormons. Romney is the best friend of mad-man Benjamin Netanyahu, so it will be full steam ahead against Iran.

A Savage,Dripping With Blood, Claims To The UN That He Is A Man Of Peace, And Nobody Walked Out

Today, I watched in astonishment, as the latest Butcher of Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed that he and the rest of the savages in Israel, believed in the Rights of Man and freedom of speech, liberty and whatever else came into his sweep-head, which as a psychopath, he would be guessing would make the assembled ranks of representatives of the so-called United Nations, believe him to be sincere; not surprisingly there was no mass exodus of the disgusted.

This vermin should be excluded from the UN as he and the State for which he preaches is in breach of dozens of UN Resolutions and is continually avoiding the signing of the non proliferation treaty on the nuclear weapons, to which he claims Iran is not adhering, quite apart from the continual slaughter of the people of Gaza.

For this man to be suggesting that others, pose a threat to the security of the Middle East is so ludicrous as to be beyond belief. Israel is the main threat to us all. He is however, of course, no more than a drunk spewing his bile into the gutter of history, he is simply a puppet, speaking for the real criminals in the City of London.

He is in the process of finding an acceptable excuse, to start another war in the region, which will give his runners in London the opportunity to destroy and contaminate yet another country, simply because they can.

I find it difficult to understand, why I am supposed to find the behaviour of these animals acceptable, on the basis of something which they allege happened to them during the last war, which I am forbidden to research, under threat of prison. The City of London provided the excuse to destroy Germany, in exactly the same manner as Netanyahu is attempting to employ now.

The British signed a treaty with Poland, They ordered the Poles to attack the ethnic Germans, living in the Free City of Danzig. They then urged Hitler to protect his people in Danzig. Hitler took them at their word and entered Danzig, which was not and had never been part of Poland. The British immediately claimed that Hitler had invaded Poland which he had not and they declared war on Germany.

The Jews in the City of London, were well aware that the Jews in Europe would be rounded up and placed in detention centres, as were the Germans and Japanese in the US. This was normal, as world Jewry had declared war on Germany.  My personal opinion is that the Typhus epidemic which swept through the region during the war was deliberately disseminated in the detention camps and factories which used slave labour, many of which were Jewish owned, in an attempt to kill as many Jews as possible, in order to implicate the Germans in mass deaths. German efficiency, in delousing the prisoners as they arrived at the camps, showering with carbolic soap and fumigation with Zyklon B and the provision of clean clothing, kept the outbreak at bay, until the last days of the war.

Of course, they were at the same time, busily killing millions of folk, whom they had already saved, presumably, to kill later. The evidence of this struggle against Typhus is available on-line. It demonstrates quite clearly the efforts which the Third Reich were prepared to make to save life.

In any case these events occurred before I was born. I am more concerned with current events. Right now there is a savage genocide taking place in front of us and the likes of Netanyahu are the cheerleaders of this crime.

The Jews demanded that the German people should be considered as guilty as their leaders, for the crimes which they claimed were perpetrated during WW2. The German people are still paying the Jews for the crime which cannot be discussed. The Jews are not paying reparations to anyone. They have scourged the people of Palestine. They are truly people with no soul. They bombed the UN food compound in Gaza, during Cast Lead, quite deliberately. They bombed a school which was flying the UN Flag and was a safe zone for children. These people are from Hell. Am I anti Jew for having no respect for this band of vermin?

Of course Gaza is not the only victim of the City of London in the Middle East, we have already witnessed at least two million Iraqis killed by sanctions and an illegal invasion by the Coalition of the Guilty. A million casualties in Iran during a proxy war with Iraq. Probably more than a million dead in Afghanistan. God only knows how many dead in Pakistan. Some say at least fifty thousand killed during the humanitarian bombardment in Libya. Plus of course the murder of Gadaffi, under orders from Nicolas Sarkozy a Jew. The UN talks of at least thirty thousand deaths in Syria, this was of course paid for by France the UK the US and Israel. Saudi Arabia are being named as the Patsies, along with Qatar and the Dubai where all the Jewish royal families are in control.

The City of London has a long history of genocide, they in fact invented the Concentration Camp, during the Boer War, which was started by a lie. They managed to starve to death, thirty-five thousand women and children in these camps.  At the end of WW2, they starved over one million German prisoners of war to death, in the same style of open air concentration camps, which were employed against the Boers. These genocides are of course never mentioned, like the French involvement in the Rwanda massacres. In fact you are likely to be locked up for simply mentioning the fact that they even took place.

Sadly,  the United Nations is controlled by all five of the most brutal regimes the world has ever seen. The British, French,Russians, Chinese and the US, all of which are controlled from the City of London. Between them they are responsible for more death and destruction, than all of the regimes from history put together. We in fact are a part of a truly dark and unpleasant chapter of events, over which we have repeatedly failed to take action. We are all responsible.

Not Too Many Things Change In The United States.

The Privatised Prisons are still full of Black men, Incarcerated  for the slightest of misdemeanour’s, still slaving after all these years. In truth, slavery never ended in the US.

Globalisation and Free Trade will soon have the whole world in chains. Asia is selling its people into bondage on a massive scale. In India, millions of very young children are working in appalling conditions. China has been forced to install safety nets around the walls of factories, where increasing numbers of people are jumping to their death, to escape the misery of factory life.

The Multi-Nationals are raping Africa mercilessly, behind the distraction of paid for Revolutions. This is an unforgivable crime. Robbing the poorest of countries of what little wealth they have, while the children are being sterilised through the use of poisoned vaccines.  It’s not a pleasant place, this world we live in.

The Ninety-Nine per cent are running around occupying Wall Street, which is of course dominated by Jews, while at the same time they are allowing their tiny share of the US honey pot, to be sent to the most racist, apartheid state on the planet, the Jewish State of Israel.

The Jewish Chancellor of Germany, is at the same time giving this rogue state two nuclear submarines, as reparation for something that supposedly happened in the past, for  which the people of Germany are still being forced to pay.

While the US is in a state of National grief, over the shooting of a black youth, by a security guard, with a Jewish family name, Zimmerman, whom claims that he is Latino and not white, as if that excuses his actions, Jewish settlers, on land stolen from Palestinians, are shooting to kill, with impunity, the old and young Palestinians, to further their greedy theft of more land.

Netanyahu, the man whom controls the US, has announced that for the UN to suggest that it is going to hold an investigation into the continued building of settlements in the West Bank, is unacceptable and that he will be taking some sort of retaliation against the Palestinians.

The Jewish State of Israel is so racist, only Jews are allowed to live there. Which is strange, because the Religion of Judaism is inherited through the female side of the family. It is impermissible to convert to Judaism. So one must ask how it can be that an estimated eighty-five per cent of the people in Israel, whom claim to be Jews, did in fact have Judaism thrust upon them by the King of Khazaristan, on a whim. They are in fact, neither true Jews nor are they Semitic, so this begs the question: What are they doing in Palestine?

These are the folk, whom are constantly reminding the world of the behaviour of Adolf Hitler, a man whom is at the moment being reappraised by thousands of people, whom are finding it odd that two of the most unmentionable things are the holocaust and Hitler.

The other unmentionables, include the millions of people whom were slaughtered by the Jewish Government in the USSR, by Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, all of whom were Jewish, not to mention the horrendous experiments, which were carried out, even on children, which involved removing the top of their skull and attaching  electrodes to their brains, which was part of the research of Pavlov, famous for his dog.

As with most things the evidence against Hitler, evaporates on inspection, who knows what may come to light as time changes our point of view. One day it may be discovered that he was indeed a man with courage, whom wanted to make the world a better place.

We would appear to have been controlled by lies for generations. The old adage comes to mind, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” we may be on a cusp right now, let us hope so.

The brother of the man whom we are told carried out several murders in France, has been charged with complicity in the murders. This is no doubt to shut him up, to make sure that he has no opportunity to deny, not only his own involvement but also that of his brother. He will sadly have to die in custody, if his brother was in fact a ‘”Patsy.”

Nicolas Sarkozy, the current Presidential puppet of France, has already been accused of setting-up Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whom was accused of attacking a Chamber-Maid in a New York Hotel, is now suspected of setting-up, yet another device to aid his re-election in the up-coming election in France.

Even the BBC was eager to lay the blame for the Toulouse killings on some nut-case from the extreme right-wing, in order to taint the campaign of Marine Le Pen, only to find themselves back-tracking when it was announced that a Muslim was laying claim to the attacks,  that he was trained by Al Qaeda, no longer a dangerous thing to claim, as France has just had one hundred and sixty Foreign Legionnaires, arrested in Syria, along with members of the now sanitized Al Qaeda.

This tale, which was basically ignored, until the four Jews were killed, then went viral, while of course the deaths of children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia Bahrain, were either not mentioned or only in a perfunctory manner.

So here we are, nearly seventy years after the end of the Second World War, while most of the truth has been buried, Germany is still paying for Lord knows what and politics are still being tainted by implication, that they are Nazi or Fascist, which is of course meant to insinuate that they are intent on killing Jews and sending foreigners back home, which is ludicrous as the most barbaric acts were carried out by the so-called allies, which includes the Russians.

It is never mentioned that more than Twenty Million Germans lost their lives during the war. It is not Hitler and the Nazi’s whom we have to fear, the Communists have already taken control. Both the EU and the UN are un-elected Communist controlled Dictatorships. You have been warned.