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The McCann Saga Labours On.

The British Cops, we are told, are searching a plot of wasteland in Portugal, with all of the latest gadgets, in a new attempt to find, the body of a child, while the McCann’s insist that their child is still alive and in the hands of those whom deal in the White Slavery business or indeed some other form of trading in young children.

We are being told that the police are acting on information, which has led them to believe that the chosen site is worth investigating. The information appears to be that which we have known of for some time, namely that a man carrying a child was seen rushing through the streets at about the estimated time of Madeleine’s disappearance.

The description of the man was uncannily similar to Gerry McCann, however it is not clear if the man whom was seen with the child was also carrying a shovel.  This would have been an essential, I would have thought.

We would now appear to be presented with a scenario, which would suggest, that an intruder disturbed Madeleine and panicked.  Then instead of simply making a run for it, he decided to kill her. This immediately transformed him, from being a burglar into the most hated status of being a child murderer.

He then, instead of finding a large travel bag or suitcase, in which to hide the dead child, he chose instead to walk across town, with the child in her pink pyjamas, clearly visible to one and all, to a piece of open ground, where he scratched out a deep enough hole to bury the child.

Should he have legged it, the police would have taken no action, as nothing had been stolen from the apartment, it is doubtful that they would have done anything if the place had been stripped, however, here we are seven years on and they are still trying to nab him for murder.  This despite the fact that the McCann’s have denied the presence of blood near the window and the smell of death in the airing cupboard.

So what are we dealing with? Was Madeleine killed after she was taken? If so why? Job done, they had the child, surely they would not have taken her simply to kill her? Should remains be found, would it be possible, after all this time to decide by whom she had been killed?

This investigation is either to prove the unprovable or indeed to present a form of evidence which would corroborate the verdict of the Portuguese Police while at the same time letting the McCann’s off the hook.

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