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Nigel Farage: No Better Than The Rest Of Them


Nigel Farage is what was once referred to as a “Brown Noser”. Listening to him so ready and willing to blacken the name of Jeremy Corbyn, to suit the Jews, makes the flesh creep. For any British politician to present himself as being, one hundred percent in support of the bloodthirsty scum, whom have been quite deliberately attempting to rid Palestine of its rightful inhabitants, even as those same sick joke of a People, are still cowering behind tales of what Hitler did to them, while they are at the same time pushing for the destruction of all White European Christian Countries, without a word from the toxic mouth of the “Slayer of Brussels Brightest and Best”, is bad enough, however to compound his treachery by picking on a man who has the courage of his convictions, is totally unacceptable.




So Nigel, why not a word or two in favour of the British, whom are being over-run by the very people the Jews would drive towards the shores of Britain, to gain more territory for themselves?

Why do you prefer to constantly pick on the Polish and other Christian immigrants and never the brown or black Muslims whom are coming to breed the British out of their own land,  which it would appear is their aim? While of course leaving their own lands free for the Jews, whom we must all bow down too.

You no longer speak for the British Nigel, you are a bull-horn for the Jews now. You could not even handle the last caller, who attempted to put a bit of balance into a totally, sycophantically slanted show.