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Blacks Are On The Rampage.


 The recent collusion between the Democrats and Republicans in the United States, to “Dump Trump”, demonstrates, once and for all that there is no such thing as a Political choice in the United States, from where the hypocrites have despatched squads of killers to force the acceptance of this International Bullshit of Democracy down the throats of the unbelievers, under the barrel of a gun.

The voices of opposition to this situation is RT and Press TV, unless a few minutes of Tucker Carlson, on Fox is enough to convince you that all is well in the world of “News” in the United States, despite the fact that Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch as is the “Voice of Trump Hatred” in the United Kingdom, Sky News. However, speaking from personal experience, I can sadly confirm that there is no more truth or plain talking in the stable of the opposing News channels.

I have just written a comment on RT, on the subject of the theft of the indigenous White farmers land and all farm buildings and equipment., in South Africa,  This comment would appear to have fallen foul of the “hidden secret” that South Africa was a White country, which was put under constant attack by those whom own the City of London, after the discovery of Gold and Diamonds in the region. They would be the Bankers, whom then organised a couple of wars against the Boers, in the name of the British People, in one of which mass murderer Winston Churchill, the son of a woman called Jacobson, played a part. HERE

This was a prime example of the reality that the British were nothing more than the Murder Inc. of the Bolshevik Bankers in the City of London, a role which they played against all of those whom stood in opposition to those nameless Bankers, whom to this day control the “City”.

It could be claimed that Israels enemies are the City’s enemies, in view of the fact that the “City” is now seeking control of the vast oil fields in the Middle East, in which the ‘controlled’ from the “City”, White Christian soldiers, are once more in action, now under the name of “NATO”, a grouping which should have no place in a war against every country in the Middle East, for no better reason than to steal the resources of the region for the “City”.

Any European, whom having listened to Karen Smith’s report of the atrocities, carried out in South Africa, by “rainbow nation” Blacks, even as there are reports of people being disemboweled in London, with machete attacks, now occurring on an hourly basis, while in Chicago, Black Lives do not Matter much unless the odd one or two are killed by the Police, all of which are duly reported, without mentioning that these are all crimes carried out by Blacks, against Blacks, apart from those small number of “Black” killings carried out by the Cops, while little or no mention is made about White people killed by Cops, nor indeed that the most likely cause of a violent death for White American women, is to be murdered by their Black boyfriend, while thirty-three-thousand White women are raped annually by Blacks in the USA, while it is difficult to find an example of a White man raping a Black woman, without a shiver going down their spine, when it is announced by Macron, the Bankers man in France, that he is in approval of importing two-hundred-and-fifty-million of these citizens of Wakanda into Europe. For what devious purpose could this achieve apart from yet more misery for White Christian Europe?


His counterpart in London, Theresa May, yet another employee of the City, now playing the role of Prime Minister of the UK, did, during her time as Home Secretary of the UK, allow entry into the UK, of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mainly those victims of the British Killing Machine in the Middle East, whom are now expected to love the very British whom murdered their countrymen and destroyed their homes and culture.

Jeremy Corbyn, a life-long Bolshevik Communist, is being presented as the opposition to the “City”, while retaining their nuclear weapon of mass destruction, that of the “Open Door” policy of immigration, which is all part of the destruction of the UK and the clearance of the Middle East to make more room for the Bolsheviks in Israel and their dream of a Bolshevik New World Communist Order, which they all joined together, to prevent that nasty old Hitler from achieving.

While on Press TV, unlike RT, they simply altered my comments to suit their own agenda. When I asked why they had re-written my comments, on more than one occasion, they explained that there were faults in my claims, which turned out to be a matter of ‘opinion’ and not fact. When I asked, that in view of the fact that they had a disclaimer in the comments section, making it clear that they did not necessarily hold the same view as those whom commented on their site, I asked them to explain, that having altered my comment, it was no longer ‘my’ comment, so what does their disclaimer mean exactly, I was banned from making future comments.

I went to the trouble of filming the disappearance of my comments on RT, while the question, i had asked, as to why they had censored them out remained in place, suggesting that I was being censored by a robot, so are we now expected to conform to the word of a robot on RT? Whatever next?

The Holographic Theory And The Destruction Of Reality.


In the above clip, the marvellous Ned Beatty, explains to Mr Beale exactly how the world works and always has worked,  ever since we crawled out of the swamp.

Beatty portrays a corrupt American politician who presents, in concise terms, the aims of the Zionist dream of a world without war, with a population of zombies who have nothing better to do than to eat, defecate and buy, buy, buy, whatever new string of pearls with which they are presented, all of it controlled from the Jewish Supreme World Capital of Jerusalem.

Having delivered in “Network” what must be the most lucid exposition of the reality of the present or indeed the coming, New World Order, Beatty was the perfect choice to play the role of yet another corrupt American Politician, in the film “Shooter.”   A film which like “Network,” gave the impression of having been made for no better reason than to give us a glimpse behind the scenes as to  how the World really works.

Swagger, the Sniper, was taking revenge for the murder of his “Buddy,” under orders from the Senator, to cover up the actuality of an illegal war, such as the illegal Iraq attack. An event which has now given us the “true” tale of “American Sniper,” who was himself,  in real life,  “taken out,” as was the Snipers buddy in “Shooter,” life imitating art.

This is what interests me at the moment.  Which of these events is in fact, fiction and which  “real life?”  The modern world would appear to be jam-packed with these conundrums.  We have become accustomed to calling them “False Flags.” The real American Sniper, whom has himself been killed, could well be no more real than the Sniper in Shooter.

Even a I write this post, which I was prompted to do, by an off the cuff remark on Sky News, this morning, suggesting that Vladimir Putin, as did Adolf Hitler, in past times, have a desire to conquer the world, or some such nonsense, which in previous tales was the excuse to kick off World War Two, surely to God the same pretext could not be resurrected as the excuse to blame Putin and launch WW3? So was this remark directed at me, as part of my programme for today, or was it totally innocuous?

There is yet another event taking place in Denmark, similar to the attack in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, which to me, was such a blatant fraud as to be nonsensical,  I have already posted a video clip, showing quite clearly that the whole event was filmed at least twice, in order to present a believable, “chance” filming of the incident.

Now, as in Paris, the Danish Police have already killed the man, who was known to them, what a surprise.  How could it be possible to deduce the identity of the villain within hours and kill him out of hand, should it have been a chance attack?

More seriously who on earth allowed these prats to advertise that  “those who demand the right to mock the Prophet but not the Jews,”  were going to hold a meeting, demanding their right to free speech,  in a place which offered the possibility of an attack. I smell a rat already.

In terms of  current Quantum Theory, which suggests that we are all part of a vast, or maybe not so vast, Hologram, this would seem to suggest that while I am being “played” to believe in the possibility of multiple conspiracies,  others are being played as mere non-discriminatory receivers of  blatant propaganda, while in reality, there is no difference between us, we are all merely avatars in a “game-bubble,” with no control over our actions and while I believe one version of events others believe the opposite and we are both right.

Those whom believe as I do, that there is verifiable evidence of foul play,  by those whom have a desire to become “Kings of the World,” which shows,  how through the use of advertising techniques or propaganda, call it what you will,  they have implanted certain false beliefs, which have now become, in some way religious, into the minds of children in the classroom, which lead ultimately to a lifetime of false perceptions, which they will retain until their dying day,  yet we, are just as seriously deceived as is everybody else. We are all being fed the same story-line, which we  perceive as reality, we simply perceive in a different manner.

This concept is difficult to get your head around as it would suggest that there is nobody, playing a role in our perception of life, who is in fact speaking for themselves and it calls into question every decision we have ever made.

I am quite sure that we have all, at one time or another, come into contact with a person, with whom we have had no previous connection and yet we spot them and look at them a second time, for no good reason.  I will relate one such experience.

I was working on a festival, with a huge crowd of people walking past, all of them strangers and in  the middle of the crowd I saw somebody who took my attention.  They walked on by and that was all.  However, later in the afternoon I was tapped on the shoulder and I looked around to see the person whom had caught my attention.

They bought one of my pieces and asked whether I would be prepared to make something to their design, I said no problem and told them where they could find me.

Several months later, while drinking a coffee, in a Bar, with my daughter, who was fond of  Horoscopes and who having checked my sign, told  me that today I could expect to meet someone who would completely change my life and sure enough the person whom I had previously met turned up,  out of the blue, with their design, about which I had in fact completely forgotten.  And sure enough my life was completely changed.

Does this mean that I had already received a message from my programmer, that I would be seeing more of this person in the future?   Or on the other hand could it be that they came, by sheer chance un-announced, out of thin air as did my dog?

I can recall several instances of the same thing and I am quite sure I have forgotten many others. So what are we to make of this?

For example, should we be no more than holographic images, being “radio controlled” by game players in another dimension, with just enough hardware built into us to allow us to function, it calls into question every aspect of life.

It would render meaningless the Theory of Evolution and in some way justify the existence, somewhere,  of a personage, who is not only controlling us but watching over our every move, just as we were taught at school was the job of our Guardian Angel or God.

(Sadly the video which was posted here has been censored by youtube and I may well have my channel taken down again. I have no idea why this should be happening, it was only a couple of minutes and I took it from another clip on youtube and the same clip is available all over youtube, so there must be another reason.)  Maybe this link will work.


Or maybe this one



Ever since watching the BBC documentary, which showed quite clearly that we have little control over our actions, I never bother to make a decision, I just do whatever comes to mind.  What is the point of arguing when it is unclear whether you have won the argument with your inner self or not?

One of the most contentious of subjects which has been used to manipulate those witless folk without the ability to discriminate between what is truly believable and what is fable,  is the question between a belief in Evolution or in God.

Quantum “Theory,” appears to suggest that there is, whether it be a God or not, a being with the knowledge and ability to construct a 3D vision of life, in which we experience various emotions and are aware of our existence, in a manner which suggests that we are in control of our actions, that in itself is quite impressive.

Having already passed through various stages of scientific invention, such as electricity, which is still a mystery, as are radio and television communication, we have already compared the workings of the brain with sound engraved on records, tape recorders, CD’s and we are now using computers and invisible and incomprehensible operating systems, to describe how “we” work,  as if we have already decided that in some way,  we are no more than mechanisms.

Should that be so, who is controlling the software?  Do we have our own personal operating system, which can be updated to suit our personal operator, or are we all under the same control?

When I look around and see my dog looking curiously at me, as I vocalise, quite loudly what I am attempting to put into words for this post, I find myself wondering  just how this dog found me,  out of the blue, when I was out walking one day and followed me home.

He was in perfectly good health, though timid and he attached himself to me and yet is extremely wary of those whom we happen upon while walking and will stop in  his tracks, afraid to approach the ramblers, I have to go back and pick him up to stop him running off home.

This dog has been my constant companion for ten years or more and in view of the holographic theory, I have been wondering what his role is in my controlled existence and what exactly is the role of the other species on the planet.

There would appear to be evidence that my own particular view of life is only shared by those actors in my play, who have a role of their own in another place and whom with the permission of their controller, have been written into my script and me into theirs,  while other people with a minor part to play are no more than “extras” without purpose, to generate a vibrant image of reality. Is my little poodle, no more than a bit player, or something more important?

The other thing which bothers me,  is how does time fit into all of this grand  illusion? Does the past exist?  Are there many dimensions or only one with the famous single electron flitting around everywhere?

On the other hand, this could all be no more than yet another load of old cods-wallop, designed to distract our attention away from reality as did Evolution, the Survival of the Fittest and all of that Social Darwinism, which gave us 65,000,000 million “justifiable” deaths in Bolshevik Jewish Russia and millions more in two World Wars.

However it is all very interesting on a rainy day, when it creates an excuse to do nothing else.