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Did The Pilots Doze Off, Or Were They Already Dead At The Controls?

While I was still wandering around trying to figure out how the experts had decided that the co-pilot in the Germanwings  A320 was the man whom had been asleep at the wheel, (Why pick on him?) I opened my in-box to find that he had recently converted to Islam, that he had suffered from suicidal tendencies, was on suicide provoking Psychotropic pills and that he suffered from nightmares, in which he screamed “We’re going down!” Hmmm.  Oh! and he was going blind.

My lack of comprehension was not helped when I read that the “captain ?”  had been in the act of breaking down the cockpit  door, when the plane impacted the mountain, with an AXE. From where did he find an axe? If there was an axe hanging around, accessible to a hijacker, what was the point of locking the cockpit door in the first place?

Oh! By the way, I almost forgot about the mail informing me that Putin, had a new Laser Cannon, with which he could vaporise an aircraft. Perhaps that would, in the circumstances, be a better option than the pilot suicide theory,

And oh yes! As with MH370, which was packed to the rafters with “Software” whiz kids, on their way to China, with some brand new programmes, which were coveted by the NWO, the Germanwings plane was charged with investigators into a huge banking fraud which could be linked to the Vatican Bank, so it must have been the dratted Black Pope himself, whom ordered the destruction of the plane. Not to forget Lockerbie, which had a plane-load of investigators, with damning evidence of CIA, Mossad and MI6 involvement in the drugs trade.

In my innocence, I was not at all surprised to find that there was no sign of the actual “mountain of impact,” at the crash site,  that would of course, have already collapsed into a pile of dust, having been brought down by the heat of the burning kerosene, would it not?

We will no doubt soon be hearing the “No Plane” theory.

The last and most disturbing possibility is that of the “built-in” poison gas capsule and the capability of  what is called “Flying by Wires,” which allows the control of the plane to be hi-jacked, after having gassed the crew, which would appear to be as likely as does the co-pilot suicide idea.