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What Exactly Does Nigel Farage Stand For?

Nigel Farage is in full support of various members of the three current Political Parties in the House of Commons forming a third Party, to break the stranglehold of the three main Parties in British Politics. Such a move would quite obviously lead to a continuation of exactly the same Iron Grip, in which the British have been held forever. It will take more than a few members shuffling around in the House of Commons, to improve the current parlous state of “British Democracy”.

I was thoroughly shocked to hear Farage laying out his position on anti-semitism, on his radio show on LBC. He gave no quarter to Jeremy Corbyn, who he perceived to be unfit to lead a British Political Party, simply because he was in support of the subjugated people of Palestine, whom have been massacred by the Israeli’s for the past seventy years, as a result of the illegal British act of stealing their land, which was then given to Lord Rothschild as a present for manipulating the Americans into the Great War.

The British have been arming ‘The Free Syrian Army’ for years, a group of paid terrorists, pretending to be the Government in Waiting, preferred by the Syrian people. They were in fact nothing more than one of the various groups, which were fighting for this same State of Israel, during which they carried out atrocities which were beyond belief. Their wounded were treated by Israeli Doctors and then sent back into Syria.

These are the Israelis whom are complaining about a few of their own dead, while they have never, never, never mentioned a word about the ten million or so Muslims whom have been blow apart all around Israel by British, American and French paid military murderers.

Corbyn was praised for standing up to Apartheid in South Africa, which was OK even though all of Mandela’s terrorist activities were funded by the Bolshevik Communists, under the leadership of a Jew, Joe Slovo. He was wrong about that and he has since failed to denounce the current Apartheid against the Whites in South Africa, which is also being covered up by the Jew controlled Media. His open door policy for immigrants, does not appear to apply to the White Christian People of South Africa, whom have been warned of a coming ‘holocaust’.

It should always be remembered that Corbyn, was himself a closet Stalinist Communist, along with his great chum Ralph Miliband.

Farage, having listened to nothing but talk about Israel for half of his program, suddenly decided that he was not talking about Israel, when faced with an unanswerable set of responses from a caller, who was in fact the only opposing voice on the entire program.

I find myself at a loss, trying to understand Nigel’s position in the current round of affairs, which do not only include Brexit but also several major changes, which could well be brought about under the cover of Brexit. The rabid Israeli supporter Liam Fox is already suggesting joining the Corporations Union called TPP. Farage has not mentioned this possibility, which could be far more serious than remaining in the European Union, should the Tories pull it off. They do, after all,  work for the City of London, from where all the Corporations are controlled, including the Parliamentary Corporations, a reality which should never be forgotten.

 Nigel Farage never once mentioned the fact that the European Union was a construct of the City of London and the American Bankers. He knows full well that The Fabian Society helped Churchill and others, set-up the EU, so why not say so? 



Back in the day, when SenatorJoe McCarthy, was outing the element in the American Government, which was manipulating world events, he forgot to mention that his ‘Communists’ were in fact, what is now called ‘The Deep State’ a group which had originally formed the League of Nations and later the United Nations and in more recent times the North American Union, the Soviet Union and the European Union, all of which must surely be understood by Nigel Farage.

This tragic situation is an illustration of how the world has been taken down by an International group of Bankers, a group which through the use of cynical, greedy, self interested Kings and Presidents, has been allowed to rob us all and to use this enormous wealth called ‘Income Tax’, to buy and control all of the most important players in World Politics. Farage would appear to be in favour of banning all discussion of the behaviour of these criminals, which begs the question, “For Who or Whom does he speak?”



The US is Just a Heart-Beat From Dictatorship.

The national debt clock NYC by morelnwz on flickr.com

Lurking behind the charade of the long in coming, raising of the debt ceiling, Obama has been instructed to set up a panel, which will by-pass Congress to decide the result of any future similar problems.

The panel will consist of equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans. No mention has been made of views of Independents or indeed of any of the emerging opposition Parties.

At a stroke the US political system will be on its way, in the fashion of Europe, into an unelected Dictatorship. The US voter will be given no opportunity to vote on this issue. The government which already has the most corrupt political system in Western politics is prepared to accept the measure, without reference to the electorate.

Member countries of the EU are already paying a fortune in salaries and expenses, to Members of The European Parliament, who have no say whatsoever in the decision-making, which is under the control of hidden hands. The Parliament itself is simply a front, to lend an air legitimacy to a dictatorial system. The US Congress is now choosing to kill itself, with no reference to the people or to the Constitution.

The US and EU have already been carved up into regions, which will be under the control of unelected Governors, which will by-pass elected representatives.

The Western World has long been fronted by Quisling Governments, who are under the control of super rich bankers and industrialists. These Quislings are handing over the wealth of one country after another, into the claws of the super rich, at knock-down prices.

The excuse which is offered to justify this theft, is the claim of a debt which does not exist, which the people are being forced, by rogue governments into paying. In order to pay this non-debt, politicians are accepting non-loans from the IMF, which are conjured up out of thin air, with the aim of destroying economies, which are already being robbed by the Central Banking system.

We have just witnessed a carefully planned attack in Norway, which was designed to pressurize Norway into joining the EU, which the people do not want, in order to give access to Norway’s cash reserves, which can be used to further in-debt the already struggling EU.

The US voters, who must surely be the most stupid electorate in history, need to wake up to the total failure of the EU. This Community, which was initiated by top Nazis’ and Industrialists, at the end of World War 2, has been a total disaster for Europe. There is hardly a member country of the EU which is not bankrupt.

Behind the back of US voters, The North American Union has been established and the industrial base destroyed. While all this has been going on, the reaction of the US voter has been to eat himself into oblivion.

The US will soon experience the relocation of large numbers of people, in the name of Sustainable Development, into the reservations, which are even now being prepared for them. Private property will be illegal, unless of course you are a super rich banker or industrialist. The rest of us will be little more than chattel.

However hard it may be to believe, large numbers of people, both in the US and Europe, are crying out for more pain, to solve the so called debt crisis. They do not even understand what the debt is, yet they want to whipped into poverty in order to pay what little they have, to super rich criminals.