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All The Liars Make Use Of Charleston Killings.

The latest mass shooting in Charleston, is a good illustration of the lack of knowledge of the Mob controlled mass media and the underlying desire of the bought and paid for US Federal Government, to strip the American people of their arms, in order to render them powerless in the face of the coming destruction of their way of life.

Obama, the mouthpiece of the Bolshevik under cover government, tells us that rampage killings in the US, far outnumber, those in any similar, developed country, a claim which is duly reported, word for word, by the cynical hacks, working for the likes of Sky News and the BBC.

Highly paid government officials and News Editors of the Mass Media, must surely be capable of checking out these claims before presenting them to a gullible public. Had they done so, they would have found that the US is in fact way down the list of such atrocities. The others are of course never mentioned, in order to present the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, as being the problem.


These figures are based on the belief that there were actually casualties at Sandy Hook for example and bearing in mind that the US government has long desired to show that the US is full of so-called “White Supremacists,” whatever they may be, while never mentioning the simple facts which show that more Blacks are killing one another, more efficiently and in greater numbers than are being killed by Cops or White folk combined.

Update:  As it has become fashionable to dismiss any atrocity in the US as yet another “False Flag”I have been watching closely to judge the reaction of the mainstream and the alternative medias’ to the events in Charleston.

The results have been roughly 75/25% towards the mainstream, which has reacted in the most predictable fashion and like Obama they have blamed the 2nd Amendment.

Tracy Herbert, she of The Keiser Report fame, on Sputnik, was scathing about White racism and completely ignored the daily attacks on Whites by Blacks, as is illustrated in the above clip.  She failed to notice when the host of the show, George Galloway, quoted the alleged killer Dylann Roof’s,  mitigating  suggestion that he was shooting Blacks, in retaliation for the 33,000 annual rapes of White women by Blacks.

In fact any casual viewer would be left with the idea that Blacks are only guilty of any sort of criminality in the sense of, “Well we know that Blacks are not perfect but………….. manner, suggesting that they should all be liberated from prison as if they were all guiltless.

The reality of Black violence is in evidence wherever statistics are being kept.  Blacks are 50 times more likely to commit a violent attack against Whites that are Whites against Blacks.  In fact, despite the mauling that Whites receive from the Media at the slightest excuse, White on Black crime is virtually non-existent.

Any rising level of Racism, is against Whites, yet the Blacks are forever howling their innocence.  They continually babble about slavery and suggest that Southern Men in the US are one and all ex slavers, when in reality in past times, most Whites were little better than slaves themselves, that of course does not suit the current narrative.  We were all recipients of “White Privilege,” weren’t we?

Why is the Media so afraid to warn the general public, that there is an element of savagery in the the Black character. The nature of the crime of which they are guilty gives ample evidence of this.

Should a White woman have tortured and killed a twelve year old boy with a blow-lamp, we would have had Sky News yapping about it for a week, yet they made no mention of it when the savage killer was Black.

The same would apply, had the killers whom raped an 84 year old white woman to death in front of her 91 year old husband, whom was then given a beating from which he died, been a gang of White thugs.

In South Africa, not content with stealing a civilisation built up by Whites, the Black immigrants, whom were drawn to SA for a better life than they could construct for themselves, are carrying out a genocide against Whites, without a word of criticism from the hypocrites whom howled for the release from prison of the murdering thug, Nelson Mandela.