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Calling Little Willy! Calling Little Willy! Turkey In Turmoil, Ready For The Oven!

William Hague, the “Butcher” of Libya and Syria, could well find that his aim of Regime Change in Syria, will have to be put on hold, while he despatches his army of sadistic thugs, from Syria into Turkey to help in the dethroning of the Jew, Erdogan.

That was, of course, my attempt at Black Humour. However I have been fascinated listening to demands for calm, on the part of the Turkish authorities, in their treatment of the “demonstrators,” coming from another Jew, Barak Obama, while Erdogan himself, is calling it an attack on Democracy. This in a State, which has a long, long history of rigged elections.

Erdogan, who as been calling for Assad in Syria, to step down in view of the alleged lack of support which has been demonstrated by the Syrian people for his rule, now finds himself in that unenviable position, where he should take his own advice and quit. He will however, continue to skulk behind the spurious claim of having been democratically elected.

Erdogan could not complain, should the surrounding Arab States, now open their borders allowing armed resistance fighters into Turkey, to help the battered and gassed “Free Turkish Army,” which is fighting a heavily armed Police Force, which has been supplied with illegal weapons, such as canisters of Agent Orange, a Monsanto product, which is causing severe damage to the pulmonary system of demonstrators and there is also evidence that a similar, poisonous Tear Gas,to that which has long been deployed in Bahrain, by the Saudi Army, which is helping to murder, unarmed demonstrators in Bahrain has now been used in Turkey.

In “Democratic” Turkey, Erdogan allows no Press freedom, it has one of the worst records of violence against Journalists in the world. While these demonstrations have been taking place, the seriousness of the discontent of the people, for the Government, has not been mentioned on State controlled television.

Turkey has been carrying out a bloody repression of its own Kurdish people, whom are fighting for their own State, even as he has been denying Assad in Syria the right to resist an invasion of Syria by paid foreign mercenaries, whom are masquerading as a “Syrian Resistance” group, a title which has been assiduously repeated by the Western controlled press, which has also ignored Erdogan’s repression of the Kurds.

The even-handed reporting of events in Turkey, by Sky News has now come to abrupt end, with the arrival of Tim Marshall onto the scene.  Sky News has made hay as it were, by reporting the truth of events on the ground in an impartial manner.  Marshall soon corrected that, by explaining to us in an emphatic fashion, that whatever we may have thought, that the events in Turkey had nothing whatever to do with discontent with the Government, that in fact it was a tiny outburst which was generated by political groups which did not approve of the creeping advance towards an Islamic State.

According to Marshall, the vast majority of the Turkish people support Erdogan. This was I suppose, just in case the stupid amongst us may have garnered the idea, that perhaps the majority of the Turkish people were against Erdogan’s support for the thugs in Syria and his close co-operation with Israel and of course his liaison with NATO, which was responsible for the destruction of Libya and is now gagging for an opportunity to destroy another enemy of Israel, Syria.

Those in Turkey,  whom believe Erdogan to be no more than a puppet of Israel as is Morsi in Egypt,all of the Jewish Royal Families in the Gulf States, the recently installed Government in Libya, the Military Regime in Mali, the Yemeni President, whom was elected by his wife’s vote, as he was the only candidate, the King of Jordan, plus the rest of the Maghreb, would not be too happy with the behaviour of their leader, which is why, I believe them to be taking action against Erdogan.

Just as in the West, the truth is never reported in the Government controlled media, which is why “safe pair of hands” Tim Marshall has been posted to Turkey to straighten out the News and make it fit for the Free West while Erdogan has a much more direct method of Press control, which often means death.

While Turkey is in turmoil, attacking its citizens in a manner which was unacceptable, in Libya and Syria,  Our “Global Leader” David Cameron, is still blathering on about Regime change in Syria. Still not a word about Bahrain and Yemen nor has he offered any clue as to his reason for supporting a Military Regime in Mali, which had brought down a Democratically elected Government.

Unlike Gadaffi and Assad, Erdogan will not have to watch his back, in case any of those International Islamic Terrorists, creep up behind him and his regime planting bombs, as in Iraq, in an attempt to stoke up a religious war, which is  useful to Israel, in order to hide the fact that their Jewish Kurdish leader in Northern Iraq, is attempting to annexe the oil fields for Israel. Erdogan recently despatched a group of his own indigenous PKK terrorists into Iraq, to lend a hand in  the annexation.

The good folk of Turkey, would do well to remember that their founder, Ataturk, was a Jew. It would also surprise them to discover just how many other Jews have since held control of many aspects of Turkish life. They would probably find that the Shopping Mall, which ignited the current strife in Istanbul, was in  fact a Jewish project. Sadly the Muslim, is no different from the Christian or the Jew, they have a price and in a world which is dominated by greed, they can be bought.

Turkey is not alone, we are all in this together. We are all under attack. The Muslim World is holding up the process of the advance towards a One World Government, which is why you are being destroyed, State after State. We in the West have already capitulated.

Muslim refugees have been dispersed all across the West. They have a role to fulfil. The sheer amount of publicity which has been given to the attack against “The Little Drummer Boy,” in London is evidence of this. In terms of what is happening in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and many other places, the London event was a pinprick. There are those whom believe it to have been a charade, whatever, it has been used to bring out the  “Skinheads,” and other idiots whom are too stupid to see where the blame truly rests.

Hague and Cameron, both of them puppets of the Zionists and Bankers, while using the London attack as a means of tightening the screw on the British, are totally unconcerned about the massive slaughter, which they have supported against Muslims, during the past twelve years and are in fact pushing for more Death, like the ghouls that they are.

If that Death, comes to the streets of London, as a result of the deliberate pumping up of an alleged Muslim threat, which has never in fact materialised,  the British Establishment will count that as a job well done. Nothing happens by accident, there is no such thing as an unintended consequence, as far as the drive to a One World Government is concerned, it has been in the planning for generations and we are on the final lap.

The New Religious Fervour And The Albigensian Renaissance.

We are experiencing a resurgence of Papal Power, which has been for the most part centred in Rome. Back in the thirteenth century, it was Rome and Pope Innocent the Third, whom declared a war of extermination against the Cathars in the Languedoc, in the South of France. Declaring that to kill a Cathar was as beneficial as was the killing of a Muslim, for the murdering mercenary, whom carried out the slaughter.

In 1209, the Cistercian Abbot of Cîteaux, whom commanded a Mercenary Army, was asked how one could distinguish a Cathar from a Catholic, the reply was “Kill them all, the Lord will recognise His own.”  In response the people of the Town of Bezier, were slaughtered by the thousand and the town sacked and destroyed.

The barbaric attacks against the Cathars, was probably the first recorded genocide in Europe. It included the systematic execution of the Knights Templar, many years later.

Such was the savagery of the Clergy of the day. It was a Catholic Saint, Dominic, whom condemned the Cathars to slavery and death, because of their refusal to accept the authority of Rome. Another Saint, Ignatius of Loyola, carried out the Spanish Inquisition.

The recently elected Pope Francis, is a Jesuit. Whether it be a conspiracy too far to link Pope Francis to the crimes of the founder of the Jesuits or not, the Jesuits helped to expunge all traces of the Gnostics from history. Most of their documentation was lost in the burning of the Library of Alexandria and it has never been resurrected. Perhaps some small trace remains in the Vatican Vaults, who knows?

Despite all this suppression and slaughter, the ideals and beliefs of the Cathars live on. The proof of their beliefs is present in the character of those, whom through bribery theft and war, have taken control of the main systems of power, including religion, which they are even now transforming, into a belief system which will facilitate the final destruction of the Common People. These are the Archons, to us they are those cold, unfeeling folk, whom have no understanding of love, no sympathy for others, they are no longer referred to in Gnostic terms, as Archon, they are Psychopaths.

However the resurgence in Gnostic beliefs, from where our knowledge of the Archon derives, is the main threat to these “Archon/Psychopaths,” and with a little application, we can find the true “Religious” means of exorcising these contaminants from deep within us.

The teachings of the Gnostics explain, in grim terms, how a form of intelligence, has created a vision of life, which presents a view of the world, which does not correspond with the language, by which it is described.

An Archon, when speaking through the mouth of a controlled being, turns reality on its head, by describing good as bad, in the manner of, for want of a better example, William Hague, while describing himself as a man whom has humanitarianism in his genes and an overwhelming desire to protect innocent people, orders wave, after wave, of aircraft to destroy Libya, killing an unknown number of those innocent people in the process, in order to “Save” them.

He is now in the process of “Saving” the wretched people of Syria, from Assad, while he and NATO are in fact, the real threat to their lives.

The illusions do not end there, the average person is incapable of questioning those beliefs, which have been aggressively implanted in their brain, by those whom would further the aims of the Archon. The biggest lie of the Twentieth Century, must surely be the deception as to the conduct of the Third Reich.

The German people are condemned to accept that they are guilty of actions, of which they have no knowledge, many of which have been shown to be outright lies, because should they be vindicated, the so-called Allies, would be forced to face up to a reality, which would condemn them, as the greatest slaughterers of innocents in the history of Man.  Such is the pressure to maintain the belief in German guilt.

Even the version, with which we have been presented, of the Gospel of Jesus and his belief in The One True God, has been reinterpreted to suit the aims of those whom seek to destroy us. Jesus is most probably a man, whom was himself educated in the Gnostic tradition, which did not insist on such stupidities as the exclusion of women from the affairs of the Community. He extolled the same belief in the simple life, filled with warmth and love as do the Gnostics.

Not the modern “New Age” love, which it is impossible to describe but an unthinking, unforced, natural love, which is a form of respect for one another, and which demonstrates itself through an impulse to help one another, rather than an attempt to gain some form of personal advantage.

This is the way to repulse the advance of the Archon, whose aims will result in the conflagration of the planet.  They cannot stand the idea of kindness and co-operation, their philosophy is one of Ultimate Greed, where all and everything ends up under their control, there will be nothing left for the rest of us.

The reference to some interference in the human spirit, which is spoken of in ancient documents, and which is believed to have formed a part of the original Bible, probably speaks of those whom were called “The Watchers” or indeed “The Annunaki,”  whom most probably made slight changes to our genetic code, which has made us susceptible to a particular form of control.

The Roman Empire, would most certainly have been under the same control as are the current bunch of World Powers, whom are of such hypocritical depth as to be madmen. There does not appear to have ever been a colonial power, which has not decimated the people in the lands which they have stolen. Suggesting the existence of a malignant presence in world events which goes back a long way.

The model for the One World Government, which appears to be the aim of the Psychopaths, is The British Empire, which is most surely the bloodiest of them all. The British, have, are and always will be, prepared to slaughter whomsoever gets in their way. I am of the belief that the control centre of these entities, is the City of London, where an inbred group of Psychopaths, have most certainly, taken a tight grip on the most corrupting influence on humanity, money and the greed of those whom worship at its altar.

The Privatisation Of Planet Earth.

Gadaffi, in Libya, despite all of the allegations which have been manufactured against him, was not a man whom had deposited an immense fortune in Swiss Banks, he had been more interested in investing the money in the best interests of Libya and its people.

Sadly everything which has been laid against him, comes from the mouths of liars. The same liars whom conducted the Nuremberg Kangaroo Court against the National Socialists at the end of the Second World War.

Should anyone uncover just a trace of justice, in our so-called Democratic and Free society, I would be obliged if they could point in its direction.

As a result of NATO inspired attacks against Libya, more people have been killed and maimed, than were ever harmed by Gadaffi. As usual, it is the real War Criminals whom point the finger.

I watched a sentimental Documentary on Press TV, about the uprising in Libya. It told the tale of Mohammed The Blogger, whom had been killed during an attack on Benghazi. The group spoke the sort of English one might expect to hear on the streets of London but not in Benghazi.

In keeping with the Press TV coverage of the NATO atrocity itself, we heard only the voices of the middle class Libyans, whom like the anti Castro Cubans, were established outside of their country.

Press TV were in total opposition to Gadaffi and through their teams of British reporters, Nick Jones and Johnny Miller, broadcasted, what can only be described as propaganda.

Now in Syria, the same Press TV finds itself confronted with its own hypocrisy. The West and NATO is once more demonizing a sitting Government, while the united Jewish Press is putting out exactly the same lies which they used against Gadaffi, while Press TV, because of treaties with Syria are obliged to speak out in defence of Assad.

So what are we to make of this duplicitous approach to the expansionism of the Zionist Empire?  Can we put our trust in Iran? Is Iran playing some sort of under-cover role in the destruction of the Arab Muslim Middle East?

The world is aware that the first step in Libya after the murder of Gadaffi, was to set-up a Rothschild Central Bank. Following on from that, Libya was in need of a loan from the IMF, in order to start  rebuilding the infrastructure, which was destroyed by NATO bombings, at the invitation of those middle class Libyans in exile in the UK.

This loan from the IMF, which is a private bank, controlled by the Central Banking families, will prove impossible to repay; That is the purpose of an IMF loan.

During the Gadaffi reign, Libya was debt free and thus it was a thorn in the side of the Jewish bankers. Now, with the assistance of the IMF, the bankers will be free to snatch whatever resources they would want to control, as an instalment of the interest due on the loan. This is simply legalised theft, on a grand scale. Is this what Iran supports?  From day one in the campaign against Gadaffi it was as clear as day that this was the aim.

At the time I posted any number of warnings, speaking out against the NATO aggression which was being carried out under-cover of the Arab Spring. I warned that should any attacks against an Arab country be accepted or allowed, it would inevitably lead on to further attacks. Which is what is now happening. The Iranians are not stupid people, so what is going on?

I also suggested, long before the event, that the Muslim Brotherhood, would replace Mubarak in Egypt. At the time I believed that Al Baradei would be President, after discussions which he had held with the Muslim Brotherhood in London, in the event however the Brotherhood were given a clean sweep. Neo British Colonialism was in evidence from the word go.

The same British controlled Muslim Brotherhood is being proposed as the future Government across the Middle East.  This is of course the target of the Zionists, whom will retain control of the Brotherhood as a pseudo Democratic group, which will work in the interests of the proposed One World Government.

By means of debt, all of the Middle-Eastern resources, will, as in Iraq and Libya be privatised into the hands of the IMF and the Central Bankers, most of whom just happen to be Khazar Jews.

Afghanistan, where there are trillions of dollars worth of resources, the US and its Zionist controllers are already in place, to grab whatever is going. By invading Afghanistan they have taken control of  most of the world’s Opium production, which they use, either through “legal” drugs, which are now being administered to children as young as eighteen months old, or through “illegal” versions of the same drug, which are also controlled by the Zionists and sold at high prices to addicts on the streets.

Apart from the control of Oil, Food, Water, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Education and the Media, soon, through the application of Agenda 21, they will take control of the rain falling from the heavens. In parts of the world, such as some States in the US, it is already illegal to save rainwater or to grow vegetables.

Within a generation, only the rich will be allowed access to the country-side. Ninety-five percent of people are already living in large towns or cities, soon the country-side will be protected by buffer zones around those towns or cities, imprisoning the people inside. A special permit will be necessary to pass through a check-point. Thus human beings will become the only creature on the planet, refused access to the outside world.  No more cars. No more Sunday picnics in the country-side.

This will be called Sustainable Development, which will determine whether you can be permitted to have a child of your own, with a partner whom you have selected.

All of this is written down, in documents which have been signed by your politicians, whom have not even read what is contained in those documents. In France, locally elected politicians, without a word to those by whom they were elected, have closed down local democracy and handed power over to the Department of Sustainable Development, which is directly controlled from Brussels, which means that in effect, the United Nations now controls France.

And still people tell me the French will never accept that. Famous last words.

Through Greed The Central Bankers Have Cut Their Own Throats.

In recent times, the Central Bankers have made it clear that they are simply criminals, whom through the use of bribery and corruption, blackmail and threat, have managed to impose a monetary system based on nothing more than the willingness of politicians to rob their own people.

We are bombarded on a daily basis with figures which tell us the value of the Dollar, the Euro, the Pound and all of the rest of the worlds currencies. We are given the values of every company share on the world’s Stock Exchanges. If the share value drops we are told it is a crisis. Why is it a crisis? Who cares? Once the company is floated and the shares are sold, the value of the shares in no way affects the output or the value of the company, in a real sense,

The Worlds Stock Markets are, like the monetary system, a vast fraud. They,  like the huge monopolies which have been set up by the Central Banking families are a system of control. An un-controlled Capitalist system guarantees that eventually every thing will end up in the hands of the richest group. We are almost there now.

Throughout the 20th Century, the same scheming group of ghouls,  have been plotting the installation of a “One World Government.” Part of this plan inevitably involves the wholesale slaughter of millions of people.

Both Hitler and General Patton understood that what was happening in Russia, under the control of one hundred Jewish families, was very likely to spread to the rest of Europe.  Hitler for his part knew that Stalin had been carrying out the annihilation of the Christian community, some estimates suggest that as many as 65 million were murdered. Though on different sides in the war, they realised that Communism must be stopped.

Well Hitler was defeated and Patton murdered, to shut him up, and the march of Communism has continued. In Russia it is hiding behind a façade of Democracy and private industry, while in the rest of the free West it is hidden in plain view, we are all Communist now, it is called Communitarianism. The Banking families dream of a controlled Europe from the Urals to the Atlantic has now been realised. It only remains to tell us about it.

Their chosen strategy, to give the final push in the execution of their plan, was to destroy the World economy through the use of an impossible to pay debt. This choice has presented “We the People” with a perfect opportunity to get rid of them once and for all.

The resistance came from an unexpected source, Iceland, where the people refused to pay the “debt” and insisted on an audit of the bankers books. The so-called “debt” proved to be a manufactured fraud. Warrants were issued for the arrest of the bankers, sending the British and Dutch governments into a tail-spin. In the end they were begging the Icelanders to pay a token sum, nothing would be too little, in order to cover-up the reality, in case word leaked out to the rest of the indebted world, that it was possible to avoid payment. Well news of it did seep out. The Irish people were aware of the courageous act of the Icelandic people and they set about trying to force their own government to do the same thing. However the traitorous Irish politicians accepted the IMF loan, before calling a General Election. The first act of the newly elected government was to ask for even more money from the IMF, plunging the Irish people into even deeper debt.

If proof were needed that all politicians are controlled, this act made it undeniable. In return for this so-called debt Ireland has been given nothing. There is no value in paper. Paper is not money. If nothing of value changes hands, what debt are the Irish people paying? The whole thing is a fraud.

We are being told that we are all obliged to pay these, fraudulently contrived debts. Nobody has the power to claim that they are owed money, without proving the existence of the debt.So why was there no investigation? The answer is quite simple, because the fraud is controlled from the top. The solution which we will be offered, unfortunately will involve the spilling of a lot of blood.

NATO is behaving like the forces of Attila the Hun. These blood-thirsty vermin are laughingly describing Gadaffi and Assad as War Criminals, in reality they are the last remaining vestige of resistance to the aims of the bankers.  NATO will soon be turned against Europe when the resistance, which is sweeping through Greece and Spain builds up a head of steam in Italy and Ireland.

The people must take full advantage of the initiative which they have been given by the Icelanders. They must dismiss their elected politicians, call elections, vote for independent candidates, who have signed legal documents to guarantee adherence to their manifesto promises. Then cancel the debt. Nothing will happen, the threats are empty.

Elected Politicians have carried out the de-industrialisation of Europe and the US. We have been brought to our knees. We have nothing left to lose. All we have to look forward too if we cannot find the will to fight back is serfdom

We do not need bankers to give us a piece of paper, allowing us to print money out of nothing, we can do that ourselves. Do not be fooled by anyone who tells you any different. With the right leadership we can save ourselves, it is no point in looking to psychopaths to do it for us, if we do not stand up to them we will be destroyed.

The most important thing is to take back control of food production, otherwise they will soon be stealing that from under our noses. Be sure, these people are corrupt to the core, they have no intention of improving the existence of the people of the world, given the opportunity they will wipe us out, in the same manner as Chairman Mao or Uncle Joe.

This is not hyperbole, this is their stated aim, this is what they do. The average human being, will never understand the depths of cruelty of which these people are capable.  We are under attack on all fronts, through our food, vaccines, water and electronic devices, if the fight back is going to start, it must start now.