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The Israeli’s Are Gutless In Gaza.

The Khazar Jews in Israel, are once again attacking the unarmed, hungry children of Gaza, whom are still forced to live in the rubble of the homes, which were destroyed by the Satanic, child sacrificing, US supported, Yiddish disease which has infected the Middle East, during the last cold-blooded attack which Israel called, Cast Lead.

William Hague, the slightly gay, slightly bald, Foreign Secretary of the UK, in the face of the slaughter which is imminent in Gaza, is still desperately trying to take down Assad’s government in Syria, to suit the needs of Israel, he has not shown the slightest interest in the installation of a “No Fly Zone” over Israel, in order to save the lives of women and children in the Jewish Concentration Camp of Gaza.

One can only wonder what pressure is being used against Hague, in order to generate this apparently blind acceptance of the War Crimes of the illegal State of Israel.

In view of the current scandal concerning the high level of paedophilia within the United Kingdom, which goes all the way to the top of the dung heap, could be the reason why the present government is prepared to accept any barbarity, in order to avoid further exposures of their own brutal treatment of children.

The fact that all of the filth, which involves at least three former Prime Ministers of the UK and many members of their administrations, made its appearance at the moment when a push is being made to force a war against Iran, the taking down of the Assad regime and the further destruction of Gaza, should at least raise the question of exactly how much British Policy is decided by blackmail.

The Metropolitan Police in the UK are in possession of a report, Operation Ore, which was an investigation into child abuse and the disappearance of vulnerable children.

A few easy targets were outed as a result of the report and then the lid was clamped down and the report was never released. This is common practice in the UK. I would suggest that it is common practice because MI6 is controlled by the same hand as is the CIA and Mossad. While top Police Officers are now members of an International Association of High Ranking Policemen, which is under the control of the UN, which is itself a private organisation.

The incomprehensible support for the atrocities of Israel, not only against Palestine but also its attack against Iraq’s Nuclear Power Station and the destruction of Lebanon, which included the scattering of millions of bomblets, which are still killing and maiming children whom come across them, plus its current demand for an attack on Iran, can only be explained through the use of some form of blackmail.

Listening to William Hague expressing his undying support for Israel, was almost as embarrassing as were his claims of heterosexuality after being caught out spending the night with his chauffeur.

The US Presidential candidates were screaming their love of Israel and what they would do for Israel should they be elected on every possible occasion. Why?

In anybody’s terms Israel is a pariah state. They are conducting a genocide against Palestine. It is taking place in full view of the world. Where are the peacemakers? Where is the (Jewish controlled) United Nations. Are all of these scum, going sit back and watch the slaughter take place while doing nothing to stop it?

This Is Not A Witch-Hunt: There Were No Witches:Paedophiles Are All Around Us.

As the net closes in around them, politicians are starting to manufacture an atmosphere of injustice, in order to turn the heat on to the messenger, giving them time to organise an inter-party resistance to what could be and should be disastrous for numerous, predatory paedophiles in central and local government.

I do not believe that there is a single Member in the Commons, whom does not know whether Gordon Brown is, as alleged, a paedophile. The same thing applies to his colleague, Peter Mandelson, whom a whistle-blower, has already alleged to be a procurer of children for members of the European Commission.

William Hague, the man whom went to such extraordinary lengths to deny his own homosexuality, that it became embarrassing just listening to him, explaining his wife’s miscarriage as proof that he had in fact had sex with her, so how could he be a homosexual? After he had been caught spending the night with his chauffeur.  Hague was the man whom ordered that the names of the men, whom were accused of abuse, in the North Wales abuse scandal,  by the victims, should not be published.  As they have not been during the years since, and none were prosecuted. As is usual in these cases, only the gaolers were gaoled. Hague was a friend of Jimmy Savile, whom was implicated in the North Wales Affair and no doubt of the McAlpine family.

An unknown number of orphans have vanished, from so-called Care Homes, others have told tales of humiliation and torture and gang rape. In Dunblane, sixteen boys and a teacher were gunned down in cold blood. By chance, they were the boys whom had complained of having been rented out to Masonic Lodges for sexual abuse. Several leading politicians not only had connections to the alleged killer, but also to the Masonic Lodge implicated in the abuse. In light of this case, Tony Blair was obliged to demand a one hundred year D Notice to be slapped onto the Enquiry Report, in  order to avert the arrest of half of his War Cabinet, as the illegal war on Iraq approached.

In Kincora in Northern Ireland, Royalty and their Politicians, such as Ted Heath, a paedophile of repute, and the British Security Services, are all alleged to have made use of the boys in the Care Home, for various purposes, including the filming of abuse, which was used to blackmail the abuser. Once again the Toff’s were implicated, the boys were taken to be abused at Birr Castle in Eire, which was owned by the folk whom in earlier times, played out sado-masochistic games to pander to the obscene desires of the Nobility, in the Hellfire Club. Human remains were uncovered in the cellar of the Club.

There were also overtones of Black Magic Rites, which involved the savage Shankhill Butchers, whom had apparently drained the blood from the body of their last victim and accidentally left him alive to relate the tale. Once again only the gaolers were gaoled.

In the Haut de la Garenne case in Jersey, we have both  Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath, on the scene of the crime. Once again we have human remains being dug up all over the site of the Care Home and a hastily hidden dungeon. Prince Charles was a friend of a director of the Haut de la Garenne, as he was of Jimmy Savile and of course he no doubt had rather a lot of contact with Ted Heath.

This is just a brief oversight of some of the antics of those whom rule us. Can this all be dismissed as malicious gossip? What are the heir to the throne and his brother doing in the company of paedophiles? How many Toffs were implicated in Operation Ore? How many police officers and Judges were found with downloaded images of children being abused?

This should not be turned into an issue which the guilty can wriggle out of by claiming it is all just ridiculous allegations. If the names of the abusers are in the hands of the police in readiness for a trial, where is the trial?

It was not the Dunblane killer whom was implicated in the Speculative Society child abuse, it was a group of politicians, why have their names been kept secret? In Kincora it was not the staff of the Care Home, whom had access to Birr Castle, it was Royalty and Politicians.  Why do we not know their identity?

How many serial paedophiles, whom should be on the Sex Abusers Register, are walking amongst vulnerable children, whom should they be abused, will be ignored by the police, when they present their evidence?

The sacking of BBC staff should not be used in “There you are, we’ve taken care of the problem,” effort, as a means of burying the issue. We have already waited decades for other trials, which have never materialised, after, long delayed Enquiries have been used to smother the evidence and the guilty. I get the uncomfortable feeling that the folk whom run the Enquiries, could well be a part of the problem themselves. High Society is riddled with this filth, the people must insist on openness this time.

The Elusive Paedophile Member Of A Past Prime Ministers Cabinet.

Take a look at a photo of Margaret Thatchers Cabinet and I bet you pick out the same suspicious looking character as I have. No not that one.

           An awful lot of people must have thought that Savile would never die.

Could someone please put a name to this face Its on the tip of my tongue, it’s..it’s.. Go on help me out.

We were supplied with copies of court documents…there was an order made for the book of photos to be destroyed.

So Messham’s photos of alleged abuse…were destroyed?

They were. Well that’s what’s in court papers – official documents.”

That could have been vital evidence?It could. Yes.”I


This was in response to a question concerning the photographs, which were presented to the abused children, in order to identify those whom had abused them. The guilty were certainly selected by the children. The cousin of Lord McAlpine was presented to Meesham as that of Lord McAlpine,  after this the photographs were apparently destroyed.

We are now expected to accept, that a dead member of the McAlpine family whom was not arrested by the police, was the abuser in question, while his cousin can threaten libel action to prevent further investigation.

One way or another we are being prevented from digging out the truth of the sordid behaviour of the “Toffs.” We have not even been given access to the two photographs, which were involved in the Police deception.

Jimmie McAlpine was not alone in the North Wales child abuse scandal, why did it take a just a few words from one of the victims, to spur the police into presenting another photograph? Why would it have occurred to them that there may have been a confusion, if they had not been party to the deception in the first place?

It has recently become apparent, that the police will destroy or tamper with evidence to pervert the course of justice, in any investigation in which “Toffs,” are implicated, all of this present carry on  sounds just a little bit fishy, showing a remarkable resemblance to the massive cover-up of the Blair governments behaviour in the Dunblane Massacre.

I have removed one of the photographs which was posted here, because there appears to be some doubt as to which member of the McAlpine family was indeed involved in a serious case of paedophilia. I will be looking into this and will update as soon as possible.

It would appear that the real question ought to be, was there anybody whom was not a paedophile in the Government of Margaret Thatcher?

This trio earns their place on the roster of filth, because they are not simply paedophiles but aggressively so. Around this bunch there is even talk of the killing children, in search of some sort of sadistic pleasure.

Many excuses have been offered, to afford some sort of acceptability to this form of sexual perversion, it has been claimed that an insight into the mechanism of the universe can be found, through the inspiration which comes from the shock of seeing the sudden, bloody death of a child. This inspiration can include the gaining of arcane knowledge which can unlock the hidden mysteries of science. Yeh right!

The strange look on David Cameron’s face in Parliament, when he was confronted with the statement of Tom Watson, concerning a paedophile ring in Downing Street, was most likely provoked, by the recent decision to recall a member of a “previous Prime Ministers Cabinet,” whom had been banished to the European Commission after having been questioned by Police, when a half-naked, frightened boy stumbled from the Members home into the arms of the Police.

He is to join the coalition, in an effort to find even more swinging means of robbing the people to pay their friends in the City of London. Cameron must have been having an Andy Coulson moment, thinking “Oh no not again! Can I deny it?”

There were many other Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, whom were named in the Ore report, which has been placed out of sight. It included evidence that the Police had known all about Jimmy Savile since at least nineteen-ninety-five.

This is the sorry state of affairs in British Politics and all of it hidden under D Notices. Including an unknown number of killings. What can you expect when you discover that even the Police whom were sent to support the families whose daughters were killed in Soham, were themselves paedophiles. Soon we will be running around shaking people and telling them not to go to sleep, in case they wake up as Nonces.