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The United Kingdom, All Party, Justification Of Mass Murder And Robbery, Is Gathering Speed.

The spokes-people, of all political colours, are being given airtime on the BBC and other News outlets, to justify the deliberately provoked wars across the Middle East and the Maghreb.

The British had already laid their plans to take Gadaffi down, long before the outbreak of the Zionist driven “Arab Spring.”

British SAS ‘Diplomats,’ were arrested in Libya, while they were busy stoking up the Benghazi terrorists, to unleash the paid uprising against Gadaffi.

Cameron the Clown who plays the role of Prime Minister in the UK Circus, assures us that the People of Libya, will one day be grateful, despite having lost everything they held dear, their education system in ruins, Hospitals destroyed, water systems bombed, electricity, a distant memory and an ongoing Civil War, for the humanitarian aid which was dropped upon them from the air, by the British scum, whom then stole their gold and oil for their Rulers in Israel.

Cameron goes on to claim that the people of Iraq, will forgive the destruction which was wreaked on their country, under cover of lies and deception, as they can now see a rosy future stretching before them, which will of course involve the care and attention of thousands of deformed babies, the medical costs of those whom lost limbs, their eyesight and in many cases the skin off their bodies due to the use of illegal weapons.

They will of course find it a simple matter to pay for the reconstruction of the entire country, thanks to the excessive price of two dollars a barrel, which the likes of BP are generously paying for the Iraqi oil reserves. They will never of course, recover the priceless relics of their history, which were looted under the watch of US Military murderers, from the Baghdad Museums.

Afghanistan is still being prepared to be overjoyed, at the death and destruction which has been inflicted on to the people, whom like the Iraqis have committed no crime against the West. No terrorists were ever discovered in Afghanistan, that was all a lie, generating an excuse to keep control of the Opium, and to make sure that they are on the spot to steal the trillions of Dollars  worth of natural resources, with which Afghanistan is blessed.

In Syria, where the British are as usual, on hand, to provoke trouble, by hiring thugs to shoot a few people whom were demonstrating, thus providing yet another hackneyed excuse to unleash a typical British slaughter on to the people of Syria.

Once again the saving of Syria, involves the total destruction of the infrastructure, in what is laughingly described as a Civil War. Syria, the State with a centuries old multi-racial make-up, where the religions have peacefully abided together, is now being pushed into a religious war, from which Cameron and his murdering thugs can pretend to save them. Unfortunately, as in Libya, which is an unmentionable for Cameron, after this victory the religious slaughter will be unleashed.

Throughout all of this cold-blooded murder and mayhem, the blameless British people, will be turning out in their droves to salute the ‘Royal Family’ and to pray for the recovery of the ‘Duke,’ while still trying to guess the sex of Kate and Wills baby.

The current members of the UK Parliament are responsible for the murder torture and dismemberment of more innocent people, than the combined total of all of the so-called ‘monsters’ whom they have deposed, for their Zionist masters in Israel.  The next logical step in the over-all plan, will be the declaration of war against the remains of the English people, whom are now a minority in many places across the UK. That has always been the plan behind mass immigration. You were warned by Enoch Powell, why do you think he was demonised?

Laying The World To Waste.

In an early documentary film, outlining the events surrounding 911, it was reported that just a short time before the attack, representatives of the Taliban had been holding talks with the US Government. It was suggested that the talks had revolved around a renegotiation of the price which must be paid, for Afghanistan’s main cash crop, Opium.

There are those whom believe that Iraq was the selected target, after the 911 attack, however because of the failure of the talks with the Taliban, the decision was made to destroy them and to take control of the Opium, before going into Iraq. The secret talks, which have been taking place for some time, are probably no more than a haggle about the price of Heroin.

In the meantime, Afghanistan has been laid to waste, the brother of a Drug Baron, has been placed in power, despite having lost a “Democratic” election and the Taliban and Mullah Omar are still fighting.

There is certainly some discrepancy between a military, which claims to be able to pick out a terrorist, al Awlaki, for example and his son, supposedly killing them without trial, using a Drone, yet they have never managed to track down the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan.  Which lends credence to the idea of collusion between the US and the Taliban.

There is also the conundrum as to whom is arming the Taliban. It has been no small task, to smuggle the vast amounts of armaments, necessary to maintain twelve years of constant warfare, into Afghanistan, unseen by the hundreds of Drones which are swarming over the entire country.

A cynic would probably suggest, that this presents no problem whatsoever, as they are probably brought into the country, along with NATO’s supplies. They are after all no doubt from the same weapon shops.

President Karzai, the Drug Baron’s brother, has now voiced his concern over the alleged secret understanding, between NATO and the Taliban.

It has been well documented for some time,  that NATO Forces have been guarding the Opium fields, making sure that the mean streets of the Western World are awash with Heroin, which along with the Cocaine from South of the Border, has been financing most of the US inspired terrorism across the civilised world.

It would be a strange turn of events, should it turn out, that those whom have armed and trained the killers in Libya, Syria, Nicaragua, Colombia, Bosnia and Iran, are not sharing the same expertise in Afghanistan.

While spending huge sums of taxpayers money, in places like Afghanistan, using the pretext of the existence of terrorist training camps and international terrorism, which inevitably turns out to be controlled by those whom claim to be destroying it.  NATO is cynically ignoring the most dangerous terrorist state on the planet, Israel, which has killed, tortured and maimed more innocent people in the Middle East, than the combined total of Assad and Gadaffi.

It is fair to say that NATO is not operating for the benefit of those by whom it is financed. Like the British and French Governments, they are wholly controlled by an unseen hand.

Six British Soldiers Deaths Provide Propaganda Opportunity For The UK.

The Sky News presentation of the deaths of six British soldiers in Afghanistan, was an excellent lesson in the use of any crisis to further your justification for your illegal war and to present a case against your next presumed target.

Sam Kiley, whose reports never fail to give the impression that he has been briefed by MI6, while having absolutely no first hand knowledge of the attack, managed to include all of the keywords into his drivel.

To suit the occasion, it appears that it would be nigh on impossible to make a home-made bomb powerful enough to cause the damage which he had not actually seen. It would, he assured us, have come across the border from Iran. Ah yes Iran! No, hold on. Or from Hezbollah in Lebanon. Or maybe Saddam Hussein lives on.

This is in direct contradiction to the police evidence, which assured us that some young lads in the UK  could  make such  bombs, in their kitchen, which were powerful enough to destroy Tube Trains and Double-Decker buses in London to carry out the 7-7 attacks.

Kiley’s crap was followed by a statement from the Army, reminding us that these lads had died to protect UK citizens from attacks at home. Perhaps I missed the story of a terrorist attack which was carried out by the Taliban in the UK or anywhere else in Europe  or the World. He extended his condolences to the families of the soldiers. He might have added that Afghan children are being killed on a daily basis, along with their parents, in the name of protecting Brits at home.

Perhaps Kiley has failed to notice that despite all the fear-mongering, there has not been a single so-called terrorist attack, from a provable Muslim source, in the UK.  The attacks, which have been carried out can be traced back to the real culprits, whom of course are crouching behind the excuse of “conspiracy theory” rubbish. No evidence as strong as the “conspiracy theory” evidence has ever been presented, while Blair at the 7-7 enquiry was given the same opportunity to incriminate Iran as was he, Kiley, when Iran has attacked no-one.

The war in Afghanistan is illegal, it has more to do with Opium than problems with terrorists. As for the dead soldiers, Kissinger called them dumb animals, to be used as cannon fodder.

Kiley is simply sign-posting Iran or Lebanon as a threat, which will be dealt with after Syria has been dealt with. Syria has already been subjected to the full force of Sky News Black Propaganda.

Kiley might like another tour of Libya, where can enjoy the results of his eagerness to have the country bombed to oblivion, he might offer his condolences to some of the widows and orphans whom gave their lives to protect BRITISH interests.