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Why The Absence Of Sauce For The Gander?

Fifty Years ago, a terrorist attack was launched by the State of Israel, against an unarmed ship, the USS Liberty, in an attempt to provoke a war against Egypt, by laying the blame for the attack on the Egyptian regime. This attack was written out of history and no legal action, of any sort, not even a reprimand, was made against the Israeli terrorists.

Some years later, another attack against an American ship, the USS Cole, was carried out, and without supporting evidence, the blame was laid at the door of Muslim terrorists. This was our introduction to the name Osama bin Laden. The fact that Israel, which had most certainly been responsible for the attack on the USS Liberty, was also implicated in the attack of the USS Cole, was ignored.

A year later, there was another attack, this time, on the World Trade Centre in New York, the 911 episode. The finger of blame was immediately pointed in the direction of International Muslim Terrorism, under the control of Osama bin Laden and a list, naming a group of Muslim suicide bombers was instantly, produced, before the dust had settled.

The fact that a group of Israeli ‘artists’ had been lodged in the World Trade Centre, in the months preceding the attack, was ignored as being of no importance, as was the fact that a group of Jews had been intercepted by Police, on the Washington Bridge, in a van, with a large illustration of the World Trade Centre emblazoned on its side, with an aircraft crashing into it and with a large amount of high explosives inside. All of this, plus the evidence, on Israeli television, of five Mossad agents who admitted to having been on a mission to film the event live, which has become part of history, was all ignored and the unsupported claims against the Muslims sustained. One could be forgiven should one smell a rat in the sewer.

There were also other unsupported claims made against Muslims leading up to 911, in Kenya and other places, but there has never been a finger pointed in the direction of a group which initiated World Two, in 1933 and which by 1947 was murdering British Soldiers in Palestine, all without reproach.

Even in 2001, apart from a few hijackings carried out by Palestinian Groups, which were ‘freedom fighters’ as were the Jews during the Second World War, there was no sign of any such thing as International Muslim Terrorism. We were jokingly informed that Osama bin Laden, was rich and that he was using his own money to fund Al Qaeda, which was actually an invention of the USA to fight against those pesky Russians in Afghanistan, so Osama was funding the USA, was he? I see.

Thanks to the unstinting efforts of the “Free to Fake News” media, all traces of Israeli involvement in terrorism has been written out of modern history, while the totally unsupported claims of Muslim involvement in terrorism, which in the United States alone, was 95% fabricated by the FBI, in the absence of the ‘real’ thing, has lead to the massacre and displacement of millions of innocent Muslims by those whom are quite openly, working for Israel.

We were told, by our politicians, that certain brutal dictators had to be taken down and their countries liberated through the introduction of Democracy. Since 911 in 2001, an estimated ten million Muslim souls have lost their lives due to the actions of NATO and its coalition, which has devastated the Middle East, where there is as yet, a total absence of this wonderful gift of Democracy.Since

On the other hand there is now an enormous problem, of displaced people and what do know, suddenly a large bunch of Jews, are calling for the importation, of massive numbers of immigrants into Europe and all other European controlled countries. How extraordinary, that these urgings by Jews, should come hot on the heels of the deliberate destruction of all of those Muslims States, which stood in the way of the Jews dream of Greater Israel. The false claim of a connection to 911 had led to an attack against Iraq, which had no connection at all with the events, which were ultimately used as an excuse to attack the entire Middle East. The reality being that neither did Gadaffi, the Taliban or, indeed Bashar al Assad.

No connection has ever been found, amongst any of those States, in the Middle East, which have been cynically laid to waste, is there anybody out there who does not adhere to the lie that it was all because of Muslim Terrorism? Is that not thanks to a media which has covered up the truth for the past seventeen years?

The Riddle Of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Riddle Of Jeremy Corbyn.

The British can sure of one thing, Jeremy Corbyn is not too concerned about what those, by whom he was elected, want or expect. He is more concerned with power, and the possibility of introducing International Socialism across the world. Make no mistake about it, this is Communism, with the so-called Elite in control.

His Shadow Finance Minister, has already floated the idea of the government, giving everybody a monthly salary, which will deliver a fairer share of the wealth to everybody. This will eventually lead on to a state where that is all you will get.

This will then become a credit which will have to have been used before the end of the month otherwise it will be wiped from your account. This will ensure that you cannot have savings. Should you transgress, your account can be blocked making your life impossible. This is the wet dream of Socialism.

Corbyn, like the rest of the Members in the House is being disingenuous, he knows full well the aims of the Fabian Society, which correspond with the philosophy of The Milner Group, which has already surreptitiously, taken control of our lives,  through the use of our money and labours. Corbyn is a farce.

What is more he is in full support of the main plank in the agenda of the Elite, the lie of man-made climate change, which will of course be solved by restrictions on the poor.

The Carbon Tax, which Corbyn supports, will do nothing whatsoever to change the weather, it is no more than yet another means of degrading first world life, down to the level of the third world, instead of improving life for those, whom have never ever made the slightest attempt to do it for themselves.

As a politician, Corbyn should be fully aware of exactly what politicians are voting for in documents like Agenda 21 and 2030, however he has yet to explain whether he intends to support a document, which will forbid human beings access to the open country-side. Banish private transport apart from bicycles and make the ownership of your own home illegal.

You will not be allowed to raise your standard of living above that of the controlled norm. Childbirth will depend on Government permission. Accidental pregnancy will involve a mandatory abortion. All of these monstrosities are being planned for your future, after the end of the fast approaching Dark Age.

Any one who has spent a few minutes reading history, both ancient and modern, will appreciate that what I am suggesting has already been a reality, for most people since the dawn of time.

There have always been those whom believe that they were born to lead and all that bull-crap. This has lead to war and mayhem, from which the people have gained nothing. They have allowed themselves to be used in order to agrandir the lives of a bunch of fakes, who have no more than an illusion of power.

Corbyn has accidentally disclosed the absolute lack of importance in the role played by elected Politicians. He recently had a revolt by ‘senior’ members of the Labour Party. These are the mainly brainless idiots, who occupy the Front Bench in Parliament and a place in the Shadow Cabinet.

When they resigned and tried to get rid of him, Corbyn did quite simply choose equally capable idiots from the Back Benches to fill the roles of the ‘senior’ prats, most of whom, when they did have this ‘power’ took the UK into illegal wars and were so stupid that they did not spot the collapse which was on its way in 2008 and in response to which, Gordon Brown broke the Bank of England to pay the debts of gamblers in the banking system and did then introduce austerity. Well done.

The Conservative Party, with their Front Bench intact, promised to sort out the mysterious ‘deficit’ in short order. They failed to do so and installed ever more severe forms of austerity, all of which was to suppress the fact that Britain was on its knees, and everybody must be stripped of their wealth, never again to be able to afford a house and totally dependent on the State.

There has been a conspiracy to export British Industry to the Far East and China, to make sure that when the reality of the true, engineered, situation in Europe was exposed, there would be little left to suffer from the collapse of the European economy.

Where were the Fabian Socialists, while that was going on, I wonder? Perhaps they were doing what they have always done, deliberately provoking those wars, which distracted attention from the cold, hard events on the ground.

Now that the collapse has arrived, so-called alternative substitutes like Corbyn, are being presented as the solution to the problem, by slyly introducing the British to the naked theft of their few remaining liberties, into the hands of same gang which has been destroying the lives of the working man, since the days leading up to the Industrial Revolution.

As were all previous revolutions, the Industrial one was a rich mans’ revolution, which stripped the workers of their remaining rights and which drove the British out of the villages and into those Dark Satanic Mills, in which they were worked to death.

Only to watch the rich close down, those mills as the Industry was moved to Asia, where the cheap labour was to be found.

The chosen solution, to this sudden surfeit of workers in the UK, was two World Wars, which pitilessly slaughtered millions of young men, the finest in Europe. So we have come full circle and once again we are being manipulated by the rich.



This time around the rich intend to destroy our very civilisation, once again through the medium of cold-blooded warfare, hiding behind which they will once more destroy European Industry, which can later be re-started with an obedient Migrant population in place.  Migrants whom have been driven from their own warm and cosy lands, into the Arctic and the coming mini-Ice-Age, by the very people, whose ancestral lands will soon ‘belong’ to the incomers. This is sheer madness.

The Neo-Industrialists in India and China, are already greedily marking out Africa, where the resources are to be found, for the same Bankers whom once raped and robbed Africa and turned China into an Opium Den and India into a land of cotton and cheap clothes.

While at the same time, the bankers are paying the fighting age population of Africa to come to Europe and having been bussed into Libya, they are being picked up in the Mediterranean Sea and brought into Europe to destroy it.

Be sure, the immigration explosion into Europe is a war. This current war was declared in 2001 after a mysterious attack in New York, which was so complicated as to have been way beyond the capabilities of those whom were the ‘chosen’ guilty perpetrators, against whom there has never been one shred of evidence produced, proving that they did indeed commit the attacks.

Using this event as the excuse, Western Forces, under NATO and the controlled Arab States, under the Arab League, have set about the massacre of the Middle East.

The British, are even now, supplying the weapons which Saudi Arabia is using to destroy Yemen, having done the same thing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, while the brain-dead British are unable to see the connection between the behaviour of their politicians and the coming Civil War.

The brutality of the British, has been diabolical and shows in clear images, the depths of depravity, to which, British and European Politicians, many of them Jews, are prepared to sink.

They are obsessed with violence and pain. Even mass executions demand a bit of torture prior to death.

Never forget, these people in ‘power’ recently told us that they had captured Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan, he was the most wanted man in the world, they killed him and tossed his body into the sea, and everybody believed them. If you can believe that you can be made to believe anything.

How Much More Of This Garbage Are We Expected To Believe

I was quite amused today listening to posh boy David Cameron, deploring Jeremy Corbyn, for suggesting that it was a tragedy that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

Perhaps Cameron is not up to speed,  concerning the  FBI position on Bin Laden, which clearly states that there was no evidence connecting Bin Laden to 911.

Just as there is no evidence connecting Bashar al Assad to chemical weapon attacks on his own people,  as is continually claimed,  by every member of Cameron’s Cabinet, as justification for financing “brutal” terrorist attacks against a State which posed no threat to the UK.  Why would Assad deliberately bomb his own people?

I would go farther and suggest that it would appear to be only gullible little posh boys whom still believe the Bush Fable about nineteen Muslim hijackers being responsible for the 911 attack, or Cameron’s claims about Assad’s use of chemical weapons, which was shown to be a lie by  Carla Ponti of the United Nations. She said quite clearly, though apparently unheard by Cameron and his cohorts that it was the  Western financed terrorist who had done so.

Does Cameron genuinely believe, that a helicopter landed in the garden, of a house in Pakistan, from which a whole load of Navy Seals burst out, forced an entry into the house, charged into a room, where some old-timer was sat watching a television documentary about 911 and they managed to take a photo of this old chap before he even had time to turn his head to see what was going on?

That they then took this old-timer away, claiming  him to be the most wanted man in the world, questioned him, without ever producing a transcript of to what he had confessed, executed and threw his corpse into the sea without so much as taking a photograph as proof of their claims, nor indeed explaining exactly of what he was accused, before they shot him and dumped him.

Well Mr Cameron, you might not want Jeremy Corbyn to run the UK for having suggested it to have been a shame that Bin Laden had not been put on trial, while you expect us to believe, that two young lads, somewhere in Syria – who were, of course, threatening to come back to the UK to kill all the infidels – were tracked down, and the information about the vehicle, in which they were travelling was passed to the Royal Air Force, along with pin-point co-ordinates for the “drone” attack, which killed these boys, without need of any proof, as to what they had actually been doing in Syria, that is if they had ever been in Syria.

You Mister Cameron, like Barack Obama before you, stand in front of your electorate and excuse yourself of what is apparently, the cold-blooded murder, of whoever was in that vehicle, without a trace of shame.

You claim, without a shred of evidence, that these boys posed  a threat to the UK. Whatever became of the much vaunted British fair play and Justice?

Perhaps it is necessary to point out to the UK Prime Minister that there are a growing number of folk whom believe it to have been a bunch of Jew Supremacists, some of whom were actually arrested, with bombs in their possession, in the act of preparing to carry out a second attack on a traffic packed New York bridge, who were responsible for 911.

These culprits were of course released without charge, otherwise the years of planning of the “New Pearl Harbour,” 911,  would have been nullified, putting on hold,  the build-up to the “justifiable” destruction and clearance of the Middle East, which had been laid out in the PNAC document.

Should you Tories be unaware of this fact, Wesley Clark, himself a Jew, can be found explaining this PNAC all over the Inter-Web,

So take notice Mister Cameron, there are many of us, who have seen through the use of “phantoms” as Straw Men, who carry the blame and generate an excuse for those like you, whom never miss the opportunity to despatch paid killers in uniform to murder the innocent.

There was no Osama Bin Laden,  Mister Cameron and you did not kill two young British lads in a car in Syria, that is unless you and Obama are telling fibs about exactly how difficult it appears to have been to track down Daech Camps in Syria, while being so simple to track down two British boys, who you claim to have been with Daech.

When he was not making distorted allegations against Corbyn, Cameron was letting the world know that the good old caring Conservative Party, would put an end to discrimination against women, Blacks, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Gays, Transgenders,  one and all in fact, except that is for the down-trodden White Male, unless he finds a place amongst the Gays or Transgenders.

Muslim youths are even lower down the list than are White males, they are, apparently, being “Radicalised” in large numbers, hundreds of them in fact, according to the police. It has been disclosed that they have been spotted by “monitors” who are now lurking around Secondary Schools, getting information from members of staff, who are also on the look-out for possible “Terrorists.”

Suspects are  being sent to “de-Radicalisation Centres” – I kid you not –  to be treated by experts. I believe the following clip will give you idea of the kind of techniques which are used.

Cameron’s Communitarian ambitions also forged ahead when he announced that the administration of schools would be taken out of the control of Local Authorities. Children, will in future,  receive their conditioning,  in line with Agenda 21/2030,  directly from the unelected  Supremacist controlled European Union.

Cameron made no mention of the Agenda 2030 Treaty which had been signed at the United Nations, which basically handed the UK, lock, stock and barrel,  into the hands of  International Jewry. It is not clear whether the TTIP treaty – which will force Europe to allow poisoned US chickens and other genetically modified foodstuffs into Europe and the UK – was signed into law at the same meeting. Whether it was or not makes little difference as We the People are not even allowed to know what it contains.


Listening to the babble on the News, which has been provoked by Russia’s intervention in Syria, with the British Minister of War, calling for action to be taken to discourage Russia from backing Bashar al Assad, who is “barrel bombing his own people…Blah! Blah! Blah.”

While other totally biased journalists, whom are on the one hand decrying the Russian attempts to take a leading role in Middle-Eastern affairs, have, on the other hand been lying through their teeth about the actions of the Supremacist Jews in Israel, whom have hundreds of Israeli terrorists hiding behind the kagools of Daech, fighting against the Assad regime in Syria,  in furtherance of their aims of building Greater Israel, with carefully selected areas of Syria and other Middle-Eastern countries.

Cameron could not care less about the number of deaths, for which he has personally been responsible, whether in Libya, Syria, Yemen, or elsewhere, whether the killing be done by British “Troops” or with British weapons in the hands of the savages in Saudi Arabia, from where the funding for Daech has been forthcoming and who almost un-noticed by the “Free Press” have been laying Yemen to waste.

In Turkey, which has been under the control of hidden Supremacist Jews, ever since Kamal Ataturk constructed modern Turkey, they are making sure that the Kurds do not set about building a homeland on territory which is reserved for Israel, the land where the oil is, of course. The number of twists and turns which are taking place in and around Syria at the moment are beyond belief.

So Mister Cameron, you are not actually presenting anything even approaching the truth. You are a very naughty Posh Boy.  So would it not be better if you stepped down now, before somebody decides that you are a brutal, evil leader and send in the Free British Army to break your balls and to lay the UK to waste?

The invention of Daech was no more than yet another means of generating hate against Muslims and justifying the installation of ever more draconian laws to control the ever more aware British people, who are no longer fooled by rich financial fraudsters.

The much vaunted Caliphate, which was to be installed by Daech, would never have even been considered, had it not been totally controlled by Supremacists from Israel, London or New York and its real purpose would have been to continue the clearances of territory, to make a space for the enlargement of Israel. However many people are forced to leave the Middle East in the process.

Make what you will of the following clip. My interest in it is the first few minutes which are devoted to what is being said about White People, by those whom would never stop complaining should they be attacked in a similar fashion. Take a good listen.

The Ins And Outs Of Terrorism Made Muddy

I have never been convinced that there is any such thing as International Muslim Terrorism.

Osama Bin Laden, was never anything other than a myth – as have been the various leaders of other groups, “affiliated” to Al Qaeda – he came, out of the blue on 911, and despite being the alleged child of a family, which had been and still is,  closely involved with the Bush family, with whom Osama must have been acquainted, there is nary a photograph of them together, and he then simply vanished into the deep blue sea.

Since 911 we have been presented with a multiplicity of images of Bin Laden, yet we have never been shown a photograph of the Bin Laden whom was thrown into the sea by the CIA or indeed how many of the images were carried by the Seal team, to make sure they killed the right man.

bin laden composite 2

We are now being fed various names of  the leaders of Daech, the “new” Al Qaeda on the block, leaders whom are being killed at an astonishing rate by US drones. Hardly had I become familiar with ol’ Baghdadi, when he abruptly left the scene.

On the anniversary of 7-7, the British are attempting to build up a stronger case against the young “patsies” whom were gunned down in Dockland on 7-7, presumably with their back-packs still in place, having missed the train to their rendezvous at an underground execution site, by suggesting that they may have been implicated in an attack in Tel Aviv, shortly before 7-7.  Yeh right!

I smell shades of the White Widow garbage,which was used in an attempt to convince us all that an attack in Kenya was the  ‘real thing’ and not just another faked stunt. Whatever the truth, for it to have taken several hours for help to arrive is odd, to say the least.

These same ghouls, while lining up to shed crocodile tears for the dead and wounded of the 7-7 attack, at the commemoration in Hyde Park, having failed to investigate the possibility of Israeli involvement in the attack itself,  are now completely ignoring the anniversary of the murderous attack on Gaza which was carried out one year ago by their Friends in Israel, which is a form of acceptable terrorism or more properly legalised Genocide.

So here we are, sandwiched between 7-7 and the strange affair on a beach in Tunisia, both of which were condemned as brutal Muslim terrorism, being carried out by a warped version of a religion, by fanatical murderers, while the mass slaughterers from Israel are simply, justifiably, defending themselves, while some of their ghouls sit in arm-chairs, drinking whatever fanatical Jews drink, on a hill-side overlooking Gaza, watching and cheering on the slaughter.

One might reasonably ask the question as to which side in this phony war on terror, is actually holding aloft the real banner of terrorism and wholesale murder of innocent women and children.




Saint George Battles The Hitler Gene.

Having already infected many politicians and so-called Dictators, the Hitler Gene now appears to be loose in the world around us.  Luckily, the swaggering, humanitarian warriors of Saint George, the well-known slayer of dragons, are on hand, to once more go boldly into the breech, with no regard for their own  safety or comfort to rid the world of the Hitler like menace, Carbon Dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide has in past times, been thought of as being one of the most important gasses, with which the planet Earth has been blessed. It was once thought of as being the most beneficial of all the gasses for the promotion of plant  growth, Market Gardeners had pumped copious doses of Carbon Dioxide into their greenhouses to increase the yields of their crops, apparently unaware that by doing so they had created a massive change in the weather.

The United Nations invested millions of Dollars in “baksheesh,” which was liberally sprinkled amongst  scientists, whom had been instructed to declare the World to be warming, because of this alleged effect of Carbon Dioxide on the Earth’s weather. The electronic mail which had passed between these men of letters, suggested that despite a lot of manipulation, the temperature refused to rise and persisted in declining. This would suggest to those of normal intelligence, that the Carbon Dioxide could therefore not be responsible.

Well they would be wrong, apparently the mail which had passed amongst the scientists, which appeared to be quite clear, it was all in English, was not quite as clear as it appeared. It was in fact in Scientalese, a language which inverted English. For a scientist, up is down, increase is decrease, so it follows from this, that to “hide the decline,” should be read as “do not hide the decline.”

The idea that the World was warming, as we had been told, has now subtly changed, despite the fact that it had been getting colder, for many years, which it continues to do, we have to accept that it is in fact, getting warmer and colder at the same time, which is being caused by this new Hitler Gene, encased in Carbon Dioxide, which is now responsible for all and everything that is wrong with the planet.   Problems which can only be solved by wearing a sweater in bed, to reduce Carbon Dioxide production, giving up our cars and of course, paying extra taxes.

I was intrigued by this capacity of a kindly simple molecule to change, in an undetectable manner into something else. which was highly dangerous and would probably end up killing us all.

As I pondered this enigma, I was introduced to yet another example of this phenomena, of inexplicable change occurring unnoticed and without warning, when a Black women in Kenya, explained to the world that a white English woman, had been involved it an attack against a shopping Mall in Kenya. This was explained  while the attack was still in progress. A statement which was in total contradiction with a statement which had been made by the Kenyan Government.

Samantha Lewthwaite, the woman in question, is now better known by the DC Comic Cut name of The White Widow. The exact source of this nick-name is unknown, however it probably come out of the foetid depths of the CIA or Mossad.  This is the girl, who was apparently married to one of the 7-7 Patsies, whom was gunned down in London’s Docklands, probably by the same band of scum, whom pumped eleven dum-dum bullets into Jean Charles de Menezes, in the London Underground, as he lay, unarmed on the floor of a Tube Train.


Samantha was also pregnant at the time, with her second child, one of the reasons  her husband had accepted a days work for the group, which was carrying out a drill on 7-7, for which he was to earn a days pay. She was in no way involved with any group of lads from the North of England, whom were the alleged bombers on 7-7. She was just an ordinary young mother, who was about to be infected by the Hitler Gene.

Samantha, disappeared from her home in the UK, some time ago. She may have kept in touch with her family, however they do not appear to have made any comment as to her whereabouts or even whether she is still alive. Nevertheless, the award-winning liar from Sky News, Alex Crawford,  announced to the world, on the early morning News programme, that she had discovered the whereabouts of Samantha, in Kenya. Surprise! Surprise!

What is more, Samantha now has a fourth child. She was living in what appeared to be a luxury apartment, overlooking another shopping Centre, where we were assured she spent hours, mingling with thousands of people, whom were quite unaware that the “joint was being cased” for as long as eleven months, in readiness for a possible attack. Finally of course, the  Westgate Mall was selected and four men attacked it, all of whom were killed.

The Sky Liars, not only discovered the whereabouts of Samantha, they managed to dig out witnesses, whom verified, from photos which they were shown, that the woman whom had lived in the apartment, with four children, was indeed the person in the photos. We did see the photos. She then abruptly disappeared, this happened in 2011, which would be two years before the attack on the Westgate Mall.

Finally, the Coup de Grâce, Sky News found Samantha Lewthwaite’s Laptop.  And what do you suppose they discovered on her Laptop?  You are not going to believe me when I tell you. They found that she had downloaded the Mujahedeen How To Make A Bomb Book.   On top of that, Samantha, whom looked just a little bit chubby, facially that is, had downloaded weight reduction and Body Building programmes? Crawford assured us that someone had attempted to destroy the computer but had failed. I suppose they had no matches, so they chose to leave it where two years later, it was found, still intact, with all of the damning data, still available.

It appears that Samantha wanted to style herself along the lines of Taylor Swift,










Take your pick which style she was after?

We now arrive at the item which to my twisted mentality, was the most powerful piece of evidence of the total fabrication of this reportage, They claim to have found an Ode to Osama Bin Laden, which spoke of Samantha’s love for him and her assurance, which was described by the liar Crawford, to be a side-swipe at the West, that Al Qaeda was stronger than ever and that they would win in  the end.

Now I know hundreds of Arabs, from all across the Maghreb and the Middle East, yet not one of them believe that Al Qaeda is anything other than a tool of Saudi Arabia and the Israeli, USA, UK and French coalition of evil.  Now I am quite sure that having had her husband killed, after he had been contacted by the man from Al Qaeda, and having no doubt watched all of the alternative films, which are available online, Samantha Lewthwaite would not be writing an Ode to Osama Bin Laden.

She would probably, like me, doubt the very existence of Osama Bin Laden and like me, she would probably question the apparent strategy, of attacking only those targets which served the interests of Israel. Even the attack in Nairobi, which was finished off by a Mossad team, was designed to fabricate an excuse to attack Somalia. So how does this exact any sort of revenge for the execution of her husband?  I fear for the future of Samantha Lewthwaite.  She is beginning to resemble a Patsy herself.  She is most certainly unaware that she has in fact, been hit by the Hitler Gene,

Clearing The Decks On 911. The Hijackers Escape Route.

It is quite clear to those whom have bothered to inquire into the events of 911, that nothing that happened on that fateful day was as it was reported.

From the happen-stance of the attack taking place at exactly the same time as dozens of other “Drills and Exercises,” which were an integral part of the success of the attacks on the World Trade Centre, to the incredible feat of aeronautical expertise, which was displayed by men, none of whom had any experience of flying anything more than a single engined, light-weight training plane.

The waters are muddied, even by the Alternative Media, which assures us that Israel was monitoring the “hijackers,” proving that they knew in advance that the attacks were going to take place.

This is pointed out to prove that the Neo-Cons and Israel were  involved in a carefully planned, “False Flag” event, which would generate an excuse to declare the “War on Terror.”

This is a lame excuse, which will not hold water, if it was either one or the other. Part of the scenario involves the belief that Al Qaeda planned the attack, which was uncovered by the Security Services, who then made use of this plan, by “allowing” it to take place.

Should things have actually unfolded in this manner,  what purpose was being served by monitoring the “hijackers?” Surely the CIA or the FBI would have been taking care of that. There would have been no problem for them in this process as the “hijackers” were being well looked after by the US Military and the FBI, there is irrefutable evidence of this. Plus the fact that the alleged attackers were deliberately given Visas to enter the US.

There is a documentary available on YouTube, called “Zero” in which it is pointed out that most of the alleged “Suicide Bombers” were in fact still alive, the BBC has also presented evidence of this, so how can this be explained? Were those whom were allegedly being watched by Israel, part of an Al Qaeda/Osama Bin Laden financed operation or not?

The notion that this totally confused set of interwoven events, could be transformed into a result, which presented the Elite with a perfectly formed excuse to declare war, on several fronts and the invasion initially of Iraq and Afghanistan, quickly followed up by igniting the whole of the Middle East into a killing zone of endless war, is pretty flimsy.

I have now come to completely dismiss Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden from the operation, I have always had doubts about the truth of this hypothesis. No evidence has ever been produced, linking (I have trouble talking of Al Qaeda as an entity in itself. It is simply a list of hire-able killers working for the CIA.) Al Qaeda to the attack, so there is no need to accept it as truth.

The fact that a passport was found, undamaged, in the remains of the World Trade Centre, was never a convincing piece of ‘proof of presence’  in the plane, which struck the buildings. We have nothing better than the word of the Bush administration that the “Terrorists” had boarded the planes in the first place.

So what in fact happened to the hijackers?  How can it be that the BBC and other News organisations can track them down and find them to be still living, while the might of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad have failed to do the same thing?

Well it could well be, that the answer is staring us in the face.  On the day of 911 all flying was forbidden, to make sure that anything that was airborne, could be considered as a threat. One of the outcomes of this was the discovery of Global Dimming, which was reversed by the prohibition on flying.

We were informed that in fact only one flight had been sanctioned, that was the flight which took the Bin Laden Family, out of harms way, before it was announced that they were implicated in the atrocity, through the action of Osama.

I would suggest that this was a nonsense, this was the flight which was transporting the “Patsy” hijackers back to where they had come from, Saudi Arabia, having served their purpose, both for the Jewish controlled  Gulf States and the Neo-Cons in the US. It all adds up, does it not?

These same Gulf States are still providing and paying Terrorists in order to destroy the Muslim Middle East, making it possible for Israel to spread its form of hatred of all and everyone, across the entire region. Not to forget the control of a huge amount of the worlds oil.




Propaganda Oscar Style.

Three of the contenders for this years Oscars, are films which are based on events which were not quite as they are being presented. The truth of Lincoln’s lack of concern for the well-being of Black slaves is well documented. Emancipation would these days be referred to as an unintended side effect. His real aim was control, as is the aim of most politicians.

Daniel Day-Lewis, claims to have never discovered another human being with such spiritual depth, or some such rubbish, as he had found during his research into the life of Lincoln.

Day-Lewis is apparently a method actor, which means he becomes the character whom he is portraying. During filming he insisted that the rest of the cast called him “Mr. President,” Throughout the period of the filming he remained in character, on and off the set. Boring.

I was reminded of the television film about “Steptoe and Son,”  Harry H. Corbett was another of these Method Actors, whom strutted around the BBC, talking in that strange stilted fashion of would-be posh boy Harold. When Wilfred Brambell, the old paedophile was first confronted with this, he asked Harry H. what he was doing. Harry H. explained that he needed to get in to character before filming. Wilfred responded with a sneer and said, “I just walk on to the set and start acting.”

I will be totally honest about my lack of empathy for Daniel Day-Lewis, I detest him as an actor, I have never enjoyed any of his films and just knowing that he was playing Lincoln gave me an immediate headache. I knew with exactly what we would be presented.  Sure enough in the few scenes which have appeared on TV, my worst fears were realised, all of the actors shouted their lines in that bombastic fashion, which Hollywood has led us to believe was current in the nineteenth century.  Even a great favourite of mine Tommy Lee Jones has been afflicted with the sickness. Never mind, it’s all in past, “Look away Dixieland.”

Next on the list we find that other load of old cobblers “Zero Dark Thirty,” I hope I’ve got that right, one could put those three words in any order and they would still not make any sense. This is the absolute load of Bull about the tracking down and murder of Osama Bin Laden.

There is not one word of truth or reality in this film. It is a total fabrication of an event which never took place. Even the disclosure that the film-maker, may have been given access to secrets which should never have been released to her, will not make the film script any more believable.

The suggestion in the film, that the CIA had captured people, whom under torture could reveal the whereabouts of Bin Laden, is such nonsense as to make the whole film worthy of a dozen or more “Raspberries.”

The third of my films is the Ben Affleck film “Argo.” The tale of the hostages whom were held captive by the Ayatollahs in Iran, after the “Revolution.”

There is no doubt that these hostages were being held in Iran, what is not too clear is the role of the CIA and Mossad in the caper.  This was the time of the Iran-Contra Affair,starring Oliver North.

Reagan is not telling the truth about the hostages, the CIA and others whom were intent on making sure that Jimmy Carter would not be re-elected,  requested that the Iranian’s held on to the hostages, until Carter was kicked out of office, because of his failed attempt at a rescue and his opposition to other clandestine operations. The funds for the Contras were the reason for the selling of arms to Iran, it had nothing to do with the hostages. Reagan’s apology is simply part of the cover-up.

Iran’s part in all of this remains a mystery to this day. Are they simply stooges for the CIA and Mossad after all?  That is the question which occupies my research on a daily basis. I can find no clear answer and I will not find it in “Argo.”