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Bury My Heart At Sandy Hook.


The News Channels, have today been giving a massive amount of airtime to the film, “Zero Dark Thirty,” the hunting down and execution of Osama Bin Laden. The main area of discussion was the use of torture, to extract information, from prisoners, which, after ten years of meticulous research, led to the capture and  killing of Bin Laden in Pakistan.

The State Department and the CIA, are starting an investigation into the information which may have been illegally passed to the production team on the film, which gave the impression that torture played a vital part in the intelligence gathering, leading to the conclusion that torture was an acceptable part of the CIA’s interrogation technique.

Members of the Film Academies have issued a plea to the public, to boycott the film, which of course assured the film of a huge audience. It is already the top box office draw, which will be even greater, should it win one or two of the Oscars, for which it is nominated.

This film is being presented as fact, with just a touch of Hollywood pizazz, to transform it into a spectacular adventure film, with no doubt a charming, bunch of  rough diamond, courageous, characters.  This is a film which in future years,  along with other Hollywood productions, which showed us for example, GI’s fighting and winning the war in North Africa, which is a lie, they were never there, will be taken as history, when in fact it is a farce.

Not one of the puppets on the News Networks, posed the question, concerning the notion that Bin Laden had been dead since 2001, according to the US Secretary of State, and that the whole story was  a croque of ka-ka.

I have never been fully convinced that Bin Laden was ever the leader of a group of terrorists called Al Qaeda. I do believe that someone called Tim Osman, was a CIA operative in Afghanistan, where he was with the Mujahideen, which was part of the phony war against the USSR.  Other than that, this supposed rich man’s son, must surely be one of the least photographed celebrities on the planet. I have managed to dig out one family photograph, which was allegedly the Bin Laden family, which showed a young boy of sixteen or so, who could have been anyone.

As for the capture of Bin Laden in Pakistan, there was one photo issued, which could have been any old man watching TV. Whoever captured the image, apparently did not find time to take another snap, when the old man turned around to see who had just walked in.

This old man, was taken away, shot and thrown into the sea. This was cold-blooded murder and not a shred of evidence has ever been produced to support the claim that it was indeed Bin Laden.

The only evidence of the existence of  Bin Laden, are a few staged clips of a man wearing white robes and pointing a Kalashnikov and an interview with one of the mainstream News Channels. Other than that, nothing, apart from a few rumours. I believe that the man who conducted the interview, has had his head cut off.

So what are we left with?  A friend of the Bush family, with whom he has never been photographed.  Who was allowed to use his families riches, to fund a group of International Terrorists. Over the years, he was labelled with the responsibility of a few terrorist attacks, which registered his name and associated it with bombings. Most of the atrocities for which he was blamed, carried all the hall-marks of “False Flag” events.

From a bunker in Afghanistan, he plotted and carried out an impossibly complicated attack on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 911. This attack has been used as an excuse to wage an ongoing war of attrition against the Muslim World. The excuse for this brutal war was a lie. Every NATO attack since, on whichever Country, has been an aggressive attack, against innocent people.

The United States and NATO, now has half of the world cowering in fear of a missile coming out of the blue, killing and maiming their children. Thousands of young men have been tortured and killed, in search of information, which the torturer knew, did not exist. Now they are making films of their search for this phantom.

We are now being introduced to another mystery man, Adam Lanza. As with Bin Laden, we are presented with a “photo-shopped” image of an unbelievably strange character, who is definitely off his nut. He had a mother, who we are told is dead, he is held responsible for the killing. We have seen no photograph of this woman and she is not known in the locale.

The alleged parents of the children whom Lanza is said to have killed, do not figure on any list of residents in Newtown. Several of them are well-known bit players in previous gun attacks. One of them was killed in Arizona, in the attack which we were told, also killed a Judge, injured a Congress Woman and killed a child, born on the day of the 911 attack. Maybe this child too, is still alive.

There is ample evidence on-line of all of these actors, with family photographs of the allegedly dead child from Arizona, still alive after the event. Plus the family of the dead teacher Miss Soto, which is part of the same group of actors. There is no doubt of the identity of these folk, it is as plain as day, that they are actors.

As for the scene of the crime. Well that is a state secret. The dead bodies were left in place for days. There is no evidence that they were ever taken away. The Coroner, who inspected the bodies, could not say how many there were of each sex. We have seen no photographs of the inside of the school. We have been told lies about the weapons which Lanza used to carry out the killings.

Yet based on this tosh, the American people are being told that they must relinquish their guns. Like the Patriot Act which had been compiled in advance of 911, there is a document which was prepared for the Sandy Hook event.

In keeping with the Bin Laden tale, there is not a trace of fact in the whole story. It has even been muddied with images of men legging it, as the Police arrived at the school. As with 911, there are tales of Israelis being involved. Children, whom were hanging around the school, wherein we were told there had just been a massacre, were questioned by journalists and reported that they had seen men in handcuffs lying on the ground.

There were no Ambulances in evidence, close to the school. Apparently it had already been decided that there were no wounded children, so no need for Medical help.  In fact, let us not labour the point, the Osama Bin Laden who was interviewed on CNN, was probably part of this production, which was staged by Crisis Actor Studios, to generate the excuse to seize the people’s guns.

There were actors present on 911, positioning the NIST version of events into the minds of the traumatised survivors of the event, making sure that the Bin Laden rubbish would hold up.

There is a large family of actors, the Sexton family, they are Jewish and they have taken part in several events, they were the Phelps family at Sandy Hook, I can find no trace of them in the Sandy Hook telephone directories.

The X-Men, Who Killed a Dead Man, Reported Dead.

An unknown group of Navy Seals, who allegedly killed the already dead Osama Bin Laden, have been themselves been reported killed, in a helicopter crash.

They will now never have to be named or indeed decorated for what must surely have been the greatest of Military Missions, which was carried out in the fashion of Ghost Busters, by passing into another dimension, to exact vengeance on a dead man and then transporting his corpse back through the Stargate and tossing him into the sea.

What an exploit. What an adventure and now? Oblivion, even in death we will never be allowed to salute these brave men. How handy for the US government.

Still the Same Old BBB Bulls**t Baffles Brains.

He just popped in

A Blast From The Past: This day 9th May 2014. (for some, this day may be tomorrow)

Kennedy was shot by the CIA;  the corpse which was presented, was not Kennedy, It was a policeman called Tippet, allegedly shot By Oswald on the same day. Officer Tippet bore such a striking resemblance to the President, he was nick-named JFK.  So Oswald killed the real Kennedy and the fake Kennedy. Of course he did.

On 911, Osama Bin Laden, a good friend of both of the George Bushs’, hi-jacked all of those planes, using men who were incapable of flying them, who nevertheless guided them to strike the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, displaying flying ability, that would have made my all time hero, James Bigglesworth, gasp. Of course he did.

On 7/7 in London, a group of rather nice young lads, whom had behaved in an admirable fashion, during their short lives. Using some sort of readily available ingredients, like sugar and weed-killer,  despite a train cancellation, somehow managed to reach their planned targets, and undeterred by the presence of an enormous drill which was taking place, managed to avoid detection, strapped themselves under the carriages of railway trains and blew themselves up along with many other people. While at the same time blowing off the feet and legs of others, as the explosions came up from under the carriages.  Of course they did. Their spirits were then slaughtered in docklands.

And of course Dr. David Kelly cut his wrists after his own death. and on and on and on. We are treated like idiots.  The same system is used every time. Commit an atrocity, give the most ridiculous explanation, stick to your guns, despite mounting evidence to the contrary and laugh at the endless arguments about the event, to the end of time.  Well for what it’s worth, fewer and fewer people are being fooled.

Now despite a majority of the electorate demanding reform in the system, David Cameron is not for it.  Well so what, who gives a rats ass what he wants, the PEOPLE want change. He serves the people and if he is against what the people want, let him say it clearly and openly. He thinks only strong government, ie. a government with an overall majority, that can do as it likes, can guide the country through difficult times.  What blatant garbage.

The reality is that the best person for the job, should get the job. Filtering people by their selection of a political party is a stupidity. This is of what the  professional politicians live in fear ,  smaller parties winning seats.   Once you have a broader selection of the views of the electorate, available in the Commons,  the ability of war criminals , like Blair and Brown, to go to war, would be drastically reduced, and so it should be.

The corruption of professional politicians is endless, timeless and unstoppable. They are greedy, nasty, vicious people, who will, depending on their dose of the afore-mentioned, rise higher and higher in politics, and in the majority of cases, the man who can hold down the top job, is a raving lunatic.   The top man, of course is not always the puppet who carries out higher commands, as with, Obama, Brown, Sarkozy or Rudd, for example, but that does not mean they are not psychotic anyway.

Politics  desperately needs an injection of good men. Men who want to serve the people, not men who are looking for a profession. Nobody should serve more than two terms. No serving politician should be involved with groups, like the Bilderberg group, who have expressed an intention to annihilate, 80-90% of humanity. What are our politicians doing in such company?  Obama, Sarkozy, Blair, Brown, Clegg, Cameron and many others,  attend meetings with this group, which  includes Rothschild’s representative David Rockefeller, and the triple agent, the man who works for them all Henry Kissinger.

Like the UN, if you have an affiliation with them, you must accept all of their aims, including population reduction, genocide by the needle. This applies even to groups like Oxfam, and similar set-ups.  The same thing applies to Bilderberg, you must accept the rules or you don’t get invited. If you don’t get invited you career is over. These people  select the party leaders in the UK.  Even the people waiting in the wings, like David Milliband and Ed Balls are members.

This group was formed by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, who was an officer in the Waffen SS.  Among the invited at the momentous 1st meeting, were other Allied collaborators, who under the protection of the bankers, who had allegedly financed the Nazis, had avoided Nuremberg.  Under discussion at this meeting, The European Union. All of this was  under the control of the Bolshevik Jews.