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Clubs And Knobs And Dead Pigs Heads.


The Skull and Boners, men whom are obliged to masturbate in coffins


There is one simple fact of life, there is no such profession as that of a professional politician. Politicians should be chosen from the common herd, to spend a part of their time trying to do the best for their people. They should never be chosen from a select group, particularly from a group with a hidden agenda. Most particularly, never from a group which has already seized for themselves, the possibility of conditioning children in school, to accept their agenda and to uphold it, as if it was the only possible means of running a fair society.

What is going on in the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, at this very moment, is proof positive, that there is no such thing as Democracy. A small group of rich Jews, has taken total control of the Tory Party.


Cmeron,Osborne and Johnson - Bullingdon Boys

The Bullingdon Club and a member who places his member into a dead pig.



This group of half-wits, were at a Public School, Eton, together, Oxford University, together and members of a tally-ho, exclusive drinking club, with bizarre sexual practices, the Bullingdon Club, together.

They are still together in the UK Parliament, where two of them will very soon be vying with each other, to take over, the position left vacant by the other, when he steps down. They are all Jews.

One of these men, Boris Johnson, whom is virtually incoherent but flamboyant, is the Mayor of London. Another David Cameron, a War Criminal, is Prime Minister of the UK. The third, George Osborne, is the Chancellor of the Exchequer. What are the odds of this happening by chance?

Johnson is being used as the “face” of Brexit, the team pretending to want to leave the European Union, standing alongside Boris, in this “Brexit” group is Michael Howard, yet another Jew, making sure that both sides of the in/out Referendum on the European Union, are safely in the same hands. The other pair being Osborne and Cameron, still all together.

When Johnson steps down as Mayor of London, making him available to accept the position of Prime Minister, after Cameron quits, Zack Goldsmith, yet another Jew, who is himself a Member of Parliament, will be standing for election against a Muslim, to replace Johnson as Mayor.

How much more evidence do the British people need, to be convinced that they are being led by the nose to oblivion. All of the above mentioned are part of a long-standing, Zionist scheme to “brown” White people. Do those simple British folk sincerely believe that their Jews will be different, that they will ultimately choose to decide, out of compassion not to carry out what they were put in place to achieve?

Part of the illusion of politics, is the idea that the idiots who scream at one another across the “Chamber,” decide what policy should be. You are meant to believe that a veritable half-wit, sits around with a pocket calculator, working out the sums, for his Budget speech,  the results of which will be loaded on to the backs of the long-suffering people, as tax or other onerous charges, to reduce the “deficit,” which is itself code for, making up for the shortfall in Income Tax, to pump up the eye-watering payments of taxes, necessary to keep the Central Bankers happy. Independent Members of Parliament, would never go along with this crime. Only controlled Political Parties, will keep this scam going.

All policy is decided, without any input from “The Cabinet” of Ministers, they are nothing more than a front for behind the scenes controllers such as Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, which has branches in Europe, Australasia, Canada and in the United States, where it is called The Council on Foreign Relations, which works in tandem with the Tri-Lateral Commission.

Alongside these groups, there is the Bilderberg Group, which is where the controlled politicians, from both sides of their countries Parliaments, sit down together, to receive their orders. Imagine the difficulty involved in disseminating any agenda, across Europe, without the total control and complicity of the various “Left/Centre/Right, Political Parties, across the Continent?

Early in the 19th Century, Johan Fitche, in an address to the German people, suggested that Napoleon had destroyed the Prussians, because the Prussians were too concerned with their own safety. To change this attitude, he averred that “.. the education of children, “would” be taken over by the State, which would tell them how to think and what to think.” Fitche was replaced, after his death, by Hegel, who believed that the State is absolute reason and that we the people can only become free by worship and obedience to the State. Does that ring a bell?

This philosophy was quickly seized upon by Marx and Engels, along with the principles of Darwin and his tale of Evolution, particularly the idea that there was a system of “survival of the fittest” built into the evolutionary process, which lead on to the “justifiable,” indiscriminate, slaughter of those deemed to be less fit than were those whom adored the idea of power over others, particularly the power of life over death.

The buffoon, George Osborne, has just announced his intention of completely privatising UK education into the hands of Corporations, having already destroyed the education system in the UK, with the help of New Labour, to the point where they are now claiming that they are obliged to trawl Third World countries, in search of, better educated workers with the necessary intelligence to handle, what were once basic jobs.

Social Darwinism or Social Marxism, or indeed the principles of Hegel, have now decided that White people are of no further use and we are to be justifiably eliminated as mere casualties of  the natural process, of having not been fit enough to compete with low intelligent animals.

The acceptance of this notion has already been indoctrinated into the minds of children at school, who have been educated to hate their own kind. In mixed racial school-rooms, White children are being educated to believe that there is no such thing as White culture. Only other kinds of folk have a culture, Whites are an aberration.

To accelerate this process, towards our final demise, the Jew Osborne, is attempting to segregate the UK into Regions, all of which will be obliged to ultimately accept a Jew Mayor and all of these regions will be carefully provided with a massive number of immigrants, all of whom are being educated to hate Whites, a process which will very quickly transform the UK into another country altogether.

The European Union is all part of this process, which is why there is so much pressure being put on the various members, to accept their dose of those immigrants whom have been quite deliberately shipped off to Europe. Take for example the “tent city” which has been built up on the borders of Greece. That is a refugee camp. Why is Europe being obliged to do more, than any other country has ever been forced to do, by providing these folk with housing, education, social security payments and other things? Why do we not simply keep them safe until they can return home? Could it be that our “Democratic Puppets” have another idea in mind? What a stupid idea that is! I must be some sort of Conspiracy Theorist.

The controlled European Union, is now presenting another ridiculous means of coping with the immigration problem, that of sending thousands back to where they came from, and then accepting exactly the same number directly from the source of the immigrants in return.

This is arrant nonsense. It has been clear from the start that people have been paying their voyage to Europe in order to remain in Europe. Not for a short period and to then return home, they are IMMIGRANTS whom have been given an assurance that they can stay in Europe, otherwise why would they waste their money?

It is not by chance that the European Union, even as this planned immigration stunt is ongoing, is discussing in secret the TTIP treaty, which includes handing the power to the United States of being able approve or disapprove of European Laws which may not correspond with their protocols in the TPP treaty. Both of these treaties, I can assure you are not being discussed by any elected politicians, they are in the hands of those whom from behind the curtain, rule Europe. Whether in or out of the Union. TTIP, when signed, will render the European Union obsolete, whatever the result of any in/out referendum in the UK. Keep your eye on the ball!

The glaring omission from all discussion about the mass immigration which is about to destroy Europe, is the complete lack of reference to Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the man whom was responsible for the outline of the program of the European Union, designed to destroy the White Race through the medium of the mass immigration of Black, Brown and Yellow people, into Europe. A process which would be used to breed the White European out of existence. How can this be possible? A direct threat made against Europe, without a word of it being mentioned on the Media?

The people of Europe are engaged, unknowingly, in open warfare with the declared intentions of an un-elected bunch of Zionist/Jew characters, alongside whom Coudenhove-Kalergi worked, a group which includes Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair and by those whom now control the European Union. Know your enemy.

This advice is now coming home in Belgium, where the list of 22,000 Daech, files which were handed over to Stuart Ramsey, the Sky News Agent, have been used to prove a connection between a man, shot and wounded today, in Belgium, was on that list,  Which means that all of Daech members, on the list, according to Sam Kiley, the balding Sky Agent, are themselves in danger of execution by Daech, to shut them up. How handy is that for the security forces?  They can now kill at will, all and anyone on the list  with a perfect excuse. I could suggest that, know your friend,  would be more applicable in this case.  But then I don’t believe a word of what has been claimed about this list.

Bullingdon Boys And The Black Stuff.

Anybody who is still clinging grimly  to the hope, that when the day comes, when they are finally forced to accept that they have been duped into submission, that the Forces of Robo-cops, will not turn on them, should take a good look at what is happening in Paris. When your turn comes, run for your life.

Those whom have already been suckered into believing the lie that “money can control the weather” nonsense and are standing in support of the clique of Jews,  whom are pushing this rubbish down our throats, are having pepper sprayed in  their eyes and batons beating them about their heads’ while supporting those lies and they still don’t get it.


François Hollande proudly announced, that demonstrations had been banned, during the conference, to prevent the alternative view on Climate Change being expressed, he was, he explained, expecting trouble, so he banned “all” demonstrations, including those in favour of the Climate Change, introducing just a taste of the coming clampdown on life as we know it.  The preferred views of the Conference are being broadcast all over the world by the controlled media, so stopping a few deluded, supportive  idiots was unimportant.

He did not of course ban the 100% loaded opinions with which we are being presented by the “unbiased” Free Press, which delivers the lies supporting claims that computer models can deliver an accurate verdict of future weather patterns, while Meteo France, can not accurately tell me what the weather will be today.

Believe me, these Global Leaders,  are the same people, whom care so little for the well-being of Planet Earth, that they have pulverised the Middle East, without regard for the millions of civilian casualties and in doing so have created a massive refugee problem, which cannot be solved by allowing millions of folk into Europe,  despite a gaggle of Jews telling us it will be good for us.

Those leaders whom are now discussing  this nonsense of Climate Change,   have in recent times, used any lie necessary, to deceive us all, into accepting their false claims of Muslim terrorism, as a pretext to commence the wholesale slaughter Muslims, which they have continued ever since proclaiming the lies about 911.  You can believe me that when the time comes, they will do to you and me, whatever they are told to do.  They are not working for us, they are in the process of wiping us out. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Jews are telling us this not me.

Since I was a child, I have heard all and everybody, explain how “things” are as “unpredictable” as the weather, yet somehow, those amongst us, who consider themselves to be the most intelligent of us all, are now standing shoulder to shoulder, with the corrupt enemy of us all. Having managed to convince themselves, despite ample evidence, that those whom will soon duplicitly sign the Corporations TTIP Treaty, which will allow genetically modified foodstuffs into Europe, amongst other things,  are for once being open and honest.  The dupes are hopeful, that this time, the habitual liars, are telling the truth.  They will be sadly disappointed, all they will get is even more stringent control over their lives.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been caught fiddling the figures for years, so you dupes can choose to ignore that FACT, or face up to yourselves, you are not nearly as smart as you believe yourselves to be. The UN has even taken control of your beloved Greenpeace, a group which you firmly believe to be working for the good of the planet. They are actually working for the Globalist Shilling now-a-days.

I am sure that there are many British people In Paris, supporting the Climate Change pushers, while back home, their Socialist representatives are involved in a tussle, with their elected Leader, who is opposed to more bombing and killing in the Middle East and are threatening to resign.

The man who organised the Climate Conference, François Hollande, a Jew,  has already used the lie of a False Flag attack in Paris as the excuse to shut down opposition voices to the Conference, and using the same excuse has  taken upon himself, the “right” to illegally bomb a sovereign country, against International Law, while his Jew chum, David Cameron is intent on forcing, without reference to the view of the British People, renewed attacks against Syria, claiming it to be for the security of the British. They are blatant liars.

There is a ubiquitous Jewish Family, which is well represented across the News Media, the Suchet family, one of the members of this family, has recorded a piece for Sky News, concerning Climate Change,  which is pure propaganda and is designed to lull those who watch it into accepting lies as truth.  There is absolutely no evidence in support of the claims made by this character, in an urgent tone of voice and it is most certainly not in the remit of a “journalist” to propagate such rubbish as fact.  He is a disgrace.


Suchet was followed by the “Royal” lies of the so-called Prince Charles, who continues to mix, chopping down the “Rain Forest” and over fishing in the seas, with Climate Change.  I find it extremely hard to believe that I am actually listening to such rubbish being presented as fact.  Charlie is talking about impending catastrophe and disaster, as we were once warned would happen if we did not change our fridges, to close the hole in the Ozone, a hole which was only visible to those with special specs and which eventually simply vanished of its own accord.

Amazingly, two more Tory Toffs are being outed as bullies and are being called on to resign. Cameron and Osborne, both of them Jews are speaking in support of  both of these men,  Grant Shapps and Lord Feldman, both of them are also Jews. Is there no end to them?

At the Climate Change Conference,  a Chinese man has just informed delegates, that this Paris Conference is the first step towards Global Governance. That should tell us all,  that whatever Putin may think, China is with the Globalists, We must wait to see what Putin presents as the President of the still recovering from Bolshevik terror tactics, State of Russia.

The most obscene facet of this Conference in Paris, is that it is being run by those whom have conspired to ravage Planet Earth, in search of their own personal wealth.   François Hollande while demanding a Carbon Tax, to help poor countries in Africa, still extorts exorbitant payments from fourteen African States, which were once part of the French Empire, under the rule of the Pacte Coloniale, payments which are swinging in nature, leaving those States with access to no more than 15% of their Gross National Product.


The above demonstrates the sort of hypocrite who is preaching this Climate Change piffle.


 It would be interesting to know exactly what is known and by whom, concerning the ruthless attack against Syria.  Could it be that our elected leaders have been warned not to ask any difficult questions of the proposers of this evil?

Elected Members may well have good reasons to ignore the subject in Parliament and the Assemblée Nationale, perhaps they  dare not voice what they do know.   Evidence is coming out about huge oil deposits which have been discovered in Syria?  Deposits which surpass even those of Saudi Arabia. Riches which have the Zionist vultures pissing their pants?

Everybody is trying to get their hands on a share of this wealth.  The Zionists would dearly like to carve Syria into controllable pieces, making sure that they get their hands on the juicy bits. This money sickness is the real source of David Cameron’s behaviour. He must, at all cost maintain the City of London’s foot in the door. If that means bombing and killing yet more Syrian civilians, who cares?





The Democratic Lies In The City Of London Show Of Farce.

The Houses of Parliament, cheered to the rafters, the lies and deception, of the leaders of both of the main Political Parties, when in the House of Commons, the Referendum in Crimea was being questioned.

It will be noted that the Prime Minister suggested that the Referendum was carried under the control of Russians carrying Kalashnikov Rifles. Well all of his favourite News Channels were on hand to film the event, of which I defy him to find any evidence in support of this claim.

The illegalities of the Crimean Referendum, were in keeping with those which was in force in Northern Ireland, during the vote to rejoin Eire, which made use of the restrictions on the Catholic vote, which allowed the installed majority of Protestants to win by default, without the participation of Eire, of course.

The same method served in the Falklands, where no opportunity was given to the Argentinian side, to take part in or to object to this referendum, which in order to legalise, the British demanded, the right to hold it of themselves, chose the wording on the ballot paper and counted the votes.

Similarly, they did as they wished in Kosovo, giving away the Sovereign Territory of a Sovereign State, without taking those steps, which they are now claiming negates the validity of the Crimean decision.

The British are responsible for cutting the Indian Sub-Continent to ribbons. Pakistan into  two parts, East and West, Kashmir into Muslim and Hindu and Ceylon, where the folk are even now not sure of their true identity and the British are still in there paying for rebellions, in pursuit of their long-term aims.

The strange boundaries which the British drew up in the Middle-East was not by hazard, the British only deal in duplicity, any move they make is loaded with self-interest and designed to suit a future need.

I could go on with this all day, I have not even yet reached Africa. Suffice it to say that the British have destroyed the Planet. They are responsible for two World Wars, both of which were fought to suit a hidden agenda.

 The Great War was used as a smoke screen, behind which the Bolshevik Jewish coup d’etat in Russia took place, while the Second World War was intended to facilitate the advance of this Jewish Bolshevik Communism across the entire Continent of Europe.

Adolf Hitler and his magnificent German Wehrmacht, fought this attempt to a standstill and it took the illegal arming, by Britain and the USA, both of which were controlled by Jews, to save Stalin, another Jew, from an ignominious defeat.

Which brings me back to the current discussion.  There has been a sort of political joke circulating in  recent days, Michael Gove, the Minister of Education, made a remark that there were more Old Etonians in the Prime Ministers Cabinet, than one could shake a stick at. What’s more they are all millionaires.

Well Gove, obviously with his Political future in mind, chose his words carefully, he could have been more explicit.

In the Commons, Prime Ministers Question Time, was kicked off by the Jewish Speaker of the House. The Jewish Prime Minister responded. He stood up from his bench,where he was hemmed in by his Jewish Chancellor of the Exchequer, whom was alongside the Jewish Industry Minister on one side and the Jewish Leader of the Lib-Dems, on the other.

The Jewish Leader of the Opposition condemned the Russians act and demanded extra measures to be taken against Putin.

We then had yet another Jew, Gerald Kaufmann, whom is an alleged sexual pervert of one sort or another, ask a question about the continued killings of Palestinians and the theft of their land, a question which was given no more than platitudes in  reply, from the Jewish Prime Minister, who was recently in Israel, brown nosing Netanyahu, instead of threatening a similar action against Israel as he is proposing for Russia.

Sadly, he passed a law forbidding the arrest of Jewish War Criminals, during their holidays in the UK.

Politically Correct Absence Of Title.

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
Mahatma Gandhi

How is it possible, that the man whom gives the impression of having a persistent drop of snot on the end of his nose, can quite suddenly becomes the main contender for the leadership of the Liberal-Democratic Political Party? Are there no Christians left in the UK?

The three main Parties in the UK, are already in the grip of people of Khazar Jewish origin. Miliband, Cameron and Clegg;  all of whom have shown a limited ability to bring about an upturn in the UK economy, despite the assistance of a Jewish Chancellor, George Osborne, are even now preparing the British for yet another Khazar Jew, Vince Cable, as the new saviour. How is he proposing to carry out this miracle? Well by using pretty much the same approach as that which is already failing. He will simply keep on talking, waiting for a miracle, for which he can claim the credit.

There are many people with radical ideas, about how to change the persistent state of debt, in which the UK is drowning. The British will of course never see these people on TV. Professor Rodney Shakespeare for example, with a fine name such as that, one would expect to see him constantly on television but no, he is avoided like the plague. For a while he could be seen on Press TV, however even that possibility has been denied to the Free British.

What a strange world we are entering into, when we have most of Europe and the World, under the control of a tribe of people, whom represent 0,2 per-cent of the population, while in the Middle East, where the Israeli Jewish government is pushing for the destruction of every worthwhile Secular Muslim State in the region, to suit its own ends and it has the whole-hearted support of all of these Jewish controlled “Democracies.”  How odd!

Yet at the same time as the three Political Parties in the UK, declare themselves to be in full support of the vicious War Criminals in Israel and are prepared to use  increasing amounts of British Taxpayers money, in order to kill hundreds of thousands of Muslims, under orders, to suit this declaration, the majority of the British people oppose these interventions. So could anybody out there, explain in simple language, for a stupid clot like me, how British Democracy can be used to achieve the wishes of the British people?

The once proud German people, now find themselves content to be placed in a position, where they are being expected to fund Israel, to the tune of billions of Dollars, to carry out atrocities, the like of which they themselves were once accused and for which they are expected to continue to pay for eternity, such is the avarice of the Jews in Israel. The Germans are of course also under the control of a Jew Angela Merkel.

Back in London, the latest inheritor of the alleged guilt of Adolf Hitler, Bashar Al Assad, has like his German counterpart, been found guilty of War Crimes, without so much as a trace of evidence against him.

Clegg, the inarticulate leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. A group which stood against the rush to war on Iraq but which now finds itself in league with Conservative and Socialist politicians, who are obsessed with the construction of a Greater Israel in the Middle East, with no regard for the millions whom have been slaughtered by the demons, whom are being funded by the UK, demonstrating that despite their posturing, they are as aggressive as are the rest of the “democrats” in the UK Parliament.

Anders Rasmussen today voiced another “instruction” to Assad in Syria, that should Turkey come under attack, that it would be a “game changer.”  This was said in the manner of Obama, the secret Jew, whom is called the President of the USA, when he gave the signal to Assad to launch a “Red Line” chemical weapon attack, providing an excuse to seize all of Syria’s chemical weapons, in collusion with the Russian Lavrov, who apparently agreed to this scheme with the Jew Kerry, during the G 20 bean feast in St Petersburg.

Not even the Liberal Democrats have called for reciprocal  action on the part of the Jews Israel or of Jewish controlled Turkey with regard to their own huge stocks of chemical and biological weapons, thus hoping to leave Syria naked, when the Russians finally pull the plug on their support of Assad. If John Kerry has indeed been holding secret talks with the Russians, who knows what might have been on the table.

The British voter, despite priceless advice from me, wasted the opportunity to change the political landscape, three years ago, when I urged them to vote uniquely for independent candidates, if possible, for only those whom had never before held office in any political party. Despite this advice they wasted their votes by voting for practically the same members as before. Not one of the War Mongers, lost their seat in The Commons. That is the level of the intelligence of the British voter.

Their elected coalition, despite a lot of talk, is little different from the Socialist Government which preceded them.  Their first act being to launch an illegal attack against Libya. After generating a pretext by sending a group of killers to shoot up the streets of Benghazi.  Like the current alleged Assad “Chemical Attack” this was blamed on Gadaffi, when it was plain for all to see, that it was a deliberate and disgusting ploy to destroy Libya. Which has now been done, Libya is in turmoil, while the coalition of creatures in the UK tell us that the Libyan people are grateful for being bombed to blazes.

This is the fault of the British voter and they should stand up and take the blame, instead they choose to blame the victims.

The current Prime Minister, David Cameron, a Jew, was asked his opinion about the use of the term “Yid,” which is chanted by Jews at Football matches at White Heart Lane.  For those whom may be ignorant of the origins of the term, it is short for Yiddish, the language of Khazar Jews. The same Khazar Jews whom refer to Christians and those of other religions, as Goy or Goyim, a derogatory term of abuse, as in the words Menachem Begin “The death of a million Goyim is not worth a Jews toenail.” Anyway, Cameron offered his opinion on the chanting.

He declared that Jews could refer to themselves in any manner they chose. As long as other Jews were not offended, it was of no consequence. However should a Christian use the term, it was Hate Speech and anti-Semitic.

Apparently, the Jewish supporters of Tottenham Hotspur , have taken control of the term, which is now chanted as a “supremacist” term. So that is acceptable is it not? So it has now joined other racist terms such as “Black Power,” in the lexicon of hate against White Christians. What would the Jewish Jew David Cameron have to say, should a group of Whites take up the chant of “White is Right,” or some such phrase?

Google considers it hate speech to call a Jew a Jew. A Jew should be referred to as “Jewish.” Google, which is of course owned by Jews, prefers you to compose a search term which uses only a group of words which are arranged in an order which replaces Jew with Jewish.  They do not explain the meaning of the word “Jewish.”

Does “Jewish,” mean just a little bit of a Jew as in “Smallish?” Or should we soon expect the members of other religions to demand that they be called “Protestantish” or “Catholicish?” Because after all Jew is Noun, referring to a religion, not a Nationality. These people are quite rightly Yiddish, which is the language, with which they communicate amongst one another, as do the British use English.Is an Irishman a Paddy a Scotsman a Jock and a thief a Welshman or not? Down here the Brits are “Roast Beef,” will they soon be demanding that the “Frogs,” refer to them as “Roast Beefish?”

So where is the problem in calling the Yiddish, Yiddish?  They complain about anti-Semitism, when in fact they are not Semitic people, though those whom they murder and terrorise in Palestine, certainly are Semitic. These folk do nothing but whine.