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The Sunlight Of Knowledge Is Destroying The Vampires.



The short clip, which provides the background action to this post on BitChute,    https://www.bitchute.com/video/TYzMwLxYXheS/      took place in London in 1936.  The man, Oswald Mosley, who organised the event, was and is to this day, demonised for his act, such was the animosity against the avowed, mortal enemy of the Communist World Order, National Socialism, against which this bastardised and totally deluded, version of so-called true Democracy, was unleashed, denying and blaming those whom were legitimately holding a rally, their “rights” in the process.

This event illustrates the moment when the entire delusion of the masses was laid bare. This also marked out the true “crossroads” of the 20th Century and the following decades, leading up to our present perilous situation, in which any sign of resistance to the new “norm” is violently attacked, as in Charlottesville. 

The City of London, carried out a massive slaughter in Ireland, which in many ways was supported by the British people, whom had been taught to detest the Irish people, and the patently deliberate attempt to exterminate the Irish, is now cynically referred to as the Potato Famine or simply the “Famine”, all of it lies, it was a cold blooded slaughter, which unlike the Jew event, which was recently “remembered” once more, by dignitaries from across the world, the Irish Holocaust, can be denied, even by Jews, whom will never face a term in prison as a result of their denial about the Irish..

With the full knowledge of the City of London, which had already funded the team of murderers, who would carry out the Coup d’Etat in Russia, the King of The City, did then pretend to magically “bring” the United States into the Great War. Along with the “Troops” they  transported an Army of Mercenaries, whom would form the Cheka killing machine in Russia. Even before the end of theGreatWar, this group of conspirators,  gave themselves the land of Palestine as a gift, just as after the Second World war they gifted to their own team in Bolshevik, Communist Russia, the entirety of Eastern Europe, without a word of criticism, from the rest of the World for any of it.

So you see these demonstrators, whom back in 1936 were taking to the streets against the “threat” of Fascism, with the support of British Communists, were doing to the Germans and Mosley,  exactly what they are now doing against Donald Trump and everything he stands for, even as things are improving in the States because of his policies.

In 1936 the Bolshevik Communists were already attempting to take control of Spain. They failed in this attempt, which had it succeeded would have given the Red Army a “pincer” to take down Europe from the East and the West.

So in response to the idea that “everything is under control” why would the Bolsheviks have introduced Hitler into a Germany, where they already had full control of all and everything,  and now, why bring Trump to the fore in the States, where they apparently hold tightly on to the reins of power?

I prefer to construe all of the nonsense, claiming Hitler to be a Jew or a Rothschild bastard or of dreaming up connections between Trump and the Black Pope, because he was educated by the Jesuits, I would prefer to suggest that instead that all of that nonsense, it is in fact a sign of their lack of ideas and that they currently have so little going right for them that they are now at their weakest, and ready to fall flat on their faces.

Having watched the gang of Jews, whom failed to drum up enough support for the impeachment of Donald Trump, who, in all honesty, can still cling on to the belief that these people are all powerful? Was the Trump impeachment all for show? On the contrary we can be sure that things are not going at all to plan for the Bankers.

Jews were already attempting to take control of Britain back in the 1920s, as coalitions were being constructed between the British Labour Party and Lenin’s Communists in Russia, and it never went anywhere

On 10th October 1924, MI5 received a copy of a letter, dated 15th September, sent by Grigory Zinoviev, chairman of the Comintern in the Soviet Union, to Arthur McManus, the British representative on the committee. In the letter British communists were asked to take all possible action to ensure the ratification of the Anglo-Soviet Treaties. It then went on to advocate preparation for military insurrection in working-class areas of Britain and for subverting the allegiance in the army and navy. 

This was all going on during the turmoil following the Great War, as the push to impose the same brand of Communism was being rejected by the Germans. The above letter was of course a fraud,  designed to spoil the chances of the Labour Party in approaching elections. The controlled “fake” press duly reported the letter as fact and the Labour Party lost the Election. However both the Labour Party and the British Communists were in regular contact with the Murdering Stalinists inRussia.

The more one researches history the more evident it becomes that little has changed and indeed “we the people” have not changed in any way at all. The majority, is as gullible as ever, despite all the “smart-phones” which are in fact yet another trap, designed for future use,when they become the only means of trade apart from swapping. 

Nobody, not even the those whom are claimed to have controlled the whole of our history, foresaw the disaster for themselves, which the disclosures of the crimes of the Bankers and their controlled Politicians, whom they have so carefully bought and controlled, which would result from allowing all of those, blessed with at least half a brain, access to the Internet and all of those “banned documents” which have now laid bare the fraud of Politics and the GrandeTheft of the Bankers,  with the undivided complicity of those “elected” frontmen in “Government”, all of which has made clear the total illusion of our”freedom” and the fact that we have been living in chains, while calling it Democracy. Our so-called “God’s Chosen Ones” are now desperately trying to stuff the genie back into the bottle as time is running out for them.

The brave British fighting men have now been outed as mere murdering thugs, ready to open fire to order, killing whoever happens to be unlucky enough to be in front of them. Any soldier who is prepared to dress up as an Arab and plant bombs in a country which has already been illegally destroyed, to drum up even more excuses to grind such places as Iraq to dust, is nothing more than the scum of the earth and they are bathed in glory for their murders,  by an old woman with a crown on her head pinning medals for bravery, onto their chests.

Anybody who has the courage to stand up to these “superior” people, whom call themselves “The Destroyers” for whom we are obliged to pay, in order for them to have a better standard of life than our own, while squatting in a land which they were given by The City of London, in return for sending reinforcements to ensure the slaughter of sixty-five-million White Christian souls in Russia and the enslavement of the people of Germany, into a life of depravity in the Weimar Republic, an act of barbarism which they are even now attempting to install all across the Christian World. All of which is apparently OK with our Politicians, should be opposed to and prepared to resist the aims of these people.


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The above quotes have been read by millions of people, it is hard to believe that not one politician who has been so disgusted by this unashamed bragging, that he has made public his response to it and asked in any Christian Parliament, the simple question are we going to allow this sort of threat to continue without making some sort of response? The answer to that question is simple, our Politicians have been doing the bidding of these people for the past one hundred years, why would they change their habits now?

In London, Julian Assange is on trial. This trial has nothing whatever to do with the British “Justice” system. The only crime of which Assange is guilty in the UK, is one of jumping bail, which in other circumstances is of no importance whatsoever. He has already served a longer sentence than that to which he was served by a previous Court and yet the British continue to try him for what exactly?

He has not been charged with any crime in the UK, so he should be released, and should the United States feel it to be necessary to take further action against him, that should be treated in exactly the same manner as is that of the American “killer on the run”, who having claimed diplomatic immunity which she did not have, and having killed a boy on a motor-bike, is quite free to continue her life, without any intervention from the “Justice” system in America to arrest her, stick her in a high security prison along with terrorists and murderers etc, keeping her in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, denying her access to her lawyer, while getting her ready for extradition to the UK, where she could be gaoled for the rest of her life.

Despite the fact that many people distrust Assange, it is of little importance as far as the fairness of the Law is concerned. Many suggest that it is all a sham. I am not quite sure what that sham could be. He was extremely selective with the documents which he exposed, leaving most of the “guilty” unmentioned. Like Edward Snowdon most of what he released came as no surprise to anyone. Perhaps the film of the murder of the journalists in Iraq touched a raw nerve in the Pentagon, who knows? Or perhaps there is something of which we have as yet no knowledge, which is actually a load of rubbish, but which will be taken more seriously, coming from an “aggrieved” Assange after all of this nonsense. We must wait and see.

War, War, War? Yes Please! Apparently.




There were lies told to trick us into all of the recent illegal attacks against innocent countries in the Middle East. Wars which have murdered at least ten million innocent people during the past fifteen years. We are now aware that we were lied to about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Osama bin Laden was not living in a cave in Afghanistan, neither Assad nor Gaddafi were going to massacre their own people, and there was no attack against an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin, so why should it come as any surprise to find that Hitler was tricked into going into Poland, to rescue ethnic Germans, whom were being slaughtered by Bolshevik Russian Jews, in order to provoke a response from the Germans and that having rescued those Germans, Hitler did not make any attempt to occupy Poland and he actually warned the British, that the great ‘enemy’ of the Christian world, the Atheist Bolshevik Communists, were massed on Poland’s border, preparing to invade Europe.

However the Bolshevik Communists were simply another arm of the Bankers International killing machine, which having murdered sixty-five-million Christians in Russia, they then set about the rape and slaughter of the German Christians, twenty-million of whom were summarily murdered. The Russians then slid off home, with all of Eastern Europe in their back pocket, with the blessing of the wholly controlled British, French and American governments, whom then pretended the Communists were suddenly a major threat all over again. Only a fool could believe such nonsense. The truth being the whole world was rallied against Germany, in order to suit the covert aims of those whom would control the world, those suffering from an insatiable greed and envy and a psychopathic desire to control all and everything.

The Russians now have another role, whilst being the avowed enemy of the West, they have become the darlings of those whom have seen through the lies and deceit of the controlled, belligerent governments of France, Britain and the United States, while at the same time, cooperating on the International Space Station hoax, and the ‘independence’ of the BRICS countries, all of which are controlled from the City of London.

They also have a character called George Galloway in their ranks on RT, where he has his Sputnik program, on which he frequently tells us that “we” should be paying reparations to the Blacks whom presumably he believes were enslaved by the “British” people, or indeed that there is some form of group responsibility and guilt involved in this idea, and yet the word Jew fails to pass his lips, as being the group which was responsible for buying the Blacks in Africa, from Black Slave Traders and transporting them to the United States on ships, owned and crewed by Jews, where the vast majority of those Blacks were bought and used by Jews, that is according to the Jews themselves, whom made no secret of their Slave Trading, at the time it was the norm. They also made use of hundreds of thousands of Irish slaves, a long forgotten fact.



Galloway, has now taken up the case of Jeremy Corbyn, who is accused of anti-Semitism. George knows everything and yet he appears to have a grudge against the idea of National Socialists, which it would appear, according to George, were vehemently anti-Semitic. He is apparently prepared to pepper his argument with unproven rubbish.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who I have known for 40 years, remains an icon of that tradition (support for Jews) as were his parents before him. His own mother fought at Cable St in London’s East End against Britain’s Fascists in 1936 – defending the huge Jewish community then there, under the slogan ‘They Shall Not Pass’.

Yet, if you google the word anti-Semitism today the first name which will pop-up is not the name of the architects and mass-murderers of Hitler’s “Final Solution” but the name of Jeremy Corbyn.”

Back in the day, anybody or any group which was concerned about the possibility of a war against Germany, which was being pushed by Jew interests, was fair game to be described as anti-Semitic. The Cable Street episode which Galloway mentions, was organised by one of Britain most “hated” politicians, Oswald Moseley, who was a Fascist Socialist, back in the days before Fascism had been deliberately presented as something to fear. Moseley responded to the claims of anti-Semitism which were made against him thus:

“More drivel is talked about the Jews and anti-Semitism than most subjects; both ways. The anti-Semitic view that all Jews are born wicked, or that all Jews should be the sacred objects of the system, seems to me equal nonsense. I am neither an anti Semite, nor a sycophant of Semites. The attitude of our movement, has been consistent and intelligible throughout. We have never attacked any man on account of his race or religion and we never shall. But we attack any man, whatever his race or religion, who acts against the interests of Britain or Europe; particularly Britons who ought to know better than to serve alien interests. It is a straightforward attitude, which has been formed by clear principles.

Why then have we been involved in clashes with Jewish interests, and why are so many Jews violently against us? The answers again are clear. Before the War, I believed that certain great Jewish interests, were trying to involve us in war, not in a British but in a Jewish quarrel: I still believe it……………….But it is beyond question, from the evidence of the period, that powerful Jewish interests were trying to produce war between Britain and Germany. They made it their business to start a war in the Jewish interest. I, and my friends, made it our business to stop that war, in British interest. That led to a head-on clash and I still think that we were right in doing our utmost to prevent that war”.

Galloway continued:

Whilst groupuscules? of the British far-right (Socialism?) kept the flame of anti-Semitism alight, together with their loyalist friends in the Conservatives – the vast majority of British people, and especially those on the left, saw clearly where racism can end up – in Auschwitz and Treblinka – determined to fight it as one of the first banners in their ranks.

For a time, Britain stood alone against the beast of fascism and it was our finest hour. Whilst Britain did not fight WWII to liberate Jews, liberate what was left of them, we did, along with the Red Army advancing from the east – an army of a state which bore the overwhelming brunt of fascist depredation.

These are the ramblings of an idiot, there is nothing in support of such rubbish, the War ‘was’ a conspiracy between British, American and Russian Jews. Galloway appears to be quite unaware of the Jew involvement in the coup d’etat in Russia and the fact that Churchill was a murdering Jew, who had also been involved in the concentration camps in South Africa, during the theft of that country by Jew interests in the Boer War. He also played a part in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, which was a necessary part of the seizure and theft of Palestine, which was ‘given’ to Baron Rothschild, who is apparently a Jew. Case closed.

In point of fact, Britain has never been anything other than a tool of Jew Bankers and business men, prepared to send British boys to their deaths, in order to protect the assets of the Jews in the City of London. Any Jew, who is familiar with this actuality, whom refuses to stand up and denounce the behaviour of those whom call themselves Jews, whom are responsible for all the bad feelings against Jews, down through the Centuries,  are just as guilty as are the Jews whom prosper from thievery, slavery and wars and as are the Jews in Palestine whom continue the theft of Palestinian land, knowing full well that they do have any right to that land.

Nigel Farage, spent an hour on his radio show, a media outlet which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, on which the blatant lies of Sky News are presented at the beginning, middle and end of Farage’s mutterings, which last night surprisingly put him on the back-foot, forcing him to censor out certain callers whom were drifting onto forbidden territory, by condemning Jews and supporting Corbyn’s support for the “Palestinian Terrorists”, and Corbyn’s laying of a wreath on their memorial, without apparently noticing that the Queen of England herself, annually lays wreaths on the monuments of brutal British War criminals, whom have helped to ransack the World. Farage is so determined to smear Corbyn, that he is in danger of destroying his own credibility.

Today, Theresa May delivered such a load of tosh in the British Parliament, that my toes were curling with embarrassment at the number out outright lies which she calmly presented to the House of Commons. I listened with interest to Corbyn’s response, he gave the impression of having swallowed Mays tale, hook, line and sinker. He did not ask one single difficult question after her blatant attack against Russia and her intention to demand ever more action on the part Britain’s War Criminal Allies, to make sure that Russia got the message.

If Britain had not been responsible for the destruction of half of the world and the murder of millions, during recent times, one could accept her claim of Russian crimes in Syria and Russia’s connection with Iran, both of which are enemies, standing in the way of the advancement of those whom keep their mouths shut and their powder dry, in Israel, leaving their puppets to do their dirty work. I, would promise Israel, that should any attack be made against Russian Forces in Syria, during the coming attack in Idlib, that Tel Aviv would suffer dearly. That threat might well be enough to put an end to hostilities in Syria.