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Not Too Many Things Change In The United States.

The Privatised Prisons are still full of Black men, Incarcerated  for the slightest of misdemeanour’s, still slaving after all these years. In truth, slavery never ended in the US.

Globalisation and Free Trade will soon have the whole world in chains. Asia is selling its people into bondage on a massive scale. In India, millions of very young children are working in appalling conditions. China has been forced to install safety nets around the walls of factories, where increasing numbers of people are jumping to their death, to escape the misery of factory life.

The Multi-Nationals are raping Africa mercilessly, behind the distraction of paid for Revolutions. This is an unforgivable crime. Robbing the poorest of countries of what little wealth they have, while the children are being sterilised through the use of poisoned vaccines.  It’s not a pleasant place, this world we live in.

The Ninety-Nine per cent are running around occupying Wall Street, which is of course dominated by Jews, while at the same time they are allowing their tiny share of the US honey pot, to be sent to the most racist, apartheid state on the planet, the Jewish State of Israel.

The Jewish Chancellor of Germany, is at the same time giving this rogue state two nuclear submarines, as reparation for something that supposedly happened in the past, for  which the people of Germany are still being forced to pay.

While the US is in a state of National grief, over the shooting of a black youth, by a security guard, with a Jewish family name, Zimmerman, whom claims that he is Latino and not white, as if that excuses his actions, Jewish settlers, on land stolen from Palestinians, are shooting to kill, with impunity, the old and young Palestinians, to further their greedy theft of more land.

Netanyahu, the man whom controls the US, has announced that for the UN to suggest that it is going to hold an investigation into the continued building of settlements in the West Bank, is unacceptable and that he will be taking some sort of retaliation against the Palestinians.

The Jewish State of Israel is so racist, only Jews are allowed to live there. Which is strange, because the Religion of Judaism is inherited through the female side of the family. It is impermissible to convert to Judaism. So one must ask how it can be that an estimated eighty-five per cent of the people in Israel, whom claim to be Jews, did in fact have Judaism thrust upon them by the King of Khazaristan, on a whim. They are in fact, neither true Jews nor are they Semitic, so this begs the question: What are they doing in Palestine?

These are the folk, whom are constantly reminding the world of the behaviour of Adolf Hitler, a man whom is at the moment being reappraised by thousands of people, whom are finding it odd that two of the most unmentionable things are the holocaust and Hitler.

The other unmentionables, include the millions of people whom were slaughtered by the Jewish Government in the USSR, by Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, all of whom were Jewish, not to mention the horrendous experiments, which were carried out, even on children, which involved removing the top of their skull and attaching  electrodes to their brains, which was part of the research of Pavlov, famous for his dog.

As with most things the evidence against Hitler, evaporates on inspection, who knows what may come to light as time changes our point of view. One day it may be discovered that he was indeed a man with courage, whom wanted to make the world a better place.

We would appear to have been controlled by lies for generations. The old adage comes to mind, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” we may be on a cusp right now, let us hope so.

The brother of the man whom we are told carried out several murders in France, has been charged with complicity in the murders. This is no doubt to shut him up, to make sure that he has no opportunity to deny, not only his own involvement but also that of his brother. He will sadly have to die in custody, if his brother was in fact a ‘”Patsy.”

Nicolas Sarkozy, the current Presidential puppet of France, has already been accused of setting-up Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whom was accused of attacking a Chamber-Maid in a New York Hotel, is now suspected of setting-up, yet another device to aid his re-election in the up-coming election in France.

Even the BBC was eager to lay the blame for the Toulouse killings on some nut-case from the extreme right-wing, in order to taint the campaign of Marine Le Pen, only to find themselves back-tracking when it was announced that a Muslim was laying claim to the attacks,  that he was trained by Al Qaeda, no longer a dangerous thing to claim, as France has just had one hundred and sixty Foreign Legionnaires, arrested in Syria, along with members of the now sanitized Al Qaeda.

This tale, which was basically ignored, until the four Jews were killed, then went viral, while of course the deaths of children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia Bahrain, were either not mentioned or only in a perfunctory manner.

So here we are, nearly seventy years after the end of the Second World War, while most of the truth has been buried, Germany is still paying for Lord knows what and politics are still being tainted by implication, that they are Nazi or Fascist, which is of course meant to insinuate that they are intent on killing Jews and sending foreigners back home, which is ludicrous as the most barbaric acts were carried out by the so-called allies, which includes the Russians.

It is never mentioned that more than Twenty Million Germans lost their lives during the war. It is not Hitler and the Nazi’s whom we have to fear, the Communists have already taken control. Both the EU and the UN are un-elected Communist controlled Dictatorships. You have been warned.