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The Undeniable Proof Of The Efficacy Of Our Conditioning.

The most famous artist of the 20th Century, is most probably Pablo Picasso.  He produced work of such quality, we are told, that it is changing hands for millions of Dollars.

When he died, he left behind, as an inheritance for his extended family, an estimated two-hundred and fifty-thousand canvases.

Sadly, far from being a phenomenal artist, Picasso, a Jew, was the progenitor supreme of the modern school of art, which is called “Concept” art.   It was in fact, no more than a question of never mind the quality, feel the width.

Intelligent people, who understand art, in all of its guises, were, along with the rest of us, deceived into believing the work of Picasso, to be of importance, they had in fact been educated to dismiss the reality of what they actually perceived with their own eyes.

Picasso was nothing more than a fraud, whom with the support of the Money Lenders, who have control of Education and the Media, was transformed into an iconic hero of Modern Art, which he had simply copied from the works of others, whom sadly did not receive similar publicity.

Watch the following video clip and decide for yourself. Had you not been told that this was Picasso, would you have found anything  particularly special about this work? I can confirm, from my own work, that having repeated the same design, over and over again, I can reproduce it with ease, as could any artist.


What we are actually dealing with is anti-art.  We are being trained to believe whatever we are told to believe.  Leonardo da Vinci would sneer at the work of Picasso as would chocolate box artists such as Constable. Unfortunately, these days, folk are too frightened to express an opinion on many subjects.

The result of this mass indoctrination of the general public, has produced a situation where any reasonably talented artist, can imitate the style of Picasso, with a similar style,  which even highly paid professionals, cannot, without the aid of x-ray machines and other such devices, separate from an original.

This has lead to a gullible public, standing in front of a presentation of, for example,   the artists bed room, with various bits and pieces scattered on the floor, with the bed cloths in, “artistic” disarray, believing themselves to be gazing at art.  Even worse than that, th exposition of an empty room, in which a light, goes on and off.

This sort of nonsense has been used to prepare us to accept anything, and we do.  This morning I heard news of a shooting in the United States at an Abortion Clinic, which was run by Planned Parenthood. A group which has been “lobbying” forever,  to get the right to abort a baby ever closer to the date of its birth.

To be blunt, I have always been of the opinion that abortion is a form murder, but I accept the right of those whom choose to carry out this procedure on themselves. However where is the problem in explaining to them, should they be ignorant of what they are actually doing, that they are killing their baby. Should the baby have already been born and they put it in a cardboard and took to the Clinic, for them to kill, what would be the difference.

There are many reports of aborted babies, while still alive after the abortion has been performed, being left on draining boards to die.  This sort of information does not get much publicity, just in case it discourages expectant mothers, for whom the baby is not too convenient, from going through with their abortion.

The attacker at the Planned Parenthood Clinic, while carrying out the raid, killed three people, he will now be tried for murder. He was a member of the Right To Life group, which is opposed to what they perceive to be murder.  So to be cynical, can anybody tell me, which one of them is the real Picasso, Planned Parenthood or Right to Life?

Planned Parenthood, for those whom are not aware, was a Jew construct, aimed initially at White people. They encouraged the sterilising of mentally retarded American women.  The Marie Stopes Clinics in the UK, while not allowed at the time to abort babies, did sterilise the mentally handicapped and these days they of course recommend  abortion, Internationally.

Marie Stopes, crouching behind the camouflage of Women’s Rights, was a Jew Eugenicist, from the same mould as the Jew Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood. You see it was not Hitler and those dratted Germans who introduced Eugenics to the world it was a pair of Jews.

As if that was not enough to make my day, it was announced, on Sky News, that the principality of Wales was about to introduce an “Opt Out” system which would  allow Medical Men, to harvest the organs of any person who had not “opted out,” a necessity which most will not get around to, before an early road accident or another cause of head injury.

This is actually yet another of those horny old subjects which is being applauded by an unsuspecting public. Sky News chose to present a poor rugby player who was in desperate  need of a new heart. Suggesting that this change in the law would increase his chances of getting that heart.

This brings us head on into another cloudy area.  The whole basis of organ donation is founded on the theory of “Brain Death.”  This theory of Brain Death was dreamt up by a workshop of the propaganda machine, to use as an excuse to declare an injured person, as dead in the head, despite having a body which continued to function.

The function of the body is essential, as inner organs deteriorate rapidly if the blood supply is cut off. To get around this, doctors can declare any victim, to be brain-dead to suit the harvesting of their organs.

During the Summer, a friend of mine told me of her experience with a “brain-dead” member of her family. Her sister-in-law, having just given birth to a baby, had a Stroke.  Within hours the doctors were declaring her to be “Brain Dead.”  My friend assured me that she and several others thought her to be still alive.

Because of a Donor Card amongst her papers, she told me the doctors were like animals and within minutes bits and pieces of her sister-in-law were being sent all over France. She was disgusted and in tears as she repeated her tale. Be warned, medical men do not give a toss whether you are alive and could recover or not, There is money to be made!  The Medical profession, in one way or another, is responsible for more deaths per annum than  cancer.

It would appear that medical murder, like murder by men in uniform,  is the acceptable face of establishment savagery. How on earth have we been conditioned into such a state of acceptance, that with no complaint, we are prepared to accept,  the concept of calling a man who kills killers, a murderer, while expressing solidarity with those whom he killed, who are engaged in the  selling of baby parts for profit?  It is so disgusting, that it calls into question whether we possess any quality worthy of being called Humanitarian.

The real killers are always State funded and have already carried out millions of executions, with a fancy name to hide the reality of their crimes against humanity.  We are now being told that we are not producing enough babies, so we have to import them.