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The First And Last Casualty-The Truth?

The twentieth century gave us the “Great War”, the War To End Wars, a deliberate deception which was quickly followed by the long heralded Second World War, two “world” wars which sandwiched the most blood-thirsty massacre of human beings in recorded European history; a crime carried out in Russia, by a group of Jews using funds provided by Jew bankers in the United States.

The victims of these two World Wars and the slaughter in Russia were in the main, of White Christian People and those two wars were funded by the same bankers, whom quickly continued their funding of their slaughters, in China and Korea, Vietnam and other Asian countries respectively, before the dust of war had hardly settled in a devastated Germany, a country which lost at least twenty-million of its White Christian people, whom were butchered with indescribable ferocity, by the Forces from Jew controlled Russia, forces which had been armed to the teeth by “Great” Britain and the United States, two countries which are often referred to as ZOG States, that is having Zionist Occupied Governments.

These brutal slaughters are on-going, now in the Muslim Countries of the Middle East and yet, these millions of murdered victims, both Christian, Muslim and Buddhist, have all been ignored and forgotten, while the whole wide world , through a miracle of propaganda, grieves for the Jews, whom paid for it all and while Adolf Hitler is described as evil, the Jews themselves, having stolen Palestine continue to murder the indigenous people, with the complicity of Britain, France and the United States, the very people whom declared the Second World War against Hitler.

In view of the above, it becomes graphically clear that Germany and Hitler were among the victims of a far greater crime than anything which can be laid against the Germans, despite which the entirety of the current so-called Daily News, is continually peppered with reference to the “crimes” of the Gestapo or the SS and other elements of the National Socialist government in Hitlers Germany, while the Jews threaten us with a prison sentence for daring to point out the inaccuracies in “their” version of the history of the Twentieth Century.

The current truth which “dare not speak its name,” is that of the ongoing slaughter of White Christian People, a genocide which was initiated in Russia by a group of Jews, under the control of Vladimir Lenin and Trotsky and which continued under Joseph Stalin, in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, even after the death of Hitler and yet the death of countless millions of Christians would appear to be “a price worth paying” and considered to be of less importance than that of the veryJews, whom are responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of millions of the innocent during the past one hundred years. I think you will all agree that the almazing feat of blaming the innocent victims for all of this slaughter, is a miracle of propaganda which was carried out by our persecutors.

A similar deception is taking place against those same, long suffering White Christians, whom are now being blamed for Slavery, Racism and even of being xenophobic, as we are obliged to accept a suicidal degree of immigration into our lands, by millions of those whom have been trained to hate us and whom are already raping thousands of our women and children, without political comment or complaint, while the massacre of White Christians by Blacks in South Africa is being completely ignored by the Jews, whom have grabbed control of the “Rainbow State” and its diamond and gold mines, for the City of London, even as the Jews, whom like the Blacks in South Africa, all of whom are themselves immigrants into another country, ruthlessly continue to massacre the indigenous Palestinians and allow the Blacks to continue the slaughter of the indigenous White South Africans.

While all this is going on the controlled media across the world is reporting about the nonsense of Russian collusion with the Trump election, the stupidity of alleged climate change or is it Global Warming or is there a mini ice-age on the way, who knows? Alongside this pap we have the boring tale of “Brexit” which is the biggest nonsense of them all. So the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, well so what? This means nothing at all, so Britain will now deal with Europe in the manner in which they have been doing for centuries.

If the European Unions makes things difficult for the UK, I understand that the Japanese make pretty good cars and Cheddar Cheese is now made everywhere including Canada, so I am quite sure they can figure out how to make Canadian Brie, if that is what Europe wants to do to its own industry. Californian or Australian wines are now said to be superior to the French variety, so wherein lies the problem? It is as clear as day that the European Union has more need of Britain than Britain does of the European Union, so why do British politicians not just get on with it and leave without any sort of deal and when they have done so, we can all sit back and watch the rush for a deal from the European states which will suffer the most from a “no deal” with the United Kingdom. The British are holding all the cards.

The biggast catastrophe currently facing Europe is the monster staring us all in the face but never discussed, that of the growing state of poverty all across every member State of the European Union, all of it deliberately contrived as is the “funded” invasion of Europe by Muslims and Blacks, streaming into every White Christian Country on Earth and take note, it is only happening to White countries.

All across Europe the “High Street” is in trouble. We are told that the lower prices on the Internet is to blame, this is a lie, poverty and unemployment is to blame. So why do our leaders claim there to be nothing they can do to stem this wave of immigrants, even as there are millions of long term unemployed people all across Europe, there are an unprecedented numbers of indigenous people both homeless and destitute, while the “immigrants” get free housing, health care, education and “affirmative action” on the job market, I have seen figures that suggest that fifty percent of the huge Muslim community, in the disUnited Kingdom are claiming Welfare, there is something seriously wrong with this situation. Even poverty stricken Ireland now has a huge number of immigrants living on Welfare, while the Irish leave Ireland in search of work.

In view of all this ongoing crap, why on earth are the Peoples of Europe, whom are seriously suffering at the hands of the carefully selected group of traitors by whom they are represented, not taking to the streets? What does it take to wake them up to their coming demise? There is not one “trustworthy” politician, prepared to explain the dangers being faced by Europeans, from a “Deep State” in the Cities of London, Washington DC and the Vatican State, where the last “Real Pope” Pius XII, has never been replaced by another worthy of the title.

Take note, in the clip at the top of this post, James Corbett made no mention of World War Two which was declared in 1933 by International Jews, had he dared to suggest that everything which “We Believe” about World War Two was a pack of lies, his clip would have been censored by YouTube and he would most probably have been “de-platformed”.

The next war, which Corbett suggests could be stopped by the truth, has been underway for the past seventy years, it kicked off in Britain in 1948 when the Fabian Society ordered the controlled Labour Party to “bring in” the Windrush Generation and the Traitor General De Gaulle opened the French front door to the Arabs of the Maghreb, who in return expelled all indigenous French Citizens, the “Pieds Noirs” from the Maghreb. Repatriation of Whites from all over Africa is apparently, “different”.

Are The Men Of Europe Prepared To Be Shagged Out Of Existence By More Virile Immigrants?

Ferguson comes to France, in a surge of anti-police violence, after a Black criminal was shot dead by the Police, an event which resulted in the destruction of local small business properties and a couple of dozen cars, the owners of which are of no consequence to the rioters, whom created this havoc, without a care as to the safety of local people during their excuse to destroy to their heart’s content, for the sheer thrill of it all.

Nantes is fast becoming the French Capital of protest, after the recent riots, as a group calling themselves ecologists, tried to take control of a piece of land, on which they had illegally installed themselves, during a protest against a proposed airport, were driven out by the Police and their village destroyed. This is in keeping with Agenda 21, which forbids any form of habitation, outside of a Human Habitation Zone.

There are many people in France, whom are waking up to the reality, that they are being taken for a ride. It is becoming ever more clear that they can never do enough to satisfy the demands of incoming “refugees,” thousands of whom stream in annually from the Maghreb, where they are in no danger, but where the Social payments are less generous.

There is no work available in France, for the hundreds of thousands of Arabs, whom have already swamped France, even as all of the well paid jobs were on their way to Asia. One can assume that had these immigrants been in search of work, would they not have gone to where there is work to be done and not to Europe which is still suffering from a recession?

Muslims from other places go to Dubai and other Gulf States, where there is work for them, unlike the Maghrebian, whom fully understand that there is no work in Europe, as most of them have unemployed relatives, already installed in France, while at the same time, they set about destroying the system which is taking care of them.

Many of these people, whom we are being daily assured, will be of great benefit to Europe, arrive equipped with a hand-book, advising them as to where they will be paid the most and housed in relative luxury, even at the expense of indigenous homeless people, in all European Union idiot States.

Marseille in France is a typical example. There are thousands of illegal immigrants, demanding welfare assistance in the City, which has an Arab majority, with thousands of them unemployed, whom are warning of grim consequences should France not provide them with more stuff.

One is obliged to take these threats without response, or else! It is claimed that despite the fact that these folk arrive from countries which are at peace, that they have some sort of right, to be in France.

Millions of them are living in Urban Zones, doing their shopping at Lidl’s, eighty percent of them have never had a job, as would be the case ‘back home’ in the Maghreb, where there is also high unemployment, so in view of the already significant generosity of the French people, one would expect that these unemployed drifters, having chosen France as a host State, would keep a low profile, particularly in view of the fact that the French Christians, the Pieds Noir, were driven out of the Maghreb, after Independence, along with those hundreds of thousands of Arabs whom had been employed by the French, but not a bit of it, they arrive by the hundreds of thousands every year, every one of them expecting to be treated like some sort of Royalty, as soon as they set foot on French soil. Take a look at how the Arabs treated the Harki and the Pieds Noirs.

A couple of days ago, I asked an acquaintance who he thought would win the match of football between France and Uruguay, he dismissed the question with a sneer, ‘I wont be watching, they’re all Black and Arab.

After that, I approached a friend who I asked the same question, his response was even more direct. ‘Why would I watch a French team composed of Blacks, brought in from Africa and instantly Naturalised, allowing them to play for France?” I totally agreed with that, but then the same thing applies to every European Team in the competition.

I had a difference with an American, who supported the idea of Blacks taking part in White European traditional events. I mentioned how ridiculous, I felt it was to find the ‘selected’ Black in the middle of a Celebration of traditional Irish Music and Dance. She thought that to be fine and inclusive. I asked her, did she support, the notion of a team of Zulus, doing their Ugga, Wugga, War Dance, which included a bunch of White dancers? She responded with “That’s different.”

While eating with a group of friends, which included a Moroccan woman, whom of course, as she lives in France, explained to me, when I made a remark about the French Football team, that “We are all the same.” I responded by asking her, “That being the case, why are there no White people playing in any Maghrebian National football team, or indeed in any Black African team, while every European team contains numerous Blacks and Arabs?”

“She replied because there are no White People in those countries.” I immediately suggested to her that all of the French White Christians, had been driven out of the Maghreb and all of Africa. In Zimbabwe, a country of immigrants, of many different Black Tribes and Whites of many Nationalities, the majority Blacks confiscated White property and handed it over to immigrant Blacks.

South Africa, another White Country, in Africa, a reality which is difficult for all Africans to accept, where a small White population of six or seven million Whites, were expected to feed and house and educate and employ, forty million Black immigrants.

Just writing down that reality, demonstrates the huge crime which was committed against the generous White African People, under the auspices of Bolshevik Jew, Joe Slovo and the Bolshevik Communist Millionaire Nelson Mandela, both of whom destroyed the homeland of the best cared for Blacks in Africa.

South Africa is now a basket case and in ruins, as the New Leaders are incapable, despite the assistance of covert Jews, behind the scenes, to maintain the standard of living, which the Blacks were encouraged to destroy, which was supplied by the Afrikaner’s.

The Moroccan, with who I was speaking, had no response to the fact that Blacks in South Africa had already massacred 85,000 Whites and were preparing the last attack, to completely wipe them out. I suggested to her that perhaps, that was the reason why there were no Whites playing for African football teams, simply because we are not all the same, except when it suits.

I asked whether she could provide me with the address of just one high density urban zone in Morocco, filled with unemployed White French people, with all of the residents claiming welfare assistance, similar to that claimed by millions of Moroccans in France?

Of course she could not, because only nasty, White Christian idiots provide such things, and are made to suffer for their generosity. I offered to provide her with the address of dozens of Muslim filled Zones, all over the local city. She of course had no need of such information, and I was considered to be, racist, fascist, xenophobic and all the other forms of evil, for having dared to mention such truths, concerning Muslim hypocrisy.

Everywhere you look across Europe, Muslims are bellowing about their intention to take control of Europe, through the medium of producing millions of babies, while White Christian people appear to have lost their virility.

We Christians have been urged for decades to reduce our population, through whatever means possible, “To Save the Planet” so why is no restriction being placed on the number of babies allowed in immigrant families, through the offer of sterilisation, abortion and the pill for Muslim families, sounds like a conspiracy to me, why would the politicians now allow this mass population increase, across Europe, when the miserable experience in France and Germany, is available for all to see?

Europe has no need whatsoever of extra people, and without the use of birth control and abortion, Europe could manage quite well on its own. You know that makes sense! 


Are White Guys all really completely shagged out? Are they all prepared to watch these incomers claim their White women, to bastardise all White kids out of existence? Like it or lump it, that is the cunning plan. It worked in South Africa and it will work again in Europe and America.



The Myth Of The Caring Woman.



The Myth Of The Caring Woman.


The newly selected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has announced her intention of denying entry into the British Isles of White Europeans, in order to maintain the surging threat of Muslims and other non-White immigrants whom are already installed, in massive numbers, in many UK towns and cities.

This is most probably the real explanation as to why, during the recent Brexit referendum debate, the ‘real’ refugee problem in the UK, that of ungrateful Muslims, who are warning the British, in no uncertain manner, that they intend to over-run the UK with their prodigious capacity to produce an endless supply of children, all of whom will inevitably be in need of social assistance to finance their up-bringing, was never mentioned, all of the talk was of White immigrants. Whites can be slagged off with impunity, in the New Globalised Europe.

On top of that, May, has taken to herself, the right to show a preference for women, in high positions, whether they merit the portfolio, for which they are selected or not. I find this as annoying as the propensity to select “dolly-birds” in stilettos, to present the weather on Sky News.



Why is there no Minister for Men or are young White boys being phased out altogether? There are serious calls being made to change the colour and sex of James Bond, will we soon perhaps have a woman playing the part of Richard the Third?

Merkel in Germany, has already castrated German male youth, such is the egotistical attitude of the parasitic gender and their blind belief in their own incompetence. In the end, there is sadly, little to choose between them and the worst type of male.

Another Alpha female/proto male, Angela Eagle – a warmongering lesbian, whom stood in support of all of the illegal, attacks against the Muslim world, all of which were based on lies and all of which have proven to be nothing more than a continuation of the blood-thirsty efforts,  to seize control of all of the worlds resources,  into the same ‘private’ hands – is even now, attempting to replace a pseudo ‘socialist,’  Jeremy Corbyn, with her Neo-Blairite agenda,  as leader of the Labour Party. Things have become so confusing.

We must not forget the other woman in the UK, who finds it hard to accept the decisions of the people of Scotland, fishy little Sturgeon, who now wants to hold another Independence referendum, which is a call which will never be repeated, after she has gained her own personal choice of result.

She is using the debatable decision of a few people in Scotland, who were voting as ‘British’ in the recent ‘Brexit’ referendum, as an excuse to cement an Independent Scotland into the European Union, however successful ‘Brexit’ may ultimately prove to be for the British and however disastrous a link with Europe, which is after all on the brink, may prove to be for Scotland, she calls this authoritarian decision,  Democracy.

Meanwhile in Turkey, after a half-hearted, inconsequential, attempt at a coup d’etat, like May in the UK, Erdogan has announced a purge, which has already started with the Judiciary and soon continue with the passing of a law, allowing the execution of all of those involved in the attempted coup. Turkey is a member of NATO.

Having watched Erdogan see off the Military rebellion, the French are crying out for the Mi!itary to be allowed to Police the streets of France, claiming that the Police, have themselves failed to carry out this task, exemplified by their failure to stop a mysterious attack in Nice, on Bastille Day.

The French are perfectly aware, that the Gendarmes, of whom they are so proud, are already a part of the Military and have long been under the control of the Ministry of Defence. They have been playing the role of a covert armed force, ready for any insurrection in France. So no change is likely on that front.

For the French people, the real problem is that of Marine Le Pen and The Front Nationale. Marine is yet another tough cookie, with a determination to upset the political landscape in France, so she claims. Whether, should she be elected, she will be in a position to carry out her agenda is another matter.

The French people are White, so unlike their opposite numbers in the Maghreb, should La Pen choose to imitate the Algerian governments decision to expel a million Algerian born French people, by taking similar action herself by sending a million Algerian Muslims from France, back to Algeria, there would be a world-wide outcry, from people whom are totally unaware of what is often referred to as the Genocide of the Pieds-Noirs by the Algerians, which was an act of pure Racism, which like the similar Racist attacks in South Africa, where it is forbidden to call yourself African, should you be anything other than Black, is received by White Liberals, those really “nice” people, as being a justifiable act, against those whom built South Africa in an empty space, which was, at the time, completely devoid of Black people.

After ‘Brexit’ in the UK, all of the chat is about whether White Europeans are about to be slung out, still no mention of those whom are of another Race and colour, as usual those at risk are White and what is more, throughout the ‘Brexit’ debate, the British have been quietly brain-washed into believing that French and Polish White folk are the real problem.

Will four-hundred-and-fifty-thousand French people, as were the Pieds-Noirs from Algeria, now be driven from the UK, while the likes of Anjem Choudary are allowed to remain and to continue to spew their hate speech, warning the White British that their days are numbered?

It should never be forgotten that Democracy is no more than a branch of the Banking system, which is used to donate the riches of the planet into the hands of the money sick, by politicians, many of whom are paedophiles, living in fear of exposure by that other arm of control, the Mass Media. Never forget that all is illusion, smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand. Abracadabra! The dream is fast becoming a nightmare.