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The Threat Of Climate Change Is Blowing Hot And Cold.


The United Nations has insisted that there should be no “official” debate into the claims of Global Warming” or “Climate Change”. This is despite the fact that even their claims, that every Climatologist who has ever lived, has confirmed their findings, has itself been shown to be a lie.

The unwelcome, but quickly dealt with, element of truth, which slipped unexpectedly into the ‘global warming’  debate, when the Emails of the Climate Research Unit were leaked, exposing the outright lies of the whole agenda, did nothing to alter the course of a plan which is designed to fool the world, into the false belief that we could all be saved from a fate worse than death, if we would simply cough up a bit more tax, this time on all and everything, including a loaf of bread, the Carbon Tax.

Our so-called leaders are fully aware of this scam and yet they are intent on allowing it to continue, however disastrous it may prove to be for the Peoples of the White Christian countries, whom will, as usual, be expected to take care of those whom are even now being funded to pour into our lands, even as they are all being conditioned to hate, the very White Christians, whom are as thick as two short sticks and whom will be feeding them, while forced to do without themselves.



Piers Corbyn is Jeremy’s brother and he is a weather expert, so why does Jeremy choose to ignore the truth, which is explained so clearly by his brother? That would be because Jeremy is a member of the Fabian Society and nothing coming from his mouth can be trusted.

The Fabian Society wants “open door” immigration and that is exactly why Jeremy is in favour of it. So be real, he is a member of a political party which has been controlled for the past century by the Fabian Society and like Donald Trump, whether he likes it or not, he is obliged to tow the Party line. Trump was brave enough to tell the world that Climate Change and Global Warming is a hoax, but judging by the attitude of the “Young” in the Sky News report they have been conditioned beyond all hope of salvation.

Look At That Luv! The Cuck-Socialists Are Attacking That Nice Weatherman.

Do any of those whom claim to represent the British people, in Parliament, give a damn about what those people want?  Do Labour Party Members believe that they are there to suit themselves, or indeed Israel, without any regard for the evidence that thousands of their supporters, across the Kingdom, have voted in favour of change?

There are many War Criminals still sat in the benches of the Labour Party,  whom so proudly supported Blair and his Bankers Wars, whom sit alongside their Tory Party co-conspirators at Bilderberg meetings, receiving their orders from the Top Zionists, while some, like Blairite Andy Burnham,  continue to accept invitations to bean feasts in Israel.

All of the sulking, bad losers, in Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet, whom like those whom refused to accept his Democratic election,  should do the right thing and join their thumb-sucking non-entities – whom have assumed the role of Cuckservative, to defeat their own Democratically elected leader – on the Back Benches. Having demonstrated their rejection of Democracy, they should, one and all, be recalled and de-selected by their Local Party.

Corbyn should stand by his values. He has the advantage of knowing that the British people stand by his side. He should not allow himself to be blackmailed by the likes of the “Son of Benn,” whose “beloved” father was a lifelong member of deadly subversive groups, like The Tavistock Institute and Frankfurt School, and whom no doubt planted the seeds of subversion into the vacant head of his child, or that other fraud Burnham, whom not for the first lost an election for the Leadership of the Labour Party, which preferred Corbyn.

Burnham and Benn talk of cutting off the head of the snake, where they think they are going to find that, in the battle-fields of Syria? You must be joking, the only folk fighting in Syria are paid murderers, the real guilty are hiding in plain sight in Parliament and l’Assemblée Nationale  in Paris and the Pentagon in Washington, as they well know.

Those Labour Party voters, whom still cherish old-fashioned notions that “Labour” works for them, should have had their eyes opened wide by the antics of those in their Party who are more aligned with the opposition benches than with the more  radical approach, of Corbyn and McDonnell.  Their cynical lack of support for their leader in the recent response to George Osborne’s continued extortion racket against the poorest in British society, was shameful. Corbyn should bite the bullet and sack the lot of them.

Oh, and by the way Jeremy, have a chat with your brother, or are you suggesting him to be a liar?


Jeremy Corbyn On Man Made Climate Change/Global Warming

In his first speech as leader,  to the Socialist Party Conference, Jeremy Corbyn expressed his desire to seek all sides of the story and to allow the lowliest persons point of view to be given a voice.

He then went on to encourage one and all to cut Carbon emissions and to attack, head on Climate Change which he apparently believes to be Man-Made.

This would suggest that he is unaware of the findings of his own brother or he is being disingenuous, which I believe to be a polite way of telling fibs. Either way in case he does not talk to his brother, here is what he had to say.


Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy, Global Warming And Other Fabulous Tales

I recently watched an interview, on Russia Today, with an Australian academic, Clive Hamilton, who assured us that the world was going to fry, that the recent, so-called Polar Vortex, was apparently the result of warming and that 99.9 per-cent of scientists were satisfied that all of this was as a result of human activity.

Australia seems to be jam-packed with idiots, claiming that Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas and should the tiny amount, which is produced by human activity be reduced,  the planet could be saved. Australians are already paying a Carbon Tax.

He ignored the fact that the scientists working at  the Climate Research Unit, were obliged to doctor the results of their own research, in order to conform with the conclusions, which they had been paid to manufacture, giving a false impression of Global Warming, which could be blamed on Carbon Dioxide, which would be used as an excuse for the Carbon Tax and of course Cap and Trade, which would involve trading an invisible commodity on the Stock Exchanges of the World.

He also chose to ignore the “hidden” extent of Polar Ice, which in 2012 was one million square miles greater than in 2011, which in turn was greater than in previous years, 2013 has shown yet another increase. He apparently had failed to keep abreast of News from back home in Australia, where a scientific expedition, to the South Pole, which was undertaken in Summer, in order to record the perfectly “normal” melting of the ice-cap, in order to present it as evidence of “Global Warming,” found themselves frozen solid in the most extensive ice-field on record. The ice being so thick, that even Super Ice-Breakers, could not reach them.

The controlled Media, attempted to “Spin” the reality of this embarrassing exposure, that the “know-alls,” whom are funded with millions of dollars, by the likes of the Rockefeller Foundation, to produce a desired result, had been caught out yet again, by claiming that the expedition had been some sort of Tourist Pleasure Trip, when in fact the BBC science reporter was on board and had to be taken off the stranded ship by helicopter, with the scientific team.

I have been urging the increase in the production of Carbon Dioxide, by whatever means necessary, if it is indeed a Greenhouse Gas, in order to ameliorate the disastrous effects of the coming Mini Ice-Age, which according to the group of 0.1 per-cent, Hamilton’s figure, of scientists’ whom are agreed that the weather is controlled by the sun, have been predicting.

This reality is now starting to creep into  world of the Mainstream Media, where it has now made a tentative appearance in the scientific pages of the Daily Mail.



Clive Hamilton, on the other hand, in keeping with the blind stupidity of most academics, was proposing the release of tiny particles of reflective metals, into orbit around the Earth, in an attempt to deflect the heat of the sun. He is of such a low level of intelligence, that he cannot conceive of the disastrous results for the planet, should we now react to the predictions, of those whom have been paid to lie.

Should the effects of a mini Ice-Age be compounded by a deliberately engineered unnatural cooling, which would be impossible to reverse, Space is already cluttered with junk which it is proving difficult to recuperate, what on earth could they do about such a powder?

Does Hamilton therefore claim that a cooler planet would be an advantage? Does he choose to ignore the increased plant growth in many Deserts as a result of the increase in the Carbon Dioxide, which is essential for plant growth and which, as in he past, was as a result of the warming, which has now stopped?  Does he ignore the evidence of ice-cores, which show quite clearly that Cold follows the increase in Carbon Dioxide?

When the Cold hits, rest assured it will not be the rich whom suffer, they will jet away to warmer climes, where they can plot away, figuring out ways and means of using the rest of us to make them even richer.  They will now use even Nature to their own ends and paid mouthpieces like Hamilton, whom along with his idiot chum Flannery, back home in Oz, will educate children to believe in nonsense, while laughing all the way to the bank.


Children are being encouraged to equate, empty plastic bottles, beer cans and other debris floating in the oceans, which is POLLUTION, with Global Warming or Climate Change and that should steps  be taken to cut down on Carbon emissions, such as restricting the use of cars and exorbitant prices for electricity and gas, it will sort this out.

We are always shown the same old factory chimneys as an example of pollution and Carbon emission, but we are never told  the local of these emitters, which should it be China, well  we might ask why the Globalists, whom have closed down European industry and installed themselves in China, have decide that there should be no emission restrictions on the Chinese. On top of that a brief study of the emissions show quite clearly that most of the emissions from the chimneys of Europe, are in fact, steam.

Sadly, scientists are nearly always wrong. They are presented as experts, given a white coat and ordered to speak as if they mean it. I once heard a man, telling a tale about the script in a television series, he was advising the producer that they would never get away with a certain reference to Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy. The producer told him to say it as if he did not know what he was saying.  That attitude sums up the truth and value, of paid to deliver scientific research.