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It Takes Just A Tiny Taste Of Gaza To Set The Yanks Squealing.

The United States and Canada were the only major Countries which voted against the very limited concession to the Palestinians, which was recently passed at the United Nations.

They are not only in support of the carnage which the blood-thirsty State of Israel has inflicted on to the people of Palestine, they are funding it, with the money, of the now disaster struck, people of New York State.

There are many whom believe that hurricane Sandy was deliberately manoeuvred towards New York in order to create chaos. Whether this be true or not, the US Government is certainly making a meal out of helping those whom have lost everything, to get back on their feet. I have even heard it suggested that the Electricity sub-stations were targeted to increase the suffering of the storm victims.

As for the victims themselves? Well allow them to see what has been inflicted on to the Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Afghans, the Serbians, all, in their name and with their money and guns of GI Joe.  Let them thank God that they did not have to cope with US made White Phosphorus raining down from the skies along with the rain.

While they debate whether Sandy was worse than Katrina, the people of Gaza are asking if “Pillar of Cloud” was better or worse than “Cast Lead.” Do you begin to get the picture? While you are asking where are the Emergency Services, the blockade and destruction of Gaza goes inexorably onward, towards total annihilation and all with your money, does that not make you proud?

Just remember, even in the darkest hour, there is something for which to be grateful.